Today’s Endgame Speech about the SIT COME – GET AWAY WITH MURDER – THE PUPPY KING tells us what Endgame “HAS” and you do NOT HAVE. A Get out of Jail Free Card in his back pocket. Full videos of and full audio’s of the real torture, beheading, and then directing of Khashoggi he played live for our CIA DIRECTOR. All the Kings Men and all the Kings horses wish to PUT KING MBS ( an absolute sociopath narcissist all back together again – ah if only Humpty Dumpty had trillions ).

How do journalists know what’s UP then or even our three letters folks ( compliments for the long hours and care you take representing US across our ally space ). Why they all read THIS BLOG. So our research inside the Sand Castle today has a civil war going on. The BACKLASH that MBS had thought was his Hitler like FINAL ANSWER did not WORK. That was to send a foreign hit team to send the ULTIMATE MESSAGE ( his words inside the Palace Oct 1 ) THAT – Khashoggi – was to confer before he died ( oh they rehearsed all this right under MBS guidance by the way – as his wish was not to torture Khashoggi as a message from the PUPPY PIT BULL but to torture him within an inch of his life and behead him knowing his fiancĂ© would never see HIM again – sending MBS Ultimate message inside the palace – this IS YOUR CONSEQUENCE FOR ANY DISENT AGAINT ME EVEN A WHISPER. Now the decent against a clearly insane psychopathic brain in charge is in full on internal civil war in Saudi Arabia. The Puppy King is feared far more than he is popular or respected now. His failed polices have cost the government and OPEC trillions and are still impossibly flawed plans. But not to the King. The run out of Saudi Arabis a money flight and foot on the break for new investment Saudi has never not ever known before and is slow to appreciate that PUPPY KING is the cause of this WEALTH BELTCH. The SAUDI WEALTH BELTCH is making surround nations more powerful as capital flight is running to their stability. The GULF is now through to be SUPER HIGH RISK due to insatability of alliances created by THE KING himself. Iran is not going to sit idly by while MBS POLICY surrounds IRAN with Sanctions from the Puppy Kings bubbies in the White House – and the lies MBS has woven about Iran are only bettered by the lies MBS has told about Khashoggi any prosecutor would simply bow down Again and Again to the jury implying – SEE FOR YOURSELF his lie upon lie upon lie.

ENDGAME in real head on political theater has told the entire world – we have taped ( illegally ) a Sovereign Nation that brought COUP upon us. We have placed the PERPETRATORS life in great danger as we can leak these films and we will to the right counter weights inside the Saudi Palace. End Game and his COUP POPPA will find out that their moves in Turkey have consequence that they pay with their LIVES not MY LIVES. But way before that I will exact payment, in billions to rebuild my nation along with contracts for the lowest priced oil on earth – long term contracts – very long term – that will survive MBS death. MBS facing death for he and his father every single day makes the DEAL if Endgame will agree to change his story to the FINAL BULLSHIT – hey guys a rogue team reporting to no one came to my nation saw Khasogghi enter the lobby area of the embassy there and then they immediately strangled him – cut up his boy and NOW used ACID ( who came up with that MBS? ) and dissolved his body and the Saudi’s have no memory which drain they poured hm down before they went home. Its all OK and we are good friends now and by the way despite what is said on the Tapes we here DO NOT BELIEVE OUR GOOD BUDDY THE PUPPY MURDERED KNEW ANYTHING AT ALL. Although , I say although a) we do know the orders came from the tippy top not a circle of security brats in palace through that one out and b) our message no NATO ALLY will experience this again is a matter of good TAPES. Implied.

So in the sit com of Turkey chess games where it all began and Saudi Checkers the dice are rolled to their ENDGAME and the winner is TURKEY – financially and in political theater. Because everyone KNOWS our CIA director heard those tapes – may have made copies – and has their own deal with TURKEY. Saudi’s worst knight mare – Turkey has the tapes to TAKE OUT A KING anytime they wish to use them dealing with the blow back of taping in a sovereign embassy – while Saudi has brought Turkey and THE USA ( Saudi blamed for the COUP on Endgames wife and children as well as him ) CLOSER not his intention after the COUP Game of political theater. Eventually as you follow the money you will see almost free oil rolling into Turkey ( forever ) and you will see oceans of money being invested in TURKEY as Endgame savors his revenge with a PUPETT KING who now will do about anything coup survivor Endgame Wishes. Next ENDGAME Will use this advantage to secure closer ties with RUSSIA and IRAN against Saudi. ENDGAME may be the person securing the meeting between TRUMP and IRAN securing the Regional Peace for hundreds of years, being paid by Saudi the EU the USA and Russia and IRAN. Endgame wins and Khashoggi is sacrificed to a mad man left in power but wounded to lead. Those in Saudi who know all this are not permitting the WEALTH BELCH to go on long with a mad man taking down the wealth their fathers commanded and built for the entire nation and its people. Endgame knows how that will play out while his own contracts are protected one day at a time one tape at a time. So to speak.

If you were looking for the TRUTH anywhere in any nation and you were confused by ENDGAME’s slow news day on Saturday release on purpose for the heads of state to focus on in clear as a bell political theater speak – ah then you read the TRUTH right here. Now what is the journalist of the world going to do to a) get those tapes and b) get the real truth out c) keep the story MBS killed Khashoggi alive – as that is the one and only thing that will be worthy of Khashoggi – that his psychopathic killer MBS is wiped off the history books for his crimes against humanity too many to name here but scroll we got most of them documented for you.

To all the journalist of the WORLD keep this story alive and progressive. The highest prizes in journalism occur when the TRUTH on THIS STORY wins out fully. However stay safe out there please. There is nothing like knowing the truth. Our opinions from our sources may ring true or not for you but if you under that FEEL THE TRUTH grab it because truth is illusive in bought and paid for news today. Very hard to find….as always simply follow the money and the Truth will lead you all home.

Berny Dohrmann – Spinning a little truth out there for the hero journalist Khashoggi Oct 2nd 2018