All experts including me, blame the Federal Reserve Board for brutal GREED in raising interest rates following the Great Recession within the most fragile recovery unlike any since 1929…

  • Raising interest rates way way to fast – 10 months versus ten years following FREE $$$
  • Raising way to frequently along the time curve of ten months 100% and 100% up
  • Raising way too much each raise versus more moderate raises along more time


Their charts and data are wrong. They are as we have reported obsolete and criminal anyway. The Fed must merge to restore world order back into the US Treasury. President Donald Trump can not DRAIN THE SWAMP when the base line of water you run the air boats upon IS THE FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD not an agency of nation if any one cares to research but a private stock firm owned by the banks it regulates and others. In secret. The FED is the biggest scam ever presented to the American people and the same holds through for my large international readers and their own central banks, research it all. A crime a fraud a scam.

The FED caused this the experts say. Does anyone punish the FED? Oh no nation can. But they can pass an quick 72 hour emergency law to merge the Fed and its processes into the US treasury that has right data and no conflict to reward CRIMINAL BANKERS with outrageous interest on money they pay zero to develop from YOU. Now there are other problems creating panic.


GREENSPAN gloating behind Bill Clinton in the last THREE HOURS of the Bill Clinton Administration passed the Commodity Modernization Act that had zero to do with Commodities. By a UNANIMOUS VOTE OF CONGRESS as their largest meal ticket is the Wallstreet/Banking lobby. SO this ACT tore to shreds all the depression protection laws. For the first time since the 1930’s the banks could invest your grand ma’s deposits in Kansas in off shore super high risk structured asset derivatives all electronically traded at up to 50 to 1 leverage illegal in the USA.

And now they have.

So the PANIC today is also taking banks – weakly recovering from the bad bets they made in 2007 – and today’s bad bets are now not paying off. This is triggering margin calls. These margin call triggers demand liquidation SPIRALS to pay off the margin bets. Those who bet in the new CASINO CAPITALISM long on the market going up by Christmas will lose fortunes in margin calls as the market plunge reaches past the 2800 structural level by Friday.


All eyes are on China. China is in a structural super crash of its equity and debt values. Its debt at 300% more than GNP creates a totally PHONY UNSUSTAINABLE economy that must hard crash to restore economic imbalances to accounts. The 100 Trillion in bad non performing China debts carried as GOOD ASSETS on institutional bank statements and the nations will be a pig working its way out of the python of communist mis management.

Their law this week as law to RE-EDUCATE – a law to put over 1,000,000 Muslims in concentration camps, and that number is rising quickly to 5,000,000 is how they deal with radical Muslim issues in their nation. What is the difference of Communist human rights abuse to Nazis human rights abuse as those they can not re-educate they simply murder? Perhaps American’s stuck in a 50 mile zone around a burger king and a big shake please don’t fully appreciate the world today.

The Chinese Stock and Bond market if you read back we told you GET OUT. We told you where to look for safety – diversified insurance investing with protected principle. Those who acted and moved out at the ALL TIME HIGH as we suggested all through this summer, lost nothing this week and are saying prayers to our blog. Those who read and played in the casino now are in a position to hold and do nothing. The rule in SUPER CRASHES – when in doubt do nothing…..hold through.

China may sink to its structural testing point today or Friday. WILL THE COMMUNIST SUPPORT THIER MARKETS BY INVESTING THEIR CRAZY RESERVES THEY HAVE FROM CHEATING THE WORLD IN TRADE? IF YES THE CRASH WILL BE SLOWER. IF NO THE CHINA SUPER CRASH MAY BEGIN NEXT WEEK – a ripple the world has never known before and going beyond Communist support ability in any context.

We said the only survival for the Chinese economic model is a DEAL WITH THE USA and fast. Delay is the one cost China can not afford to pay. IS IT TOO LATE ALREADY?




All week I heard on all stations the news – invest in developing nations. You. must own these stocks. The huge Bali Confernce with the WORLD BANK and IMF is under writing the policy that TRADE IS ESSENTIAL to elevate the majority of nations and people out of abject poverty. This falls under Scobie Dooh and DUHHHH ? No one is discussing SUPER BONDS displayed over and over here and in my work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION on Amazon.

