We told you about the Market Rolling into October. Precisely what we told you taken place including todays enormous roar back to record highs by year end which we also told you. So all my readers know 2018 called wrong by every single expert and as to the WHY and called RIGHT with an outcome to prediction that is precise accurate and on going from pure work and research. We hope you enjoy truth and outcomes you can measure over time – 30 years of time – for my Blog.


The Lies from MBS and his cruel Hitler like dIctatorship which is all Khashoggi was warning his peeps about as taken out in similar fashion more Khashoggi opposition mostly in nation some out of nation and as MBS is never held accountable for his crimes against other royals or any crimes – he like Adolf Hitler becomes in his mind a GOD KING that can bet away with anything as he alone is the divine healthy judge and jury. As with Adolf Hitler we call this MADNESS.
Turkey in long talks all week with MBS teams, has made a U Turn upon the TRUTH. Turkey ostensibly negotiated for untold billions of investment and discounts on their oil to move from Iran next week to Saudi have made an MBS deal. A costly one for MBS. Since OCT 2nd the constant story from Turkey one our own CIA director has seen with her very own EYE BALLS – IS – Khashoggi was captured by 18 reporting to MBS assassins from Saudi all documented on film and audio which our CIA Director saw. The discussion made Khashoggi know in the ARROGANCE OF MADNESS King MBS was making a final fatal good bye to the journalist. Then with recordings rolling Khashoggi was tortured to near death as only brutal savage Saudi King MBS can and will, after which he was beheaded. He was then slide and diced with a local operator Saudi will not rat out as that means the body is discovered – and the truth all comes out for MBS deluded – as a PUPPY KING that he has in fact gotten away with savage unacceptable murders. Plural.

Turkey one would suspect with a secure MBS many tens of billions coming into to Turkey we call THE PACKAGE – now reports today – oh now now – everything we said is not in fact true. We are never showing those tapes really. We are confirming NOW and TODAY after chit chats with MBS home deal ( you know in the ART OF THE DEAL over here ) such that – Khashoggi was taken by the assassin team upon entering the EMBASSY and now he was only strangled. No tape on it oh no just forget that was ever shown to leaders around the world. And it may be rogue talent but the level of pre meditation and the FACT there was no intention to kidnap anyone leads Turkey to say only the leadership at the top could have authorized this. Now then what about the TORTURE to get folks in the Castle as SOURCES TO KHASHOGGI? We are to now believe for the Turkey Deal and the MBS bribery – THAT – there was no torture to a ) get the real pound of Flesh MBS planned out and B) to get the real sources in his own family and castle so he can torture and kill them and c) only then would he with the King’s goodbye and team smiles all the way cut his head off screaming from the torture and then real slow as all King’s men die REAL SLOW he likes that. A LOT.

Has Turkey fooled the world press for their BIG PAY DAY to follow? Oh I think the world Press has MBS in an electron microscope. He killed ONE OF THEIR OWN . ONE of their favorites. He killed a great journalist. He did not kill the STORY of this DECADE. That story the wagon wheels circled of the smartest journalist alive on earth, will not only not let die, or deal down, but they will press forward until MBA IS PUNISHED. For his great SUPER CRIME in unmatched arrogance since Adolf Hitler a proper match. I suggest Trump will DRUMP our strategic record oil reserves we no longer need as the # 1 oil producers on earth – say 30% only drops oil to 50.00 and stops the crimes OPEC is doing to gauge 7 billion folks and 200 developing nations. As the cost of everything via energy drops, by the TRUMP DUMP ( punishing MBS and Daddy for failed policies – first to destroy American Shale than to market share back by the greatest tax ever created – their OPEC PHONY PRICING when the world is drowning in oil supplies as demand falls off a cliff. Why? BECAUSE TOXIC OIL INDUSTRY is climate changing the earth and so toxic they are killing us all in cities world wide. Their DAY HAS COME COLLECTIVELY a new social model for energy is replacing the old GREED MACHINE headed by idiot evil the KING OF Saudi Arabia and zero journalists are fooled nor are THEY taking this story off front page and many other pages until the most read story of our lifetime ends with a happy death to us part as SAUDI itself makes this all right in the world again. They will and I have great faith from 45 years of being a devoted study of Saudi culture faith and history one can see, MBS is a fork in the road of SAUDI GREATNESS. Today MBS is costing SAUDI outflows such as to the TURKEY Deal of untold tens of billions while in flow to Saudi income is drying up more than IRAN. Their revenue account is costing the people of SAUID a trillion dollars piling up year to year because of a PUPPY KING 33 years old who is truly an insane brain. Thats the truth. Now follow it.


