Lets review looking backward so we can then look forward shall we? What have we told our readers in 2018. Just the facts madame nothing but the facts…..( that’s from Dragnet a black and white film when in the 1950’s Dick Tracy wore and Watch on TV ). I know I know it dates me terribly.


1. The market in January spun to record all time highs for 2018.

2. This blog told you there would be a correction the the SPRING.

3. We told you to explore with licensed professionals we report opinions on trends we do not provide investment advice only licensed experts can provide to you – we told you to check with them and pointed you to questions to ask them. GET OUT and we told you where safest haven was in our opinion – diversified insurance investing.

4. The Spring correction we predicted here in 2015 – 2016 – screaming in 2018 and January 2018 when all experts said it would roar all year long – came just precisely when we told you. If you are keeping score at all.

5. We told you all year that A NEW VOLATILITY MARKET was crashing upon global markets driven by consolidation of wealth into ever comprising SUPER MONEY POOLS where over 60 months AI software now controls markets and humans are witness to economics going where no system has ever gone before. We also told you to get out.

We have told you that if you invest long term who cares hold through the volatility. We told you diversify everyone tells you that. We told you after the election the Market was likely to return to all time high’s given the earnings. The missed earnings are all WAY WAY UP from this time last year and almost made the crazy numbers Wall Street now puts on management of larger firms. TRUMP IS RIGHT and the SEC IS WRONG. To DEFEAT unwanted speculation in the system investors and markets are far more STABLE with a bi annual – every six month reporting for all reporting firms. No top team can truly plan LONG TERM for shareholders in the type of reporting that was set up in law when the mail was delivered by the PONY EXPRESS and the TELEGRAPH was the main way to get something to some one as the world did not have telephones or TV’s in every home and the fax had yet to be invented. CLICK WORLD was not a dream on the white board and they did not even have WHITE BOARDS when these laws were put in place for reporting firms. To cite all the sane reasons to move to 180 day reporting is so compelling economically I am not presenting it here because the frame work today is backward rear view looking to data that is antique and obsolete. Only the IMF is truly beginning to look FORWARD into the new challenges data and constructions economics digitally entwined brings to the scene today.

I predict when I’m dead economist from Universities everywhere and in industry will poor over my work here to define WHAT TO DO to recover from THE EVENT. But I’ll write more about the EVENT soon enough.

I believe barring unforeseen events that once the ELECTION EFFECT on markets – the new way to INFLUENCE ELECTIONS IS MARKET MANIPULATIONS – and institutions and nations are doing just that today – THAT – record all time year end wealth will rise up into the markets by 2019. I think 2019 will be a wild card depending on one Congressional WORD -INFRASTRUCTURE. If Congress passes INFRASTRUCTURE as the ESSENTIAL FOR AMERICA – I believe prosperity can rise up into 2030.


The natural and correct state for any economy is growth. All living things GROW or they ROT. True for a house plant. True for a marriage. True for an economy. THE NATURAL STATE OF AN ECONOMY IS GROWTH.

Economies will grow until something breaks that growth. In nature it may be drought not enough water. It may be insects the worst being the FED for an economy – hard to kill pests. The Fed using Data that is no longer a proper basis for making decisions, and lacking more complete forward looking upgraded modeling in digital markets that are NEW to all their experience from say the OLD DAYS ( five years back and before ) is simply WRONG.

The FED risks a fatality to the economy. Not a wound. Why? Because the new DIGITAL ECONOMY includes a Atlantic Ocean of DIGITAL LEVERAGE AND DEBT. When a market has 440 trillion leveraged to manipulate prices to 3 to 4 trillion stake holder investing you have a market requiring NEW REGULATORY FRAME WORKS. Until that frame work is installed the FED potential for FATAL SYSTEMIC ERROR is well, simply fatal. As the FED is the CAUSE of all global GREAT DEPRESSIONS and WORLD WARS ( its always economic folks ) the conflicted insane body of 12 or so who may destroy prosperity for the world simply fail to understand….this is a new economic and is nothing like their fathers market place. The song the THREE BLIND MICE is the only way to define moving forward toward the BRINK. Trust me as you watch the FED telling you things that are the same as MBS – MORE BULL SHIT the PUPPY KING telling you the Royals knew nothing. The Royals PLANNED IT. Even Saudi Prosecutor today tells the world the BUTCHERING WAS “PREMEDITATED” – ( meaning from the PALACE ). Folks nothing – not my putting on morning slippers occurs INSIDE THE PALACE that control FREAK MBS does not KNOW. What we KNOW is that MBS IS A LIAR and so is the FED. Believe what they say at your great personal peril.

WHAT gives me so much HOPE is today the FED knows that like MBS the lies will no longer save you. Everyone will KNOW TODAY the cause of the economic pain is the FED. The natural state of economic growth will be killed by the FED. The Fed is creating a soaring US dollar with an interest driver that is a policy error. Normalization requires a ten year much more tempered in the NEW ECONOMY installation where in the NEW ECONOMY the missing economic asset IS TIME ITSELF. The Fed is as Crammer says – Lazy ( they don’t do the work for new data versus old data ) and they are CLUE LESS about the NEW ECONOMY and Crammer is right the FED HAS NO CLUE. Also keep in your mind that the FED raising interest rates profits who? Their bank shareholders. Yes the Fed is a private stock firm ( easily confirmed on this blog scrolling or search Fed Stock Firm ) on Google. The shareholder banks get rich with the interest rising. This conflict of their interest versus our interest can not be resolved by FED lies to the contrary. THAT IS just like MBS thinking – this will blow over and my own internal CIVIL WAR has NOT BECOME FATAL to my health and my dad’s health in his 80’s …but Puppy KING it has and your toast. You’re a JOKE. THE FED IS BECOMING A JOKE TODAY. NO ONE BELIEVES their policies are correct. What they are doing to the economy is a great sin against 7 billion humans upon the earth. I’ve reported why enough for any economists to wake up.

