Regulated Cannabis use in nations. The facts:

  1. Cannabis and Hemp were legal for 100’s of years in the USA.
  2. Criminalizing DEMON WEED was a policy by drug alcohol and paper companies
  3. Trillions were locked into toxic addiction alcohol drugs and toxic paper versus hemp
  4. Today Drugs and alcohol primarily oppose legal Cannabis and they are now failing
  5. Canada today is the Second nation to fully legalize recreational use of Cannabis
  6. Washington DC is legal for legal cannabis as are more than half the USA States
  7. Toxic Alcohol and drugs create epidemic crime – fatalities and health harm to millions

Cannabis in 100 years of science over the entire world has less health harm than legal coffee legal alcohol and legal over the counter Pharm drugs let alone prescription drugs the largest killer in the USA is drug interaction and over use. Cannabis smoking has caused zero cancer as a natural and claims that there is harm are by % 99% less than alcohol and drugs legal or smoking legal or caffeine legal. Making Cannabis a Class A restricted felony like Heroin or Crash or Meth is a crime perfected by lies by killer drug and alcohol distributors creating the majority of all crimes, and spending 100 ‘s of millions to “mind control” populations to assure the TRILLION DOLLARS they will LOSE with LEGAL CANNABIS in nations, as their user base switches to more healthy non addicting, Cannabis.


The highest incarceration per 100,000 is by 5 x most nations and 2 x its closes comparison nation is the USA. The most locked up citizens on earth and the % trend of population locked up is soaring for 100 years in America. As hedge funds and private equity firms OWN an increasing operators of PRISONS now Prison is a FOR PROFIT INDUSTRY in America. the profit czars seek to over crowd prisons and keep them over crowded to mature profits for their shareholders. They want ever longer sentences for ever minor sentences. The largest incarceration category is cannabis users or small dealers – larger dealers distributers and then drugs increasing pills and new designer drugs including new MDA Meth and Heroin mixers. The least lock up category is violent crime. 80% of populations are non violent offenses mostly minor drug and alcohol offenses most with no victim no violence with sentence times that are cruel and unusual punishment to human beings.

Of the more than 5 million locked up in America’s fastest growing City today PRISONS – now bankrupting states – as it takes 150,000 dollars to secure a prisoner for minor offenses versus say 30,000 for a program rather than long incarceration for Hedge Fund profits.

America has no clue its way of life is being robbed from them, and they may be next, if they do not exercise JUSTICE REFORM and elect CANDIDATES that will assure they vote for Justice REFORM which is so needed in the land of the once FREE and the home of the cowards now more afraid of their own government than their grandfathers ever where.

No one report the truth you read in this blog. Why? Follow the money. If Oil and its 11,000 products ( toxic to 100% to our earth ) pays for the majority of press advertising, including Pharms ( how many drug adds dominate your prime time all petroleum based chemistry ) ? The “free” press is not free and can’t report against the pay day that supports the under stress industry today in a world of digital conversion to news itself.

Those seeking to be informed must turn to blogs that are not political and are purely economic to gain from data pools and research statistics the truth to make up their own minds. Without this effort your mind is a CPU programed by others with a financial agenda and you never know their software which is god awful buggy has infected the computer above your neck and you believe the lies as your own truth and you don’t even know why.

Lets look at Crime:

  1. Legal Cannabis use removes a trillion dollars of illegal cannabis from the market because users can get higher quality brand consistent more healthy product legally at LOWER PRICES than buying crap from the illegal criminal market at higher prices.
  2. Legal Cannabis shifts a trillion dollars from Pharms alcohol and toxic drugs creating a healthy product – tax base – and sane policy versus a monopoly in drug companies and alcohol and PETROLEUM oil firms losing untold dollars in the shift – just from oil based hypodermic needles alone – so they unite to tell you lies taking attention from the growing horrors of their own products upon society and humanity.
  3. Law Makers as there are only 600 controlling trillions upon trillions of money pools into markets are paid by the UNHOLY ALLIANCE to keep cannabis criminal when it never should have been criminal creating IMMORAL UNETHICAL incarcerations and family destructions. BY BAD LAW.
  4. No one tokes on a doobie and says – I’m going to knock you off that bar stool. They say CHILL OUT MAN. No one tokes on a doobie and plans a crime because the munchies take hold they lose track of time and they watch NETFLICK’s see their earnings. No one tokes on a doobie and picks up a knife or a weapon for anything it makes them laugh to the floor …
  5. Now on Meth, on Crack, on Hard Drugs from Pharms, drunk on killer addicting legal toxic alcohol the largest murder drug of them all – crimes soar. When their use switches to DOOBIE’s legal use crime falls. Kids on doobies versus the buffet any 14 year old is offered at any party today in America – if they say hey I just do doobies – they are not going into to school and whacking their buddies. They feel more loved.



Crime is huge business for Alcohol, Drugs, Oil, and Prisons are the largest employers in most communities they house into, all BIG PROFIT BUSINESS for Hedge Funds and Private Equity in an unholy lobby up ramp with law makers as the public has no clue of the TRUTH.

CRIME IS BIG BIG BUSINESS and no one wishes to damp any conveyor belt Cannabis being the largest. In all states legalizing Cannabis although we don’t have half a decade yet of stats crime plunges.

Cannabis being legal is ethical moral and removes the CRIME of making it illegal in the first place for profit by killer providers of toxic soups of stuff for their profit. Cannabis removes toxic crimes from society and has 99% less health harm than coffee caffeine in foods and drugs and alcohol that are legal in the law.

Cannabis is recreational legal in the District of Columbia where fully hypocritical bought and paid for lawmakers by oil drug and alcohol lobbies and their wall street funders and prison monopolies – smoke doobies in our capitol while they joke and laugh in smokey cannabis rooms bars and restaurants ( all legal in Washington DC ) as they plan out laws to keep Cannabis use from the rest of FREE CITIZENS for the PROFIT of it all.

The Truth – it is all economic nothing to do with harm from cannabis they all know that is just a lie. They KNOW they are smoking it – the majority of Congress can ‘t pass a urine test as it is all LEGAL FOR THEM while they lock up folks all over the nation STILL for the PROFIT.

This is NOT AMERICA this is a Justice System 100 years gone bad, and needing URGENTLY a REDO – ┬áREFRAME – AN UPGRADE – under the phrase can we do better? The Light house of HOPE AND PROMISE I want for my America to the World is more like Holland with the lowest crime rates with all drugs fully legal for decades. Doors are not locked. Everyone feels safe. The enlightened example is HOLLAND.

If you are brain washed the being a NAZI is good and that there is:

  1. An insane master race – than your brain is insane
  2. An insane master faith – than your brain is insane
  3. Cannabis is like Heroin than your Brain is insane period.

So there are numbers who have brain food of the PROFIT MONSTERS and they are manipulated against POT.

Folks – your law makers can smoke a doobie in your capitol while a single mom in Utah gets 11 years in prison of hard time and her children are put into foster care for trying to relax from two jobs with no child support to keep her daughters in a private Christian school.


Follow the money and vote your wallet and put out hypocrites law makers on this issue. Ask them all before you vote – WHAT IS YOUR STAND ON LEGAL POT?

If the fall to the profit prayer rug they pray upon – vote them OUT.

The truth will give you …AMERICA BACK where the lies and hypocrisy never will.