Ebola is fully OUT OF CONTROL in Congo. Most of the 300 plus known cases today and now 200 dead, no end is in site occur in the city of BENI. Beni is a city of almost 1,000,000 where most victims are from. The spreading is outside BENI in the bush as well.

Health Care workers have been harassed and killed by militants. Their supplies have been stolen and their lives threatened. Gaining control when SECURITY FOR THE WORK TO STOP THE EPIDEMIC is not present keeps EBOLA Out of any control. Today.

Beni is a boarder city and we expect to hear of new cross boarder and new city contamination as EBOLA spreads over CONGO and Africa and perhaps the world.


If Ebola gets on airplanes and ships as it did in a prior epidemic when  President Obama was President the USA Sent in troops to secure the kill zone. Is President Trump adequately briefed. In the OBAMA EBOLA cities were isolated and quantized – travel in and out of some nations was stopped entirely- screening was taking place world wide for travel on planes to see who had fevers and symptoms. ISOLATION to the spread was a test of the entire global system.

Still Ebola killed doctors, nurse staff, health care workers, all over the world. Ebola isolation wards were in use from London to Washington DC. GNP and global trade was effected. Markets lost during the period.

TODAY IN NOVEMBER it is much much worse. The pathology projects thousands can die if this is not controlled. Over 25,000 have been injected with a vaccine not approved yet. The Vaccine shows promise of containment for some strains but not all of Ebola. The strain in CONGO is among the worst possible.

  • Worst for speed of kill ratio
  • Worst in % infected who then die
  • Worst for robust shelf life on surfaces etc
  • Worst for transmission vectors
  • Worst on mutational pathology – its fast

Ebola if it scaled by transportation and containment failed could kill millions upon millions of human beings in less than one year. This is a biological weapon of mass destruction from the earth itself. We have no cure. We have no pathology to stop transmission but isolation.

Death From Ebola is best define by the classic work on these pathogens HOT ZONE. I encourage my readers to read HOT ZONE to arrive at the appropriate FEAR FACTOR.

The Faster the President secures a G 20 response with US and UN troops flooding the HOT ZONE to secure the HOT ZONE For health care workers the faster we can secure the CONTAGION of EBOLA spreading from Congo all over Africa ( we fear is taking place this very instant ) and then all over the world we feel is likely in December first quarter of 2019.

EBOLA may become the most chilling risk factor and frost to the boom for economics. EBOLA IS OUT OF CONTROL this weekend, while the President of France insults President Trump and America in front of the entire world.

France a NAZI occupied nation in World War II, was freed by the allies after enormous death and loss of life by America to free France. The economic subsidy of a ruined French economy was an investment along with the MARSHAL Plan to rebuild the EU and rebuild France specifically. Any American seeing those World War II economic subsidies in 2019 – removed – as normalization – labeling such a normalization as IMMORAL as if France has a right to economic subsidy, is obtuse of the French leader. While French Nationalism soars on Armistice Day in Paris and their leader bashes TRUMP and America for nationalism their leader advances like a chess game, is not morality it is hypocrisy.

More to the point the world leaders are all worried about trade for their nation as today it is every single nation for themselves period, as a systemic item, placing the life and death of PROFIT MAKING over the priority or nations the real Morality the French never mentioned – LIFE OR DEATH ITSELF from EBOLA. I suspect the French with their majority Muslim Population today inside a soaring anti “jew” culture in France is unfolding – the French speech on morality and ethics played well for France locals but in fact, is a big black pot calling any other kettle black…when any other kettle is far from black like France’s sinking economics promise. Without a trade deal with America France has a very bleak out look with EBOLA coming to France next ( almost a for sure ) and France seeking to assure America has a tax on its goods while France wants no matching tax on their goods as moral. Good luck with that this weekend. I’m sure Trump was moved to tears over your speech.

World Leaders its all ABOUT EBOLA or your going to be spending some serious coin out of pocket coming up as the public learns you did nothing…when doing SOMETHING was a priority for humanity.


PS: We reported this outbreak day one to today predicting just this precisely and now it has come to pass…