We told our readers GET OUT OF CHINA as any place to park resources. Today China has crashed it’s reserve requirements for communist banks in a total PANIC to pump until billions back into the economy, now sinking after Holiday sales end. Now the slide is steep. Now banks in China totally upside down in 100 trillion dollars ( US ) of bad debt the institutions in Communist land hold as good and performing asset on their books and that number now is soaring…can keep less reserves – and lend even more and faster. All against the IMF warning after warning that China may sink the entire world order in its unsustainable Debt SUPER BUBBLE…now that BUBBLE SHOWS REAL SIGNS OF EXPLODING……the only salvation is a DEAL WITH THE USA. Without that DEAL & FAST the RUN on China spells chaos in China markets for years and so much unrequited pain for her people…all do to mismanaged economic policy now beyond wiggle room for further errors and mistakes.

China borrowing 300% more than it makes – the largest debtor imbalance nation is having a run on the NATION:

  • Super Money pools and invidious are panicking
  • China capital is running out of investment sectors
  • Worst Monday opening in years for China today as AI kick’s in
  • Run out of currency
  • Run out of bonds making borrowing costs soar
  • Run out of real estate
  • Run out of banking
  • Run out of everything China

Our warning IF China does not make a REAL TRADE DEAL SOON – America and the EU to follow will simply CEASE BUYING made in China. Companies won’t have a choice. Already massive manufacturing shifts to other nations in region is occurring. Massive return to USA is occurring as automation creates a tipping point on end game cost – China is NOT the price point it was years ago.


  1. State and business are one so the State steals and hacks to protect its business model as a rule of culture versus rule of law. This theft of IP is no longer going to be tolerated and China will be seen as a robber baron state which it is today. Living off the investments of other nations and stealing those investments to rise up as strategy.
  2. Barriers to entry on trade in China are feudal laws from the Middle Ages. These laws in AI money pool land will not stand. Borrowing costs in China supported by ZERO FREE MONEY FROM THE USA and EU for ten years is over.
  3. Soaring Borrowing costs will sink China markets first and real estate into a SUPER CRASH.
  4. Super Bubbles in China – China has hoarded commodities for more than a decade. No rare earth resales. Massive stores of iron, copper, and related minerals. Bidding prices up to levels that are pure bubbles. And Oil. Now China will have those bubbles burst and all investment values will become loss’s. Shorting CHINA is a safe bet in my opinion across the China board as prices normalize as China is forced to DUMP its mineral stores as they crash downward now – in fact they have started already.
  5. This moderates Inflation globally as without Oil artificially and manipulated upwards – as the WORLD IS DROWNING IN OIL as I’ve defined by data so many times – that – all commodities now in a FREE MONEY PRICE BULBLE will collapse.

Depending on WHAT China Communist central planners DO IN FACT the speed is what is not appreciated. If they graduate the mistakes the boom Super Cycle will last till next year – moderate with volatility – and then SUPER CRASH in 2020/2021 – more precise timing is awaiting data. The experts predict this week the SUPER CRASH will be 40% of todays market price – Ron Paul Today predicted 50% – we remain convicted the SUPER CRASH will be 60%. But it won’t last like 2008 as AI profiting in the crash will reward itself all the way back up that rope for those that can hold through those loss on papers for 24 months when recovery smoke signals appear.

So today the market is seeing the bell weather long term COST OF EVERYTHING above oil itself as INTEREST ON TEN YEAR US TREASURY BONDS spiking their largest up spike in ten years in one week last week to 3.25% . The Fed is destabilizing world markets as we stated and as Congress and the White House have stated – but no one has influence on the Fed but the criminal bankers who own the shares of the FED a private far from Gov agency. Scroll and see films proving all the lies about the FED itself as a criminal institution.

So the TEN YEAR “COST OF EVERYTHING” is rising like a mo fo and the fed has no reason or charts for this outside its member greed. GREED IS THE HEED at the FED for its inward profits. The idea their abuse of the system with FREE MONEY FOR TEN YEARS needs to NORMALIZE in ten months is a Fed insanity.

The truth is a ten year modification to normalization would allow the market time to work the enormity of the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE through the system.

China the # 1 debt Super bobble on earth without a Deal with the USA ( economics over politics ) is in global economics – utterly predictable. Run on China – impacts on world markets – and Bursting of the China Super Bubble in 2019 as China sinks into the quick sand of its own making for no reason at all…the Deal with the USA is PROSPERITY to 2030 no deal is SUPER CRASH and China destabilization having zero to do with President Trump or the USA. It is simply turning the lights out as the power in China goes off……