The last chance to save taxes is Dec 11th at CEO SPACE. Using our MENU PRICE MODELING – if YOU – think through vast opportunity versus anything LESS or your own life the # 1 ranked business conference in the world in 2018 by third party press can make such a difference. If you seek:

  1. Massive personal growth individually
  2. More advanced leadership skills as a leader
  3. Improved delegations and time management skills in life
  4. Vastly expanded core teams to assist you to execute all any and every agenda – home space or work space – no delays
  5. New profit pipes with a money back warranty on risk taking

CEO SPACE Is a DECISION to exchange a tax dollar you will now get back or not pay at all – that’s right you heard me – you allowed tax dollars to acquire a LIFETIME ASSET. A member pass to return every sixty days anytime in your lifetime to CEO SPACE to grow any agenda at your desire and as you require. The # 1 program to GROW YOURSELF.

You will pay for a Holiday IWATCH or a new PAD. You will pay for options for your home sound system or automobile. When it comes to the highest RETURN ON INVESTMENT ( ROI ) which is always investing in YOURSELF – many of you WILL NOT MAKE THAT CORE INVESTMENT. Always the first investment because that ROI – that RETURN ON INVESTMENT always pays for everything else you desire and require. Invest ;pre Holiday in YOURSELF with a tax refund your decision brought home…..

Does it make sense to leave the tax dollars on the table and lose them forever?

If you could LEGALLY move tax to a lifetime asset why would you not?

If the program you chose ( and a REUNION For all grads explore our FREE PLAN this week for your re-union with one condition )  was the # 1 in the world and Dec 11th in Tampa Bay is the best of all 30 years of core product with Holiday Super Star concert included why would you not explore – just explore a way to repurpose a TAX OUTLAY into a lifetime core asset.

Would you benefit in home space and work space next year from:

  • The best mentorship on earth
  • Personal growth not matched elsewhere third party press confirms on line see Quick Link tab and two or more videos for due diligence exploration
  • Better plans
  • Elevated core teams
  • Explosive growth in top mentors
  • New markets
  • New customers
  • New profit centers
  • On going execution levels
  • Ideal for entrepreneurs professionals heads of not for profit
  • Ideal for silo leaders in institutional firms
  • Ideal for PE and institutional investors ( call us for your deal )

We especially recognize anyone who has worn a uniform including first responders for their community world wide.

Families attend together. Four year olds are in their first business nine year olds are in their sixth. Mom and Dad’s love CEO SPACE. The one place CEO’ billionaires and millionaires can bring their children their spouses and its fun fun fun for all and everyone grows maximally in the CEO happy space.

CEO SPACE was conceived by CEO’s, re-tooled and upgraded quarterly by CEO’s, exists FOR CEOS by CEOS and OF CEOS to accelerate agendas as no where else on earth.

If you wish to maximally accelerate growth and do so on a tax refund check while you own a lifetime membership…I’d just do it. Just do it.


PS: If you need some coaching to explore text 727 946 3523 September Dohrmann President CEO and set up a call time on your schedule not ours. Here is a film 5 minutes flat on OUR WHY: