This summer the ‘experts” were staying oil due to the Iran Sanctions would rise to over 100 dollars. a barrel. Debt strapped OPEC began to immediately raise prices into the fall.

This blog suggested a vision of an oil blood bath. We stated that going long on oil would lose fortunes and going short on oil would make fortunes. We told you why.

All the OIL experts were wrong.

We were right.


Oil is in full on bear territory. The WORLD IS DROWNING IN OIL. Opec is a shattered walking dead man. Today MBS is simply a joke as soon as he walks out of any room. No one has any respect for him. Some fear for  their lives from MBS,  but that is about it for the Puppy King.

The LOSS of OPEC wealth from failed oil policy is in the trillions of dollars and is washing Gulf nations in debt never seen before. The debt loads will only rise.

Oil will no longer be price set by speculators.

Oil will not longer be price set by OPEC.

For the first time in this generations memory oil will be set by real market supply demand characteristics of normalizing markets. Oil is cheap. Oil is plentiful. Oil IS RENEWABLE. That is correct the earth shits and farts oil and gas is remaking it all the time. There is unlimited supply of fossil fuels now and for generations into imagination because it is being renewable. The GREAT LIE of scare oil made fortunes on energy – the cost of everything else – including packaging – movement – fertilizers and pesticides half world food production depends upon – and more essentials – that cost of everything was a CRIMINAL TAX on billions and billions of humans and 200 developing nations who never had a chance to be full partners in the world. Why? Because criminals stole the wealth of the world.

So the oil industry has been;

  1. Criminal and what they tell you should be considered not true.
  2. Criminal – poisoning all of us and the planet for profits
  3. Manipulating prices for profits as a crime against humanity

Leading Oil Production companies have economic realities to deal with. The cost to explore to deliver to renew all are capital economic management items. The temptation to join in profit elevators by phony price manipulations have been too great and all firms have played a role in NON ECONOMIC PRICING. This has destroyed the hope and promise of the world for the benefit of the few.

There has not been a social economic standards applied to the oil price gauging. OPEC is the worst of the crimes against humanity. A boys club of oil producing countries seeking to FIX PRICES FOR PROFIT.

That Exclusive Club is worthless today. The USA attacked by OPEC to destroy USA OIL PRODUCTION is an oil war that America won decisively and OPEC lost completely. The cost again is TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

  1. Trillions of dollars in lost oil profits with oil far too low in fact for a very short period of time.
  2. Trillions of dollars on market share loss going back up.

America at 12.4 million barrels produced per day in 2019 on average and perhaps higher is by far now the largest oil production nation upon the earth. We have more reserves and product more oil for ourselves and the entire world than Russian or Saudi Arabia produce or can product. America now controls OIL Prices and OPEC is a boys club shattered by loss in the OIL WARS. Those who stay in OPEC will be forever known for what they are in fact…CRIMINALS.

Respect for OPEC is not only negative it is horrific. Members of OPEC are in fact HATED. Some think they are still emperors walking around in clothes when in fact the are fully exposed and naked to the truth. THEY ARE CRIMINALS and we all HATE THEM.

For what they did to a generation as to where we could have gone and been and where we actually went almost entirely due to artificial manipulated energy prices.

So the OPEC Criminals and their PR teams worked up a frenzy last gasp volley in the OIL wars to suggest this summer oil would now rise to over 100.00 a barrel. Heck they could all just taste it. They spent fortunes form SOVEREIGN WEALTH FUNDS and investor pools nursing the OPEC PR MACHINE oil would go over $ 100.00.


Oil crashed. Oil is in full bear territory. No 100.00 dollars. Those investor dollars from across the world still listening to the criminals got sucked in big time to the LAST GREAT OIL LOSS. Trillions are being lost by those who invested in long positions without adequate heading on the short side. The loss is a blood bath in oil.

Just as we said and told you all – over and over – when the experts suggested we were well….crazy.

Crazy right.