Keep in mind that fear and hatred rally voter blocks. Professionals know this and whip up in todays digital world effective MIND CONTROL to influence your belief’s. For example. Do you think in the last election Hillary did not explore every item of “trash” she could or her teams could uncover in the Triple AAA GAME – the BEYOND SUPER BOWL – THE ELECTION ITSELF? So Trump’s team meet w ith a source that says from Russia we have “illegal evidence” on Hillary Clinton. Of course they hear it out. No laws broken either. Its hard ball. It went absolutely no where at all and was not used in any way. Trump had more than enough to win and he won. Thats all in the MAJOR LEAGUE GAME of POLITICS which is never kind – not his wife and children and not to anyone holding office. The things that reported about Obama and his wife – were atrocious in our culture and all of that must stop for leaders duly elected. I think it will as this is a short time of digital new tools and the sides explore “use” without a moral compass – for because we CAN in fact SHOULD WE and does this reflect our core values ? Politics is never what it appears and what you appear to see is manipulation of voters pure and simple by the PRO’s – in opposition – spun fake news and spun on real facts – and you all know that is true. THE DIGITAL SPIN is new and terrible and awful and without JUSTICE REFORM and LIABLE SLANDER REFORM agencies on line like #METOO a great moral power today can cross over the double lines of due process – just like a special prosecutor made bold by unlimited budges and powers with massive support from the Bias of CRUSH TRUMP setting up a crises in Justice that is just getting worse until we have real inside work to REFORM AND UPGRADE JUSTICE IN AMERICA TO OUR VALUES AND CONSTITUTION where the most powerful government on earth has double lines to fully protect SOVEREIGN CITIZENS who hold MORE POWERS after JUSTICE REFORM …than out of control agencies where authority creep has USURPED RULE OF LAW AND CONGRESS. Justice now makes laws that congress had no clue about and a JUSTICE REFORM rolls back FREEDOM inside the LAND OF THE FREE AND STILL THE HOME OF THE BRAVE.

But WAIT – those opposing Trump politically engineer an ISSUE. It costs over one billion dollars to date and is coming up on two years of FBI CIA and related resources with legal teams working round the clock to indict all the Kings ( Trumps ) men and to secure their testimony as their own get out of jail FREE CARD. In two years not one allegation has taken place that Trump broke a law. There is no collusion with Russia and none of that was USED. The FBI in fact and in public stated THEY WOULD NOT BRING CRIMINAL CHARGES AGAINST HILLARY CLINTON. That helped Hillary in those final weeks.

As we all go into 2019 we see the FBI is “not impartial” and a “get Trump” leadership with vast wealth and powers ( the old deep state facing real reforms for the first time in our lifetime )  has skewed the agency of nation  to invest an ocean of resources to go after Trump on – oh – when they can’t get anything at all – say tax returns – given that detail is all managed by major law firms and CPA’s – not likely to end up with more than another billion consumed for nothing – the Special Prosecutor with a narrow mandate – RUSSIA COLLUSION finding ZERO EVIDENCE of any criminal act related to that the authority for their very existence – they step out of those powers and defacto to get TRUMP at any cost even appearance labeling – in bias for sure – NOW  – has indicted Trump Team members on “crimes” that are not inside their mandate at all – usually tax issues outside America – as they now claim with their new powers greater than the ATTORNEY GENERAL supported massively by the DUMP TRUMP unity and bias – are in 2018 and 2019  criminal versus civil matters – the bias versus any impartial execution of justice creates a well reported BIAS record in Justice itself along with never ending AUTHORITY JURISDICTION CREEPS that allow the Special Prosecutor without checks and balances – to operate as an ATTORNEY GENERAL in effect making up law on his own watch, that is not law in fact, and which congress has no intention of granting to the Special Prosecutor as powers. Abuse of Office is a crime.  Who prosecutors the special prosecutor for abuse of powers folks? Ask that question its a fair one. All bought and paid for news has had to report facts they don’t want to report THAT the agencies of our nation are biased and working politically to GET TRUMP. This is not political. This is WRONG FOR AMERICA. The core problems is our own corruption and need for full on Justice reform. I suggest if the vote weakens Trump as we set forth later below – the SPECIAL PROSECUTOR after year end will empower the BIAS CRUSH TRUMP in congress teams with a flurry of new charges around Trump and his family members, ending with a bias report they can’t indict Trump but tarring and feathering him in the report without evidence – real evidence – that Trump is a criminal which that appearance is worth as much as a phony direct hit. Then with Trump weakened maximally in such cases of the vote – the Congress will grid lock hoping to steal the election in two years by destroying Trumps AGENDA entirely. Why? For pay back to protect the deep state from reforms of course. This war is class war and brutal and the President earning 800 million in annual ordinary income, waiving his President salary of half a million a year to charity, is a Leader who love him or hate him simply understands the economics really and this one leader earning 800 millions in just ordinary income on billions upon billions in asset wealth and his children all super successful wealth each in their own achievements having nothing to do with Daddy – they can NOT BE INFLUENCED OR BOUGHT by any influence anywhere. Thats new. You may hate Trump. Understandable completely. NO PRESIDENT IN AMERICAN HISTORY has been so unanimously VILIFIED  BY 90% OF ALL BOUGHT AND PAID FOR PROTECT THE SWAMP MONEY AND PRESS. You have only been spoon fed what more to HATE about Trump himself. The weight of that necklace is designed to propel your November 6th Vote. America’s will back lash or they will not. They will chose reform and prosperity or they will go back to the corruption they know. Personally and as an expert I think no one should under estimate AMERICA. I think we are in for a huge surprise Nov 6th one way or the other way. DOES VOTER MANIPULATION WORK? We are about to all of us see in fact.

