Thors Hammer – Fed 2000 2007 – & NOW – OBSOLETE FED

A miracle occurred today with 800 points down in the markets with 900 points down in previous days now that is an OCTOBER 1987 Crash all over again – and no end in sight Friday. Why?

The Fed is hammering interest rates for greed for its own member profits – all criminal banks who have pled guilty to crimes of the century paying small parking meter fines – no jail. Many again and again. The Fed is owned by these criminal bankers. If I can steal just a minute of your precious time, may I educate you that the Federal Reserve Board and 100% of central banks of your countries are criminal bankers controlling the money supply of your nation as pure legal theft of the nations wealth.

This film tells you WHY to elect Candidates who are informed – and who know the truth of these facts which internet check despite Fed lies frauds and attempts to hide them all – the Fed are spin masters liars to a club of liars dice to a person no honor among thieves:


This film is the truth about the Fed and why you should elect candidates who run on a platform to MERGE THE FED BACK INTO US TREASURY – for without that return of oversight and constitutional safe guards – nations are hostage to criminal bankers whose greed saps the wealth of entire nations to bone marrow with no mercy whatsoever:

This link will create in minutes NOW YOU KNOW what you should have been taught in High School as required. The truth as the lies fall like scales from your eyes.


Jim Crammer following the Oct sell off in stocks, responded to the Fed noting their Chairman would not shed even one tear for the pain that so many are suffering from these loss days, stated:

  1. The Fed is the cause of the 2007 recession which was not needed on any basis.
  2. The Fed is causing another one….
  3. The Fed is using obsolete charts and data and itself is obsolete
  4. The economy needs more time to strengthen as the recovery is not systemically well
  5. The interest rates are being hammered on markets way to fast way too soon

My Miracle – CRAMMER AND I AGREED TODAY. The President agreed with us. The stand out is the Fed digging its heals in. But the Fed doesn’t see the Congress can pass an emergency order ( as national security ) to MERGE THE FED into the US Treasury where all monetary policy must reside to be current in a super change world. Enemies of the USA attack our markets digitally- which is taking place today. WHERE is the mass selling coming from?

Is it Saudi and China with a Russia Chaser all profiting from manipulating our markets as an election manipulation? Who stands to gain right at the election? China? With Democrats. The SEC needs to FOLLOW THE MONEY ? Is this a correction or a digital attack like 2007?

Who holds shorts and is profiting massively in self energized market manipulations? Whose AI is in war with our AI and winning? This is NOT WHAT IT SEEMS.


The Fed reports ( lies ) that the economy is more robust than it is in fact, the Fed reports that its all rosy. But in fact the fed is hammering the markets in a time frame of ten years in ten months. They are INSANE. The FED needs to be emergency merged back into the Treasury by the same 80 page act that set up their criminal enterprise. The FED is a private stock firm without any check balance audit or reporting pure FRAUD a SHAM on the American People. The bought and paid for press won’t even report on it in an election year.

THE FED IS THE CAUSE as my blogs for five years report to YOU. So hold on the Fed is creating this unknown outcome. Why?

  1. The Fed created 20 trillion of free money into the lake of the world to save their criminal shareholder banks from the bad bets they made risking your grand mother’s deposits with no fear they will ever go to jail for their crimes against us all.
  2. The Fed in ten months – stopped accommodation and bond buying.
  3. The Fed then began to sell in a sharply drying up bond lake – liquidity – their own 5 trillion of crap they bought from member banks they now sell back into the global bond market along with record USA debt because they charge us interest to print our own money – an insane concept itself.
  4. The Fed is now not printing money drying up money in circulation massively and the fed is making its money more costly to borrow by 100% and 100% of % in ten months versus ten years – insane economics. No defense.
  5. The Fed lies on inflation we have deflation and there is no inflation its all lies and phony frauds. The Fed is killing the United States for political reasons make no mistake about that.

Why? Trump is draining the swamp and its members can not borrow the trillions and over price everything to Americans any longer. Trump is creating transparency and shedding lights on the Deep State stealing and stopping it. We are talking trillions. If they can’t kill him they want to destroy him to the conveyor belt of unlimited theft versus more controlled stealing back on track.

Crammer said he knows more than Powell on what the economic status is. Crammer does in fact. Powell is making POLICY ERRORS in a new frontier of money policy the world has never known before. Will Powell create a system liquidity crash. I think the risk is massive he will.

Powell needs to SLOW DOWN as their is urgency to slow down interest rate hike policy an zero urgency to raise interest rates so fast – in an election year – in a weak recovery.


What does panic look like really. Real panic ? Well watch now to Friday and you’ll see yourself. The fed is selling record crap into the bond market only Fed lies are no longer working. The Fed risks trashing the US dollar as the World Reserve Currency only self sabotage could ever bring about.

The Fed is:

  1. Selling bonds into the bond market at a pace that is unimaginable.
  2. The Fed stopped buying bonds and now only sell bonds.
  3. The Fed raises interest rates over and over and over the cost of everything else rising – soaring

Now we see a real outcome of failed Fed crises policy. The Stocks fly down ( Predictable into Super Crash ) and the bonds ( normally rise as safe haven ) but they go down too – gold goes down -it all goes down – confidence is shattered in the FED itself.

THAT IS THE CRISES – the Fed credibility is the wizard of oz. The wizard is a fraud. A base line criminal gang of real thieves. Crammer and I long ago stopped believing in both Santa Clause and the Federal Reserve Board.

We no longer believe anything the Fed spin doctors present. The solution is an emergency Presidential legislation to congress to MERGE THE FED INTO US TREASURY. That is the way to stop the crimes.


Democrats destabilizing the market seek to challenge control of congress -another force united to empower the FED. The Democrat radical leadership is too wild to lead – and today they empower the FED where Republicans wish to merge the Fed back into US Treasury for over sight and balance.

Why three weeks to the election is there the market down turn NOW?

You say it is not political in a concert of action.


Will the response ultimately set it all right?

AI is in charge with Super Money pools. I think the market will crash royally and then spiral back up royally as well in these election wars. We’ll see.

The risk…is not our companies and earnings which are so strong …no …the risk is criminal bankers and criminal FED leading them all in a secret fraud that the Film:

Lays bare for you – the truth always sets voters free. if you chose the vote is not about party in 2018…the vote is about:




Is how I see it in economics – politically dysfunction grid lock and tearing the nation to shreds is bad for our prosperity and the world.

Thats all…and now the global forces …all election year three weeks from election are at work….THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK…..

I got this…stay tuned for more for you…make sense?

Berny Dohrmann – Hurricane Surviver in Florida and Serving my readers with the truth