The Saudi King has told the world the mind numbing spoken word…I KNOW NOFING. So the Puppy King suggests:

  1. One of the most total police states since Hitlers Nazi Germany has slipped a gear.
  2. The Journalist the Puppy King HATED because the Journalist told the TRUTH about the abuse of human rights and crimes against humanity the Puppy King was embolden to commit one after the other in full view of an impotent global bought and paid for press. No he murdered that journalist and knows everything about the criminal orders.
  3. This Journalist went into the Saudi embassy – sought to get a marriage  license – was tape recorded being tortured and murdered inside the Saudi Embassy, and the journalist never came out and was butchered. The tape is the real deal folks.
  4. No one in the Saudi policy state Turkey Embassy knows anything and the Puppy King knows nothing as well – and the tapes defining the murder are the public record that confirms the Puppy King is a sociopathic criminal and a liar. Everyone who knows reports to the King and the Puppy King is in charge in fact. Dad is furious I suspect.
  5. The Puppy King has flipped a finger to the entire world including President Trump. I think the sociopath has lost his mind in fact as he resides in illusion he can ROYALLY ORDER IT ALL AWAY as we subject bow before the boy. Think again puppy doggie.

Given the incest relationship of the oil institutions with the gulf oil cartels on price collision, we have suggested in this Blog that enough is enough. We suggested the President:

  2. The NEW massively like NASA discover recover and refine oil products with new technologies that are environmentally friendly and with end fuels that are less polluting.
  3. The President while that ramps up release strategic oil reserves and direct the NUMBER ONE OIL PRODUCER – no not Russia not not Saudi or Iran or Iraq – but the USA and move oil down to 39.00 a barrel…which bankrupts the Puppy King and creates a civil war that returns the founding family to Saudi rule.
  4. The USA might make a deal with Venezuela or just take it over ( the largest lake of oil is then joined to the USA ) and we control price and swing supply and the CRIMINAL CARTEL is broken and irrelevant.
  5. We massively with the NEA elevate renewable non polluting fuels to market with the largest crash of demand for OIL as fuel versus other products – in history. Demand for polluting plastics and oil by products makes oil so plentiful as demand super crashes that oil is sold for ten dollars a barrel in five years.

The economic blackmail of the Gulf Criminal cartel is taking 7 billion humans in developing nations and robbing them of a future of food security, rising prosperity, and health and shelter security while OIL makes Climate change and we are paying a CRIMINAL PRICE TAX to the Puppy King engineering all this. Oil policy requires a NO NATION LEFT BEHIND PRICE that breaks the criminal OPEC CARTEL into shreds as a sin and crime against humanity all led in 2018 by the murder – the Puppy KING. The savage who has no shared values with all of us.

At some point….the notion of going to war with Saudi and Iran is silly. We should make peace with Iran and allow massive oil flows from Iran as  sinking Saudi’s monopoly on oil from a criminal price fixing cartel. Some one needs to stand up for 7 billion people.

Is the time NOW.

I truly realize my readers do not hear what I’m suggesting in the data….

As I truly insist I will not write what my readers  would prefer I report to them….

They will however walk away with the TRUTH. That is a promise so finally they have a site to get the truth from the bought and paid for journalism of today. This blog is not sponsored by anyone. Look mom no influence or bias. Just the truth and nothing but the truth and then you decide once you have it.


What is going on out there – is that the Puppy King slaughtered  an opposition journalist that insulted this ROYAL  by reporting the truth. The truth is the founding family that has run Saudi Arabia for 70 years has been taken out of power by a fork in the family tree. The lucky one off King took the heir and replacement back to the long rolling family out of the line up and put his puppy King then in his 20’s to secure that the ruling family would never return.

Then the Puppy King ruthless arrested 100’s of the Royals and stole from them with no due process of any kind, over 100 billion dollars for his family and the state and that theft is on going no where near ended. Those having their lifetime estates and fortunes stolen from them are not asleep nor are they like the journalist dead. In fact these powerful families have enormous powers and influence inside the growing SAUDI CIVIL WAR.

The SAUDI CIVIL WAR Is heating up not calming down and this lie makes Royals of pride and integrity FURIOUS.

The Civil War has been far from CIVIL and a great deal of terror death and awful tortures are also escalating and on going. The Puppy King talks about rights and relaxations but in fact the Puppy King popular with youth brain washed by state media lacks political maturity economic maturity and advisers are ripping the royal family off at levels never seen before. The cancellation of the Saudi Public offering is just one disaster for the Puppy Kings failing policies.

As OIL super crashes – which it will as demand is falling off a cliff – the Puppy King is out of all options. The Civil War in Saudi – trust me on this – is likely to become much less Civil coming up which everyone in Jordon and the UAE well knows and Iran of course – cursed by the PUPPY KING and insulted beyond imagining – is well advanced in anything to bring the truth out about the Puppy King real agenda – WAR WITH IRAN. A young mans mistake.

The Puppy King is now hemorrhaging billions into a slaughter in Yemen to keep Iran influence out of his neighbor but it is all not working and the VIETNAM of Saudi Arabia is their war now entrenched without any end in sight. The financing of the war is not possible outside borrowing which aside from directly STEALING from Royals is saddling debt layers into the Kingdom and state.

Will the Civil War reset the ruling families in Saudi?

It would not be the first time.

One thing is certain. The West has no powers or influence and even the truth is spit on by the Puppy King saying to President Trump and his son in law – hey FUCK YOU GUYS. FUCK THE USA and all they rode in with.

That is their real position and saw the short sighted puppy king flipping the finger to the Congress of the United States. Their 80 billion to defend the Gulf Criminal Cartel may come to a close and allow Saudi to fend for itself. It might be interesting to see how that would all work out as our teams got to come home and get a Big Mac with a shake again.

Fuck the USA?

We’ll see how that works out for you Puppy Boy……you are a murder sir and you are caught on tape dead in your flowing robes as the LIAR LEADER that you are today.

Now there there – the truth you won’t see on CNN.

Berny Dohrmann – 45 Years of Offices in the Gulf suggesting BAM the Truth will set us FREE !

PS: I’m not worried about going into a Saudi Embassy anytime soon – but I am worried how sucking this Puppy Doggies ass hole to permit him to raise oil to criminal high times is worth bending that finger over and dropping oil prices MERRY CHRISTMAS AMERICA…I suggest MAD DOG is all over the problems…..I feel secure knowing that the A team is all over the truth. WOOF WOOF Puppy Doggie – enjoy the lull before the civil war you yourself started.