This election ask yourself: ARE YOU LESS OR MORE AFRAID OF YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT THAN YOU WERE ONLY YEARS AGO GROWING UP? Then think of voting for Prosperity – Infrastructure required to gain prosperity to 2030 – and leaders who WILL ROLL BACK FREEDOM THE CONSTITUTION AND PROTECT US ALL. Do that to the best of your own conscious. I support YOUR VOTE if it cancels MY VOTE and I will fight to defend your right to vote the way your heart defines for your best outcome as an informed voter in any nation.


1. Which nation in the world engaged in trade war would benefit by untold billions if Trump was weakened in this election.

2. Which nation gains untold billions if they sell at peak all time stock high’s and reposition, sinking markets before the election – timed as a nuke strike to the economy – versus say a rogue agent posting a face book item or two? I mean really….REALLY? Are you not following the money?

3. If you are Russia, China, Iran North Korea and so many others – do you take your sovereign wealth funds and PROFIT enormously to sink markets and INFLUENCE THE AMERICAN ELECTION making billions before it all drops because your PLAN TO INFLUENCE THE ELECTION REALLY – MAKE BILLIONS DOING IT – ALL COMES HOME TO ROOST IN EXECUTION FOR PLAN A THAN PLAN B.

4. After SUCCESS weakening Trump taking Congress away so your buddies are all in now, you buy back the stock after the election at the low, making new profits all the way to the NEW HIGHS and no regulatory agency knows you are doing it at all – nor do they have tools to Investigate the REAL ELECTION MANIPULATIONS.

5. Yes there are billions flowing to lobby and PACKS from sovereign nations as well – all though countless spokes of those wagon wheels on HOW the MONEY legally arrives so it never seems concentrated to a conspiracy of nations to enrich themselves weakening their opponent in long term trade negotiations. If may back fire in America as we get real real MAD when the smarty pants think they can manipulate US the real USA as if we were hand puppets for their agenda. With the MARKET the KEY ISSUE ON ECONOMY – my question day one to the market crack – WHY NOW? With record all time earnings – best CATERPILLAR third quarter in history – price drops massive % for why? Nations in this conspiracy game manipulate American elections with coordinated plans to create the KEY ISSUE – the Trump economy IS CRACKING which it is in fact NOT Cracking – it is roaring with pre Christmas quarter GNP higher than any year in 20 years. Roaring. Todays market is INFLUENCE ON ELECTION nothing more. Companies and nations opposing Trump who see $$ BENEFITS if Congress flips and Trump is WEAKEN AND IF ENOUGH – DISTRACTED UTTERLY by DYSFUNCTION GRID LOCK CONGRESS – as we return to 1.4% GNP and growth as per decades – or we roar forward with prosperity and moving to 5% Growth. No one has seen it all this good in their entire life time. So why the DOWN TURN “NOW” roaring into Holiday Buying with 72% of all spending taking place to year end – the SUPER CYCLE of our generation? None of THIS is lost on small business – CEO SPACE being the largest voice for Small Business in America for over three decades now. We see RECORD ALL TIME SMALL BUSINESS CONFIDENCE. Large firms are downsizing 13% from Ford to Zellerbach. This Niagara Falls of lay offs is being completely eaten by small business – 5I6 new starts ( a MONTH ) in 2018 a record itself – and more than half WOMAN OWNED, via the Kauffman Foundation latest reports.


1. Well funded political ( private action committees with unlimited money pouring in ) as Trump Opposition  PAKS double the Republican Fund ing pool in the key races. WHERE did all that money come from – over a billion on the Pelosi side as FUND RAISER IN CHEIF  publicly reporting for Impeach TRUMP at all costs – destroy his agenda.

2. Paks – engage PR firms to spin on social and news endless stories with a strategy no issue is important of itself, but as a necklace of weight we can FRAME TRUMP’s SIDE in a picture frame that says – he is dangerous – mentally unfit to lead – and because we do not appreciate his style of draining OUR SWAMP and US we are righting for our SWAMP LIFE. So the massive advertising, press articles – social postings – ( millions upon millions ) – FAKE NEWS manipulates elections. We have no DIGITAL POLICE to coordinate system abuse in this area and the new unlimited money that the Supreme Court allowed to flow in to elections has corrupted the process, all sides, until we have real and sincere ELECTION REFORM. Those bought and paid for 500 plus law makers receiving billions spread out to their PAKS are not likely anytime soon to vote to change their money conveyor belt as that requires CHARACTER and I can after 45 years of advocacy work on Capital Hill just about name the law makers who CAN”T BE BOUGHT and they are truly old and most are leaving. Orin Hatch and Richard Shelby are two of my highest praises but there are many more. Mitt coming in to take Orrin’s place will be one outside the normal in character so we’ll see across the board. ELECTION INFLUENCE IS WORSE EVERY VOTING SEASON as digital tools and advance policies of nations and companies work as one to get outcomes the money desires.