Inside this lets look at the double edged failed FED POLICY and what the impacts of:

1. Failure to DUMP strategic OIL to off set MBS insane oil price rising from 39.00 a barrel to over 80 dollars a barrel ( now crashing down ) in such a short TIME to economics.

2. THE FED sky rocketing iNTEREST in a TIME FRAME that is insane economically – 100% increase to over 7 TRILLION in global loan costs in ten months versus ten YEARS.

4. The dollar world reserve currency rising 100% of percent in the same frame work of TIME way to fast for the new economics.

5. SPEED RACER interest rate rises to follow with dollar soaring to follow with no possible way the combination will fail to TRIGGER A GLOBAL DEBT DEFAULT CASCADE fatal to the digital leveraged system – the FED looking backward fails to see the light at the end of their tunnel is a HYPER LOOP TRAIN in terms of the new economics – but the MARKET SEES ALL THIS.


* FANG has lost over 15% since ONLY JULY FOLKS.

* The S&P has shed 6.3% moving into full on correction territory.

All while Alphabet ( GOOGLE ) reported 13 .06 of revenue per share – with 33.7 BILLION in revenue with Amazon up at 5.75 per share and 56.6 BILLION in Revenue up over year – all before CHRISTMAS revenues coming in next and the stocks sink. You know why.

Amazon has lost almost 10% of its stock value within terrific performance due to the FED.

Amazon doing great really in just hours went down almost 7% last week – where Jezz Bezo’s as only one shareholder in the FED induced BLOOD BATH by raising interest far to fast far too frequently far too high each time – is failing to USE TIME – sinking say one shareholder JEFF on Friday by 11 BILLION DOLLARS now the others lost the big bucks. Google share holders lost 15 BILLION ON FRIDAY due to the Fed policy and to say otherwise is MBS lies documented on this blog.

The FED wants you to believe their actions are responsible. Their actions are GREED DRIVEN as money they control before they are merged back into US TREASURY where we make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN – is all lies and you know that how. When they are so panicked that they send their peeps out into sound bites to tell us all how great they are – and that you can Read all weekend everyone. When you see the FED FLOOD ITS PR MACHINE WITH DECEPTION IN AN ELECTION RAMP you know how POLITICAL THE FED IS fearing voter wake up calls to merge the FED back into Treasury. The only forward looking sane outcome. Ask the one question – who profits from all the interest rate rising and who loses?

NOW LOOK at the FED flooding press with sound bites how great they are and how they DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE TRILLIONS OF LOSES AND THE MARKET INSTABLITY GLOBALLY their horrible failed GREED DRIVEN conflict of interest policies slam bam and hammer into the global economic – which natural state is growth unless the pesty INSECT the FED destroys the harvest and all the hard work in productivity. The FED IS THE INSECT IN THE WHEAT FIELD folks and the natural state of the economy is fatally being attack by the insect of the FED. You know when all the chemical companies dumping toxic fertilizers are out all at once telling us how the pollution is not HARMFUL TO OUR HEALTH eat away- as the FED IS DOING IN THE PRESS pre election. The FED ALSO MANIPULATES ELECTIONS far more than a crazy one off bomber insane brain – the FED knows well what it is doing to slam TRUMP for spot lighting it as a CLUE LESS out of touch obsolete system.

I hope TRUMP post election will:

1. Dump oil from strategic reserves all full to the brim and we don’t need it say 30% so oil is dropped to 50 dollars a barrel, punishing MBS and SAUDI and offsetting FED interest with lower energy.

2. Prepare forward economic  legislation to merge the FED system into US treasury and pay off our national debt with a 100 year ( time again  SUPER BOND with Roel Campos ) and the USA is in the black versus red ink.

3. Pass INFRASTRUCTURE and insure prosperity into 2030 with a merged Fed normalizing interest rates over TEN YEARS allowing TIME to work 7 TRILLION in “free money debt bombs” the FED created in the first place out of the economic global system where TIME is the misising ECONOMIC THEORY that mathematically resolves all the issues. Bill Clinton was RIGHT – folks it is just arithmetic but Fed folks need an IWATCH Calculator to do their own math.

THIS ONE TWO THREE resolves the debt pig in the global economic python. Are you all SEEING THE SMART in keeping all FED PROCESS but having FORWARD THINKING TREASURY FOLKS with zero greed conflict of interest assuring the FED is now accountable and stopping money printing as DEBT TO US ALL where money printing now has Zero cost And debt – an insane model the Fed in 1900 thought up to a) control the money supply and b) to profit from doing it. ARE YOU ALL GETTING THIS? I think you are. Make sure you book mark this:


Meanwhile expect in the new market – not your fathers market – looking forward to more volatility driven by AI smart forward data review in a NEW ECONOMICS the WORLD HAS NEVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE.

That is the truth of it all and every ONE of my readers knows the truth and secures the truth as precious to their lives.

Berny Dohrmann – looking for the one ring of power ….to bind them ……