So the market Flashed Crashed Downward in:

  1. January 2018
  2. March 2018
  3. Oct 2018

Boys and Girls why? Let me tell YOU WHY. In this phony baloney global greed fest, two things are new. The lake of liquid available stocks are PRICE MANIPULATED due to lack of modernizing global G 100 coordinated regulatory frame works you have heard me harp about here for ten years and to which I wrote the solution in my work Redemption the COOPERATION REVOLUTION as a blue print for regulator officials world wide. Kevin Freeman a hedge fund manager wrote how dire the future actually looks in GAME PLAN tell you all to create your own GAME PLAN as your nations in the G 100 have no game plan at all. So if you think “THEY” have a clue – your wrong. THEY DON’T !


This is the WHY folks subscribe ( free ) to my blog in rising numbers most blogs never experience. In many nations my blog is ranked as a MEDIA RESOURCE Site. So WHY what is the WHY. Here is the WHY folks:

  1. Black Out Dates. The tax reform failed. Large corporations have not made the investments into jobs, economics, growth and plants that would underwrite the future we all want. This is democrat and republican corporations. The down turns correspond to the DAY that Corporations can not PLAY in time frames close to their reporting dates. They can’t BUY BACK STOCK in those BLACK OUT PERIODS the exact dates of these big down turns.
  2. So the LIQUIDITY and the PRICE of the markets is driven by STOCK BUY BACKS. These buy backs reduce the lake of stocks in any company, and they reduce liquify and raise prices.
  3. BUY BACKS setting records just like the markets since 2009 – engineer stock prices – in a phony casino capitalism where the insiders doing the engineering flatten out volatility in their stocks and make their own bonus and stock gains by stock manipulation once a crime but not casino capitalism is legal – thank you congress. Big mistake.
  4. This year another record stock buy back occurs. Over 1 TRILLION DOLLARS In this year alone in stock buy backs manipulating share price at phony baloney levels. Your playing on the dealer table in casino capitalism within a SUPER DEBT BUBBLE of leveraged margin trading with AI ETF pools making the high velocity trades following all this with their AI information you lack.
  5. Since 2009 and the Super Crash stock buy backs have exceeded 4.3 trillion dollars capital that went no where into plant, jobs, new ventures, industries, infrastructure, the wall, or anything. This money went into CASINO CAPITALISM MANIPULATIONS OF SHARE PRICES TO A Mount Everest Record valuation level making elites who are fantastically wealthy, even more fantastically wealthy.

The majority of this wealth is leveraged into investing to assure wealth transfer in what the elites refer to world wide as THE EVENT. The Event is the collapse of the world order due to over leverage and a destruction even at vastly reduced levels of stock into the market, 4.3 trillion is staggering capital more than GNP of most nations, that was applied legally to manipulate share prices in the casino – and this lower level of lake to shares in the market is still not precluding crashes. When the BLACK OUT DATES to inside buy back and manipulate share prices occurs as it did precisely in the DOWN TURN IN OCTOBER the reason for the crash is that the buy backs up holding share price under laws had a QUIET PERIOD all the folks at the top of the system know, which is WHY they have no panic.

When can all share buy backs in the trillion dollars this year in the USA alone occur?

Oh…that would be MONDAY.

So flowing into the election you have a) forces wishing to manipulate the election as this blog alone has reported to you as a DUHHHHH and b) share buy backs were in a quiet period last week and Monday they come back into the market buying in this dip massively. AI will see to that profit making.

So in the end it is playing at the table with the dealer having a stacked deck. The SEC and global regulatory agencies lack regulatory REFRAME FOR DIGITAL TOOL KITS AND MASSIVE BUGET UPGRADES TO REGULATE ALL MARKETS:

  1. Globally and in real time – real time transparency and digital tools lacking today
  2. Who is trading what – removing DARK POOLS and shadow banking from regulatory exemptions
  3. Criminalizing short selling as a speculation removing capital from economics.
  4. Modernizing stock buy back regulations to preclude stock manipulations.
  5. Moving to 180 day reporting as the President suggested to dampen speculations



Casino Capitalism is worse in Communist nations like Russia and China where Super Debt Bubbles could destroy the world order economically.

The siphon of capital from circulations into investment to assure no nation is left behind and the earth is cleansed is rather diverted into casino side bet speculations due to a collapse of regulatory frame work. The Regulations are blue sky to nations. The Trades are in the unregulated cloud. In five years the trading went from human controlled and managed trading over systems built across 70 years of time, to all digital AI software controlled trading within a small number of Super Money Pools hyper leveraging and trading in a process model the world HAS NEVER KNOWN OR EXPERIENCED BEFORE. This NEW CASINO CAPITALISM has left the barn of old regulatory frame work and exists outside regulatory modeling.

THE URGENCY TO CONSTRUCT A G 100 NEW REGULATORY GLOBAL ECONOMIC CONSTITUTION OF BOX TOP RULES FOR WORLD TRADE – TAX – INVESTING AND REGULATORY OVER SIGHT IS NOW UPON US…as the regulatory agencies of today are no longer modern and as antique models regulatory frame works are failing globally.