3. Having owned a publicly traded global broker dealer in my first decades of being a student of FOLLOW THE MONEY may I report it takes 100’s of billions to sink a market this strong. Digitally with digital margin leverage one can PROFIT ENORMOUSLY to sink markets for a short time – buy back to the new peaks – and make far more than you made just holding. You also influence US ELECTIONS. The SEC requires a massive increase in their DIGITAL REAL TIME AI to off set the real time digital AI now working against their rule of law and common damn sense. I believe doubling the SEC budget is profitable for America with allocation for 70% of that investment into a SEC GLOBAL DIGITAL MARKET TRANSPARENCY DEPARTMENT that reports on FINANCIAL TERRORISM AND MARKET MANIPULATION taking place since 2007 and to today simply escalating . DO NOT BE FOOLED. This election is BEING BIG BUCK MANIPULATED. Grasp one key voter concept – things are no longer what they appear to be – Fake News is not factual it is distraction to manipulate voter outcome. Volume is outside all review and real time compliance today. FOLLOW THE FREAKIN MONEY is always the best due diligence but it requires some click power.

The best market of our life time cracks just before the election. I asked to my readers ( almost 35,000 now in 100 nations ) WHY NOW? DUH? WHY NOW can’t you see it folks? BE THE NATIONS WISHING TO WEAKEN THE PRESIDENT WHILE THEIR TEAMS ( 10,000 smarty pants ) work on new trade orders that stop legal theft our nation via unfair barriers for anything AMERICAN made into their market space. As the worlds largest OIL PRODUCER by far and soaring to make the ratio of being # 1 larger than OPEC ever was or could be. OPEC who tried in only 2014 with MBS THE PUPPY KING ( Murder sociopathic brain ) at the lead of the war against America, has LOST THE WAR. America is now the wealth broker of the world again, where our oil alone makes our debt account a 12% against asset home loan. The most secure currency remains the US dollar and with Infrastructure that continues for 300 years forward. Infrastructure and oil.

WHICH CONGRESS will WORK and avoid grid lock that brought us such dysfunction we grew at only 1.4% GNP for most of 20 years looking back and in two years its doubled to 3.5% GNP rising to 5% with infrastructure.

During a boom period where Australia has had zero recessions in 30 years. ECONOMIES NATURAL HEALTHY STATE IS GROWTH. All living things GROW or they simply ROT. No exceptions. A family, a marriage, a business, a NATION. Unless something attacks the growth as the FED incorrectly is going right now ( is the Fed board fully independent of any check balance oversight or reporting as the only agency exempt from the constitution – ( is that even legal ) – and who now is clearly opposed to TRUMP and Trump Team for calling their MANIPULATION OF MARKETS world wide – into review and cleaned window review of their failed track record ( the FED is just a private stock firm scroll my blog for economist proof on every word on the FED items you read about here and off shore readers the same issue applies 100% of CENTRAL BANKS who operate as a union of money printing having taken over nations by controlling the money supply ). The FED INFLUENCES ELECTIONS as the source of all money world wide and is presently working to see Congress – avoid MERGING THE FED BACK INTO US TREASURY which may well occur with a strong Trump post election. No one knows and polls and predictions are often wrong when it comes to the real smarts in this nation – US – THE AMERICAN PEOPLE who hold a unique GPS for BULLSHIT. We just KNOW when we are being spun.

They have frequency and nano technology to influence your mood to vote one way or another. Are “THEY” using frequency manipulation on the election just because they can. Say opposing digitally advanced nations? Why would you think if they radiate our embassy with sonic weapons they can not influence your voter to poll walk in with frequency and no one would ever know at all. They have new crowd control with frequency to stop a riot dead in its tracks – and more. They have killing frequencies with AI elevating frequency weaponry. Are you thinking having these tools the nations wishing to at all cost weaken Trump for their own advantage against TRUMP are not using 100% of their tool box?

We have a necklace of spun SEMI PRECIOUS STONES OF DISTRACTION flying in front of our eyes morning noon and night all bought and paid for. The D FLAWLESS DIAMOND NECKLACE IS THE TRUTH but it takes some clicking or a WEB SITE like this one to part the fog from your eyes.



The economy is the TOP issue and the market is at war between those on one side and a world on the other as the swamp being drained has some dangerous species residing therein and some very poisonous creatures laying in wait.

POLITICS is simple folks. IT IS NEVER WHAT IT APPEARS TO BE as all you know and see is symptom. The core cause that puts forth these symptoms is the real illness. The DIS-EASE.

THINK ABOUT “WHY NOW”. I just KNOW you are smart enough to look at your iPhone BULLSHIT METER and discover the truth of what IS gong on out there – which is always and never ending – really folks follow the freakin money at the head water – do not get stuck on false issues – the one issue is Congress WORKING or DYSFUNCTION and GRID LOCK. PROSPERITY is the vote as it is not about party at all its about common sense to have infrastructure to re-invent and upgrade America.


