The Lies Are Never Ending:

  1. The Puppy King years ago in his 20’s, went to full on attack the American Oil Shale Industry lying – stating OPEC WILL DESTROY YOUR INDUSTRY. In 2014 the rare non renewable ( lies all as the world IS in fact in 2019 simply  drowning in oil – as demand falls off a cliff in a wealth shift not seen since the 1800’s  ). The Puppy King in only one year created the largest oil GLUT in history ( as oil is not scarce and high price is a manipulation of the elite 1% owning more wealth than 99% – with five mile tankers off shore as no where could oil be stored on land world wide. OIL SHOULD BE 50 dollars which is more than enough. Everything else is market criminal manipulation killing 200 developing nations from prosperity they deserve.  This insane oil policy set forth by the PUPPY KING in his 20’s  –  put the Kingdom and Opec in MASSIVE DEBT as oil was  sinking to 39.00 dollars a barrel bankrupting OPEC if it stayed there. American Shale improved technology and made profits at 39.00 dollars a barrel and the PUPPY KING OIL Policy failed miserably in 18 months and had to reverse. The PUPPY KING BET OPEC LOST TRILLIONS IN WEALTH AND MARKET SHARE FOREVER AND AMERICA WON THE OIL WARS pure and simple economics. Today America has risen to become the # 1 OIL PRODUCER IN THE WORLD from around # 14 in only 2014. Passing SAUDI In 2017 and passing RUSSIA in 2018 and creating a DOLLAR VALUE That will soar and soar for years underwritten by UNLIMITED OIL RESERVES far larger than OPEC and discovering ever more yearly.The Puppy King gave OPEC its largest loss in history of trillions a debt the God King will still have to one day pay to those who are not amused and who hold long long memories.
  2. The Puppy King lied about crushing antique WOMAN suppression laws centuries old and while letting them drive a car this year ( finally )  locks up woman for dress speech and minor infractions of Whabi codes. The Puppy King loves his falcon more than his woman his camel is more important to the King than a woman in society, and who believes he is a GOD in his tiny nation of sand. Without oil what is Saudi? I mean really?
  3. The Puppy King policy lies about his people’s wealth sharing  as another   lie – he  has removed subsidies to the population oil subsidies and more as the Kingdom sinks into a pile of Debt while the elites own more wealth than 99% in an economic Kingdom that is not of the people for the people or by the people rather it is a estate for the Puppy King of the Puppy King and By the most autocratic Ruler since Adolf Hitler.
  4. The Puppy King lies about IRAN attempting to tar and feather Iran as the center of Terror in the Gulf. In fact Iran leads in the fight against Terror and without IRAN the fight against ISIS would not have been won. Saudi financed terror from the beginning did not die by our side like iran has for years in both Syria and Iraq for freedom of their peoples – while Saudi stood on side lines and pumped money into those who would kill Americans, and in fact Saudi financed planned and executed 9/11 – Bin Laden – is Saudi – and financial backing to win a proxy war between SAUDI and Iran is the plan and execution of the LIAR GOD KING. Iran is not entertained but has been patient as we all learn the TRUTH. Iran wants peace not war and the Puppy King is on record wishing WAR with IRAN and wants AMERICA in that war for its own financial political profit.  Saudi has more locked up than Iran by 100,000 and far more human rights violations than any nation in the Gulf and perhaps the WORLD on scale of atrocities now embolden into Turkey – you never see such actions from IRAN not ever. Saudi tars and feathers Iran and its all a LIE in the GULF the world and especially in PR branding to IRAN. LIES.
  5. The Liar KING is a fraud on oil pricing moving into a sea of soaring  debts the nation never knew before the PUPPY KING ( at the people keeping score )  from his failure to CRUSH AMERICA OIL PRODUCTION  in utter failed OPEC POLICY – now to his horror the # 1 producer ahead of Russia and rising and rising with no end in sight ever  – as the LIAR has OIL at over 80 dollars a barrel but America sells its oil for much less. 80 dollar oil is a crime against humanity and a fraud to markets. OPEC IS COMING APART FROM THE TURKEY FINAL FAILURE OF MBS – MORE BULL SHIT – NOW EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT MBS STANDS FOR IN FACT.  