The new frame work must include:

  1. The largest new budgets to assure economics versus casino speculator capitalism.
  2. Preclude unwanted system wealth consolidations.
  3. Ideally merge central banks into nation’s treasury’s of which much is written here.
  4. Remove unwanted speculations.
  5. Create self correcting continuously modernized AI to regulate AI in real time globally so no nation is left behind.

Without a Regulatory upgrade from the G 100 the Casino Capitalism will create a Super Debt Bubble Super Crash at some unknown date that will collapse the system as we know it as all circulation ceases and on Liquidity Evaporation Day – is the day the music died. The entire frame work today is AI DIGITAL making the precise same conditions as the last Great Depression occur again, exceed all phony baloney economics precisely as it was in 1929, only so much more global and so much worse in system abuse today due to digital casino capitalism.


The risk of system failure is a risk warning from the IMF from the World Bank and I you read carefully Jamie Diamonds prophetic words last week – MORGAN. And this blog. The risk has passed the point of no return without a G 100 REGULATORY REFRAME and time for that is running out. Cooperation or Competition – sane or insane economics.

I believe with the smarty pants running things and believing their own lies that their AI has created RISKLESS RISK just like the same smarty pants in structured assets in 2007 believed sincerely they had created risk less risk in real estate security markets globally. These criminals have created the same structured assets again in real estate and now every other asset class in the entire casino manipulating price to a risk less risk grade of global trade. They believe trading RANGES can’t be exceeded for long in the new modeling.

However the following is true:

  1. The lake of securities in risk less risk is being price manipulated by 440 trillion dollars of fully leveraged capital at up to 50 to 1 margins never experienced before in economics in phony baloney investing across all asset classes not just reporting securities.
  2. Even with the lake of securities for sale reduced by 4.3 trillion dollars since 2009 a staggering never experienced before manipulation of markets outside all Current regulatory laws to manage, the market liquidity crashes when the stock buy back quiet period occurs as it did in Jan March and October.
  3. The Debt Super Bubble globally will utterly collapse as the Fed and central bankers repeat their pattern in 1907 – 1929 – 1987 – 2000 – 2007 – and raise interest rates too high too fast this period being the most insane due to ten years of FREE MONEY fueling leverage and a Super Debt Bubble ratio exceeding 1929 abuse to the system by ratio’s never known in global economics before.

This is simple enough without charting tables graphs and slang most readers lose From NIM to Flang but trust me the data supports the premise.

In my opinion as no one can no WHEN Jamie Diamond’s words remain prophetic in the age of the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE no press reports on – charts – or really gives the IMF and World Bank enough space upon for ringing the WARNING BELLS over and over and over starting in the most phony of all economies where the system is totally at risk – communist China the largest global Super Debt Bubble spending 300% more than it makes.

China is in free fall super crash following a one off pre tariff buying spree before Christmas. We have blogged about the RUN out of china of trillions in capital at all economic measures. The final quarter and next year China is falling off a cliff economically. The only stabilizer possible is a deal with trade – no deal – risk on.

We add in Jamie Diamonds SCREAMING there is so MUCH STUFF GEOPOLITICALLY that can trigger a run out of risk.  AI runs first and everyone else gets stuck last.

AI is the house owning the casino box top rules you never see. As with all casino’s you can’t win against the house. The longer you play the more you lose. As the rule book remains:



I’d say buy the dip – ride the wave to year end record all time highs – and before year end as it is peaking get OUT ALL THE WAY and explore with licensed professionals diversified insurance investing so well blogged on this blog site as your remaining safe haven to the SUPER CRASH.

You will miss volatility casino market highs in 2019 and 2020. But you will earn the highest returns with principle insured and guaranteed in the world today and enjoy peace of mind.

You will be OUT OF THE CASINO.

You will have zero risk of loss.

You will see 2020 forward a SUPER CRASH from which economic institutions may not recover. If Congress remains Republican controlled and voters voted their wallet versus party they voted prosperity versus party – congress WILL PASS INFRASTRUCTURE and that would propel possible growth into 2030 in our opinion even with Jamie Diamonds STUFF on Geopolitical events outside the USA being a global trigger event in the casino.

The day of LED the Liquidity Evaporation Day the music dies.

As with the Bible no man ( or woman ) knows that date in time and we can give our best educated guess but really information ahead may extend or collapse time lines. The RISK at all time record market highs reached over and over till December is the time to sell out at all time highs and wait for all time lows to buy back in.

The box top rules never change. Do not BUY HIGH and hope for every higher. Newton was right what goes up ( for the longest period in history economically and to a record high never before manipulated in history ) MUST COME DOWN.

Now you know….and first.

Its about STOCK BUY BLACK  OUT DATES this October where Monday the stock buy backs can continue at enormous profits to elite insiders who profited into the dip massively at year end and now profit again ( massively ) on the Monday Stock Buy Back green light. Should the SEC have powers to put folks in prison for manipulations like this – oh you bet.

But they don’t. Congress has to grant them new powers and new budgets for national security as our financial system IS THE RISK from multiple fronts all reported here.

Share this SECRET KNOWLEDGE so you have the TRUTH and know the WHY.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping a Light on just for you this October – Waiting For Monday BAM !