In an ELECTION year the opposing party the Democrats where in some contests they have 5 to 1 dollars to spend against Republicans, tug of war in markets. The Democrats would welcome President Trumps key issues – the ECONOMIC SUPER CYCLE of our adult life times, to appear cracking apart. This is pretty easy days before the election. Democrates coordinate A list profit taking at the all time peak on index’s sinking markets before the election. Republicans seek to keep their President looking FINE by buying stock at the all time high, which is not as easy to get them to do, and they lack the lake of money the Democrat wealth holders collectively can marshal in 2018. So that CONTEST is also working on the market volatility in the Fall of 2018.

Next COMES AI controlling 90% of market velocity. AI has no party affiliation. AI is rising intelligent software gathering and trading every asset class 50 to 1 on side bets to which forward pricing “might” go – in effect without any regulatory oversight given the 400 Trillion dollars circulating under AI control – MANIPULATE PRICES in all asset classes.

In only five years humanity has lost control of leveraged markets as the world market is a now a giant global CASINO CAPITALISM. The Players are increasingly SMART AI within AI WARS of ever consolidating SUPER MONEY POOLS trading. There were in the 1980’s almost 2 million of such diversifying super money pools. Today there are less than 10,000 with 75% of those trading represented by less than 100 SUPER MONEY POOLS with individual accounts like Larry Finks Blackrock of over 5 trillion with AI on top of the nano second high velocity high volume trade positions no human could put perspective to until AFTER the trade.

MARKET PRICE is set today not by a foundation of small investors or base. Think of the market today as an UPSIDE DOWN PYRAMID. The majority of leveraged ( borrowed in margin trading on every asset class maximally ) is AI managed. The individual investor like “me” managing their own money ( like me ) is the point of the Pyramid. Less than 15% of THE MARKET and shrinking rapidly to only 5%. The majority of all trading resource is now AI in electronic trading with increasing manipulations ( the Super Money pools call risk moderating structured assets ) which Warren Buffet and this blog labeled GLOBAL WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.

Todays market is NOT YOUR FATHERS MARKET SPACE. The transition to all AI trading with AI wars where one SUPER MONEY POOLS AI spiral into ever smarter modeling, makes the maximum gain in the shortest time frames of measurement. AI diversification is beyond human diversification parameters and the NEW AI criteria is like a Google or Face Book algorithm – always evolving and utterly a moving target every single quarter – always refreshing its very own intelligence with unlimited billions being invested in the new SMARTS of AI inside the SUPER MONEY POOLS now controlling the very fortunes of nations within unbridled ( and unwanted ) consolidation of wealth circulations all outside any regulatory frame work due to the degree of the consolidation shift to core speculations. As the vast majority of trading is not buying a stock bond of investing in economics, but rather AI market price manipulation either through sucking capital out of economic real investing through instant profit taking by side betting 1000 to 1 in leveraged market casino price manipulations as to which way any asset class price may go within bands and ranges of pricing AI itself sets by the bets. Or i stock buy back manipulations of the small part that is economic investing, where price is again manipulated by in just the United States two trillion of pure casino betting to manipulate stock prices, once a felony but now legal by an act of Congress ( who has no economic wisdom ) – one trillion on stock buy backs in 2017 and over one trillion in the USA alone in 2018. Trillios that is not creating plants, jobs, growth, or asset based economic investing outside the new CASINO CAPITALISM GREED MACHINE. History has taught us this speculation ebola fever does not end well. But stopping the plague of Casino Capitalism requires a G 100 RE-THINK the largest RE-FRAME Of REGULATORY BOX TOP RULES due to the digital AI age of market maturity, with outlines on the new RULE BIBLE expressed for LAW MAKERS in the book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. For those who wish to fix it all.


In the new fully global CASINO CAPITALISM AI will punish a firm for making 95% or even 99% of its anticipated earnings growth. 3M an Caterpillar came close to analyst side bets on what they should have made. When such earnings are not fully realized the short sellers on the right side of the SIDE BET in the CASINO WIN and those stock decline in value typically 5% or more all instantly as NEW to AI CASINO SIDE BETTING. If earnings met the SIDE BET the stock may go up by an equal measure as side bets that are LONG in that stock then win. The volume response is terrific outside all human hands 90% AI FLASH TRADING  to only 10% human in the Casino. Humans are a bit slower or in AI world terminally slower.

