To the election NEWS OUT there, lots to report. Still every journalist on earth must spot light as never before the MBS GET AWAY WITH SLAUGHTER TO YOUR TRIBE ! The way to get such slaughter to STOP is to make sure the PEN “IS” MORE POWERFUL THAN THE BONE SAW.

What IS going on in the Sand Castle? Imagine it for a moment. Turkey has Audio and Video. Saudi informs old Turkey what the real COST IS if they share that video. After all illegally putting tapping devices in an embassy guaranteed by treaty to be home soil not Turkey Soil does all sorts of things. Also Endgame invalids himself because MBS almost slaughtered him, his wife, and his children, in a failed ( just like every single MBS POLICY is failed ) coup attempt. Endgame will never forgive or forget. Journalist of the world ask the ruler in Turkey if PUPPY KING was behind the coup. Now there is a story for you.

Keep demanding the audio and video tapes without editing as a matter of RIGHTS to the 7 billion on earth the PUPPY KING has taxed into economic stress to 200 nations for his own greed at over 80 dollars a barrel.  Pure Greed and unsustainable as non OPEC producer will now keep OIL prices in glut versus artificially short. We told you all this. OIL HAS PLUNGED and PUPPY KING can do nothing about that at all. It is 2019 every nation for themselves to assure they reconnect MARKET SHARE customers not realizing they are losing their business forever due to lower demand, and cheaper easier to refund US Crude OIL as well as others in same boat not caring about OPEC phony pricing for GREED ALONE. MBS tried to destroy America Shale INDUSTRY, glutting world markets. Only much like FREE MONEY FROM THE FED going back to any GREED DEED on oil price is not so easy as a Puppy King thought. He may ORDER oil prices down but no one will care much. America the butt end of Saudi could see Venezuela market a deal with the USA or be taken over either way – and Saudi is not longer what it was – because the PUPPY KING AND HIS FATHER EMBARRASSED AND DIMINISHED THE NATION IN HORROR TORTURE AND DEATH as has not been seen in Rule of Law Saudi ( not our law to be sure ). But PUPPY KING being an insane young brain has no check and balance and today has plunged his balance into CIVIL WAR as inside they know this young brain all too well. Journalist of the world are you asking the RIGHT QUESTIONS?


1. Will you agree to release the video and audio so that the world can SEE the absolute truth?

2. Is the KING mentioned in the live recordings?

3. HOW Much IS SAUDI paying you to avoid telling the world Turkey bugged their embassy?

4. Do you now know and believe that MBS in fact was behind the coup to slaughter you and your family?

5.  What deal have you made between Turkey and SAUDI to help MBS get away with murder.

Berny Dohrmann with five we must ask for journalist KHASHOGGI as body language says it all