As a news source this publication has defined the global problem over five years now. The issue is the global economic spider web has woven an entirely new economic system the world has never known before into reality. This NEW ECONOMY is a Global Inter-linked – high velocity trading – moving vast oceans of leverage capital around the planet by the hour – and side betting largely – on WHICH WAY any asset may go thereby effectively manipulating prices within trading ranges. This form of economics driven no longer by human beings but driven in time frames ( nano seconds ) and velocities ( enormous velocity accelerators and momentums VAM ) is undertaken by ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE within never ending software wars evolving protocols for an entirely new economic model than humans have ever known before.

In the NEW ECONOMY ( NE ) versus the old economic ( OE ) entirely new rules apply. The New Economy is more quantum. The old economy is more lineal and paper driven. The rules controlling the OE no longer have any influence on the NE. This is important to even know why?

The AI has outpaced regulatory adaption to the Globalization weave the NE has forged. Risk is now not moderated at all. Risk is rising in a spiral of NEW and never done THAT before.

The Central banks and the Federal Reserve Board where obsolete ideas to hire a third party banking Non Government Organization, to contract to print money and control money for nations earning a fee for doing so out of interest on national debt. Fractional banking and other bad ideas were born during the time of the pony express and the telegraph. When the 1933 securities act to separate bank and investment ( now all shattered regulations ) phones were not in most homes and no one had television there as no fax and no computers and no internet.

Today in 2019 the FED is a bad law bad idea and totally dysfunctional concept in execution. The FED CAUSES financial catastrophe and world wars which are all economic and easy to document. The FED seeks to “control” economic stability within OE models and rules – that are long retired as a horse shoe industry retired when wheels became a Detroit way to get around town. The FED “is” simply “that” obsolete. The Fed failed to remain current in the new age of SUPER CHANGE.

Decades of obsolesce have made the FED dangerous because the FED FOLKS believe their own data which is all incomplete and insufficient for making policy on a global versus local scale. The Fed uses old graphs charts and data pools that no longer are accurate or apply in any way to policy in the NE. The US Treasury has NE brains the Fed has OE brains. The danger is system failure which the FED “HAS” CAUSED In 1907 – 1929 – almost in 1987 – almost in 2000 – very close in 2008 – and may now bet it utterly absolutely totally wrong as they are proving out and crush the core system. At some point the old antique obsolete FED will be MERGED back into US treasury the solution to the problem at core.


Not much is taking place in the news. So everyone is reporting that Apple is down for the count ( as they have for five years precisely at this same time of year ) and that the Crammer report today – his secret named CEO’s around the supposed nation are saying they can’ t believe the economy has cooled so fast?


The Economy has manufacturing in its seventh month up and the best up bubble in 25 years in America. That is NOT COOLING. From washing machines to a new SUV the lines are humming and the jobs are as well.

ONE TRILLION DOLLARS a first an all time record this Holiday is flowing into profits fro firms across the board. FAANG down? Most of their advertising reports when – next year from Fourth BIG year end Quarter. This year saw what? A record 5.6 billion spent on advertising for the election. DO YOU BELIEVE FAANG WILL REAP ITS RECORD SHARE OF THAT RECORD SPENDING PLUS HOLIDAY PEAK YEAR SPENDING AND YEAR END SPENDING…..because it is what I personally believe. I believe FAANG IS A PURE STEAL of a DEAL at year end and I suspect AI will pick on THAT returning record high’s to the wealth close of the year – we have a ways to go yet before we even give thanks at our Thanks GIVING and I think we will.


The Fed has zero control of markets and acts only as an artificial force to via manipulation of money supplies, raise cost of money, remove liquidity from circulation so the lake of money is going down and smaller raising costs, and see all that cost pass on the business, with a Fed intention to slow down their false belief the economy in only the USA is over heating – which is false data obsolete OE thinking and has zero relevance in the NE.

The soaring cost rise of US dollar trade settlement requirements, and the interest cost FED elevating globally against sinking liquidity circulations creates an undersized risk of a SUPER CRASH. Why ? Not economics. FED TAMPERING with the Money Supply applying rigid formats from the OLD economy that produce massive risk elevations and system stability issues in the NEW ECONOMY the FED has no expertise within at all.