…again there is zero regulatory oversight to these trades as oversight laws apply to old paper trading capitalism long dead and buried and only to the blue sky of that nation….where all AI Casino Capitalism trading takes place at speeds and volumes regulatory agencies lack AI to keep up or manage in any form…all trading not under the blue sky of 200 nations but inside the world wide CLOUD which is not regulated until a REGULATOR RE-THINK takes place….one we have been screaming about for five years to world leadership and law makers – CRAMMER and the PRESS have yet to mature to super focus on this the only issue – CASINO CAPITALISM Is insane and leads to leveraged system destruction or sanity returns with a NEW REGULATORY OVERSIGHT which requires for the first time a REGULATORY GLOBAL UNION BETWEEN THE G 100 WITHIN A NO NATION LEFT BEHIND PROTOCOL….and TIME “IS” RUNNING OUT INSIDE THE CASINO….

AI pounded the markets today. Earnings have been bloody awful as we in the UK say, since mid September. We looked at everything today seeing the FEAR INDEX only left BONDS as safe haven for flight ( profit taking at peak value levels now sinking across all boards ). We did not measure the ULTIMATE CASINO BET the non leveraged ETF funds that BET AGAINST THE MARKET ANYWAY the ultimate “casino” side betting.


Like I have told you and told you AI creates in casino capitalism a market so counter intuitive to your fathers market space. Caterpillar lost 8% and falling in the first MINUTES of trading on Tuesday at the opening.

1. Adjusted earnings –  was 2.86 cents in fact – above the $ 2.85 cents expected.

2. Revenues where up 13.51 BILLION and topped survey expectations at Refinity at 13.29 BILLION by a LOT. Revenue is 18% higher year to year typically a stock price driver but NOT in the CASINO.

3. All this earnings GAINS with a work force increase of 8,200 from just the end of the third quarter actually in 2017 – and it now employs over 123,000 globally.

4. The Adjusted earnings per share was $ 2.86 per share – up from the $ 2.85 expected. The result is 46% Higher than one YEAR AGO.

5. Jim Umpledy MY HERO and CEO reported proudly reported to shareholders that: THIS WAS THE BEST THIRD QUARTER PROFIT PER SHARE IN OUR ENTIRE COMPANIES HISTORY.

For the first time casino markets – so different than our fathers markets – punished the CAT by taking massive profits making untold profit on the short selling only to massively profit again as AI buys back in the TIP making enormous wealth all the way down and all the way back in a MANIPULATED ARBITRAGE which in only 1999 was felony but now the regulatory frame work hand cuff’s those at the top of the Regulatory enforcement to sit by and watch the criminal casino manipulations.


AI is betting the price escalations the CAT will have to make in the future without a China Trade Deal and the Chinese move to NOT BUY AMERICAN is going to hurt the CAT. They FACTOR IN to protect themselves from future loss in wisdom AI programers create every month NEW – BOX TOP RULES FOR. The AI wants to WIN in the CASINO knowing other AI is betting on the table as well….the new rules of CASINO CAPITALISM are not static and are evolving as fast as AI and programers can secure an actual awake new self aware species coming to your global market sooner than you think. So consider all this as I suggested you sell out of everything period and re-invest in diversified insurance money management after due diligence with licensed insurance and security expertise to guide you to a safe harbor in the coming AI Financial HURRICANES. You can’t beat them and you can not diversify yourself adequately in the casino – let the more conservative money mangers who pay out the highest returns permitted by law with your assets full diversified across annuity high return index and savings permanent insurance product lines – as they fully paid their clients in 1930 when the banks were CLOSED DOWN ENTIRELY the only source of wealth that worked then – and we suggest tomorrow. Wait and delay and the cost you pay will make YESTERDAY already too late. There there I told you what to explore if you asked for my opinion which you did not. I don’t provide investment advice only licensed professionals can do that plus I’m way way too old children just let me light up the darkness and suggest the way forward to explore yourself for peace of mind and safe haven investing. GET OUT OF THE CASINO until after a new REGULATORY FRAME WORK rises into sanity once again.

