Because: Crammer  and “I” tell you the Fed is the cause of all this. If you played the video of the blog DEAD FEDS DON’T LIE BLOG – yesterday the most important video of every readers lifetime –  ( and I’m not even convicted truly dead and buried Feds do not lie just not  sure unless we dig them all  up since 1900  and pound wooden stakes through their alien hearts ) that they are truly dead after they graduate from this life….and no longer LIE. Nothing is more frightening than a living criminal of evil a member of the FED or their entire employee base – quit and join sanity folks. KNOW the Fed is panic’ed  when all the Fed are out in news nation wide all at once every single day saying how much of a SAINT CHAIRMAN POWELL IS. They are so in panic over Congress – economist – and the White House all saying and of course terrified by Crammer and I of course – that they all come out all at once? YOU KNOW THEY ARE PANIC CITY. They say they are not political? Why are the bashing all the politicians saying they can’t control us we have no check and balance …when they say they are independent that is a CRIME against the constitution of the United States folks and they are CRIMINALS.

If you saw the film …from economist hard data …you learned the TRUTH you know.

Did you see the film that tells you the truth?


Chairman Senate Banking Committee asks Fed Chairman Greenspan ….

….is there any agency of nation congress President or Supreme Court that can heck balance or counter and a Federal Reserve Board Decision…..?

Pause…..staring directly at camera…..Ah…NO SIR there is not.

More recent to Chairman Bernake of the Federal Reserve board….

sir you have taken 11 trillion dollars of our tax payer money without any accountability can you tell this congress over sight committee which bank got the money and provide some accounting for the 11 trillion dollars entrusted to you…

Pause….NO SIR.

The Constitution provides exclusive powers to print money for the nation to the Treasury of the United States – audited – check and balanced – and accountable to the congress to the President and to the Supreme Court.

The 80 page Federal Reserve Board Act – gave this power to a private corporation all drafted by the bankers who would own the Fed as a scam name, appearing to be a real government agency when they are not in fact. This stock company is owned and controlled by the banks and has no independence outside raping and plundering the national wealth of America since 1900 – creating two global depression and two world wars. Worse they are doing it again.


Today the Fed has put over 11 trillion of money into circulation as a SUPER DEBT bubble to the tax payers of America to pay off their member bank bad debts in the world casino capitalism. No economic investing no just bail outs. The legal theft was so outrageous.. This free money was put in place largely to bail out bankrupt banks who had made bad bets in casino capitalism the bankers created. 13% of the world wealth today is equity. 87% is debt owned to banks and central banks their masters.

Did you track the GSA report that said 100 million from TARP was given to LA to create jobs and they did – they created a bit over 100 jobs. Hey you and I could have created tens of thousands of jobs with wheels barrels of 100 million honorably. 100 Million 100 jobs. That is called what? Insanity. Criminal. Theft. Now that occurred nation wide. You really have to drill down to see the Fed Chairman tell your congress – fuck you – and no you can never know not ever where one penny of your 11 TRILLION IN TAX PAY MONEY WENT – go fuck yourself congress man.

Perhaps you think something else is going on. IT is not complex. It is simple.

If you merge the Fed back into US TREASURY by Congress by an 80 page mirror act of its creation in say 72 hours – you get sanity and your nation back. Read on. Oh and its all true.

The FED  system is criminal the few elites against the many. Communism and Competitive capitalism are  the same thing. The future is COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM outlined in the movement REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – always in back order but they get it out in ten days or less to you – order your copy. The blue print to fix all this in clear English.

Ten yeas of free money requires ten years to normalize the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE working its way through the system. Turn over short  term debts of low interest say 2% to 3% to 100% higher at 5% or 6% too soon and you bankrupt the system globally. Long before that which is right now – as the Fed is in a GREED FEST for their bankers lying about every economic truth – raising interest way to fast way too frequently way to high each time. It is criminal rate gauging and Congress should just MERGE the failed FED back into US Treasury.

The FED wants the cash from the interest period. They don’t care about the systemic risk.

