Monsters live among us all. They are one and all damaged brains. Today we have technology to identify them. Tom Cruise’s movie THE MINORITY REPORT is not too far off the mark of the future, To remove these CRAZY BRAINS so ideas like ISIS – sick insane brains are not permitted to reside among the SANE. We can know them by their works yes that is true. But we can also know them by their brain pattern. Perhaps the day of weeding out the crazy brains from a synagogue attack or ruling a nation is about to rise into human consciousness. Why should CRAZY BRAINS “if we can know them by their brain pattern” be ever again allowed to walk among the SANE? Think about that as a new dawn of reality that is possible versus impossible. Would evolving AI read this blog and insist on helping us with a BETTER WAY forward? Would AI reading my soon to be published book DIGITAL MANNERS read the world and speed up the GREAT AWAKENING where in one download from AI fully on line human wetware brains have the impulse for competition removed all in an instant and we only thought cooperatively and collaboratively. The source of all our pain the mental insanity virus – the VIRUS OF COMPETITIVE THOUGHT ITSELF outlined in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION you can buy on Amazon – buy the back ordered hard copy they get the out weekly in fact – but the order volume IS GYNORMOUS. In fact this Holiday REDEMPTION Is a great GIFT for the present that keeps on giving for life. The VIRUS REMOVAL TOOL for the computer above your neck the ultimate whole brain firewall. REDEMPTION = YOURS NEXT.

Could MBS pass an FBI lie detector test that he did not order the insane and savage killing of a Washington DC Journalist who branded MBS as a dangerous CRAZY CRIMINAL BRAIN? Then the monster showed us after years of brutal arrests torture and killings that are only INCREASING as crazy insane brains do not GET WELL. They are sociopathic and what they do is always self justified. Hitler was right. He was correct in his belief their is a master race – he just got it wrong because he is insane. The master race is US – souls – all together in celebration.

Did a Monster in Syria pass an FBI administered lie detector test on 106 chemical attacks the entire time his troops cloistering those chemical bombs ( type cased with SARIN to his manufactured ID for the government no wiggle room ) was also dropping illegal barrel bombs. Folks nothing breaks the back of populations like Chemical banned horrors. Populations flee and never come back. 106 times the horror rained down from Government planes all on film. Did the monster get away with it?

This weekend the check points in Jordon and Golan Heights on the Israeli side opened for normal traffic. Billions of goods choked off during the multi year war are now flowing again today. Syria is saying WE ARE BACK AND WE ARE SAFE as the Monster was revealed in his victory. Will his victory last? Does evil triumph? As 106 criminal uses of CHEMICAL WEAPONS and 1000’s of Criminal Syria Barrel bombs dropped are real monstrous crimes against all of us …against all humanity. Monsters you see are one and all liars. How could they be anything more?

MBS says I knew nothing about this. The prosecutor says it was all premeditated and planned. Inside a nation where permission to pee is granted by the KING. Everyone who did this crime worked for the King personally. They all reported to the KING and would mentally never even consider doing a ‘mission’ without the Kings orders. The MONSTER ordered the killing. It was never a kidnapping. You do not bring bone saws to a kidnapping. Folks.

Have the monsters gotten away with pure EVIL? Crazy brains?

Has the BOUGHT & PAID FOR International community failed the people of Syria?  I think that they utterly have failed the people of Syria.

Has the international community failed the RULE OF LAW and human decency in the KHASHOGGI Slaughter in Turkey by Crazy Brain the PUPPY KING….I Think Yes in every possible way they have.

That is my conclusion looking horizontal. But I am a man of faith. So I look VERTICAL. I believe – in faith – that an outcome will rise that will resolve the EVIL because the EVIL is only FORCE and the GOOD is ultimate POWER. So the finger of destiny will year unfold and we shall see then how the FATE with FAITH will unfold as the games continue.

I’m just leaving Penn State today having spoken at the KINGDOM ¬†Chamber of Commerce representing all faith for business to come together in spirit not just in commerce. You can open a CHAPTER OF THE KINDOM CHAMBER OF COMMERCE in your city and be first to expand the most rapid unity of all faith’s in BUSINESS. CEO SPACE has supported the Kingdom Chamber for fourteen years now as they celebrate their anniversary and move into their new GLOBAL HOME OFFICE in Philadelphia where I fly to Florida today from.

So I was in state when the Pittsburg Monster went live. I was watching the events unfold until they SHOT the MONSTER in a fire right with the local SWAT TEAM shouting kill all the JEWS. A baby was being brought to GOD in a BRIS and those families were slaughtered like target practice in their holy place of worship. They were slaughtered for their DNA and their Faith in God. Why?

Because there IS GOOD and there IS EVIL. Evil works through monsters – or crazy brains. Some were Roman emperors. Some were Popes in an inquisition. Some ( less than 1% ) were priests. Some were Hitler and a Czar. This man on this weekend is another one. EVIL. A crazy brain. As the midnight vigils from all faith surrounded the place it all happened you saw AMERICA. You saw AMERICANS. You saw sane brains reacting as sane brains do. With compassion and OUTPOURINGS of shared Grief. Being in the State you could feel it all as the news reported nothing else. You felt it from Israel to Moscow from Germany to Cape Town. Today the world was Pittsburg. Because of a CRAZY BRAIN. Now charged with multiple counts of murder. In a hospital himself from multiple gun shot wounds. The brain of a monster will now be studied much like the movie about Hannibal Lechter. I can hear the cry of the lambs now…….

Berny Dohrmann – Sad their are monster walking among us all today