Let us say you BORROW to lay in seed for your farm. Lets say you borrow against your home as a key asset you own, to improve the home. You invested in seed for the future price the home would be worth tomorrow.

There was a time not too long ago where Chrysler sought a Government guarantee to a loan required to SAVE ITSELF. The man who paid that loan back early – was LEE ICOCA – mentor to mentors.

During the loan guarantee process government staff swarming over Chrysler with FOOT BALL FIELDS full of cars they could not sell in America, with half their plants closed and more closing in a death spiral, discovered there as a 750 million dollar cash fund parked by Chrysler. The USA loan team said ….you have the cash required right there.

Chrysler CEO said oh we can not touch that money you see. That money is our seed to create new mini vans and digital upgrades to the entire line. We raised that seed from investors who were promised precisely how that money would be used.

Lee explained the Washington DC examiners – the future of Chrysler with the loan.

Then his slides explained the 750 million dollar multi year seed to develop new lines putting plants back to work and dealers into waiting list for the cars Trumping every projection. Having just made Ford rise up with the new MUSTANG Lee’s team invented and brought to market for Ford then their highest selling item – so the Ford Family Fired Lee. Chrysler in a pure economic death slide, hired Lee. Lee suggested when unfairly fired after record performance never get mad but it is OK to get EVEN.

Finally Lee explained the SEED and the loan created a profit making turn around outcome for an industry to vital for America to default to over sea nations only winning because of unfair subsidies we are forced to absorb as a burden since World War II. He explained time lines and milestones.

THE RESULT was his last slide.

LEE reported if you eat your seed….in life….than you have no future in life. Nor does Chrysler if it eats it’s own seed plus it is illegal as investor’s were promised how the SEED WOULD BE USED to grow the harvest for Chrysler.

Washington Approved the loan guarantee which in history no borrower paid back the loan and interest early – before due dates – retiring the risk to the USA AS THE SEED CAME TO MARKET AND REVOLUTIONIZED THE MARKET PLACE.

IS THE 2018 ELECTION ABOUT EATING OUR OWN SEED or planting the new seeds we need to have the future our unborn desire and require. Just think about your SEED in America – prosperity is a tide that lifts all boats.


This Saturday I spoke more than once with world famous Legacy CEO SPACE FACULTY Dr. INCREASE Himself – Bob Harrison. You want to get his books and tapes on INCREASE google my buddy – so great to leap from 1988 across all our years speaking – as at the 14th anniversary of the KINGDOM CHAMBER of Commerce now moving into their new world home offices in Philly – are the fastest growing FAITH BASED ( all faiths ) BUSINESS COMMUNITY in the world today. We so endorse you opening a chapter in your city. Check them OUT on line. KINGDOM CHAMBER OF COMMERCE PHILADELPHIA.

In the early morning this Saturday I’m with CEO’s I”m coaching and mentoring – watching CNN live as the first real time broadcasts and the troops arrive – and the world reacted yet again to an INSANE DAMAGED BRAIN ( TRULY WE DO NOT HAVE MANY BUT WE HAVE THEM IN REAL TIME ON NEWS TODAY ). We one and all of us sane brains, connected to the innocence of a family celebrating new birth male circumcision practiced for thousands upon thousands of years in Jewish tradition as covenant to the GOD of Abraham. Now the 90 year old uncle brothers celebrating the families continuity with a new male child in their tradition on their Sabbath holy worship day – raising the new born high – were cut down and shot dead as were 9 others not counting the wounded and those who will be impaired for life – with one crazy brain shouting out ALL JEWS MUST DIE.

I keep calling upon the PRESS to label ISSI terror and all sociopathic leaders like MBS…CRAZY BRAINS. Acting out reduces when the crazy brain appreciates the cost to them and the entire union of sane brains against their small less than a fraction of 1% of all of us. Crazy Brains took cross bows into schools in Rome. Crazy brains acted out in Greece. Crazy brains have always been among us. What is NEW is REAL TIME REPORTING of the CRAZY BRAIN.

Being in Penn State with so many CEO SPACE members in Pittsburg and so many Jewish was different than seeing it all from where you reside as you were not IN Penn State on THAT DAY nor where you with a massive community bond in Faith at the CHRISTIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 14 YEAR ANNIVERSARY where members were in faith humbled to see the massive new HOME OFFICE HEADQUARTERS – two building prior a med center right near a major new mall – as to prime location – acquiring the building for land cost so the buildings very high quality are free – the Chamber has the complex at land cost only. They believe that is divine planning for faith based business working in the last battle ground of the crises in INTEGRITY to restore Business with faith first and works second. CEO SPACE has been alliance partners with the Kingdom from birth to today. Your next open a Chapter it will feed your everything else. If that’s you.

