I believe IN AMERICA as the leading economic engine on the earth. I believe buying a dip in sixty month measurements versus sixty weeks always works out. I believe the DOW will be 500,000 one day. I believe long term versus short term investing always works out in diversified investment in America industry.

Apple is being hit and down graded. This pattern of Apple bashing always takes place this time of year. Apple reports year end earnings next years and blows the stock and FAANG up for a year. 72% of Apple revenue occurs from now to year end. The margins across the board will set record earnings for Apple in our opinion in the first quarter. As over the past five years the pundits smashing and bashing Apple every year – check back and see the pattern for yourself – creates opportunity if you believe in Apple management and earnings. Now Apple ┬ástock price is uncoupled to IPHONE unit sales as you will come to see. Earnings exceeding estimates will lift Apple stock for dip buyers if our historic reminder holds true again this year as it has held true every year for five years.

We feel the trade war dynamic and the price dynamic have zero to real outcomes for Apple in China or India. The Best PHONE PAD POD ANYTHING IS APPLE and its a huge BEST not close to any other technology. Steve Jobs mantra APPLE JUST WORKS and it does and without re-boot or virus infections. Market share shift to Apple will be on going because the technology is in fact better. Leading. Bleeding. Apple is the prestige phone to own. iPhone owners know that they are in the top just by owning IPHONE as the leading brand globally – MACBOOK too IPDAD too buds or speakers too – the winner is always APPLE in innovation leadership that works. I BELIEVE APPLE WILL ASTOUND YOU ALL in the first quarter. We’ll see if this holds true year five as historic over and over again no change in pattern pathology by the idiots who fail to understand the NEW ECONOMY versus the old one that no longer exists. It is like watching idiot blind mice driving a LEXUS SUV in the Express lane. No good outcome can occur from those predictions ….

The IPHONE Max is the best IPHONE ever and I say that with pride. Last years IPHONE PLUS as the worst new product launch in Apple history a failure by Tim Cook to brand. 11 software fixes later it kind of worked as promised then ..what a nightmare for users.

The IPHONE MAX is a Steve Jobs grade upgrade and it just works. It is faster – better everything – screen memory battery life and more. It is amazing a full computer at high end in your hand. It is worth the bucks to own versus any other phone if your own a business as 39 million American’s do.

Year end I’d tax up an IPHONE MAX and you will be thanking me unable to sleep.

Your first video is all you need – go to an Apple Store and see.

I predict Apple will historically see stock price set a new record as Holiday year end sales are reported next year stunning the world. Followed by a DITTO For ALL FAANG year end revenue stock prices. FAANG is not out it is just down in a buy the dip or not.




PS: If congress passes a second tax bill and infrastructure the stock buy backs will be on going into 2020 assuring market stability and growth with earnings to then. New events will shape SUPER CHANGE moving forward and this blog will attempt to be the FIRST to keep our subscribers ( free sign up today ) INFORMED as no where else in the world today. Our research and outcome predictions are legend 30 years of calling it right ….later. Just for YOU !