TAMPA home of CEO SPACE now in session is hundreds of miles from the Hurricane. We will have a little rain like San Francisco storms. No biggee – airlines are landing in Tampa just fine. But you know how they all are….we live here….its good….I’m outside typing in my garden office.

We are likely to see – due to speculations do to Super Money AI pools – profiting in micro profits long and short at the same time. Every day investors who invest in fundamentals, and hold through volatility, will do just fine as long term planners and long term investors.

For day traders tying to out rope the AI good luck. You may invest in a stock like Tesla in the Short Seller provided dip Рthat is wise actually Рif your following the distortion by sort sellers. Tesla  and Elon Musk are developing.:

  • Earth friendly power grids such as the world has never seen before
  • Space launch and return and a booming space industry vs business
  • Back up the brain in real time – its under developing with huge spin off product lines
  • Boring that makes under ground transportation give us the future
  • Electric super quiet drones with ranges for military and personal use and taxi and transport
  • Tesla automotive on top of it all years ahead of any imaginable alternative leading the entire industry Tesla began…

The entire auto industry is shorting Tesla to move the lead Elron Musk out. Thats all. The big bucks want to steal Tesla. The lower we go the lower the price to go private folks and keep in mind I stated that here first.

Here is my rule…DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE ELRON MUSK …I know his team is beyond and over the top.

When should you dollar average stocks in volatility high gain markets. I would say Tesla is a great super buy that can explore value over time and the more it goes down with short selling the more buyers can buy and dollar cost average making their huge bucks all the way back …plus you and you alone break the short sellers laying on or lying on their backs today.

Watch the shorts and buy the dips.

There is one great rule for your investment adviser – remained them….

Buy “LOW” …..and sell HIGH………….is that now ?

Berny Dohrmann Year End Booming to Record New Highs by year end – with volatility