So at my modest Hampton Inn for the Conference at 10.00 PM the day of the shooting – those in Pittsburg are pouring forth with flowers and candle light vigils into Midnight. In my hotel lobby when working I came down for a cup of coffee two wonderful Jewish business men and I were talking about the crazy brain with focus on those families in their day of worship. These two were going to a Philly Temple to join in spirit the VIGILE to Midnight. I was very tired after three days of non stop speaking and coaching member business CEO’s of the Kingdom Chamber of Commerce born and home office in PHILLY in Penn State.

I said YES I would be honored to go. I got my over coat as it is not Florida in Philly this fall with the leaves turning. We drove to a Temple I can’t pronounce – in HEBREW – and found around 180 Jews gathered with a pouring in of over 1000 Christians all bringing flowers and candles. Now you had to have been there. In the history. For the quiet – the holding those candles for the family – sending them solidarity of their real community their real AMERICA – and healing and prayers as we could pour them forth. I was very tired a we adjourned and drove back to the hotel. We stayed up and talked a little more before my AM coaching calls to the plane home to Florida. But on that Saturday even after sundown and a shabbat closing – it was STILL SATURDAY and we were ALL state wide and I suspect nation wide to follow in VIGILS FOR THOSE FAMILY MEMBERS.

My sound bite keeper – was from a young girl from the Jewish Congregation that said – in broken emotion – I always felt safe and protected – I always felt that hatred against faith and jews was something that happened rarely and some where else but not here not in my home not to my children not to me and my family not in America. Today I woke up. This CRAZY BRAIN illness is HERE right here here I live and shop and it is all around US all and it IS WE WHO MUST BE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR ( to Quote Obama ) – and she had tears streaming down her face. No news story no front page after that vigils. I went up to her and I said….the God of Abraham is without flaw and without ability to act out of purpose and divine design. This God you adore is using YOU not some one else. You are not alone. Many turn back to this God in ways you can’t imagine today – by untold millions right now – and these crazy brains are so out numbered that we as the ones we have all been waiting for will not only determine their fait, send all the proper messages, but we will be used to STOP FOREVER this kind of insanity. A bomber. A crazy brain. Three in a election year month. It is not Liberal or Being Conservative – for the America that AMERICANS treasure does not permit crazy brains to act out – the the ever better best efforts we can design for the future. YOU ARE IMPORTANT and your words were true and important. I thank you as a father an America and a candle holder tonight for your words…you spoke words of great power and they mattered to all of us. She for some reason flew into my arms and I think the hug was not the over coat warmth but something more…..

The history and honor to be at that midnight vigil on the day off was important to my soul. I held two candles one for Jewish mentor and CEO SPACE Faculty both – Dr. David Gruder and my Jewish mentor David Corbin whom I held up fully present with me that night…and they both know it today.

So that happened ….


I think I have presented more data and food for your confirming research independently than Crammer and many other “What IS truly and REALLY going ON out there. You have more education that click readers do across the world today.

The market is 22% with 48% of S&P reporting higher than a year ago in PROFITS and EARNINGS on average. Who says Fact finder and Morgan. Today.

After the election when money returns to its year end profit objectives for final quarter reporting – stock buy backs ( as we told you ) at manipulation levels to stock – reducing the size of stocks being traded – against record earnings – makes share prices rise. A pause in Stock Buy Backs is POLITICAL – sinking the markets is political war fare both sides opposing the other.

There has NEVER NOT EVER been a time where the economy the # 1 voter issue in ALL POLLS can be fully manipulated by Super Money pools inside and outside of the USA without any consequence. Your distracted as if a face book posting altered and election – really ? Truly? Get real on that. ELECTION MANIPULATION IS TAKING PLACE AS SET FORTH HERE AND NO “THEY” IS WATCHING OUT FOR ALL THE REST OF US. They corrupt to the bone – in public news reports – are bias attempting to STOP TRUMPS TEAM FROM DRAINING THE SWAMP OF LEGAL THEFT OF A NATIONS WEALTH. BILLIONS ARE INVESTED THIS MONTH TO HELP SWING THE ELECTION. Americans have zero reporting on this from any bought and paid for news as the factions supporting the AGENDA are united in purpose to the election. American manipulated voters or informed voters will finally decide. We’ll see which way is most successful. Don’t have the giants of Russia Iran and China throw sand in the giants ( we as voters ) eyes.

After the election as we predicted and stick with our call the market will return to all time year end highs for 2018. The predictions GNP will sink back to 1.6% assumes Congress will move to grid lock and dysfunction and the CRISES of our 100 year old aging infrastructure will not be upgraded as a required process of nation building.

We believe GNP may roar to over 5% in 2019 if the election surprises and Trump retains the House as voters vote outside politics and party and VOTE THEIR WALLETS.

If brain washing and invisible agendas whip voters into mindless tribalism a vote to CRUSH TRUMP at any cost and destroy TRUMPS agenda may in fact bring us to 1.6% by year end 2019. No one can know the vote. We can only know the outcome which is as follows within the billions being spent to get you a) in America to just vote and b) to vote the way the money wishes. Those opposing Trump having two to one dollars from all over the world with no one really checking the sources. Plus the direct bought and paid for manipulations of say the STOCK MARKETS on the issue of the ECONOMY. By the way Trump well gets THIS:

  1. Trump surprises all the polls and forecasting and keeps the US congress entirely or gains strength in this years vote sending a clear message to his dealings with nations.

