The blog this week on FIRE HOSE and or your trickle into 2019 provides data you can use in any business or employment to advance agenda’s. The USA Today reported the lowest UNEMPLOYMENT in 50 years since 1969. This means untold millions are off state support and are now paying into debt reductions to the USA making all projections charts and projections obsolete in the extreme to the positive to USA. I predict the USA credit rating down graded under President Obama with TARP and massive debts will now rise and be restored as floods of income flow into USA Treasury from new income, tariff taxes and rising jobs jobs jobs. September after Holiday vacations had job growth slow a bit but that picks up now with Holiday temp hirings to Christmas. Read the TRICKLE OR FIRE HOSE BLOG and apply the data to your own agenda.

CEO SPACE is serving clients all week starting Saturday in our Capital Mastery to install the master skill for all business owner professionals – the skill to know and understand the option for NEW LAW capital ( easier lower cost lower time ) to use capital to propel hyper growth for any brand mission including non for profit. The golden key the majority of CEO’s fail to appreciate fully is capital itself. The $ 10,000 FREE education and hard skill practice sessions off land these skills to CEO’s who have raised untold vaults of capital over 30 years in the CEO SPACE community for their brands and success. Tuesday to Saturday the full BUSINESS GROWTH CONFERENCE is serving CEO’s and owners to grow faster than they grow outside the CEO SPACE community of resources..our give back to the world now entering decade number FOUR in over 140 nations globally.

Tuesday I will post a HOLIDAY GIFT for our last Business Growth Conference of 2018. I suggest you consider watching for that to share that URL with your own tribe. The value is a tax and CEO decision to develop your own leadership tool box – your personal growth – as an individual and leader – and to ;be brought current in a market of Super Change you see all over the news – as you ask yourself – what IS my own process to be brought current in my leadership core skills and to remain current. The highest reward to executive teams in 2018 in the world is Forbes ranked # 1 – CEO SPACE where currency in the C suite is of high value.


CEO SPACE Is the worlds leading business accelerator serving high achieving leaders who wish to remain at peak in performance and outcomes….

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So our work is serving our guests Saturday to Saturday ..we are so busy in this contributive service to planet shifter CEO’s who ARE CHANGING THE WORLD with their lives. Our films and proof’s are on line over a beverage break you can see what a billionaire Fortune Wharton double Post graduate said…in the 1990’s before 1000 improvements were made…

….CEO SPACE “is” the largest download of hard skill tools of my own adult life time…my realization upon graduation from CEO SPACE is I’m consumed with effortless abundance for all my stake holders immersed in contributions making a fortune…to have any spare time remaining to struggle to earn a living……

So Tuesday as the Holiday Gift is posted here -for those who enrich lives of others may I request as my readers that you might –  viral THAT VALUE  to bless entrepreneurs in your mail list to bless their holiday and year end….if spirit calls you to do so in a pay it forward blessing to others and yourself. If you wish to attend our largest riches Holiday Forum this December – the program and hotel will sell out completely so register and reserve hotel space in October is my tip to you as 140 nations will read that Tuesday “can’t so no” offer as CEO’s bring their entire family to the HOLIDAY FORUM….2019.



You have seen what we predicted.

Record all time wealth DOW and charts and graph in all spaces. You have seen unemployment reach a 50 year low in America. You have seen Musk settle with the SEC our recommendation but he feeds short sellers by failing to see the CEO stock value of leading out front while remaining invisible – Musks incapacity to quiet zone himself and allow others like my favorite the Dan  Edleman’s global PR leading firm  to manage the brand and company wins and achievements to market….as the TWEET stock teeter totter is new and not desired in fact. In my opinion. I still advocate Tesla is a great buy in the dip only down from short seller profits and AI reacting to tweet space then adjusting for the volatility you see in that stock.

I bought face book at around $ 150 and looked at it today and elected to hold to Jan as I believe Holiday IPHONE Sales ( my MAX ordered some time back is back ordered to Oct 10th ) and that back order time is growing – suggests the buying bet of Apple to margin is a slam dunk home run.

Today’s report that – Apple has been hacked by PERSON OF INTEREST ( The television show you should all binge watch to see the AI I’m writing about ) – level of intrigue – is that CHINA placed SPY CHIPS in Apple Servers to in effect hack IP from Apple and all Apple users. Apple denies any chips or spy hard ware is in its servers – as the FAKE news goes on …or is it. The outcome of this – will have enormous outcomes as Apple elected to bend to China and place core servers in China for China customers versus the world where servers are not in China – so your data is not at risk…keep that in your mind.

The game which you see in AI and PERSON OF INTEREST is to insert now hardware into the AI server farms to trick AI to do what the stealth war hardened chip inserts direct and no one ever knows at all as decades of data on every click and all IP creations in development pour into the AI or IP thief.


As we have informed our readers for five years. Reporting and press increasingly controlled by AI itself – is not adequately or fully reported. Super Change is the age we reside within and the title of my 2019 BEST SELLING NEW BOOK watch for that book release… many aspects of our world are defined in tool sets for high achievers in this new best seller. How do you prosper in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE. I’m going to tell you .

