The DOD strategic arm released a multi year report on the STATE OF OUR DEFENSE. The report gave America a report card grade of F just as we have been telling you for years. Why?

Congressional grid lock. Electing a congress to dysfunction and not work for the future in the age of super change. Congress as allowed over the years by mis- spending money – say giving 11 trillion dollars never to be accounted for at all to the Federal Reserve Board and Treasury to primarily pay off bad bets banks made in off shore casino betting. Wrong and bad choices.

During the past 25 years the threat level against America has risen by a greater far more complex level than anything since World War II. One can argue cutting the defense budget ratios over 25 years while the threat against the nation became more complex and strategic as unwise. Or one can argue we can’t afford higher defense costing.

I argue America can always afford:

  1. TO survive and prosper against any advisory if we have the mind set to do so.
  2. To protect our economic system from collapse as a national security priority which includes MARS the Mutually Assured RECONSTRUCTION we lack strategically today.

So we cut back in the past 25 years.

We maintain a warfare model like we have had in the past – send massive stuff and military presence anywhere we desire with unimpeded access. The old WARFARE MODEL.

Super Change has complete built a STARSHIP DIGITAL AI GLOBAL ECONOMIC SYSTEM that the regulations have no accommodation for. This model now exists outside state influence or regulation. Those who regulate economies do so over an old paper flow dynamic economic model as the regulations of 70 years were impossible to adapt to the shift into AI DIGITAL FULLY LEVERAGED ECONOMICS a new economic theory a new system the world has never known or seen before. To suggest old rules apply to new economics is a form of human insanity and leads to catastrophe.

During a 25 year period adversaries like Russia and China Iran North Korea and others, have progressed warfare into a new digital AI asymmetric warfare Game Plan. DOD contractor and CEO SPACE Faculty Kevin Freemans great work on this GAME PLAN will help you make your own as your nation is clueless and why is in the book.

So our strategic warfare model is to advance endless stuff and humans to an area and pound that place with ordinance until they surrender. This form of warfare requires ACCESS. Logistics. And more.

Today our enemies wish to avoid that type of warfare with America because we have more stuff and humans to throw out there. In asymmetrical warfare – our enemies are winning – by working first to deny us access. They do so with the following tools:

  1. Cyberware they lead in. They have stolen all our secret weapons and they have stolen all our warfare plans digitally. Did you know THAT? Read GAME PLAN and you will have the secret knowledge all war planners know well.
  2. They have capacity to shut down our power, communication water, transportation, and to destroy our economy in 30 minutes digitally with their AI warfare tool box. They lead we are behind in everything in the new warfare. WHO SAYS we are so far behind/. Today’s department of defense strategic report just released is WHO. They say we an lose now its a coin toss unless we upgrade and fast.
  3. Our enemies have evolved weapons that destroy us in 20 minutes. They are now way ahead in ACCESS DENIAL Technologies – aircraft carrier and ship destroyers – satellite killers – and weaponry that is better than our our using our own plans to make sure. Digital weapons nullifying our advantages to even communicate – recently Russia denies in war games Norway access to GPS to just show WHAT IT CAN DO in asymmetrical warfare our enemies remain ahead and we behind.

The USA ability to win wars with enemies to protect its asset is in decline and rapidly like USA Infrastructure failing. Our Military is not health or ok as in LEADING THE FREE WORLD. With over 20 years of insanity where politics leads economics versus economics leading politics the Congress of the United States has allowed the US Military to deteriorate.

The World exists in new era. The new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE. Leadership today are teams of brains that can:




Old brains that fail to adapt and to lead in the AGE OF SUPER CHANGE are the chains that bind us all at every level of enterprise including Politics. We exist in a new economy that leaders have zero understanding for and the pace of evolution in the AI DIGITAL EONOMY is fantastic risk to the world order from system collapse from apply old economy rules to the new economy risks is fatal. Failure to adapt is Fatal in Super Change within any systemic modeling. The past for Sears for Circuit City for Toys are US or for the Department of Defense means nothing into the future which is SUPER CHANGING.


A new multi front global strategic pathology including SPACE FORCE is required to restore America to its absolute role to the world. The recent report on DEFENSE indicts Congress for decades of permission to drop American leadership and safety into the toilet for unborn generations.

Today America may not win wars with China or Russia. Either conventionally or in non conventional warfare. The upgrades required include:

  1. New strategic innovation and thanking.
  2. Enchanced MADD through SPACE FORCE
  3. Creating MARS – Mutually Assured Reconstruction ( SEE KEVIN FREEMAN ON THAT ITEM ) to assure no emery takes the USA out digitally which they an right now.
  4. Economic protection for our AI.
  5. Super Change upgrading moving forward to the new thinking.


Without upgrading into a NEW MODEL FOR WAR ITSELF the USA will slip father and farther behind and our enemies will grow farther and farther ahead marginalizing the USA in the world moving forward.


Todays report says we are losing ground fast going backwards faster.

If Congress does not see the danger and fix the risk the USA will cease in the future being what has been in the past. You can take that prediction to the preverbal bank as America would then slide into a third world like life style a dim mirror of what was once the greatest nation on earth.

If you elect a President give that President congress too so congress works. If you change Presidents change congress. Voting grid lock and dysfunction with Congress in the new age of Super Change is not check and balance, it is a choice for what it appears – a nation that no longer can stay current in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE. That nation will only decline.