Round and Round she goes.

Where she stops NO ONE CAN KNOW…..

And you want “my” opinion….oh that’s rich.

But here goes.

We see all time record highs in the slow spring markets after a tough winter.

We see volatility in the summer.

We see a punishing election year manipulated market by super money special interests around the world – in October. Cat and others have best third quarter EVER and their stock is punished. If they made 99% of expected earnings their stock is punished.

Today FAANG IS DOWN. When? Why?

It s down from election year October manipulations pure and simple.

The future is all AI and FAANG folks. They lead the world.

Today we move into 72% of all spending the first holiday season of over ONE TRILLION IN JUST USA Spending and we see stocks go down. Really? Based on what?

SO AI is in control.

AI makes profits in the new CASINO DIGITAL AI UNREGULATED ECONOMY on all moves up and all moves down. Maximizing profits in the shortest time frames as the AI mandate by design.

The WORLD is in a new GLOBAL never seen before economy. The rule book for the new AI ECONOMY is being written as we bullet train down the road. There is no regulation. Not in the new economy. There is no rule book. There is only the next experiment. No theory yet to pin box top rules to re-regulate it.

The NEW ECONOMY – fully global fully independent fully inter-linked fully AI and digital is entirely new. IT IS NOT LIKE ANY ECONOMY THAT HAS EVER COME BEFORE. Lacking understanding for core risks in this new economy we should slow down. But we are not slowing down we are speeding up.

I suspect the largest year end buying of all time will have a huge impact on American upside to first quarter wealth asset classes. Still I have advocated do to other systemic risks to sell out of all markets and put assets into diversified insurance investing with explorations with Bankers Life or other top ten Insurance investment licensed professionals. Explore:

  1. Sell high and buy back in the new low after the market in fact Super Crashes which it will one day.
  2. Invest income investments in Insurance annuities with principle guaranteed.
  3. Invest growth investments in INDEX products you explore paying the highest legal profit under laws ( insurance enjoys maximal regulation still the last safe harbor ) – while principle iS fully guaranteed. No loss.
  4. Invest liquidity investments bank savings and CD’s and T bills and related investments into permanent high yield paying insurance where you can get your money over night.
  5. No matter what the market does your going to sleep well not be missing much and making the highest profit allowed by law where principle is fully guaranteed – to protect you from loss.

If you stay in the CASINO and you fail to assess when to WALK AWAY you will learn it is not – buy highest ever and then buy higher more ever. I think the DOW will be 500,000 and 1,000,000 over time. Which doesn’t say much about purchasing power of currency globally. But still there will be bloodbaths along the journey in the new CASINO CAPITALISM where AI not you and I are fully now in control. You can’t win against the house if you keep on playing.

LOOSING PRINCIPLE Is not the risk to take. So explore NOT TAKING THAT RISK.

Explore diversified insurance investing and ride the year end market highs that safe way. These top level firms paid their customers when the banks were all closed down in the Great Depression. They provided the SAFE HARBOR when no one else had a Safe Harbor. Can they do it again? Who knows? They seem the safe harbor for me.

For the regular folks among us I tell small business owners you also get maximum tax advantages investing to KEEP YOUR MONEY versus place casino bets. EXPLORE the options and educate yourself on options then you decide with a licensed professional what is best for you.

STAY IN THE CASINO MOVING FORWARD AT YOUR OWN VERY GREAT RISK….though I anticipate record high levels of wealth in markets by year end.

Big risk today – ASIA – China after the lump sum pre holiday pre tariff frenzy buying has fallen off a cliff just as we told you all summer would take place. Now the ASAI CONTAGION is spreading at digital speeds. CHINA is on a Cliff and if a trade deal does not occur the SUPER CRASH in ASIA will be next risk that I suspect in my opinion may in fact effect us all.

Already oil is down more than any down run in 30 years – precisely when we told you and precisely like we told you. When all experts where reporting how silly this blog was when oil was moving to 100 dollar oil.

With the Khashoggi Tapes out OPEC nations are pumping “every nation for itself” refusing to give MBS and Saudi any more market share concessions and Saudi is in a run on the nation because of Khashoggi. So lots of balls in the Global Economic air.

We’ll all see how it sorts out finally soon enough.

I’d bet on diversified insurance investing – tell your insurance agent to read this blog.