The sequel and my best work outside Redemption the Cooperation Revolution ( Holiday gift back ordered always and five stars on Amazon ) is: Digital Manners. Digital Manners picks up where Super Achievers left off…and moves beyond Alvin Toller and his future visions. Digital Manners defines an end game for….AI that is positive for us all versus negative. The future will be clarified in Digital Manners designed to be a 500 million dollar best seller like Rich Dad and others we have promoted but a 1.5 billion passing THE SECRET as a MOTION PICTURE. The world will wake up with Digital Manners everywhere… for both. Thanks to Bill Gladstone for his confidence in this one two title to global readership and shift.


Our readers have long heard me define that focus on the sit com of fake news and world distractions is not what awake brains should be consumed into as you lean into your own joy and gratitude. On Economics we all create OUR OWN ECONOMIES. Great your economies that are booming in any market – be self reliant and less concerned about any outside anything. Lean into positive and evaporate thought time on negatives. Become pro active to what your attention will focus upon. You either CPU your own brains attention or others CPU from their computers and control YOU through your attention. ROB THEM OF THAT VICTORY and claim your own…that is waking up. Place your attention into joy and gratitude and create circles that do – no gossip judgement Balme or negatives – send them to their own toxic circles you remove yourself from. Guard your circles and guard your guards for a switched on turned on home life and work space life and balance in recreation and life joys.

I do. We do. You?

Not so much? Yesterday is already far to late to begin this wake up attention super focus always under your control…minute to minute …you are in charge of. your attention which is your only alive moment as everything is else is brain storms of electrical firing in your brain space….either under control of your free will or under control of others who would control the unawake. Another tip – make the following boxes in your mail system digitally:

NOW MONEY NOW BOX – Action to this week and next income for your achievement performance and out comes in life.

NEXT MONEY NEXT BOX – Action that resolves achievement and income in three weeks to 90 days.

LAST MONEY LAST BOX- Action that impacts income and achievement 90days to year out box – limiting time weekly to that box elevating time to NOW MONEY NOW typically less than 10% of a week fo your time.

NO MONEY NONE BOX – Action that makes no money or achievement of any kind – busy work and non productive work – routines that do not grow outcomes from incoming in your email or call times.

FRIDAY BOX – email Box and also physical box for mail phones and related calls on time – as your attention – your time – moment to moment is your alive moment of master manifestation and truly – what you squander where your time is far more precious than D flawless diamonds – time and what your put attention upon is your wealth. The Friday box drags into itself all negatives – all less than positive joys to handle it once weekly –  9 to 12 noon – freeing up all other time and your weekend TIME for attention that is positive and productive to your attention choice of agenda to focus upon.

Now drag and do not open or read email any longer…to be far too busy creating fortunes to have time to struggle in relationship or earning a living….

  1. Set a time to process email early before 9 to 6 daily.
  2. Drag all emails into your boxes no opening or reading.
  3. Only in EMAIL TIME ALLOCATIONS that never impacts your production performance and 9 to 6 MENTAL AGENDA’s for outcome – then and only then process with attention your emails. Daily on Now money Now.
  4. Once weekly Friday 9 to 12 your Friday Box in a POWER HOUR and all other boxes only Friday 9 to 12 for the rest…delete faster – reply with less words faster. Make better decisions…nothing wonderful happens without a choice from you.
  5. Free up time to create outcomes you desire as you also maximize attention to your family spouse and joy and gratitude and balance and recreations.

You just CPU reset your attention as a more awake being in a digital world and you alone now control your attention. In Time block routines to read news – which has no effect on your economy or life none – catch up weekly – or if you read daily as I do its 6 to 7 AM like Jeff Bezos or Mark Cuban…and we fast scan negatives and seek to spot super change agency we can apply as we move into our day which is no longer email – mail – or in coming controlled.

HIGH PERFORMANCE LEADERS are PRO ACTIVE versus Reactive to incoming. I look at my phone schedule by others on my calendar and meeting schedules and re-arrange them cancel them and render them – in 15 minutes to assure NOW MONEY NOW is my attention and priority. I allocate my TIME. This game I play daily where each new day I lean in to gratitude and joy fully as I wake up because A) I woke up at all no guarantee on that and B) Because I did I maximally can contribute and serve others if I upgrade my own time.

That is my intention for my life TIME. What about yours.

SO – NEWS has zero control on me. I appreciate bought and paid for digital and news manipulations which have zero effect on MY brain choices. My attention is my made in the image and likeness of…and I owe source its best unity back to source in love gratitude joy leading my life into bliss for my self my home my world. I wish to be an agent of joy to everyone I serve….you?

My hope is today…I contributed as what others call me …the reigning Pope of the Human Potential Industry an industry my father founded in the 1940’s and I continue to work to elevate in the 2019’s and beyond….with all the others in our tribe.

…..for us the Possible means…I AM POSSIBLE and the lessons are the best when they are the most challenging….I open my eyes and smile into disaster …what my friend do YOU HAVE TO TEACH ME THIS DAY…..and I find in discovery that the worst is always my best teacher….because I AM ALWAYS POSSIBLE….to the impossible….

This blessing is your first HAPPY HOLIDAY FROM ME to YOU ….Tuesday I’ll gift you another one. Watch for it.

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND …full of promise as your new mail box opens up your human potential as a leader ….with tools that give you prosperity back in the age of SUPER CHANGE within your own new Digital Manners….



Need More?

Leave me a comment below as to the help this made in your life or what more you desire and require and I will to you personally to every comment.