We all can see something “FUNNY” is going on out there. Earnings were beating all expectations. I know from all 70 years as in retired investment banker economist that – charts have secrets buried inside. Its a lot of work most won’t spend time to 3 am digesting globally. It is never easy for our teams and for me in final copy.

As the hit play MY FAIR LADY Suggests in the SONG…BY GEORGE I THINK SHE’S GO IT and so do I today.

The elephant in the Chart house appears to be the absolute – the market IS smarter than then the smarty pants at the Fed by say a good deal of forward common sense. So the item that has concern to AI making all these high volume trades that see’s details humans no longer in real time can appreciate ( until it is too late ) which actually works to or attempt to moderate long term downward spirals is the combination of FED INSANITY ( read the blogs on Fed insanity this last week and see the hard data ) concludes – the ELEPHANT;


The Old Model – and the New.

  1. The dollar is just soaring in value if you chart it for 24 months.
  2. The cost of everything is paid against the world reserve currency our US Dollar.
  3. The cost of American made goods is soaring with the dollar impacting exports.
  4. The interest rates to trade American goods is soaring a double cost to American biz.
  5. The dollar soaring makes liquidity in 200 developing nations fall off a cliff pinching them
  6. Their sovereign nation debt soared with ten years of free money to record all time highs
  7. Now soaring borrowing costs from the FED way to fast impacts all these national borrowers and their companies starting to show record defaults
  8. Huge players are bankrupt TOYS ARE US SEARS and others are downsizing now with 1,000,000 lay off’s this year while we sit reporting all time record high employment
  9. The Fed error in policy is soaring interest in ten months versus ten years to normalize
  10. A tipping point occurs which no one knows when and AI is taking a protective view now

Add in 11. Oil should go way down when demand is falling say in China alone and dollar price is soaring making OIL cheaper requiring less dollars to settle oil accounts globally. But the Puppy King who stole 100 Billion from his Royals in brutal no due process rule of law theft – now killing journalist to send his message to the press world wide – starving for cash due to Saudi Debts keeps oil prices CARTEL MANIPULATED HIGH over fair market pricing.

Finally China has lost a ton of its world reserve holdings and is going down down down so rapidly its a risk on in China – but it has invested a trillion to stock pile commodities that its slowing growth crashing off a cliff in 2018 – makes commodity crash likely when those stock piles have to dump in the market or China will lose untold 100’s of billions taking place now.

Now all that is Jamie Diamond a pretty smart feller ‘s – record earnings at Morgan – caution as he talked about all the GLOBAL STUFF. The Elephant in the economic global room.

Now you can see the ELEPHANT.

We still see record all high earnings by year end and value in prices reaching records into the first quarter of 2019. Why? The Holiday Global SUPER CYCLE will show results in all sectors like we have just never seen not ever. Forward of that there is some risk the tail winds may not be greater than the head winds this ELEPHANT BREADTH with Fed SLAMMING and WHACKING Stability first and all growth next for no reason but their own banker member greed.

What they tell you is wrong in error and in my opinion all lies.

So lets believe Police State Saudi PUPPY KING knew NOFING about the slaughter no one would do especially his own personal assassins fully identified by the Turkey Secret Police – a competent professional team furious that slaughter occurs inside their Embassy for Saudi as if they were on home soil showing a disrespect for nations that is on going. Congress is not going to financially continue as usual with a RULER THAT HAS TO GO period.

Saudi has to put in a new KING apparent and that race is game on. The White Elephant in the global room.

If the independent privately owned corporation named the Federal Reserve Board – that has zero reserves – and whose share holders are secret as are its real earnings – working as an ANTI AMERICAN CRIMINAL GANG OF BANKERS against the welfare of America would ever see the risk – of its own MERGER BACK INTO US TREASURY ( sigh ) it might pause its insane interest RUSH to a more economic prudent responsible ten year accomodation to normalize to the entire world.

The misery the lost lives the wars the economic wealth loss from the Fed is simply impossible to convey. The Elephant is trampling the financial village.

Can anyone stop them? Trump can’t. Congress Can’t. The Supreme Court might.

They like Saudi’s Puppy King are so insulated and so arrogant they can not see the PEOPLE rising up as they become informed to Head Shot the Elephant merging the Beast back into US Treasury stabilizing the entire world.

Why does no one interview me on all this truth?

Bought and paid for news has a problem interviewing the crushing collapse of its advertising.

Which is why sharing the news that voting this year is NOT ABOUT PARTY any longer that is all both sides pure manipulation Рbrain washing a billion dollars on one side and a billion dollars worth on the  other. The truth is on line.


IT is about CONGRESS WORKING or STOPPING. It is about insuring prosperity for all of us.

We either BACK LASH TOGETHER to make AMERICA WORK for PROSPERITY and VOTE OUR WALLETS or we grid lock congress and sink prosperity for years going forward.

The entrepreneur class led 6 to 1 in 2018 by WOMAN will all be fine – so says CEO SPACE. The salaried class being laid off by 1,000,000 in 2018 will begin to see the “not so much” in 2019 we suspect and 2020 it will be really clear – unless we have a CONGRESS THAT WORKS.

If we pass infrastructure we can be PROSPEROUS into 2030 and if not…well buckle up.

I’d say the ELEPHANT ultimately for economics – is simple – it is the mid year election in every single district. How many CAN YOU INFLUENCE TO VOTE THEIR WALLET VERSUS PARTY this year?

Do your thing then.