OPEC holds its first big meeting since MBS disgraced Saudi Arabia – destroyed OPEC – and set the Gulf into a new frontier. First OPEC meets as always. Second OPEC which has lied about supply and demand and worked to manipulate oil prices has no lost control. America now by far the largest oil out put producer on earth, joined by oil production that is soaring outside OPEC, offers the world lower cost oil, less dirty and cheaper to refine oil, and closer to their market shipping oil. The gulf is far far away.

OPEC does what it always does stating – supply is too high – OPEC must reduce 1,000,000 barrels a day. The problem is two fold. First America alone out producers that production cut. Second other members out produce it. Third demand is falling. Fourth the members won’t do it any longer. Fifth OPEC is no longer a functional anything has no control at all and OPEC has been destroyed in losing the oil wars.

In 2014 MBS came up with the insane oil war strategy to drop oil prices so low, that America would exit shale oil as an industry. Like a limbo rope America kept producing oil when Saudi and MBS in full war in oil with the USA, brought oil from 120 dollars a barrel as high to 37 dollars a barrel as low. Did you do the % math on that. And they still lost the wars.

MBS put OPEC into:

  1. Untold billions in debts
  2. Lost trillions in income
  3. Lost control of the oil markets
  4. Destroyed OPEC itself as an oil war loser
  5. Set up the new regime in oil pricing no longer OPEC

Monday OPEC speaking via SAUDI as always noted the market was moving to over supply again and required a 1 million barrel a day cut back. The market well knew that was a bunch of lies, and that the idea itself would never work. Saudi and OPEC and all its folks invested in oil Monday and oil off its worst crash in 36 years went up a few penny’s Monday than plunged back on Tuesday.

SUPER MONEY POOLS have lost so much money following OPEC liars that now OPEC for them is a joke. They have moved from long positions in oil also seriously impacted by higher interest and soaring dollar cost to SHORT OIL. Which you heard me suggest all summer was the winers play. Those who did it won. Those doing so now win. Those going long in oil are enjoying the blood bath this blog wrote accurately about before it took place.

We told you why.

We provided data.

All the market suggested we were flat bat shit crazy. That oil was going to 100 dollars a barrel all summer long. We told you not to believe them like a dodo bird spitting into the wind on a lonely island. Only the DODO BIRD was correct and the pundits were wrong and its a trend. Why? Incomplete data or simply bad and wrong data. Information is king when the information is accurate.

OPEC is a DEAD INSTITUTION WALKING. An old boys club of loser who have lost the market lost the oil wars and frankly lost each other because OPEC distrusts each other today. OPEC is no longer a viable price manipulator in oil.

When President TRUMP Punishes MBS for slaughter Khashoggi – keeping in mind President Trump will hear those live tapes of the slaughter – and DUMPS US STRATEGIC OIL RESERVES we no longer need as we are now every independent swinging from 67% oil importing to a trickle % today we don’t even require. America is rare nation that is food independent for its people and energy independent for its people cresting NEW FOUNDATIONAL WEALTH underwriting the US dollar soaring position a fact we also predicted on this blog.

We wrote in the valley of the Great Recession do not bet short on America or you will lose big time. If you did you actually did lose big time. That loss is going to rise and rise moving forward.

Congress is now moving to a first wave of TRUMP investigations as congress returns to business as usual, dysfunction and grid lock. Nasty nasty political theater. Trump will not care nor will he conclude the swamp air boats spinning hot air all through the swamp will much effect his four year victory in two years.

Trump will seek to move agenda’s through congress that if obstructed like infrastructure will more than likely assure he wins again. We’ll have to wait and see if like OPEC the old political modeling still works at all. I think it is likely to not work as it once did. We’ll have to see.

Economically the old boys OPEC club is a circle of criminal boys wearing contour bed sheets trying to manipulate high prices for the cost of everything – the biggest thing creating human starvation the high price of EVERYTHING ( energy ) – by 1.5 billion deaths this year. Why? Because of us. Because we can’t get the corruption manipulations and price abuse in economies out of 200 plus nation systems.

OPEC is a boys club gone totally impotent. All the blue pills in the world will not bring the bed sheet wearing OPEC boys their mojo back. Economics is unforgiving for error. Today OPEC faces ever greater lost of market share – sinking revenues for the long term – soaring debts – and no near term way to balance their own budgets. How dead is that in the world surround OPEC by much larger production that is not a member of OPEC criminal shrinking boys club. Today being a member of OPEC means – you are committing crimes against humanity. You are a pure cold killer and criminal  while no one cares any more what you have under your bed sheets boys. Size does not matter in 2019 . Why?

Because bad boys in those pretty sheets you all wear – AMERICA’s “IS” BIGGER THAN YOURS – way bigger and boys the ladies lied – size does matter….its ECONOMICS 101 BOYS size matters….America oil reserves are the largest on earth making OPEC look like a mud puddle in a rain storm by comparison. Thank you MBS America truly excels at winning WARS …we always have. We owe our new wealth and success to MBS for handing it all to us.