There is very limited press on THE EVENT. The Event relates to the very smartest forward thinking Billionaires. They believe that Climate change is accelerating. They believe that nations are competing versus cooperating. Many have read my book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. They are educated. Economically advanced. Many read this blog.

SO WHAT IS THE FUSS about “THE EVENT”? What is the EVENT as a WHAT and WHY is THE EVENT so urgent for those at the top world wide? What is the priority of THE EVENT which has to do with the WHEN. WHAT WHY AND WHEN. You might see information on the EVENT on line now as we have been writing about THE EVENT which begins to populate serious fact finding reporting and data pools begin to populate the world wide WEB. Good for YOU in fact.

So for my readers and exclusive and first to the world on the details of THE EVENT.



1. THE EVENT is a catastrophic non recoverable event, which includes world war. Though perhaps not the war you were expecting. More an ASYMMETRIC WARFARE outlined in Kevin Freemans work on seeding THE EVENT entitled THE SECRET ( DIGITAL ) WEAPON. I’d own this essential in my library and I do. In Asymmetrical WARFARE in 30 minutes “atomic blasts all over the EU USA and other nations – by say Russia and China – 30 minutes – destroy 100% of our capacity to communicate. As these enormous bombs went off in space you don’t feel or hear anything nor are you eradicated to death. You will see if at the right time a little mini sun going off. Then all the cars stop all the planes fall from the sky all water stops all electricity stops and all communication of any kind stops and the chips that run all of it are fried fried fried. Electro Magnetic melt down or Pulse. THE EVENT. Just as that was going on trojans in all our systems went active and at all data for credit card records land ownership or any financial history just before those storage mediums were utterly friend by ANTIMAGNETIC PULSE The Billionaires believe NSA and the US Military across the board has zero defense, and all be unable to effectively drive, fly, communicate to transmit orders, or rebuild in any time to fire weapons all electronic strategic and atomic defense will no longer fire or work at all. THE EVENT did not nuke the EU or North America but we are toast and to rebuild we have to make things we have zero way to make. THERE IS NO BOUNCE BACK. THE EVENT HAS TAKEN PLACE.

2. WHY oh my God WHY? Well because of the 100 Trillion in Asian debt and the 100 Trillion in EU debt that is bad loans never to be repaid shown on institutional balance sheets as good performing assets – a fraud. The Billionaires know all this because they track their own loss to a penny as to outcome. They see CENTRAL BANK INTEREST RATE RISING OIL UNTIL OCT RISING AND INVESTMENT VALUES FALLING AND THE USA DOLLAR THE WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY SOARING AND THEY SEE ALL THIS FATAL PRESSURE ON DEBT buried sovereigns from Asia through the Gulf through the EU. They believe the TIPPING POINT is a digital trading weapon fired at US markets – October being only a test to manipulate the US election by hostile nations ( Facebook? Child’s play and humbug folks the real manipulation is by crown ups always moving the walnuts so you can’t see the pea underneath the real targets as its DIGITAL SPEEDS TODAY INSIDE A GLOBAL CASINO CAPITALISM not regulated globally as required today. Vulnerable to ASYMMETRICAL WORLD WAR III taking place since 2007’s attack on our markets which remains unrelenting. All the BILLIONAIRES have been hacked spending unlimited money to prevent such hacks. Hacks 100% successful in new digital world war III and protection against hacks 100% not successful at least to today. The public does not understand the TRILLIONS UPON TRILLIONS in wealth the enemy is winning while we suffer one pearl digital harbor after another without let up. No even our elections are safe and protected today in fact. WHY? Because the central banks failed to allow a ten year normalization plan and crushed time into ten months. This creates a TIPPING POINT as with Trade wars on top ( making deals is slow ) and attacking nations for profit is not slow. The tipping point is when the DIGITAL WAR is being ready for is capacity strike – a) Digital Trojan activation b) Simpultaneous 30 minute wipe out everything digital – cars trucks planes communication defense distribution of all goods and suspension all trade all digital coins all internet is down forever – gold silver and barter exist while 300 Million American guns come into play when toilet paper no longer reaches LA say 72 hours tops when water food and toilet paper go – folks it will be post event – CHAOS AND SLAUGHTER. That is the WHY. There is more but you got this. Read Kevin’s book and you’ll see how real this all is in fact. The news is STORMY DANIELS boy has she fallen off recently and the real NEWS IS THE EVENT.