The NEW ECONOMY is a product of SUPER CHANGE. The massive move into an entirely new economic DIGITAL AI GLOBAL economic model – a new economy – like nothing we human’s have ever known before is the most massive economic change EVER. No University or leadership presently provides ECONOMIC THEORY GUIDANCE in the NEW ECONOMY to policy makers – this media site is the closest truth you will get as it is all unfolding at enormous accelerations in pace. New. box top rules and everyone is using old box top rules to apply to the NEW GLOBAL DIGITAL AI ECONOMICS within less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS ( down from 1.5 million in consolidation compression of economics related to circulation dynamics ) .

The most massive urgency for the G 100 to RE-REGULATE the new economy exists but no one is DOING anything. The risk is soaring and the Fed Risk is off every chart as the Fed using data that has zero relevance today – obsolete entirely – introduces UNINTENDED SYSTEM DESTABILIZATION it lacks vision tools and insight to appreciate its own terminal hammering of the NEW ECONOMY.



The New AI economy has created what we call CASINO CAPITALISM. Massive Super Money pools – two of the leading US pools control over 10 trillion dollars and there are 9000 others out there all using their own AI against the other chaps AI to secure maximum profits in the shortest time frame.

The five year spiral up into the NEW AI economy now moves circulations of 440 trillion dollars of capital flows in all currencies world wide. This total is fully leveraged margined and borrowed maximally. This number from a former US secretary of the Treasury is important why?

Why? Because only 3.9 trillion in annual stake holder – own a bond own a stock own corn own real assets – is the circulation of STAKE HOLDER ECONOMIC investing in the NEW ECONOMY. The wild Wild West in the unregulated spiral into the hodge lodge mess we have today, ( no regulations in the cloud folks ), leads to speculative control of price ranges as a goal.

This means that most of the capital in circulation – say over 95% is NON ECONOMIC. This means the global market place seen from a high view – is a speculation casino side betting which way something will go – at 1000 to one – to influence price into ranges of profit making up and down. In 1929 when the debt in speculation and the ratio of side bets to the real economy became IMBALANCED where the side bets in what was known then as BUCKET SHOPS was greater than the entire real market – the real market failed and the system broke. All institutions closed. Banks were closed. Only leading insurance institutions paid their customers monthly when the banks were closed – the last safe haven in 1929 was diversified insurance investing.

Diversified insurance investing then paid the highest legal returns permitted by LAW where the principle is guaranteed to zero loss. Diversified insurance investing today is a final safe harbor against the economic storm clouds gathering across your distant horizon today.

in 2019 the global economic space has exceeded all risks known in 1929 non of which is say a central bank, like the Fed, who caused all this with the advent of banks becoming investment banks where deposits could be put into super high risk side bets all leveraged maximally. In the old economy of the Great Depression leverage was restricted to about 12 to 1 dollars. One dollar could buy 12 dollars of side bets. If those bets went bad all at once you had system failure. Due to leverage allowed by the unseeing Fed in total policy errors creating World War II and 100 million slaughtered. It is always economics in the SOURCE Of EVERYTHING …follow the freakin money.

In 2019 the debt borrowing ratios are like flash trading itself in the new economy, DIGITAL MARGIN and now with structured assets driving the side bets in the casino via Electronic Trading Platforms ( fully unregulated globally ) the leverage is approaching and exceeding 50 to 1 dollars as we read together – or 40 x the depression killer event of side bet super leverage.

Also due to FREE MONEY POLICY ERROR by the FED to bail out its bank shareholders distressed by BAD BETS ALL AT ONCE 2008 in real estate – the Fed had tax payers pay off this bad debt. This SUPER DEBT BUBBLE IN NATIONS that include Italy, Greece, Russia, China, and many more, has now become unsustainable juggling with musical chairs as long as the music plays. The Day the Music Dies drive your chevy to the levy folks if you failed to move over to diversified guaranteed principle investing – and fast. Safe Harbor 1929 Safe Harbor today.

