Markets we predicted will be volatile until the US election Nov 6th regardless of earnings. Our report on the Caterpillar having its best third quarter in history – with data on their results exceeding every forecast – where they lost 5% of value is an example where earnings ARE NOT DRIVING the MARKET PLACE.

THE BIG DOGS have not gotten over the FED move to a 4% to 4.5% long term bond interest rate – they will will take a market with 350% gain in ten years developed and engineered on FREE MONEY loans -across the entire world of assuring the Great Recession ENDED. The GREAT DEBATE taking place is: SHOULD NORMALIZATION occur gradually over ten years versus ten months. The FAST TRACK FED Backward looking data conflicts with the IMF forward looking data. Error in FED Policy can have enormous international’s unintended consequences. This error in core economic policy is at the HEART of the vocality taking place. AI is securing RISK MODERATION Before the American election. Profit taking and depositing in rising bond interest is taking place for year end portfolio’s.

We suspect that after post election FINAL VOLATILITY the graduation to year end of NEW RECORD HIGHS is likely unless new events such ARE taking place inside a SAUDI in total disarray and in nation civil war of various factions, unfolds along with the China crash taking place which picks up speed in the final quarter effecting markets. The EU market is 20% down from its high largely a factor of:

1. RISING INTEREST from the central banks of the world led by the FED.

2. Soaring DOLLAR values as the world reserve currency in which everything must be paid in the end – rising cost and impacting global profit making moving forward.

3. Trade WAR – uncertainty to all markets impacted by the global trade war until a NEW MODEL is set which is occurring but slowly against an election to which those negotiating with TRUMP’s teams seek to appreciate if TRUMP post election is weakened, strengthened or neutral in effect as another possible outcome. No one knows. No one can predict.

The security of level playing economic fields that would drive equity values higher without the volatility extremes picking up in October, is not secure and the absence of box top rules in the 1 2 & 3 above – create the foundation for AI driven volatility.

The AI trading model globally in control of markets, for the first time in human history, provides a new model where AI makes profits maximally inside large volatility. Year end profits are likely to be significant for the collective electronically traded funds, with few exceptions, where the superior AI wins and the inferior AI loses and we will know that next year.

Stability is now scarified from 1 2 & 3 factors coupled to Jamie Diamonds prediction GLOBAL STUFF is now also factor number 4.

4. Global unforeseen’s – SAUDI unforeseen on Oct 2nd – China record decline in GNP unforeseen Oct 1 – and as Jamie says UNFORESEEN – GLOBAL STUFF to many to name – he said there just is so much STUFF out there we can not predict into RISK.


Today news is paced accelerated. Bombs to the Clintons and the Obama’s ( terrible ) . Record earnings at Microsoft. Housing drops to two year low from Fed interest raising too fast killing off a back bone core industry with ripple effects now streaming through economics slowing in fact. George Soros billionaire has an explosive device in his mail box exploded near his home by bomb squads. The Puppy King got a little break today but not much from Turkey’s sound bite. STUFF the Jamie Diamond STUFF is going on OUT THERE. SO?

We will keep you posted to the best we know how, on the truth of it all out there so you can make sense. Our one truth, ahead of all others, is that ENTREPRENEURS – WILL BOOM IN THE SUPER CYCLE INTO AND PERHAPS THROUGH 2019.

As CEO SPACE is the largest Entrepreneur institution globally we suggest our Entrepreneur Professionals in practice are encouraged to RISK WINNING inside the SUPER CYCLE of global growth and economics of their adult lifetime.


Berny Dohrmann – Presenting data and optimistic for entrepreneurs $$$

PS: Today the DOW wiped out the entire gain territory for its record profits for 2018. My readers who acted on what our blog has told you concerning this – precisely – have zero pain and kept all their profits. Those who read and did NOTHING…..we told you……..and told you…..and we told you why with hard hard data…..keep reading