3, Untold 100’s upon 100’s of millions are being invested by those coordinating surveying THE EVENT the Billionaires – in underground protected CITIES. The Billionaires main questions at CONFERENCES they host remains – how past para military already hired can we keep out the masses who would invade our fortress under ground and attempt to kill us for the wealth under ground? They invest in what movies an be made about from latests weapon systems all automated with enormous fire powers – over their site entrances and around with minds – heavy 50 caliber fire power an army to protect themselves and their chosen ones – increasing built in speed access and explosive lock outs so that – increasingly any number including 100,000’s of thousands of starving American’s trying to get in will be blown away. Still they are asking for every more. Tactical drones airship ordinance and the best leaders and man power to house keep safe to keep them safe. At the 2018 late year EVENT CONFERENCES the topic also turns how do we guard the guards. How do we avoid a coup from the guards who want what wealth we have preserved. Stores of gold silver diamonds and transpositional real wealth as well as US dollars and no other currency – see the dollar rising beyond what the FED can control anticipate or discern as THE EVENT is an unintended consequence in dollar valuation now in the world as billions are being taken out of circulation by the EVENT WEALTH of the WORLD in all nations. They believe if TRADE DEALS win the Event can be pushed off until a rogue nation pushes an atomic trigger than the EVENT GOES VIRAL and all markets stop. They believe IF the trade deals do not get made or much time remains for the RUN on RUSSIA the RUN OUT OF CHINA without a trade deal – they alone will conspire incorrectly thinking a) The event is a winning hand in and of itself for them and b) America is too weak too distracted to risk a real war – which the BILLIONAIRES think is silly. They think ( name a mass destruction weapon from using cross bows in schools in Greece and Rome as terror took hold ) – one weapon system ever that human’s have failed to use and aggressively apply to the other back and forth. The EVENT TRACKERS believe that between 2021 to 2029 the EVENT RISK IS NOW ENORMOUS as the other sides think incorrectly they can win when we all lose – we all lose. The Event Trackers believe the Nations sinking to survival level with regime change likely in Iran or Saudi or Russia, or China, that, a fatal mind set we call “awe fuck it” will embolden the nations sinking to preserve through ASYMMETRICAL WARFARE we frankly until SPACE FORCE HAS LEGS ( the count down then is that tug of war – can we stop the EMP WARS ) or is that impossible. The clock for the event has started counting down. The election Nov 6th – is the USA weakened in its leadership IF the republican’s lose congress or is the LEADERSHIP IN FACT STRONGER because the Republicans held on surprising the experts. We believe this election is no longer about PARTY or PERSONALITY it is about American Survival – from the every appearance of global strength or its lack. WE believe this election is about PROSPERITY & STRENGTH projected by appearance or weakness. Those backing the EVENT as cause are pouring into told dollars to WEAKEN USA LEADERSHIP. Those inflamed to do so may be voting on the very wrong issue fed to them by those they respect the least for doing so but unfocused on THE DOING at all.

Statistically NO ELECTION IN HISTORY has ever experienced the WEIGHT of get TRUMP reporting across all outlets you can measure I a 86% bashing to 14% praising. Never has information been so thunder storm rain on the voter mental downloads every day. Will the hatred being sewn 86% fo 14% – hatred you see news castors amplify with their body cure language their tone of voice you just can’t fail to join the WHIPPING POST if you see nothing but hear nothing but and you fail to ask the RIGHT QUESTIONS:

1. Hate Trump has far more oceans more of funds raised and pouring in to the final day higher ratio of money on hating Trump never seen in any Mid Year Election in historic voting or media.

2. Almost a FOUR TO ONE HATE TRUMP audio and video rain is reaching voters never seen in such ratio in any election in history ever.