As you play in the casino with your money those advising you do not know nor do they appreciate we are now in a NEW CASINO CAPITALISM DRIVEN BY AI AND FULLY DIGITAL LEVERAGE an entirely new economic play book humans have never seen before. Never have we been so globally interlinked and co dependent on one another globally within digital economic parameters still being set forth by trial and error without any real governance controls or regulatory frame works – in SUPER CHANGE to an out come none of us can even predict.


So today 440 Trillion Dollars circulates to:

  1. Effect maximum profit in almost instant during seconds versus minutes 24.7 fully global via AI.
  2. Massive leverage never seen before moves resources to side bet primarily at 1000 to 1 bets in the casino capitalism – for every dollar that buys a real stock 1000 dollars side bets the stock will both go up and go down – so AI makes profits in THEORY which ever way the stock actually goes.
  3. The more Weight with AI watching AI on down the stock price dips the more on up the stock prices rises – all due to side bet manipulations by super money pools driven by AI in an entirely NEW ECONOMY.
  4. The side bets apply to every asset class from currencies to fruits to commodities to real estate to all markets of any nature such that the entire economy which was not the case in 1929 is now AI inter linked another first in economics.
  5. The massive side bets to remove risk into risk-less risk trading ranges operates with head winds of 100’s of trillions of BAD DEBTS – non performing loans in the EU in China in the USA all carried on bank balance sheets fully exempt by law from what is known as FAIR MARKET ACCOUNTING – that if we fail to use that standard they put us..in prison. Not so with exempt financial institutions. They carry that CRAP as good assets. If it gets too bad for the bank bad bet side carry as it did in 2007 the Fed bought the crap side bets from the banks – at 5 trillion dollars worth and is trapped today to unwind that crap back into dark pools of money prepared to tax write off loss over decades to rebalance the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE.

The Fed has made the problem so much worse. Today there are 7 TRILLION in short term loans that must refinance in 2019 and 2020. These FREE MONEY LOANS are now expected globally for nations struggling – 200 of them – and industry ( ditto ) – to turn those 7 TRILLION DOLLAR loans over at 300% to 500% higher interest cost imposed by an insane OLD ECONOMY FED team, that has no clue their rules their economics are all as current as a buck wagon to the STAR SHIP ENTERPRISE. Applying the rules to un-hitch the horse and scrub down the animal before oat time is not going to work on the bridge of the new economy STAR SHIP. The Fed is so out of date in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE it simply needs by Presidential Finding to be merged back into the US Treasury or and combined to an emergency act of Congress to merge the Fed back into Treasury from whence it was hatched in 1900 when fast was a telegraph if you city had one.

Do any of YOU believe that box top rules of the 1930’s when radios where in only a third of the homes, have any relevance to the economy of 2019 all AI DIGITAL? Do you believe the FED is regulation aware of the new economy or that the old economy no longer even exists? Do you see the policy problem when brains are obsolete in total failure to upgrade brain software as SUPER CHANGE transformed entire markets but box top rules for regulations are largely unchanged from the 1930’s? We are doomed to system failure – a repeat of 1907 and 1929 all created for the first time BY THE FED.

The problem IS the Fed control over money is not transferred – not that wealth control – easily. Power is the one commodity human insanity believes that PLENTY IS NEVER ENOUGH its own failed INTEGRITY IQ test.

The Good News is that TIME is the asset that secures us. Today we have MORE TIME because the economy is doing well and nay sayers are frankly out of touch with DATA and are all OE brains. The NE Brains have the com today. As investment banker economists.

New trade deals reset world box top rules for NO NATION LEFT behind and give the new economic to leveraged system TIME to re-regulate globally.

The BRITT EXIT Deal gives the world TIME to reform systemics.

Infrastructure in the USA offsets all of the FED unintended system DANGERS presenting TIME to the global system with boom in the USA driver economy to the entire world through 2030 IF infrastructure off sets FED critical risk.

Merging the FED into the US Treasury is the largest RISK REMOVER.