The developing nations, have massive colonial debt saddles upon them that remove capital to develop their countries without taking on more slavery debt from say nations like China that use money they borrowed in the first place to lend their borrowed money in colonial debt saddles to trading partners stealing their minerals and IP maximally impoverishing those nations for decades to China. Renegotiating forward debt makes those nations satellites of China for breeding and power zone extensions.

Keep the MUSLIM CONCENTRATION CAMPS IN MIND now passing 1,000,000 rounded up in the night, entire families disappearing in the morning, and communities gone entirely. Consider that with zero CNN on THAT item as we report “hate trump” all the way to the election.

The Bali World Bank and IMF have zero IP and solutions presented to resolve the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE they all know is spiraling up until now. Now the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE is fueling the SUPER CRASH AND PANIC as very smart people are holding Powell who is insane responsible for the GREED and lies.

The issue facing 200 developing nations and most of 8 billion humans on the earth starving to death is:

  1. Higher cost of money world wide way to fast to moderate and sustain economics
  2. Soaring oil prices not from supply and demand from an elite oil cartel manipulation
  3. Trade War with tariff’s about to install a phony inflation or rising cost across the board
  4. Sector softness – too much inventory from hard goods to chips – building crashing etc
  5. Election – Prosperity with Congress passing infrastructure and immigration – Super Crash and another Great Recession driven by miscalculation on debt loads by the FED into Dysfunctional Congress – Impeachment Grid Lock and years of economic down bubble. Vote your wallet folks for record high’s as we predicted year end – its all in the election of HOW YOU ALL VOTE.



It is NOT what it seems. Look at China and Russia with digital market weaponized attacks on our markets – show selling a trillion in stocks and in bonds forcing both down into a market panic from AI. Its so easy today. Read THE SECRET WEAPON by DOD contractor Kevin Freeman and Hedge Fund CEO ( CEO SPACE faculty and dear friend mentor ).

Do you not think the FINANCIAL DIGITAL WEAPONS of 2007 are not AI better today? Messing with our election? DO YOU THINK THOSE THAT HACK the DOD NSA CIA AND White House can not influence our ECONOMY right at the election?

What manipulates voters more if your sanctions cost 100’s of billions?

A digital market attack that makes you ONE TRILLION OR MORE IN A WEEK OR SO while you cost one side an election and plunge your enemy into a RECESSION blaming TARIFF policy on Trump so he loses power to negotiate with the enemy attacking our markets.

This blog suggested congress vastly elevate an SEC DIGITAL REGULATORY DIVISION AND FUND IT so that directing in real time how these huge flash trade volumes are occurring and FROM WHO so that digital weapons are identified. We have said also SHORT SELLING Should be a criminal activity as it was after the Great Depression removing casino capitalism from capital circulations.

Today we are in a mess. WHY NOW?

Keep asking the intelligent questions THREE WEEKS BEFORE AN ELECTION when earnings and profits are fine and everything is going into a SUPER CYCLE for the Holiday WHY NOW?



Ask that question?


This folks is not normal or traditional and anyone who thinks this digital AI market is a normal compared to last time market is nuts.

Compare it to 2007 when the Axis of Evil attacked our markets globally.


Consider who gains from this?


WHY NOW three weeks from our election?

The news is so asleep on this. Why are all news media outlets not interviewing KEVIN FREEAN or myself on this ?

A digital attack triggers the panic. IT is so easy and no one reports ELECTION MANIPULATION AT ALL but the yellow brick road starts and Munchkin land and the Secretary of Treasury is not amused and he KNOWS the attack is what it is….they know folks…..

Panic? Our markets are not safe from digital attack and we lack tools to win the first FINANCIAL Pearl Harbor attacks on our soil.

If you read THE SECRET WEAPON you will begin to have the reading glasses you require to KNOW what is REALLY going on OUT THERE….


Our three letter agencies are over time at full war mode at this moment.

And they should be.

I’d so like to see a tweet a sound byte or a story on the Digital economic war taking place today.