The CEO who presided over the biggest crimes any major bank has ever gotten away with Wells Fargo BANK in San Francisco – came out following his hasty resignation to avoid criminal jail time, came out for the criminal Federal Reserve Board today.

The CEO of the criminal line up of phony bank accounts and profit scams to make bonus at the top said – the IF THE FED FAILS TO RAISE INTEREST RATES – THE MARKET WILL CRASH BECAUSE – THE MARKET WILL ASSUME THE FED IS NOT INDEPENDENT.

This is another criminal sound bite from a criminal CEO who is saying the criminal FED ‘is independent”. The Fed is a stock firm. Wells Fargo owns stock in the FED. Ask them to deny THAT. The Fed is not independent that is a pure fraud. The FED is only INDEPENDENT FROM:

  1. Check and balances
  2. Audits
  3. Where the money goes in fact
  4. Accountability to Congress – pure sham and fraud
  5. That they are not owned by the banks they regulate – sham

The FED is starting to get spooked that all the Kings horse and all the Kings men can’t put credibility back into the Fed again. The FED needs to be MERGED back into US treasury. I think in fact it might be.

The Fed is a failed policy making body – causes all global economic crises – is obsolete and uses tools that no longer are revolving at all in the globalized DIGITAL AI EONOMY they can harm but have no way to accurately make policy FOR. They are a model T Ford set up 100 years ago who simply need to be turned into GOOD WILL. Its time to recycle the FED.

When they run out criminal bankers to say how good they all are you know they are criminals to…their associations define them.

If you have FED REVERENCE you just are not educated to the truth is all.

This blog if you scroll has videos web sites and plenty of truth on the FED educate yourself. So today we see a little FED PANIC as they run all there folks out while they attempt to execute GREED POLICY way to fast and too soon. SLOW THE GREED DOWN BOYS.

Berny Dohrmann  – Investment Banker Economist on the FED today