A G 100 Regulatory re – set of world tax trade and economic rules as outlined in my book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION sets forth systemic outcomes in which;

  1. Unwanted speculation is removed
  2. Circulations and system liquidity stability is first rule of global new law
  3. Unwanted wealth consolidation is precluded under new law
  4. Prosperity assurance laws within NO NATION LEFT BEHIND rules
  5. Total transparency – real time reporting – audits – no secrets in the system


It is not hard it is just NEW.

If we do not deleverage, always with some pain, if we do not stop the 50 to 1 leveraging ┬áto side bet in a casino where stock buy backs are billions now a year versus investing in jobs growth and economics – rather than manipulating stock prices for bonus to top management with corporate funds. A CASINO PLAY every time you hear STOCK BUY BACK. Management is not paying those billions to dividends to shareholders or investing in company long term growth. Rather the company is engineering a lower lake of stock in its market elevating stock prices to levels the CASINO CAPITALISM “AI” SETS TO RANGES.

The market of CASINO CAPITALISM is a new economy. A first ever. Driven by Digital Leverage applied fully globally within AI wars one SUPER MONEY POOL AGAINST THE OTHER for profit making – up – down with wide volatility that makes money for the pools until IT NO LONGER DOES OR CAN. Then the system catastrophe we have detailed a road map for you unfolds – then diversified insurance investing is too late way too late say for YOU.

There is TIME YET.

The New Economy is new. No one can predict where it all ends. We have no data. No road map. No theory. No one is watching out for us.



Kevin Freeman DOD Contractor and author of GAME PLAN ( get your own as no one has a game plan for us ) – and Roel Campos an SEC COMMISSION who helped save the financial system of the world in 2007 – and CEO SPACE and myself labor to advance the theory for MARS – Mutually Assured Reconstruction.

The NEW GLOBAL ARMS race is here. A released this week multi year study confirms the US military is a coin toss to win any major war today. The US has as we left the old economy ( which policy makers still use to their great peril ) and moved into the NEW economy no expert yet advises upon – where for two decades we lowered military leadership investment and innovation.

In the NEW AI Asymmetrical warfare age – our enemies hacked all our advanced 2030 weapon systems – all our war plans – and they are making tomorrow’s weapons today as we fall impossibly behind in a fools backward nostalgic focus on the past avoiding the effort to become CURRENT IN SUPER CHANGE. If the US Military does not fully change its MIND it’s THINKING to upgrade WAR into the NEW AI global threat we decline one hit at a time. Slowly ripping our AI skin off.

The lowest cost assurance of national security is the following;


  1. President Donald Trump initiates MARS by Presidential Order.
  2. Legislation makes MARS PERMANENT LAW UNDER DOD for National security where the American ECONOMY “IS NOW” national security. First .
  3. MARS requires all data to be backed up in fully cloaked ( we have technology where packets are fully cloaked and can’t not be read – NSA rarified Lloyds insured just for MARS ) such that – non hackable critical data is backup up in EMP hardened Nuke insulated YUKA MOUNTAIN in Nevada . Secure total instant reconstruction from any attack or hit. INTEL Chip making inventories of Cell system restoration power restoration and all records for credit cards to real estate real time back up – none lost –
  4. MARS mutually assured RECONSTRUCTION is a WAR WINNING STRATEGY as the USA recovers from a total Nuke event in 90 days with MARS and without MARS not so much.
  5. MARS secures the US ECONOMY and MARS teams attack those attacking us and all digital attacks are now full acts of war where we can destroy the attackers in 15 minutes anywhere on the earth. MADD NO LONGER WORKS WITHOUT MARS which is strategic. All in the book REDEMPTION FOR MADD DOG AND OTHERS TO TAKE A PEAK INTO.


With MARS ( so low cost and fast to put into place ) the entire USA driven on digital AI data has its entire life – preserved in real time back ups in which reconstruction for communication essential services water power etc can all be re- developed and without MARS there is simply no way. THE USA IS VULNERABLE IN THE NEW ECONOMY for the first time to a digital KNOCK OUT PUNCH where MARS allows the USA to recover from that KNOCK OUT PUNCH so fast it makes throwing the punch by a nation we would wipe off the face of the earth – plain silly.

