Slow news day on your weekend? Well lets see. China is meeting ferociously with USA in Washington DC to set up the meeting for Trump and President XI to follow. Thats not slow news.

Trump is in France working on NATO and other deals celebrating France Armistice Day and more and that’s not a slow weekend.

But then weighs in ENDGAME FROM TURKEY.


Who caused the COUP?

Who financed the COUP?

Do you believe after arresting all the COUP Leaders ENGAME does not know now – ABSOLUTELY KNOW – who tried to kill him – his wife and his children and take over his nation?

Growing in the know folks are confident that the Puppy King in Saudi was behind the coup.

Then think of the disrespect of a nation to send a 15 person professional SAUDI HIT TEAM into Turkey – and then to slaughter Khashoggi enticed to get his wedding paper work under Saudi Law.

The ONE and the ONLY PERSON that Khashoggi wrote about in the Washington Post was the PUPPY KING and his autocratic brutal immoral unethical sociopathic use of powers on everyone else. Suppressing freedom while you see woman and not all woman drive in Saudi while many other woman  are just arrested. For a belief they have. Say.

This weekend ENDGAME shares the actual live tape recordings of the SAUDI SLAUGHTER of Khashoggi – giving the tapes to:

  1. THE USA
  2. Great Britain
  3. France
  4. Saudi Prosecutors

So this weekend the PUPPY KING the world calls for short of his real name which is  More Bull SHIT – “MBS” – can see and review his orders and work in the Saudi Embassy in Turkey. Any idea that the blame does not come back under his white dress is not correct. It flows up to his balls I suppose. Because they must be large to prance around like he is not a criminal sociopathic murdered.

All that stands between MBS being killed in a Saudi Civil war is the 18 or some say 15 person HIT TEAM. They of course will be impressed upon to protect the King primarily by the KING. A thought driving ice into anyone’s blood. Hitler got away with appeasement of all nations as his horrors unfolded. Have we learned an up tick on this item?

Do you believe the Palace is not this weekend in a full on SAND STORM? Who will hear those tapes of the Royals? Imagine it . How destabilizing for OPEC for Saudi for the region. The War in Yemen is shifting on all this and not in Saudi’s favor. INSTABILITY as oil fortunes decline is unfolding in the GULF. Not a slow weekend.

Washington Post

The Puppy King lacks understanding in many many things. One is oil economics. MBS has destroyed OPEC and cost its members trillions of dollars. At some point older and wiser leaders going broke slowly will define this is NO GOOD. The OIL WARS of 2014 were lost so decisively that now OPEC no longer controls oil prices the USA does and will forever moving forward. Further trillions in market share have been lost to OPEC to non OPEC under the Puppy KING ignorance of oil economics. POLICY FAILURE has been the most costly shift of global wealth in our lifetime. Back to AMERICA.

The other is ECONOMICS in general. His forward planning is a dark hole for loss for investors who invest in Saudi believing that is a safe secure bet. Saudi is evolving under an MBS plan that is economic fantasy. Good lock to those losing their bucks but billions are no on hold or pulling out entirely. Not a slow weekend. With the tapes the pull out of Saudi investing will be decisive I suspect for Royal family members

Finally MBS lacks understanding for all things JEFF BEZO. The Washington Post Khashoggi was employed by is owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezo. Jeff is a pretty clear cut thinker. I pre-suppose with the tapes now in America the rule of law will create a demand to release the TAPES.

ENGAME knows this. The TAPES ARE NOW OUT The real TAPES the tapes that report the truth from all the MBS lies.

Those tapes will find their way to the Washington Post. When they do and they will as there is a GOD MBS there is a real GOD and as they do – MBS will come to find out about his education in all things JEFF BEZO.

Slow news weekend?

THINK AGAIN the tapes ARE OUT and once out of Turkey they WILL BE COPIED. Eventually the tapes will become public. When they do MBS will never see it coming but truly….he is close to his very last Falcon Hunt in the opinion of so many with Gulf Expertise.

I have been mentored by the great FAUD Family and many religious thought leaders who taught me as to culture tribes history faith and more…the great food music dance and people. I love the SAUDI People and I never mean to offend those who just love the King.

I know the FAUD family in their Saudi time their Allah time will resolve the issues inside Saudi and that ship will right itself. Economically delay is the greatest cost to pay because the repair is going to cost more the longer we see this go on.

Today we know for a fact…a premeditated assassin team went into Turkey and butchered Washington Post journalist Khashoggi trying to get his wedding paper work. We do not believe MBS did not order this national hit team or supervise it. What the team told Khashoggi may prove the truth. Did they say – we have a message from the Puppy King. They definitely assured Khashoggi got the message not knowing it was all on tape…all of it was on tape. Jeff Bezo’s will hear those tapes and that will be a moment.

I apologize as I thought Endgate was bought off to tow the SAUDI Line and now I see Endgame sucker punched the PUPPY KING in truly GULF STYLE. Appearing to go along with Saudi but asking for the murdered who did it on tape to be turned over.

SAUDI now has the tapes this weekend.

Great Britain has the tapes this weekend.

France has the tapes this weekend.


Endgage is all IN on those who tried to slaughter his wife and children and steal his nation.

I assume ENDGAME correctly  blames MBS as the master mind of the COUP in Turkey and will not stop until MBS himself has his own coup in is smaller nation.

POWER is being exercised the tapes are out to the world. Other nations will wish their copies. Trading partners with the FAUD family but no longer MBS.



Will MBS create a massive distraction facing his own uncertain future? Not unlikely for a known sociopath. What would you anticipate if you were trapped by those tapes today? You thought you had a deal with Endgame but Endgame remembers fighting for his life his families life his nations life and just how many died just how many were put in prison ( tens of thousands ). ENDGAME KNOWS he simply knows.

MBS caught with his pants down so to speak by the TAPES has no liars way out today. Now internally his last thread of power is unwinding. In Saudi how does that play out in fact.

We’ll typically never fast….until it it is fast then its very fast.

Khashoggi deserves the TRUTH for all of us who write and report. MBS as I’ve said just can not kill all of us. Not all of us.

He’ll run out of hit teams.

SAUDI – Khashoggi did not leave the embassy as MBS folks said.

Saudi – a rogue team did not kill Khashoggi as Saudi said

MBS – knew nothing – oh really. Are you shitting me as we say in the USA – truly – really – what do the tapes say about all that?

No ruler has done more to slaughter Saudi credibility in the world or to create more financial loss in Saudi over the lifetime of the nation in its present form of almost 100 years.

MBS is destroying Saudi Arabia at ever possible level today and the circle who are blind to who the Puppy King “IS” will wake up as soon as they hear the….TAPES.

GO TURKEY ……….GO PRESIDENT ERDOGAN ..not messing around this weekend….

SLOW WEEKEND? You tell me?


PS: MBS is now listening to the tapes himself ( and his Daddy will hear those tapes finally )  and then he knows – he just knows – there is no way out not really. All roads lead to Khashoggi Jeff Bezo and the Washington Post in my opinion.