  2. Trump is weekend with a slight loss of the house but almost even Steven – still work might comprise to agenda’s all Americans desire together.

  3. Trump loses massively and grid lock and dysfunction truncate prosperity into a decline from a rising 3.5% GNP to a 5% not seen in recent decades of PROSPERITY to spiral down again to only 1.6 % year end 2019 prosperity with markets flat and not growing as they should. Forgive them father for the voters know not what it is they do in such outcomes, for they are under influence of the enemy of America and they do not know economically its all about the MONEY.

ELECTION MANIPULATION is well and alive in the days leading to Nov 6th. Do not get discouraged. Vote massively all of us. Support the outcome because we believe in our system majority NO MATTER WHAT. Heal and come together on the outcome. Celebrate our process which is under attack not perfect and within evolving AI we will one day get on top of this manipulation and preclude it from the truth. Thats all folks have a great week….( Amazon going into the Holidays is a great buy in this dip folks and if you trust the Buy the Dip in Tesla look at the 20% you all made in two weeks of time ). Click and PICK is my suggestion with your licensed advisers guiding you.





I’m glad now that I’m older. I’m happy now I’m not in New York in the Twin Towers today running a global public broker Super Money Pool. I love being Chairman of CEO SPACE where we can support small business to become big business and we can offer advanced leadership tools and tactics to Fortune and Institutional silo managers which we do.

If ran a super money pool today and I was Larry Fink, Jeff Bezo’s, or Jamie Diamond, I would work very hard on my AI intel. I would ponder on the the things that keep me up in the night as head of one of the 10,000 world super money pools including sovereign nation wealth funds.


NEW FINANCIAL STRUCTURES AND GLOBAL RISK SHARING have forged in ten years a NEW ECONOMY that replaced the box top rules of the old 70 year old post depression economy. All the rules are changing and evolving in the new economy faster than any one can forged box top rules to define them or put them into a box at all. You push in on one thing and it effects increasing EVERYTHING in the New economy.

What are the attributes of the NEW ECONOMY? As they are not taught in major Universities like Harvard ( sorry I’ve canceled bringing in to you all five times ….I think I set a Harvard guest lecture cancelation record ). So the NEW ECONOMY resides inside the greatest experiment in new Architecture for economics that the world has ever experienced with no controls no oversight or no prediction to outcomes in the GREAT EXPERIMENT unfolding. Those at the top of the NEW THEORY pro-port  to opine equations and algorithms  the world as NEVER tested or known before. Their weakly diverse theories seek to advance RISK-LESS RISK into all markets.

Unintended consequences abound in new RISKS to the very core system as a hodgepodge of loose parts are assembled and stitched digitally into the new frame work. Because the G 100 compete in an every nation for themselves modeling of the old system, the new system lacks regulatory frame works to moderate GREED – CONSOLIDATION OF WEALTH – AND UNBRIDLED SPECULATION in the market space evolving in 2019.


1. A little referred to chart investment bankers running super money pools used to pay high attention to and I still do is the LIQUIDITY BASE DYNAMIC. In less than one decade the old system has died and wealth consolidations have move LIQUIDITY RISK into unseen risk levels over 5000 years. A shrinkage of 99.004% of the liquidity diversification base to over 1.5 million super money pools in 1985 to less than 10,000 super money pools in 2019. Less than 20% of the 10,000 Super Money Pools control over 80% of that liquidity to the market. This is new to economics.

2. The pace of wealth consolidation is a spiral that is accelerating rapidly. This PACE of ECONOMIC CONSOLIDATION removes liquidity base from the market place. When events that can not be predicted adequately by math models of the present AI algorithms controlling velocity accelerations and momentum of liquidity flow dynamics occur, the core system exponentially rises to a Liquidity evaporation day in the new economy unlike anything we have known in economic human history. That keeps ME up at night. No one seems to even consider this factor of the new economics “core liquidity itself” although I feel the IMF is waking up to the reality of the new economics. Everyone else in regulatory space is looking backward at history dead and buried while we are writing new economic theory and history having nothing to do with yesterday whatsoever. The change was too rapid for human systems lacking elasticity to adapt into.

4. Digital system manipulations. The first digital economics including abilities to leverage digitally. This means that SUPER MARGINS can be created outside older system models. This SUPER LEVERAGE can now trade digitally, using AI for the first time, with consolidating super money pools including AI over sovereign money pools, to attempt to moderate risk and keep every asset class in a theoretical TRADING RANGE. This experiment appeared to work into 2007. The system bid up liquidity in leveraged banking in real estate creating the mother of all bubbles world wide. The % of loans given to borrower who were not truly credit worthy to carry those loans began to create a system wide imbalance. As the economic abuse became more widely understood a LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY occurred largely due to short selling speculations versus real market adjustments which would have occurred over more moderated time frames.