3. Still the race for the Senate is all but conceded to Trump by furious HATE TRUMP that out spent and out sound bite bashed TRUMP and still THEIR MONEY did not work and they are loosing.

4. The House they may win. They over spent and over imaged by a full four to one in all key raises. Never has an opposition advantage been THIS LARGE in dollars and weighted sound bites in all mediums of any kind. 4 to 1 – HATE THIS GUY TRUMP – all mean savage brutal attacks on the man personally primarily, including his sanity, upon his wife, his children, and no let up in any of the horror of all of it. Trump slams back and fully engages the HATE with HATE – tit for tat – no lay down no anything where Trump is even blamed for Fake News he started the hate or that he perpetuates the hate in his replies to HATE with Tit for Tat. Explore Trump and his family and Trump explodes back no lack of history in his life his defense of his brand and his family. The SPIN is new however. Now the HOUSE MAY surprise everyone and stay with the administration lacking grid lock and dysfunction the HATERS wish for. More hate. Those in the EVENT TRIBE believe this creates ( IF THE HOUSE FALLS ) a new race track into the EVENT with American leadership WEAKENED. The billionaires are divided themselves many HATE TRUMP and want a SPED UP EVENT so they can profit on the other side. Others want NO EVENT AT ANY COST even with their fully set up underground cities totally long term survivors if they can keep others out – no easy task. Perhaps impossible while they wait for their slaughter they worst fear As Event Planning survivors. So the Billionaires and the nations attacking us right into elections digitally, will count the final vote and take actions based on those final votes. THAT IS WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON IN A DRAIN THE SWAMP ELECTION OR KILL THE SWAMP DRAINER …that kind of bottom line to it all.

5. We believe what we told YOU all. If Trump holds the HOUSE we believe strengthened ( outside of any party or ascription to issues outcomes and political bias to any party – we report only pure economic data and outcomes related to what we know more about – economics . WE believe if that if you have THAT – strengthening as this election may serious surprise everyone – THAT the outcome would be in two immediate areas 1.) Trade wars would become a daisy chain of NO NATION LEFT BEHIND and RISING PROSPERITY FOR LEADING NATIONS IN UNION OF NEW WORLD TRADE AGREEMENTS and b) Congress will pass INFRASTRUCTURE and then Immigration reform and then Justice Reform. We believe these issues along with Health Care upgrading will float prosperity into 2030. The INFRASTRUCTURE BILL is what creates the future for America. if we stop and fail to borrow to upgrade our home, like any home owner requiring serious macitence once very 150 years – the jobs payrolls and tax pay in to the USA will re-tool all assumptions and projects and NO EVENT we don’t think. 2) The USA with Space Force will preclude an event attack entirely and we believe it is close not remote and the one item in DIGITAL SPACE FORCE COMMAND ( MARS – MUTUALLY ASSURED RECONSTRUCTION ) that removes the EVENT from occurring – as we a) can fully attack back and b) we alone remain as we were before the attack by the MARS POLICY.  None of this is going to occur with the election weakens US leadership and creates a GRID LOCK DYSFUNCTIONAL CONGRESS Operating in pure hatred to simply GET TRUMP at any and every cause with agencies biased to help them maximally which is not actually Justice any longer it is now arrest – charge – and release for testimony within a KGB State after such a loss of the house at the EVENT TIPPING POINT – we once most feared most but now are created our own worst form of a digital police state – and we will see it all in ONE VOTE on Nov. 6th. The very smart EVENT SURVIVOR group is investing heavily as the deadline for them IS NOV 6th and they themselves can not imagine the outcome with certainty. One way the Event moves back perhaps forever. Another the EVENT rushes closer perhaps closer than you can imagine yourself. Today.

Now you will not SEE in news depth of reporting about the EVENT up till this blog. You now have the information keeping the BILLIONAIRES UP AT NIGHT and what they talk to one another about if your inside the GROWING EVENT SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION CLUB which itself is a very secret circle the wagons wealth estate. You now know that the majority of super wealth is focused on surviving THE EVENT they think voters are way too ignorant about to vote the outcomes that save us all.

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