Apple leads FAANG so lets get that clear.

In past years what ever the Apple Team does for the world – leading in innovation where we use it most – where everyone else like Samsung steals Apple IP ( losing billion dollar judgments in court to Apple ) the industry is APPLE INNOVATIONS.

Apple invented:

  • IPOD
  • EARPODS like never before
  • Apple TV
  • Apple applications
  • Apple streaming everything

Each year recently the elevation of innovation has been APPLE STAGGERING.

The experts and market economic folks year after year suggest:

  • Apple has to be rethought they are fully peaked out
  • Apple has lost its lead for no reasons but their fake news
  • Apple sales and suppliers – each year now – define huge Apple fall off
  • Year end Stock for Apple is punished they all know it too

Then like a SPRING MIRACLE Fourth Quarter results come in with a SURPRISE. Each year. RECORD ALL TIME ACROS THE BOARD EARNINGS. Today Apple moves into HOLIDAY PEAK SALES with profit margins even Apple has no known before.

Their marketing is spot on – from Holiday streaming gifts to a price package for everyone and say its APPLE the best there is this Holiday for anyone.

I see Apple as FAKE NEWS. All the negatives.

I ask “who is bashing Apple – to boast their own stock – say Samsung or China in trade war someone is gaining from pure MARKET MANIPULATIONS IN PR ON APPLE STOCK. Me? I’m holding mine and I”m just fine….with APPLE. I told you all buy in the last dip last year when this was taking place say 156 dollars for Apple and hey I bought myself.

Apple will fly up to 300.00 a share next year and be trillion dollar cap hall of fame all over again and so will JEFF BEZO and Amazon as Holiday ONE TRILLION US dollars for the first time – now to Jan 1st – set records and the PROFITS across the FAANG SPACE well in my opinion you have some upside surprises in store.

So we’ll see….whose right. The experts or the data you review here.

Berny Dohrmann  – Hold my feet to the fire folks as we see it all unfold in only weeks