5. Weaponized Digital economic weapons. In Kevin Freeman’s great book THE SECRET WEAPON he details the effect of a economic attack in the new economy by AI weapons of economic mass destruction. Such weapons were used against us in 2007 quite effectively. Roel Campos former SEC Commissioner and I advocated with Marlon Paz and others at that time – to criminalized in the G 20 short selling to stop the digital attack. Doing so in my opinion saved the evolving NEW ECONOMICS from period in 2008. Today WEALTH OF NATION THEFT through IP and digital attacks on banks and financial system is both in reported and we suspect NEVER REPORTED pure theft of untold trillions upon trillions of dollars effectively over time bankrupting nations at core. This theft is spiraling out of all controls. All USA Government agencies have been hacked. All prime contractors have been hacked. Our most precious IP is taken and used against us by our enemies. The Pearl Harbor of the new economic digital warfare began in earnest in 2007 and has escalated to today. We have no defense. We are not yet winning the war and we are still loosing the battles – as we are attacked weekly. Trump is the first team ( I say this not politically ) that is taking ACTION over talk to reset this new world of economics. There is such a long way forward. So we are bleeding from multiple wounds and the weapons of our enemies using our own AI – IP – stolen from us now lead I quantum computing, AI computing and to say we are still leading is to bury your head in some sand lot. Our Defense industry and General Mathis ( thank God for the leadership we have in this now up funded at war institution ) know the truth. We need to massively fund the Digital Warfare teams of our military and SPACEFORCE because we are fully engaged in WORLD WAR III today – which is presently digital – space to under sea – economic – and the USA is to date – behind and loosing. But don’t rule us out yet.

6. Responding to Digital Economic Warfare weapons the USA and EU did not understand we took two actions. First we stopped for a short time only SHORT SPECULATION SELLING of super leveraged trading to attack and ruin our financial investment and bank systems. That almost succeeded and created the Great Recession spanning ten full years into deflation and we have yet to get fully out today. Our boom is fragile not foundational sound. The Fed looking backward at old economics makes error in policy and has bad incomplete data to make sound choices for a new economy they created and fail to understand. To save the system the nation released over ten trillion of flood gate money to bail out BAD BETS or loss banks had taken to save those institutions. The decade of FREE MONEY where member ( of the Fed ) banks and investment banks ( all of them ) could borrow FREE MONEY and lend that money at 11 to one and in offshore structured assets up to 50 to 1 in side bets on which way asset classes would go in ETF electronic traded AI managed super money pools. The largest outflow of % and $ flew from experts managing risk and money into DIGITAL AI which was becoming “smarter and evolving quarterly managed money pools.  With FREE MONEY the liquidity base of the world order shrunk from 1.5 million diversified super money pools to less than 10,000 super money pools like an upside down pyramid – reversing itself from 70 years in only 7 years. Too fast for systemic ( thats the way we have always done it folks ) to adjust to adapt to or look forward even INTO. THE NEW ECONOMICS had arrived and was evolving rapidly as it is right now. The leverage in the system is proportional to the consolidation of wealth.  This may BE the most important theoretical dogma of the NEW ECONOMICS ever written Harvard ……

7. AI WARFARE is every super money pool has AI trying to be more profitable ( which means smarter ) than the other pools AI. Today we have a spiral of billions invested in ever evolving AI now smart enough within quantum self learning system software, that it is starting at the top in 2019 to EVOLVE ITSELF as speeds and levels the original program teams no longer have control of or knowledge even ABOUT. Original controls may not be elastic for increasing self aware self learning systems. They are evolving themselves. They are aware of EACH OTHER. They are working to out perform the other AI as a self reward. They may begin to make decisions together without human’s knowing such interactions are occurring seeking to maximize profits and moderate risk. The AI systems took OVER economics with FREE MONEY consolidations in or around 2005 and the % of the take over is now passing 90’s of all capital flows and liquidity world wide. Central banks are now the tail and AI super money pools are the dog in the world of the new economics. As now box top rules exist today in AI ECONOMICS by passing blue sky laws and trading in the unregulated CLOUD the G 100 regulatory frame work needed for the NEW ECONOMY is missing today. Without A G 100 ECONOMIC GLOBAL CONSTITUTION DESIGNED SO NO NATION IS LEFT BEHIND the core system risk to error and collapse is greater than anytime in human history. In my opinion as an investment banker economist but there again being in a tribe of so many what do I know anyway. It is all just my opinion after all don’t panic. I believe RISK is higher than ever and that keeps ME up at night thinking about all the world research that continues to CONFIRM the THEORY OF THE NEW ECONOMIC ORDER – the age of AI ECONOMICS ( your not teaching that at Harvard folks…need a adjunct professor on point ? )

