CHINA HEADWINDS – The China Markets continue to crash from the RUN of trillions OUT of China in 2018. The China markets are down a trillion dollars of wealth over 25% lopped off the entire market cap value. Today the market plunged in crises as the run continues. Making a DEAL is the one and the only way forward for China economics or a SUPER CRASH and China GREAT DEPRESSION with massive debt defaulting already starting will ensue. Do the central planners even see it coming? There IS urgency to make the deal – if they did it by the election helping TRUMP the political pay day will extend for decades. As an idea file. If not the deal will be more to Trumps side for sure and take China to the brink they stand upon at Holiday 2018.



The Fed locked in its independance – as a stand alone private corporation Congress – laws – the Administration can’t touch or do anything with – even when they bring AMERICA to the FINANCIAL CLIFF – may come to an end. Why?


Trump understands the 80 page SHAM AND FRAUD law the Fed was build upon. In our BLOG if you scroll DEAD FED’S DO NOT LIE – perhaps our most bookmarked and clicked blog vialling the entire world – with video proofs that can’t be denied – voters are finally waking up. What the FED tells you is a LIE. Once you KNOW that as Trump does and Congress is discovering the notion of keeping all the Fed’s men and all the Fed’s horses as Trump puts the Nation back together again – by MERGING THE FED with an emergency 80 page mirror act to their formation – back into US TREASURY. Then oversight, audits, real time transparency, no more secrets conflicts of interest self enrichment and policies that follow one rule set – FED policies are made BY THE BANKS OF THE BANKS AND FOR THE BANKS PURE PROFITS as a pure conflict of interest to the nation itself. Want insanity, here is insanity in an 80 page act of the fed rule book ( the video repeats below for your self education on the truth of the Fed Fraud ): 7 minute over view 3 mins two minutes

As you get the TRUTH ask yourself if an 80 page merge the FED back into real oversight to the US TREASURY as a FIRST POLICY TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN for all parties – a reason to vote your wallet and make CONGRESS WORK for YEARS versus GRID LOCK is:

  1. America is in the BLACK if we cease paying interest to print money – to fraudsters Feds
  2. American has audits and accountability to fiscal policy now we have none
  3. America has zero conflict of interest – bankers regulating in secret themselves
  4. American has no conflict to pay interest to bankers on every dollar you hold
  5. American can pay the FED OFF with SUPER BONDS 100 YEAR BONDS and be in the black with oceans of new money for infrastructure saving tax payers from the FED crimes

You vote your wallet or vote in ignorance and keep the LIARS in power. You viral this or you do not. But now you know – DEAD FEDS DO NOT LIKE and they alone as Fed’s don’t lie. if they live they lie wear new glasses to see through the con job. The Fed is a con like a movie.



I have the New IPHONE MAX GOLD 156 Memory and it is the BEST IPHONE well its the best phone ever. The battery life – I’ll die before it is empty. The speed is like a next generation. The ease of use makes everything else a sherman tank where you reboot your phone and lose so much data versus a ballet dancer where you never do. Its more fun. The screen is to rich for words. The play speed and all speeds to fast for words. The getting multi task done it is a lap top in your hand like my old buddy Steve told us would occur. Also Downloaded new MAC Mojave IOS and its the best upgrade in recent years. Puts Apple ahead of windows by a decade. If your not using Apple your productivity is lower and your fun factor is lower and your not in TOMORROW LAND. Trading UP to Apple is simply a decision for leaders …where YESTERDAY IS ALREADY TOO LATE.



Congress passed a tax credit which is huge for electric cars. Now staying in oil is no longer a financial option. You might wish to buy a Tesla by year end for the math and economics using the tax credits check with your CPA. Today.

Brain Science – discovered that the brain has up to 11 dimensions in processing CPU power with almost 100 BILLION neuron connections creating consciousness where the Brain is a QUANTUM COMPUTER with unlimited depth of realities to explore. When Christ suggested to miracles…all this and more can yea do…you can move mountains…well if reality is a hologram you sure can….and soon we will.

Musk is buying 20 million of his own stock in the DIP and those who delay fail to fry short sellings speculating with all auto makers left in the dust by TESLA doing the only thing they can – SHORTING THE STOCK – but as global buyers GLUT INTO THE DIP BUY they will make untold fortunes and the Short Gamblers will lose on the table – very likely with the new tax credits – wrong bet short sellers wrong bet this week.




Saudi and its people are such historic prides to the world the home of:

  • Written Language
  • Time
  • Math and Calculius
  • The Wheel
  • The engineering that built Rome
  • The art predating everything
  • The home of civilization from Alexander the Great who could not leave
  • Long Before Muslim faith and forward to today

The TRAIN WRECK Is an individual – a bad man personally – the PUPPY KING. The solution is for the great PEOPLE to install an ACCEPTABLE LEADER to the pride of history the future and the world and retire the PUPPY KING to falcon hunts. What do you do with a bad child acting out…you finally put your foot down and say GO TO YOUR ROOM. There are Royals that are truly ROYAL and a THUG ROYAL leading a THUG GANG and now murdering a WASHINGTON POST JOURNALIST needs endless reply to the THUG IS BACK IN HIS ROOM. The King is running out of TIME to be a GREAT KING. Bezo must come out and state – oh that half a trillion dollar investment into your nation is going to JORDON where rule of law is an example and you lose – murder she wrote DOES HAVE CONSEQUENCE. The LIE of the Puppy King brings memories of HITLER being appeased until the blood bath required his own life shattering his own people into shallow graves. PUSH TOO FAR and how long would it take America to take over Venezuela ten days max – and in ten months swing oil prices where OPEC didn’t matter let alone in ten weeks take over SAUDI ITSELF. Enough is enough folks and we treasure the SAUDI PEOPLE who only know state news – because opposition news or the truth is murdered off. FOLKS THE PUPPY KING IS THE MOST AUTOCRATIC RULER SINCE ADOLF HITLER un-blanket the human rights – torture – killing – arrests – and total abuse of power which is only getting worse as the PUPPY KING as an individual not the SAUDI PEOPLE flips the finger in total disrespect to the WORLD and to the WHITE HOUSE and our Secretary of State. The SPOTLIGHT ON THE CRIMES OF THIS ONE BOY THE PUPPY KING IS GETING EVER BRIGHTER and as Senator Lindsey states – THIS TRAIN WRECK MUST GO – SAUDI YOU CAN PUT IN AN APPROPRIATE LEADER AND YOU MUST. So think on that truth.

Berny Dohrmann – Watching The Markets and Reporting the Truth