CIA HEAD hears FULL audio tapes with ENDGAME’s team in Turkey and MBS knows not to ask for whom this bell tolls – for iMPULSIVE SOCIOPATH this bell tolls for thy arrogance. Everyone was YOURS and your top number ONE is who everyone reported to. To say YOU were not ordering it and in charge is well – Hitler like. One Hitler in 1000 years is more than enough. Too much really.

So damaged brain see CIA and Trump for NEWS UPDATES.

Note to TRUMP: DUMP 25% of STRATEGIC RESERVES or more after your CIA Briefing drop oil prices to 50.00 a barrel – stating thats your new target and hey you KEEP CONGRESS and you tell the PUPPY KING – we’ll deal with the FAUD family when you’re gone. Sonny.


Petro Institutions and OPEC nations shorting Tesla stock to do them in – Saudi saying we’ll take you private than IMPULSIVE PUPPY KING pulls out because there is a RUN ON HIS NATION and oil is CRASHING IN VALUE.

So automakers world wide and Petro short TESLA massively side betting on its collapse.

MUSK AS WE PREDICTED delivered record card sales 5300 a week, with 1,000,000 car demand backing up- creating record earnings, beating all analyst predictions ( just as we said when we suggested you ask your investment adviser to BUY TESLA in the DIP and our opinion as why in the data ) and TESLA jump up to almost a billion, thats right over 700 million in cash reserves and will NOT as MUSK TOLD YOU AND TOLD You need more cash this year as all those betting against Telsa said he would.

Today is SWEET DAYS for Tesla SHAREHOLDERS with many more sweet days to come. Tesla and Musk just lost billions for SHORT SELLERS who have their hand on the red hot burner on the wrong side of the BET.

Tesla shares rose 12% in a 600 point DOWN MARKET. Tesla shares will soar upward by a 20% leap before the Election and even more beyond the election to new record highs by year end. Those selling SHORT had better have some serious cash to cover their margin calls.

The Little cute kitty that made all that money in the BIG SHORT – we call him EYE HORN because he forgot where his high got the horn in 2007 in the first place – but – without paying attention to our BLOG it has been a WIPE OUT week for EYE HORN and SHORT TRIBE side betting in the casino.

SHORT AWAY folks….shortly you’ll be at the Goodwill to get your clothes while Musk is driving a high end current model Tesla that requires no pump no station no gasoline and no pollution as hour Short sellers bet on toxic old models not seeing OIL DEMAND IS FALLING OF THE LONGEST CLIFF EVER and the blood bath to come I oil prices to 45 dollar range will be every nation for themselves. To get market share for the rare period where we still use any oil for power or transportation as 100% of that is moving to HYDROGEN and I’m ramping one of those Hydrogen leading firms up right NOW – get in touch if you want n on the big one – and oil is simply too toxic – too expensive – and just a temporary fuel we once used in the 1800’s and for a time after. A blip in history really. OIL as we have known it is a passing’s fuel source.

MUSK HAS CHANGED the landscape. More to come there.

Oil – folks shorting OIL with the serious downward spiral is a money bet to off.set your huge loses in shorting Tesla. Explore it all with your licensed folks if your playing in the casino capitalism which I so hope you are NOT.


The CIA tape review in Turkey has MBS head cut off – who did it – KING MBS did it person and up close as he is as khashoggie well defined KING MBS – as too impulsive to rule – blocking Quata and his Yeomen and bring to over-through Syria and war with Iran each failed as his oil policy. The income the Kingdom is crashing and the world is voting MBS guilty with their wallets until billions are RUNNNG out Saudi and side bet short on everything else. Economically MBS is now TOAST. Plus Trump will DUMP those oil reserves as a slap. Big slap.

Berny Dohrmann

Off to Speak in the North East today