A SUPER CRASH OF OIL is economic and unavoidable due to the massive global GLUT as demand goes down for a new industrial revolution to AI DIGITAL ENERGY which no longer includes OIL at all – too earth toxic from plastic to fuel burning as the source of CLIMATE CHANGE the FEW AGAINST 7 billion is the OPEC LIARS. Everything they say about oil stats is a lie including their own reserve lies. 200 year old wells are FULL as the earth FARTS AND SHITS OIL which is renewable as the earth is an OIL and GAS never ending factory. Gasoline should be 55 cents at the pump where NO NATION IS LEFT BEHIND versus 1.5 billion starving to death this year because the PUPPY KING FRAUD on oil price damns developing nations to food and shelter insecurity for billions while the PUPPY KING resides in his palace slaughtering Washington Post Journalist. Every word out of his 33 year old mouth is a pure lie because he believes he is A GOD KING versus a sociopathic  Hitler brain with powers.
  6. Over the last Ten days a 15 man hit team under the PUPPY KINGS orders, flew into to Turkey – tortured  Koshaggi to get names inside the Royals as sources – a Washington Post journalist critical and reporting the truth of the horrors of this sociopathic insane ruler as a damaged sociopathic brain in power – damaged goods – then the hit team murdered the tortured journalist –  cut off his head after the hours and hours of  insane tortures – all on video and audio tape soon to be released along with the cut up body – and the15 person team left that same day – all evidence and on film and as to who is who on the sociopathic hit team from MORE BULL SHIT. The Turkish Ruler knows now that SAUDI AND THE PUPPY KING planned and engineered the COUP seeking to slaughter the President of Turkey his wife and his children. Turkey has NO MERCY NOW and Saudi will be required to sacrifice the EVIL and put in a GOOD RULER to replace the sociopath. That is the BIG STORY you heard first here which will sweep global press soon enough when it comes out- fireworks on economics as trillions run out OF SAUDI. A wealth shift such as in this time frame the world has yet to witness.
  7. The Puppy King reported to global press the sociopathic lie – that he and the King his father watching State TV in the Palace never reporting on Turkey to that sound MBS bie –  ( at that time last week ) – KNEW NOTHING OF THE MURDERnone of the Palace knew anything. In 72 hours Saudi State TV saturated the Turkey horror Saudi story in nation and the real King saw for the FIRST TIME the lies and what his son had done. Then the family circled into COVER UP and the lies continue as the KING well knew his own life was NOW IN DANGER. ( Read my blog TROUBLE IN THE SAND CASTLE to see the full political theater going on today ). The TRUTH in fact.
  8. Turkey is bank balancing a historic  pay back for the failed COUP Saudi PUPPY  financed and then  tried in lies where the PUPPY KING MBS actually framed and  blamed America to keep Turkey totally being the fool – which did not last long. Trump ought to land on the NSA reports on all this with a firm Trump foot as betrayal is not an item America takes in lightly. Set UP lies frauds and total betrayal. The Puppy King lied and lied he knew NOTHING but this weekend the Real King reports ( in the cover up where now Daddy is forced to lie and in the end his Kingdom will FALL on this lie – trust me ) that: hey my sons lie that Kossohaggi went into the Embassy and walked out minutes or an hour later ( the PUPPY KING LIFE OR DEATH LIE ) – was a LIE and now the NEW LIE from both GOD KINGS is – hey we had it all wrong the guy came in and got in a fist fight so we killed him – sorry about all the fuss .
  9. Puppy GOD KING then has bots flood social until in one day TWITTER BANNED THE BOTS we assume Facebook will report soon they banned the bots – reporting everyone believes and trusts MBS – which is his name in fact MORE BULL SHIT.
  10. The next MBS  lie is then  saying FRIDAY that  Turkey does not have video and audio surely they did not spy on the Saudi Embassy. However ENDGAME who almost had his family slaughtered by the SAUDI PUPPY KING has NO MERCY for destroying his attacker and assuring the Saudi PEOPLE learn the truth of their Hitler sociopathic KING. The GOD KING will see “ALL”  the evidence released including evidence on the COUP. Further the GOD KING is having OPEC nations ( today ) based on more MBS  lies – put into the press this weekend  that – factions in those nations SUPPORT THE SLAUGHTER OF KOSSHAGOGGI today in the news nation after nation – those supporting THIS CRIME AGAINST ALL PEOPLES OF THE EARTH including 80 dollar OIL will live to be sorry for their press sound bites today.

