Today we voted. Today we did the deed. Today we all did something together. I am so proud of all who voted. Irrespective of political theater and outcome our nation runs on debate and free discussions and compromise to out comes. So the election outcomes either way may be over rated in fact. The issue is we did something fine together. We once again and perhaps as never before in 50 years demonstrated with all our diverse views what it truly MEANS TO JUST “BE” AMERICAN. Did we not? The entire world see’s us and says – with operations in 147 nations today – that – the world sighs a relief and returns to the truth….what is wrong with AMERICA is always and I mean always fixed by that unique wonder of our world and constitution still driving the nation – by WHAT IS “RIGHT” ABOUT AMERICA.


I spend with my teams far more times in volumes of news and charts and graphs to define the work we put into this public service to our readers. Some 33,000 subscribe which is free with those benefits – and 100,000’s read from book mark only on the click dynamics. The Web site is growing rapidly as you all share it.

I lack time to proof out copy which is slammed into you from daily research at time blocks I can spare to get it posted so forgive the writing lack of GRADE LEVEL due to time constraints. Read each as a newsletter draft – first draft – just to speed data so my readers can THINK differently. THINK with new and more data primarily economic as the news we report from the SAUDI PENDING CIVIL WAR ( and watch its in play you’ll see ) to everything is not political or in any box – it all is economic. CEO SPACE the institution I created serves Clients in over 147 nations small to mid size business owners with increasing management advanced leadership skills training inside CEO SPACE five annual events the next Dec 11th. Our web site is .  The Quick link tab on line brings you video information to learn how we accelerate business growth as the # 1 Ranked Business Conference 2013 to 2018 by Forbes Inc and many others. No firm matches this track record in the world today for excellence. I produce currency to what is going on out there – and speed is the need over corrected copy so forgive that and stay with the data you are being enriched with as leaders who are readers. And thank you again.

I am a Forbes top 10 Keynote Speaker ranking which places me on lots of stages all over the entire world. I”m very pleased to serve so many across the globe but it keeps me globe hopping. Off to Speak tomorrow through this weekend at a large Conference on Habitudes. Super Star line up and me. So any absence of posting is full days on stage or slamming to you as the research which never ends while I can click – continues and is always stacking into your future NEWS UPDATES. This blog is labeled in countries world wide due to size and content as a leading MEDIA SITE. WE have been hacked ( never data base though never your information in 30 years ) but attacked by ISIS ( they have no sense of humor ) and nations from China to North Korea  to Iran and interviewed from this blog on MOSCOW NEWS…hey I miss that guys lets do some more. So we are busy and presenting all this work to you as I can between 100 hour weeks of contribution and giving back maximally to humanity as I can do that…..which is my goal and to you as an entrepreneur always to you first. I do free coaching mentor calls daily just phone for yours anytime to our office on our web site they’ll block it Skype zoom or chairman line in any nation on your schedule not mine. My team is amazing serving you. If you want some mentorship set it up don’t wait..act. I love serving you as a tithing to my faith and God. Being Christian myself. Celebrating all faiths which I study over decades the Koran is on my phone.

So my days are managed by teams my call blocks are lit up from morning till night and my spare time is none. I research early Am daily for hours and tie the knots on trends with a track record for accuracy my followers and readers suggest to me is uncanny and unmatched. We have presented more or less 92 predictions since 1988 and we have been over 90% accurate some say 100% but I think we missed a couple timings along the way but never the WHAT was coming. When we present “IT” Is coming it typically has turned out to be future reality.

This helps small business owners make plans for growth or contraction early staying way ahead of the pack. An attribute of leaders being readers is they say ahead of the pack selecting information that the PACK can’t get. Typically you pay for it but this blog is a free public service.

My full back ground for any mission appears on CLEAR DIRECTORY .COM a third party vetting service that publishes on line full backgrounds of Forum CEO SPACE faculty including me no exceptions. As I have been to Federal Prison in earlier decades of my life ( criminal contempt as the charge they framed in for a junk bond sold in the early 1980’s at 87,000 dollars ). All public and I want readers to know that I will never lie to them and I will never hide anything from them. They know that.