However with insane brains having nukes never move forward with the new economy assumptions insane Brians Willa in their own best interest. They do not. They snort cocaine and attack RUSSIA if you’re Adolf Hitler and self destructive because you’re insane.



We have time.

The new economy should bubble along in 2019 no recession with more vocality than 2018. Keep in mind in only 1998 in that stock market crash the market was closed, all trading stopped with a down turn of 500 points. The 500 point trigger. The old economy OE.

In the NEW ECONOMY markets stay open with 1700 point drops only to largely recover in 72 hours. AI makes money all the way up and all the way down on both sides of the rope. The more volatility and the greater the vocality frequency and depth the greater the AI profit making. KEEP THAT AXIOM OF THE NEW ECONOMY IN YOUR HEAD.

Today the 440 trillion works to manipulate price range on everything else in AI trading ranges maximizing almost instant profits – no long term anything – for AI – just profits fast and shortest term possible – where all capital flows over 90% are now AI in the NE where in the OLD ECONOMY 90% was human controlled say in only 2010. All gone now. The OE is all gone and no longer exists in theory operations or box top rules. Model T Ford engineers ( THE FED ) applying their expertise to the STAR SHIP ENTERPRISE is dangerous in the extreme as they have zero reference to the operations of the new economy on the new bridge. Smarty pants at the US Treasury do have this expertise which is why the FED old tired wrong in error obsolete using rules that no longer apply and lying to us as they believe their own bull shit – that the model T Ford can and will FLY – its bullshit – dangerous – we need to merge the out dated thinking of the obsolete FED into US Treasury before it is too late.

So today the casino is AI controlled. You do better with diversified life money management where life insurance is a side option free to the money management. Explore the new economists risk masters at any top ten Depression surviving Insurance institution globally – explore:

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Just explore NEW ECONOMY MONEY SECURITY with a major licensed professional in leading life who still lead in the SUPER CHANGE.

If you want to make the most chose any broker and engage them with that mind set. Good luck. I think you will fail wishing that rather than read truth you took action on truth. I encourage you to attend CEO SPACE Dec 11th for a massive software upgrade money making opportunities into 2019 you’ll miss if your being NORMAL when SUPER CHANGE is unfolding. Being normal kills growth options.

I encourage you to explore:

  1. The insurance high returns
  2. The track records
  3. The guarantee on no loss as principle – your money – is guaranteed.
  4. Historic superior outcomes including when banks closed protects you
  5. Make enough and Make enough safety never thinking about MORE than enough

KEEPING YOUR nest egg is our hope for you.

The risk is that if the FED pushes 7 trillion of free money Global Super DEBT BUBBLEs into massive global debt defaulting cascades – a reality in the NE that can occur in 72 minutes – for the first time – the system will fail. The system requires TIME to normalize from free money debt to huge interest on debt cost as CREDIT DRIVES THE ENTIRE SYSTEM.

If a Debt SUPER CRASH occurs ( always due to fantastically out of touch Old Economy brains – rigid unable to learn unlearn and relearn faster – such brains are obsolete and irrelevant in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE. Their policies which they believe are sound are in fact catastrophic to the NEW ECONOMY and as the Fed does not smell or see its own steamy shit – this reality creates a condition for the world economy known as WE ARE ALL TRULY FUCKED unless some one some where see’s the national security issue and fixes it ).

We continue to be the canary in the economic coal mine and so far we can still breath financially. Folks we can smell something funny in the economic mine shaft – stay tuned. Chirp Chirp.



PS: The greatest threat to America is right now and more complex and real than any threat zone in 200 years. We work on symptom as the cause THE NEW ECONOMY is unseen by planners given the speed of SUPER CHANGE – and wrong policy is unfolding world wide by OE central banks FED by OE Universities ( hey I was one ) but my mentors SUPER CHANGED MY BRAIN to – Learn faster – to UNLEARN FASTEST and to RELEARN EVEN FASTER. Those are the brains the new SUPER CHANGE Brains we need in C Suites everywhere to remain current or we perish economically.