Well “we” know. The “experts” are running with our prediction “record all time new peaks in asset values” by year end …to recession by 2020. Truly the vote this year on Congress grid lock and break lock, defines the risk. One way we have infrastructure and that gives prosperity legs into 2030 in our charts and opinions. Grid lock impeachment and dysfunction for years will we feel tip us all into recession if not war risk. Its a big vote prosperity or dysfunction for nation.

President Trump at 44% approval rating up some 11% from the summer lows, is rank and rank with Reagan, Clinton, Bush, and Obama who was 46% same time out rankings. So Trump is normal at the mid year not way up not way down. Normal. It remains open for debate who is the POLARIZER & CHEIF with the title in our opinion going to Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein of San Francisco as the two Queens of their own chess board. Some suggest Trump is the Polarizer & Chief although he tends to react to incoming. I think a nice poll…who is POLARIZER & CHEIF AMERICA?

We see the risk is China’s potential for Super Crash with its economy in free fall shambles after Holiday buying. American consumers are looking at labels and made in China is not selling. We warned about the American consumer BACK LASH. A deal with China is prosperity for Russia and the World. No deal is a collapse of economics to these nations in a decline and free fall that effects the entire world. We have time for that impact yet.

The All time RECORD HIGH’s we predict begin and end with 100’s of billions in stock buy backs coming into the market at year end. There are trillions in profits that must be invested into long term bets and the American markets driven by double digit profit reporting will soar into 2030 with INFRASTRUCTURE and without INFRASTRUCTURE not so much. The last leg of the Presidents Economic Trip Pod is INFRASTRUCTURE.

This week as we begin to wind toward the end of the Triple Witching Hour and market micro portfolio repositioning the % rate on bonds, across the world has had its diversification’s, as super wealth circulations now position in the Oct DIP to profit from the all time ROAR back about to unfold. The volatility will remain with us as the AI is profiting wildly from the speculations upward and downward until a new regulatory frame work is developed for the digital AI control of all global circulations. Regulatory agencies in the G 100 regulate a market place that no longer exists. They all lake rules of law and budgets to regulate the AI market that is in an AI economic arms race. The Regulatory frame work is obsolete and industry experts provide only disinformation not wishing any dispatch to regulate themselves out of the profits “LEVERAGED SPECULATIONS” provide exclusively as non economic casino capitalism.

We have told you all invest for 60 months not for sixty minutes and you will be as always smart. Invest in sixty minutes and the market will betray you ever single time. Ask 60 Minutes they have great reports on all this.

The wild cards to the world economic include:

  1. No deal with China a killer for China and the world as the run on China is ruthless
  2. Fed policy error in which risks Super Crash Depression and World War on interest
  3. Oil Insanity the world is drowning in oil and core costs should be $ 50 a barrel in fact

The economic pressures of primarily interest ( the cost of absolutely everything in a world awash in 87% Debt globally and only 13% asset values ) rising 100% and 100% of % in ten months versus ten years is INSANE and Crammer and Trump and Congress all have it right. If you scroll and read DEAD FED’S don’t lie I suggest you make a bookmark  of the economists video presented on the truth about the Federal Reserve Board of the United States and the facts you educate yourself to in minutes will change we hope your vote and your perspective of the SWAMP being drained. Ask why that film is not taught to high school students in America given how core essential the education is to understanding capitalism itself, the core system we reside within.

Democracy the political system we reside under fails if the voters are not informed or are misinformed. An INFORMED VOTER is the only way a forward democracy can secure its own future.

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For those who book mark an return but do not subscribe than you for being part of the family of the informed.

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We think the clouds of October profit taking and re-positioning to year end portfolios we told all summer was going to take place right about now – is now opening to year end momentum and earnings in the 3rd quarter ….but wait as 72% of all buying happens now to year end – you have not seen anything yet as fourth quarter earnings next year all ASTOUND YOU in our opinion.

The record new Highs will be a factor of record consistent earnings report after report. Get ready for the truth to raise the market for the DIP BUYERS to all time record high ground.

Remember we told you …..if you care to check up on us.