The Treasury well knows the Fed is just lying. The Treasury knows:

  • Gov urged by the Fed changed unemployment numbers and no longer counts 5a% of the work force unemployed workers – at 37,000 million who are long term unemployed – used to be counted but no more.
  • Millions of these are on food stamps and government life support.

This 5% is a cushion to our growth as the 3% UNEMPLOYMENT number is a great lie. They use the GREAT LIE of manipulating numbers to raise interest. Why? To keep stability in prices and to keep inflation at 2% .

There is no core inflation. There is zero labor shortage which is why wages are NOT GOING UP.  There is DIS-INFLATION. Deflation. The Fed is applying antique obsolete models to a digital global market. We need Fed systems and over sight merged in the United States Treasury.

The Fed is a form of absolute insanity.



An 8p page act the mirror act of an emergency legislation issued to Congress by the White House to Merge the Fed back into US treasury and direct the SEC to move public companies to report on earnings every 180 days versus 90 days. Speculation collapses. Casino capitalism becomes COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM. Treasury then;

  1. Makes monetary policy and normalizes rates sanely over ten years.
  2. Treasury pays off Fed Debt inside one SUPER BOND a 100 year bond where the principle is repaid NOW and we pay that all over in the economy and revenues of 100 years later in population and outcomes – a penny pays off a dollar in fact.
  3. The USA is in the black with investments in infrastructure driving prosperity into 2030.
  4. The US dollar soars to the global reserve currency as we lead the world in fact
  5. Other nations prosper with us in a new order as they all follow our example.

The Debt SUPER BUBBLE does not burst not in China not in Argentina not anywhere.



Or it all flies apart in digital casino capitalism, led by wild unregulated speculation of elite super money pools and AI, and the GREATEST DEPRESSION occurs along with World War III.

Sanity or insanity.

In the end folks its all about economics – sanity or insanity – the few against the many in greed or the many for the many in economic outcomes in COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM the final revolution.

I of course vote for sanity.


A growing global economic cabal not bought and paid for by the unholy union of the central banks of the world ( criminals and insane ) are sane an know the truth.

Personally with 50 years in investment banking and economics – I have never known a Fed who does not lie. Dead Fed’s don’t lie.

insanity is challenging for two reasons. First logic does not work because the insane believe their own lies.

Second, insanity challenges all the rest of us with “how could they” how would they” why do they do this to all the rest of us?

Folks they do it…because they are NUTS !

Isis is a form of insanity.

Central banks and bankers are the economic form of ISIS. If you give them credibility trust and respect you join the insanity.

Read Redemption it will give you comfort in the night….



The bulls will kill the bear and the outcomes of a Super Crash and sustained flight off a financial cliff is not now or yet. The spooky particles in economics include sowing interest primarily – cartel manipulated insane oil prices – coupled to it all – and China become destabilized after the Holiday orders call off a cliff in China – auto sales down say 50% from last year and more. The Chinese consumer is in full panic and is no longer spending at all and those numbers come in by Chinese New Years.

If they make a deal and they will because they self implode financially if they do not – for sure – and faster than anyone can imagine with their bad debt loading – so not making a deal is suicide economics. They prosper and we prosper in a deal then the world deals out and we all win.

I feel it is 2020 before we have serious sustained bear territory and even that is pushed back if Congress passes infrastructure – it helps if Congress does not de-evolve into grid lock and dysfunction. I would vote your wallet – your voting republication for outcomes not for party or philosophy. The truth – both parties are in fact the same more than not. we need to vote to keep congress working for prosperity. Do the math.

So we’ll see – as Jamie Diamond said today ( rightly so ) the risk is all THE STUFF there is so much STUFF all outside the USA that can effect would outcomes and fast – what keeps MORGAN up at night is all the STUFF…..

Berny Dohrmann

PS: I wrote High Growth and High Volatility the new economics – it seems prophetic the outcomes this past week are precisely ( right again ) what you read here – as always – first. And we are all Michael Hurricane survivors.