Nations like Russia China Iran North Korea and others, have made billions manipulating our Stock Markets with weaponized trading tools. The NSA FIRST gathered information the SEC lacks tools as yet to stay ahead of election manipulation via financial markets ( bombs that are nukes in economics versus fire crackers on face book that distracted you all from the incoming real shells ). These nations are installing massive influence grids. How does 7,000 GET ORGANIZED to walk over 1500 miles to arrive at the US BOARDER WHEN – just prior to the election itself Nov 6th. WHO PAID FOR THIS? WHO ORGANIZED THIS? IS IT A HUGE ELECTION MANIPULATION MAKING MUELLER AND FACE BOOK LIKE A KINDERGARTEN WASTER OF POWER AND RESOURCES DESIGNED TO INFLUENCE THE ELECTION. Yesterday the PROSECUTOR AND CHIEF who reports to no higher power – not the President – not the ATTORNEY GENERAL – NOT ANYONE. This SPECIAL PROSECUTOR has followed the Nazi Play book as only a POLICE STATE with a PROSECUTION OUT SIDE CHECK AND BALANCE OR REVIEW – CAN MAKE LAWS CONGRESS NEVER PAST. The PROSECUTOR CZAR has arrested a circle of all the Presidents Men and Women, including home and office swat team invasions versus due process and court orders we used to use before MUELLER MADNESS too over the US Justice. Even with one scandle after another of high silo leadership documented to use the US JUSTICE DEPARTMENT TO GET TRUMP AT “ANY COST”. The democrats who installed Mueller secure powers that violate the US constitution. You can’t arrest a circle of people – deal them out of jail or slap on the wrist time with keeping most of your money ( supposedly all gained criminally normally seized and taken but oh no not with criminal prosecutors in on crimes to frame their target fully. ) Yes. Follow the money. You’ll begin to see a political theater in the US JUSTICE until JUSTICE REFORM think about who will DO THAT JUSTICE REFORM when you VOTE and be informed is all. Yesterday a leading WASHINGTON LOBBY firm, old and influencing, reported they would next Thursday release the first girl abused by Mueller. Mueller replied being all powerful and all – hey we heard ( not saying any source ) that the lobby guy paid a girl 20,000 to report shit on me. This is a God being deposed. The First girl now with lie detector proof she took no pay to say will come up. Then the Mueller Girl if ever she is found in fact – would have equal play noting WHO PAID HER TO SAY THINGS ABOUT THE LOBBY GUY? ( Whom I know well ). All why now? Oh the election to influence the election.

Nations and all corporate sides and wealthy sides are pouring in the HIGHEST SUMS EVER in a MID TERM ELECTION LAST DAYS – RECORDS AFTER RECORDS – JUST TO INFLUENCE THE AMERICAN ELECTION. I say to all voters – read my blog a bit – don’t be fooled – know the truth – and vote for prosperity versus party this round and you will have unmatched prosperity. VOTE YOUR WALLET – zero emotion ( which is the manipulations ) – all HEAD. Think it out and vote for outcome not personality. ONE TEAM of the OTHER. I chose YOU AMERICA I always chose YOU.

Berny Dohrmann – Watching Political Theater heating up with all that money until Nov 6th…when we all know the outcome.