The financial press all report today that the CAT EARNINGS DISAPPOINT MARKET CRASHES. Personally given such reports are a pure fraud on the CASINO, I have a suggestion. If I had the ear of the Chairperson of the SEC I would love to see a directive, bam, before close of business today, that 100 investigations to financial press were issued to look into FRAUD IN FINANCIAL REPORTING based on the numbers you see here. Manipulation of markets through bought and paid for CASINO STAKE HOLDERS AND PRESS has now reached a point where an EXAMPLE from the SEC and we hope CRAMMER might unfold – a voice spitting into the casino winds.


I have tried to report the LIES in SEQUENCE from the HITLER sociopathic PUPPY KING the 33 year MORE BULL SHIT than any ruler since Adolf Hitler – just sure in his arrogant narcassim that the world will buy it all. Kushner and all the President’s men are trying to beg ENGAME TO NOT RELEASE THE EVIDENCE against the Kingdom. ENGAME WANTS to be on the right side of the FORCE when the dust settles. Still The Puppy KING tried to KILL Endgame – his wife his children and planned out the COUP in Turkey which ENDGAME now knows…and PUPPY KING TRIED TO BLAME IT ALL upon the United States keeping the USA all distracted while the PUPPY KING was supported by the White House in locking up all our allies for years, the ROYALS and the FAUD’s – to rip them off without any due process for 100 billion dollars – or kill them all and their families. Good Puppy nice doggie……

I surrender. if you read the HARD DATA I have reported here in memory of Washington Post Journalist SLAUGHTERED on Oct 2nd  – in in integrity I report today Oct 23rd I can not longer KEEP UP On the MORE BULL SHIT KING OF MORE BULL SHIT KING MBS – LIES. The entire Kingdom has zero credibility anywhere to anyone. OPEC is shattered by KING MBS forever. It is every nation for itself. Saudi is in full on CIVIL WAR and as the people wake UP they will come to SEE – truly – do they want a KING or a SYSTEM to represent them with freedom and checks and balances to the PEOPLE as they get to chose next. Does the military wish to work under a EVIL EMPIRE or does it wish to reflect its own higher integrity and COUP – CASTLE THE KING as the CHESS BOARD RULES ALLOW FOR – CHECK MATE?

I CAN NOT KEEP UP ON DATA REPORTING THE LIE AFTER LIE FROM THIS SO CALLED KING DOOMED. So their economic conference and summit for forward investment in Saudi started today but the 50 main players from nations everywhere including OPEC did not show up. On the morning the failed conference, watching 100 BILLION flow OUR OF SAUDI and a solid TRILLION of investment be placed on permanent hold globally – the cost of one 33 year old PUPPY to the people of Saudi is more than war any threat any act has ever done in Saudi all the while oil PRICE IS CRASHING WORLD WIDE not to recover in the PUPPY KINGS lifetime – which will be quite short. Eye for an Eye you see is the Arabian mantra for 5000 years.

SO destroyed disgraced liar MBS’s team suggest hey we arrested fifteen ( we don’t know whom ) and this all was an accident when we tried to simply commit a felony and KIDNAP Washington Post Journalist ( for speaking out on atrocities of the PUPPY KING the arrests torture and all due process the same as SS STORM TROOPERS AND ADOLF HITLER zero DIFFERENCE ) he was slaughtered. By the sociopath that the Washington POST ARTICLES SPOKE OF – read KHASHOGGI’S LAST ARTICLE released today on the POST – speaking for freedom of speech for his people – butchered for asking for it.


If Turkey releases the tapes they must admit they bugged the Embassy. Politically they wish to hold the FULL HOUSE in HOUSE. This is the ultimate Arab to Arab blackmail for the agenda list including unlimited make amends investing in Turkey moving forward. ENDGAME is holding all the cards and Saudi Faud’s well know that. He wants TURKEY to land on the right side of the CIVIL WAR DUST STORM ( smart really ). So he holds back.

Today as the SAUDI ( no one showed up investment conference showed up and a run out of the nation and region is taking place AI unstoppable – you think AI punished the big CAT think again how AI is running capital out of the GULF today shorting OIL and more just imagine that Crammer ).