Next I want to make sure every reader knows I do not give investment advice. All my opinions which I have a right to – even with weighting my prior career was running a large public investment banking institution which we sold in the 1980’s as we launched into 30 years of CEO SPACE ) – that I DO NOT GIVE INVESTMENT ADVICE TO YOU. I give you my opinion on potentials so you can use that data to work with licensed professionals I constantly refer you to check with yours on such options to see if it makes sense to them. I always caution never act in investing without professional licensed in the know regulated professionals in either insurance securities or both or commodities if you play in those speculative markets which I don’t myself.

My job is to entertain you with what I think myself IS really going on out there as a global figure a leader in entrepreneur space globally, and adviser to heads of state often through their advisers – and to present data you may not have known about seen which I think is core essential and makes the news your reading make real sense to the bottom line of things. IF that is an interest of yours – to remain CURRENT MORE FULLY AS A LEADER IN SUPER CHANGE OUR NEW AGE WE RESIDE IN – THIS BLOG SHOULD BE USEFUL AND FIT THE BILL. For you I hope.

If you chose to comment, at the bottom of any posting, you should know I personally reply to you. Our readers love to hear your thoughts and in strong opposition is welcomed. We celebrate our differences never punish them and we cooperate in divergent views. In the end economics is  integrity outside system abuse or manipulation. My world at this last period of my life, is to contribute maximally to fostering the NEW ECONOMICS now replacing the old millennia old modeling rapidly fading into the DIGITAL ECONOMIC DUST. My objective is to assist Universities and influencing THINK TANKS GLOBALLY to assure, they do not get caught on the wrong side of the RIP TIDES of between the dying realities of the old ECONOMIC THEORY MODELS pre digital economics and the entirely new first time in human history ECONOMIC THEORY MODELS revolutionizing into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM retiring Competitive everything into the trash bin. Delete.

I appreciate your being active. I appreciate your sharing this blog on social walls and networks or taking a minute to repost a URL for a blog you want your tribe to read. Thank you for that sharing as we grow faster and faster with zero marketing of any kind. Why am I not trying to grow this blog? Who Reads it anyway?

Hedge Funds, Financial institutions, heads of state, advisers to heads of states, investment banks and global central banks, the IMF the World Bank most of the three letter agencies in every nation and always CEO’s who pay the taxes create the jobs and vote. The worlds largest CEO community moving into decade number 4 with clients in just under 200 nations today ( we may have them all by now but not all in our data base ).

You. Our most important reader. YOU READ THIS BLOG and I thank YOU not a group message but YOU for taking time and coming back and reading. Sharing. And when you have time leave a comment to me personally, like we are friends and buddies. Also business owners can ask for help and get help from our membership just comment and ask for any agenda you need help with. Here is what I’m doing, here is what I am looking for next can you help? Just that. You’ll be surprised because first I always help you.

Serving Entrepreneurs who make it all happen from the Top Fortune CEO’s to a solo entrepreneur is my privilege. If the advisers to ELRON MUSK read this blog or those who advise Mark Zuckenberg and once upon a time my very old buddy Steven Jobs read this blog – in fact today some pretty amazing folks read this blog.

I am so grateful they would even think about it. We work so hard for YOU to gain perspectives on WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE. As time unfolds keep score and see for yourself. On markets this year we called:

  1. The all time peak
  2. The spring correction
  3. The summer into fall volatility in election year and why
  4. The rebound sling shot effect now to year end ( barring new unforeseen )
  5. The boom continuing into 2019 the longest boom growth period in our lifetime.

We called those …….and the experts all were calling the opposite all along that journey Our readers know the truth of it.


As we embrace who won and celebrate the nation and WHAT WE ALL JUST DID TOGETHER. I care less if you canceled my vote. Or my wifies’. I care that you voted and a majority won in a system where every single vote does count where in so many it is not the case at all.



Berny Dohrmann – FOR AMERICA TODAY AS ITS OVER – HIP HIP – HOOORAYYYY ! WE DID IT and perhaps that is the message Nov 5th – its OVER lets sling shot the world back into year end record setting for all of us – Dec 11th is all grad CEO SPACE REUNION with LIVE CONCERT best membership for new first time members and plans to be FREE FOR GRADS including the $ 10,000 add on NEW LAW CAPITAL MASTERY CLASS for CEO”s only – FREE for DEC 11th CEO to CEO networking see a film on network that site to acceleration for faster growth for any venture world wide – as you will wish to SHARE that one URL over years of time….you’ll see…..# 1 remember is what you deserve and we are.