Powell’s team stated he would not shed a tear over the market instability his wrong minded interest policy creates to developing nations – billions effected – and American prosperity. The First rule is to:

  1. Become informed – scroll and see the video on DEAD FEDS Don’t LIE and WHY.
  2. Next stop giving the liars respect. They do not represent the United States of America they are criminals lying and they represent their banker interests period.
  3. Then read between the lies. They are not mandated to stabilize prices and inflation as double lines – they are under an 80 page act of Congress passed when the pony express delivered the mail to strip control of printing money from the US TREASURY where that power needs to be returned. Free of any check and balance as bankers. Regulating themselves into two global depressions multiple super crashes and numerous World Wars and almost world wars.
  4. They have permitted consolidations where now the bankers are TOO BIG TO JAIL long past too big to fail. See all of their criminal plea agreements they are crooks – the worst.
  5. Finally they use outdated obsolete charts before AI and Super Money pools control the market – before side bets by their banks in casino capitalism they permit – create speculation by the banks larger than the real market by many times.

The Fed cites information Crammer Economists Congress and the White House all say is insane in 2018.

President Donald Trump today on a 500 point rise in wealth – the largest one day wealth explosion since March ( predicted before markets opened by this blog and the day before ) that the RISK remains the FED. They ARE RAISING INTEREST RATES TOO FAST.

Now a billionaire borrower understands the economics. Powell a Fed lacy you give respect to fears on thing – you would discover they are a money gang of criminals. If you did you would write congress to MERGE THE FED INTO THE US TREASURY.

The Fed big lies include:

  1. They are part of the Federal government – lie see the video in Dead Fed’s don’t lie.
  2. They are independent. That is a lie. They are owned in secret by the banks. Its true.
  3. They are check and balance by the government. That is a huge lie a criminal lie. They are do SHAM CRIMINAL APPEARANCES to Congress and when asked the though questions:

* Will you tell us which of your banks got 11 trillion of tax payer money. No sir.

* Can any agency of Gov override a single fed decision. No sir.

Every agency has checks and balance and due process. Not the Fed criminals.

Your all smart. Think of this in your nation as all central banks are criminals. Think – for hundreds and hundreds of years the US Treasury printed money and never paid interest building the leasing economic model of the entire world. Since 1900 the Fed in a short 80 page act of Congress gained the RIGHT to print money and charge the USA interest for managing the money. Tony Soprano’s bank the criminals put the USA in debt. The largest cost to the tax payer today is the INTEREST ON THE FEDERAL DEBT.

If you merge the FED back into US Treasury which has audits and checks and balances and oversight ( really ) there is no interest to print money moving forward.

The FED IS CRIMINALLY INSANE. The crooks stole for a time the US but we can vote it all back. Really.

The Fed has never been audited. Nor can it be.

The Fed is in secret accountable to the banks that own it and no agency of nation can know who the Fed shareholders are.

The Fed sets up institutional appearances to make crooks like the MAFIA appear like nice folks because Carlo’s gave to the poor and so did Shorty and the MAFIA are Catholics and go to church but they are little league criminals compared to the FED.

Only a dead and buried Fed will not lie and I’m not convinced even buried they are not lying still.

DEAD FEDS DON’T LIE. If they live they are lying to you to all of us.

The Free Money ( wrong policy ) to save their own criminal bankers from side bets they borrowed to make and then had no money to pay – ramped up 20 trillion in USA alone debt and 100’s of Trillions world wide. The Central Banker Club.

The FED needs to BE MERGED into US TREASURY.

The ten years of money flood needs to now with super debt bubbles all over the world work those debt bubbles out of the system where TIME is the economic HEALING ASSET. Ask Crammer.

The fix to the FED ECONOMIC ABUSE is – as they are the CAUSE of all economic pain – an item that needs to be normalized over TEN YEARS not ten months as Powell is doing. Janet Yellin the worst Fed Chair person in 100 years says Powell her buddy and choice is doing great.

I think Powell is a deluded criminal doing what his bosses require of him in the club.

The FED is a bad idea – an obsolete institution out of touch with markets and trends and realities and appearing to be all knowing with the precise wisdom of the WIZARD OF OZ when you pull back the curtain. They do not know ANYTHING they are STUPID and uniformed and lazy. Crammer says they are IDIOTS in economics and markets.

2008 was a digital attack on America. Read Kevin Freemans THE SECRET WEAPON.

The Fed created the weakness for the attack and it almost created a Great Depression Not a Great Recession which was bad enough. We don’t want another.

The Economies of the world are trying to gain altitude and fly over thee mountain of central bank SUPER DEBT they flooded into the system. They wish to roll all that debt – their windfall over from low free money debt to HIGH MARKET NORMALIZED DEBT.

Let the US TREASURY Lead the way – over ten years of normalization with full audits and transparency to money supply and markets will roar in reply. The FED is risking the prosperity and peace of the entire world.

They are criminals.

Their banks are criminals.

If you think otherwise you think the criminals who brought you 100’s of billions in pure fraud with no one going to jail or having to return the money bonus they stole – ever – are now saints. Having no consequence but small fines they pay to stay in power they are not planning their next thefts. They are. They will.

But NOT if the FED is merged into US Treasury and you have a new sheriff in dodge.

Trump draining the swamp needs an EMERGENCY LEGISLATION we suggest a mirror of the 80 pages of the Fed in 1900 to MERGE THE FED BACK INTO US TREASURY as the Constitution returns powers to where they were placed for hundreds of years.



A consortium of constitutional law firms should make the biggest fee’s in history representing anyone who holds a FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE. The class is all of us seeking 1000 trillion in damages and all US debt forgiveness to the Fed for their crimes. They only need to read DEAD FEDS don’t lie. Send them the link to a law firm specializing in TORTS. I can see the TV ads now.

100 Million of US would sign up in the first three months. The suit seeks damages and to merge the criminal fed into the US Treasury as authority from the Attorney General to investigate the criminal Fed and Bankers is sought.

We can fix this but voters have to be educated versus manipulated with lies.

the Truth you know is very challenging to extinguish.

Did you take time with the roaring markets we suggested would continue to Dec to explore the DEAD FED’S DON”T LIE and share the link with your entire social and mail list? Did you see the video and book mark that link?

If you did….you have become for the first time really…a truly informed voter.

This election vote PROSPERITY it is not about PARTY AT ALL its about GRID LOCK DYSFUNCTION and the abundance of the world flowing from a congress that works versus one that no longer works at all. The Voters get what they chose…chose well.


PS: Leading one of the largest global institutions serving SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS we KNOW when policy is insane to our community which creates all the jobs and prosperity and to a person our members conclude the FED is raising interest rates way way to rapidly as bad economic policy flying in the face of all data and theory. They are truly criminally insane.