If you read 1 to 10 you see the END of the PUPPY KING and we believe now in the cover up his elder FATHER a far better man than his son, but in sending our pure FRAUD the press of the world and the leadership of the world economically will not STOP until the SAUDI PEOPLE have a new honrorable leadership they deserve. Abuse of power can no longer stand a global free press and slaugher truth never results in victory for the MORE BULL SHITTERS.

THE LIES FALL TO THE TRUTH and this blog reports the truth on the largest wealth shift in history.

Today China is moving oil from Saudi to Russia and Iran.

Nations are shifting investment in Saudi now on hold by a trillion dollars and that sum is rising. Saudi has no clue in its present Kingdom of the cost. Saudi economics awash in rising debts can – is fatal in its financial out come because the PUPPY KING has cost the nation untold wealth in failed policies and now a RUN OUT OF THE NATION OF CAPITAL. If short sellers attack from OIL to investments in Saudi monday the markets will speak louder than the lies and the press to the truth we report here first on it all. In the end it becomes economic as Turkey returns the FAVOR for the failed coup attempt in their nation from the source of all Gulf Terror SAUDI failed Kingdon and not IRAN.

SAUDI is NOW  a failed KINGDOM and the replacements are going to occur as you shall see from my forty plus years of being a student of the nation’s wise leaders and my time in the sand box personally. Ask Chuck Vollmer IN DC –  CEO SPACE FACULTY – and DOD adviser as my own teacher in this reality if your in the  White House and want real expertise. At a Booze Allan General Dynamic and Lockheed Board level resume and my mentor as we share truth versus lies.

So economically the punishment for the BRUTAL CRIME AGAINST ALL OF US in the slaughter of a Washington Post from Washington DC Journalist is now  a blood bath for Saudi economics. This Tsunami  starts Monday AS AI protects itself on investment.

If President Trump acts and releases  USA reserve stock piled oil NOW  oil we no longer need at the levels we hold today as the # 1 Oil PRODUCER with ouput soaring and soaring into the largest  new OIL glut of all time for oil -the price would drop to 50 dollars by December. Saudi has no way out economically unless they put in a KING of truth and HONOR versus lies a King of HONOR for the PEOPLE who have honor and who are  wonderful. Shamed by the PUPPY KING.

The authority to rule is shattered to the entire world who will move to buy oil from outside SAUDI in a shift the world has never seen starting MONDAY trust me on the economics. Lower priced better oil is everywhere else.

THE WEALTH SHIFT taking place because TURKEY played its full house to Saudi as pay back.

This political theater has taken over from the America Election itself and all world news.


Read TROUBLE IN THE SAND BOX for the inside the Palace Story. As the Kingdom of shame now reorganizes its secret police internally to circle wagons around the COVER UP LIE.


SHAME ON YOU…just SHAME ON YOU ! Readers make sure SAUDI people read this truth ….

Berny Dohrmann – Speaking on behalf of the Saudi people who may actually see the truth

PS: To the world Press and People of the World all 7 Billion of us paying a criminal OPEC high  tax on energy the cost of everything because of the GREED of this PUPPY KING – I say that you have got this – and job well done to the global  press as you assure the story dies when the KINGDOM of HONOR is restored in Saudi. It is one of your own and you are next if you don’t fire the fire to the final completion of this political theater. The Puppy King might study Richard Nixon and …Resign for his PEOPLE.  MBS has hurt 70 years of prestige and rule for the SAUDI PEOPLE – this weekend the NEW YORK TIMES Lead story defined WHY MBS HAD TO GO AS KING….period.