While I’m putting bubbles around the producer of WHAT DREAMS MAY COME – home – as he has fled and is safe with his family the fire hits us close up and personal and we are so sorry for our California CEO SPACE community. Our CEO SPACE folks are offering shelter to one another and seeing the turn of what is under us all not one side or the other side but REAL AMERICANS helping one another is an item that restores my faith in the old US of A.

Today the Gov of Turkey made sure the MURDER TAPES of MBS and the King of Saudi were loud clear and everyone could here – they know now – they truly know. Can’t be undone. Can’t be spun. The Tapes are released and everyone KNOWS.

The US Today stepped back from re-fueling Saudi collation ( what is that in fact ) flights into bombing runs, mostly civilians slaughtering tens of thousands with American planes Saudi Airforce fly in MBS first real war. The King of Saudi can’t afford this war and they can not now get out. They are going WAR BROKE. It is creating more civil war inside the Saudi Kingdom.

Today the USA said no more in air re-fueling by AMERICA. We dealt out. Now we need to fancy foot step with MBS the PUPPY KING ( hearing the MURDER TAPES HELPS ) and move out of this war entirely. We can’t afford it either nor the fact the war is lost and the war is pounding every day folks seven days a week and their babies.

So the GREAT SAUDI UNWINDING IS TAKING PLACE from all nations all investors. The two largest runs of capital flying out of nations is Saudi Arabia and CHINA. Both past tipping points as their markets define. Its a rising cost in Saudi Land and the payment is all coming from failed choices and policies and decisions from MBS.

Now the MURDER TAPES LEAVE ZERO CONFUSION. Does Saudi keep a sociopathic King who has zero credibility with OPEC or the world today?

The emperor has NO CLOTHES folks. The MURDER TAPES and what is on those tapes makes MBS NAKED In the MOON LIGHT expecting us all to bow down and kiss his More Bull Shit RING.

I don’t think so…….

Berny Dohrmann – THE RE-FUELING WITH SAUDI IS OVER TODAY…did you miss THAT ? The region is going to be less stable coming up.