ENDGAME perfectly times the head lines to the NO ONE SHOWED UP INVESTMENT CONFERENCE IN SAUDI but ass lickers and even they left their wallets and their credit cards at home and everyone in Super Money POOL Space knows it – they all wish to land on the right side of the DUST STORM working behind the scenes with FAUD’s on who is going to replace the KING ( really and truly ). There is no investment discussion. There is only “who will replace the King” – killed by his son the Puppy King he abborgated his power to and – where one and one make two to tango – they are responsible for their own assassin teams in Turkey they and no one else the RING STOPS AT THE KING


So Endgame having FUN today, having survived the MBS attempt to murder as a sociopath Endgame’s children – his wife – and himself and all his leadership – which failed miserably because hey Puppy King was only 30 and lacked a little maturity for the A game. Endgame has a long long memory as do his peeps who were almost slaughtered which IS the MBS/HITLER  sociopathic pathology since age 28. The WORLD has MBS dial up number today.

Endage today reports:

1. Hey PUPPY KING – MORE BULL SHIT – there are 18 not 15 you arrested assassins and we have them all on film – each and everyone name identified as your secret inside assassins, and we want to know who you arrested – if even one was one of the actual 18 who did your crime against humanity Oct 2nd. Just as your NO ONE SHOWED UP CONFERENCE opens to celebrate globally your shame as you self destruct next.

2. HEY PUPPY KING – the death of Khashoggi was executed by premediated planing that required rehearsal and approvals from you PUPPY KING and you MBS ALONE no one else – to green light three teams on three planes arriving and then sneaking into the embassy but only after casing routes, ( we have all that on film we followed all from airport to departure ) – the team went out to the woods for body placement – and we want to know where YOU PUPPY KING buried the BODY.

3. PUPPY KING the coordinated 18 person well rehearsed assassin team reporting only to YOU MBS – was PREMEDITATED MURDER.

4. HEY PUPPY KING You don’t bring a BONE SAW to a kidnapping – LIAR. We have it on tape.

5. You told a lie on Monday and you beheaded Khashoggi who did not die in a choke hold as you told we can’t count them lies – we have your lies on film and audio – we have all the evidence – Puppy KING you sent a hit team in with BONE SAWS to your embassy. Liar.

Since Oct 2nd one story has lead the news – THE CIVIL WAR IN SAUDI – THE END OF OPEC – THE DESTRUCTION OF THE KINGDOM – this will not end well. One thing even Kings can’t do in a twitter world is LIE TO THEIR OWN PEOPLE. Eventually locking up ever voice against any leader is a CRIME AGAINST ALL OF US Today. There is no GOD KING. There only men and woman who wake like we all do dress like we all do shit and pee like we all do and there is not a crises in leadership anywhere there is only a CRISES OF INTEGRITY. Today breaching core integrity will NOT STAND in leadership for long. Why? The PEOPLE are too informed by digital highways rulers can no longer REGULATE so that community brain washing of only what HITLER wishes the population to hear and see is BRAIN WASHING POPULATIONS. Today populations insulted by such attempts and seeing the RULER SELF DESTRUCTION OF THEIR OWN INTEGRITY insist on a leadership that has INTEGRITY….the FAUD family is only insisting on that moving forward I suspect knowing them so well. HONOR the TRADITIONS OF YOUR PEOPLE.

To the SAUDI Military – GET IT OVER WITH QUICKLY – because the trillions being lost is simply too great to pay…yesterday is already to late for the NEW INTEGRITY KING to arrive. Preserve the TRADITIONS OF YOUR PEOPLE use a knife not a rock. Civil wars do not have to be messy at all…stop the liars and the lying.

The New King can simply apologize and state a sociopath has been removed and we are storing integrity to our Kingdom with special Apologies to Turkey and her people for the crimes the breach of integrity in our temporary ruler created. The first trip that very week should be to TURKEY with a public re-statement of the strong ties this process of restoring integrity has brought to the people of the world and to Saudi and its people.

The civil war in Saudi may unfold with more time as those in power do not see the full cost today starting with their total absolute loss of authority to lead in the world. Despite What Putin or Trump or XI may tell you chaps, they read this blog and they know the truth and they will wait for the dust to settle as it always does in time in the Sand Castle.

MBS is not a ruler as a Hitler SOCIOPATHIC BAD BRAIN…..MBS Is as they say in America and in fact….as Saudi History always defines….MBS is a walking dead man.