My last blog told you all as American voters how Proud I am of all of you. We all won …having nothing to do with the election itself. We American’s won through expression.

The ECONOMIC OPTICS are of course worthy of review:

  1. The Democrats  spent around 3.8 billion to win the House of Representatives by a decisive margin.
  2. The Republicans spent around 1.2 billion and others a bit more total 5.2% a record up a billion from last time.
  3. This election optics elates those spending as BOUGHT AND PAID FOR GOVERNMENT is still well and alive.


In America, voters not truly informed on the economic optics that shape their lives, vote based on bought and paid for media to assure that their vote goes precisely where it belongs. The science of buying a vote and predicting and controlling vote outcome was a tie. The Republicans gained in the Senate and held which is a tie and the Democrats won back the HOUSE from 2010 …celebrating today.

THE USA returns to Dysfunctional Congress – impossible on national agenda’s as before – with infrastructure the wild card. Without infrastructure two things occur. American declines. American can’t offset the policy error written about before the election – the CHINA DOOMSDAY EVENT – of the Federal Reserve Board who steeped in an old economy before the world DIGITAL FULLY LEVERAGED GLOBAL MARKETS IN AI today – fail to see the speed by which their interest rates error in policy triggers a world wide debt default cascade and what we call LED DAY. This risk is forward from the boom times we will enjoy for some time yet.

Dysfunctional Congress Nancy Pelosi cited today is about one and only one item – stop the GOP. So the dysfunction ( no longer a check and balance process ) that gave us 1.4% GNP versus 3.5% is now an item o the table. Endless investigations and even impeachment are being SET UP now as items for the bought and paid for Presidential election. Congress and the system as it is – lacking reform for Justice Elections and more – keep America in a contest of who can feed and legally steal public money from the public trough’s.

Think on the economic optics. Do you have any clue who paid the winning hand at 100% more than Republican money – the 3.8 billion spent to BUY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES? In many respects the republican lower sums to invest resulted in a tie – big gains in the US Senate the body that will never impeach Donald Trump. So legislation now occurs when congress can make a deal – just like the last 20 plus dysfunctional years. As a  long time advocate for small business on Capitol Hill we would say – nothing changes in Washington. It is for the professionals, just about the same as it has been for three decades. Only the AI and money sums flowing are new.

Still we AMERICAN’S WON. The voters voted on what that money was spent to have you KNOW. The majority on all sides voted based on that election science, which is now more proven today. You can be bought with prediction but the cost as with health care and elsewhere are soaring. IF THE FED USED ELECTION YEAR INFLATION TO DETERMINE MONETARY POLICY THE INTEREST RATE WOULD BE 21% PRIME RATE TODAY AS WITH JIMMY CARTER.

But election year increased of 1 billion in this mid year is not a factor to monetary policy regardless of how our money is stolen coming up.

WE WIN because good kind Americans who care deeply about their future and this nation voted. It is something we did together. No one has discussed the economic optics in their mind when they voted. You voted pure. You voted strong. WE DID THIS TOGETHER all of US and we all WON BIG TIME. ITS A TIE and nothing changes really and in America perhaps thats good. Perhaps real change should span more time. WE ALL WON and America won with a successful election the entire world of billions upon billions have been following. TRUMP is as predicted – weaker and thats a fact. But with Senate control ( THE TIE IN THIS ELECTION IN FACT ) the Trump Train still has plenty of steam. Watch.



Just what you have been reading. You should record all time high stock market rally’s. All time year end wealth effect. A 1 trillion dollar first time ever holiday buying season. FANG STOCKS back with a surprise to many. Oil long sellers having a blood bath. Trump dumping oil Stocks from reserves a glut market for  years no longer needs with America the # 1 producer in the world in 2019. Oil down down down offsetting some of FED dollar and interest soaring inside a trade war.

A honey moon period all about COOPERATION and the end of combat government. Some skirmishes setting 2019 agenda’s before Congress leaves for Holiday seasons soon. NO real anything to year end. A great time a great holiday a Great Christmas for all.

2019 The cooperation disappears and the same teams that brought you SUPREME COURT #METOO will now bring you a sequel in meanness and personally cruel politics. Why? Endless set up ups. Flurry of activity by Mueller into a final report so he can get on with his life – negative as that bias reporting will be – it will not be over. That report will be used to further set up more investigations mapped out in time to bought and paid for Presidential elections in 2020. It is being set up now. Taking off from this election as momentum.

The message for the money in economic political optics – HATE NANCEY PELOSY was effective in Trump base markets for voters – HATE TRUMP was effective for NANCY Markets for voters. HATE WON. HATE WORKS. It has worked in the past and it worked in 2018 best yet. The idea is to control like a lense where the money is spent with bought and paid for voters ( tested to perfection ) until and unless the voters simply won’t stay bought. Then we have something new and they adapt. This is how professionals celebrating today THINK. The AI worked. The new integrations work the big word now is INTEGRATION MASTERS. Both sides won and the tie is not un-noticed as both think to tweak how to fire their long term ( two year ) and short term – 2019 and 2020 political weapons – to control how the largest customer in the world – the US GOVERNMENT buys and to whom it will spend. As most of the biggest customer buying goes to insider special interest the notion of 5.2 billion anything outside a few hundred million came from us – and the billions came from customers of the USA who wish to assure their price and buying rises with this win. ITS ABOUT THE MONEY.

Until we voters change that we have what we know. THE AMERICA we all know so well.

No one lost. No one one. It was a pure tie. Money was spent and it worked. what is amazing and everyone is pouring over – how could the republicans spend so much less – 2/3 s – LESS _ and still TIE and do so well and pick up strength not lose strength in the US SENATE? Also some very TRUMP folks are now in the House. So it is still black and white. The Democrats out spent and that outspending WINS BIG TIME for their contributors who now want pay back. Pay back for Trump cutting billions out of their pay trough or limiting the pay trough in the future they already feel they bought and paid for.

SO in bought and paid for DC world – nothing changes. We have the same grid lock dysfunctional congress we have voted to elect for over two decades. We know what to expect. We know how that works. Nothing changes as America like the movie JUST WENT BACK INTO THE FUTURE….which the market soaring will defines as sigh...its predictable again.

What you read in the news is a small part of how Washington Works. What you see in HOUSE OF CARDS is more like it in fact works. It is hard ball. It is the AAA GAME no higher game. No higher money. No higher stakes. Those who know the game ( fund our industry with the largest customer always the USA ) and gain that access by paying for it. All access is equal – they left that out of the constitution.

So we won – doing this together.

The Nation won because no real change.

The system goes on and we know it all so well.

So the entertainment of the largest most successful broadcast sit com in human viewing history – billions focused over any other show – THE TRUMP WHITE HOUSE SIT COM – goes on and its ratings have only gone up now from what comes next. For a time America you get the following rewards:

  1. A honey moon period – with all the great words.
  2. A boom that will rise from the record Holiday year end 72% spending on everything
  3. A GREAT HOLIDAY SEASON with limited drama on the downside ( we hope ) and major drama on calm and family and US really – for a GREAT GREAT NEW YEAR as well.
  4. 2019 will unfold well in over economic optics
  5. The rate of growth may not match 2018 depending on compromise abilities we doubt historically are even possible.

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We did this together and I”m so proud of you.


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