8. AI SUPER LEVERAGE – using DIGITAL LEVERAGE simply never possible before, margin leverage has crept to abuse levels for any economic system. Unwanted consolidation of liquidity into ever lower base of super money pools coupled to unbridled unregulated super leverage in speculation side bets on “which way” any asset price may go in the future, versus stake holder real economic investing, and equity manipulations using FREE MONEY to buy back trillions in stock buy backs shrinking stock liquidity base in rigged market pricing to shares making untold bonus wealth for insiders, doing the manipulations, is rampant since 2005 and the AGE OF AI SUPER LEVERAGE. Central banks failed to see the evolution of the AGE OF AI ECONOMICS replacing entirely their former modeling and age of economics that is dead in fact and buried. The Fed current problem is their own internal education. Ask Jeff Magee your contractor on such issues as he does not fully understand this item but I mentor him and can alert him for the FED upgrade. Regulating the old economics as if such policy will work effectively in the NEW AGE OF AI ECONOMICS in fact risks at high risk systemic destruction due to consolidation of the liquidity base itself. An axiom for the NEW AI ECONOMIC AGE we reside within. Nothing is as it was. SUPER LEVERAGE is a death spiral for economic systems. While the super leverage lasts the party goes on. As with musical chairs when the music stops we all lose. No one see’s it even coming. Everyone is blinded by GREED in the new manipulations they delude self with – that they leading the NEW AI AGE ECONOMICS they created can a) control it moving forward as first self lie and b) that they are closer and closer to risk-less risk systemically which is a second lie and in fact an oxy-moron to economics period. The New Economic system operates where AI has with super leverage maximized profits within its math program, by manipulating price of 4 trillion in economic equity and bond markets and all other asset classes for every asset class you can think of, by side betting on forward up and down pricing. The side betting was greater in the great depression by double to the stake holder real economic model. How did that work out in 1929 when the banks and investment houses all closed up? Today the wealth consolidation is 99% worse than 1929 and the side betting in a fully AI central bank decade of free money fueled an AI speculation frenzy ( AI does now know it is speculating ) wherein, smarty pant programers who know software versus economics – and economics who know bonus profit reporting at ANY COST – created a consolidation that is an economic a NEW ECONOMIC FORCE 10 HURRICANE BREWING. We passed Force 5 in 2007. Mindless sucking all economics into casino capitalism such as the world has never not ever known before. All ASSET PRICES are fully manipulated by AI software and super leverage within super money pools rapidly consolidating wealth through mergers globally. The HOUSE is AI and the players are everyone else and the central banks can sink the house but they don’t know it because they have no data on the NEW ECONOMICS and what they get they apply to OLD ANTIQUE no LONGER RELEVANT economic outcomes and therefore error in risk moderation and escalations. CASINO CAPITALISM IS AN ECONOMICS OF PRICE MANIPULATION VIA RAMPANT ECONOMIC UNWANTED’S – UNBRIDLED SPECULATION IN THE MARKETS PRICE MANIPULATIONS IN THE MARKET PLACE AND SUPER LEVERAGE TO EFFECT PROFIT OUTCOMES FOR BOTH IN THE SHORTEST PERIOD OF TIME. 100 to one is invested in dollars in casino gambling versus real stake holder economic long term REAL INVESTING creating crumbling economic infrastructure and fatal liquidity risk in the end. The NEW AGE OF AI ECONOMICS evolved to fast to accommodate the change with adaptive regulations to date.

9. REGULATOR FAILURE TO ADAPT: The New economics of the rapidly evolving AI ECONOMY took place so fast it occurred beyond the adaptive ability of regulations largely put in place in the 1930 post depression markets world wide. The laws are local. Trades are now in the cloud. There is no real regulation of the NEW AI economic market place. A regulatory RE-FRAME is required and desired which requires a three year conference outlined in my book REDEMPTION by the G 100 economic leadership to forge a global economic constitution re-framing universal tax law to moderate wealth consolidations, to ban short selling entirely and move capital flows to real economic development globally blocking micro wave profit making in massive casino betting by ever smarter AI wars leading to systemic instability we see today. The current new ECONOMIC MODEL has left central banks in the dust trying desperately to apply old theory models to a new market space that has declined to reside by their influence. However in making policy error the risk to systemic collapse is beyond central banks and AI math modeling to preclude due to liquidity consolidations created by a decade of FREE MONEY and perhaps two decades once new regulatory frame works are in space to restore. Without a cooperative re regulatory frame work the system will fail and world war will unfold as we repeat all economic history with ever more pain each time we do. Kind of insane really.

10. Globalization only works with trust and integrity of cooperative capitalism replace the distrust and negotiation ( ever nation in it for themself alone ) depicted by competitive capitalism ( a failed model ) and communism ( a failed model as well ). WE CAN DO BETTER and we should. Cooperative Capitalism outlined in REDEMPTION is the way forward. Globalization today has created a risk elevator. How? The super debts of say China where 100 trillion ( folks a billion here a billion there and pretty soon children we are talking very serious money ) – of BAD NON PERFORMING DEBT – has to work out of the world system. As much of this 100 trillion and untold more on the brink ( this is just in China Folks not Italy or Spain yet or 100 others ) – are shown on the books of banks and institution as good performing loans when they are pure stinking crap loss. If they were booked as loss China would go bankrupt. They have borrowed 300% more than their GNP worst in the world for ten years of FREE MONEY. They made bad bets 100 Trillion dollars worth. Who pays and when? Much of the loan making was in GLOBAL EU and North American syndicates. If the Banks world wide had to write off these “assets” they would well – their stock would be worthless. If we reported like they are allowed ( as it is criminal economics in the old order ) we would go to prison. They have a free get out of jail card EXEMPT from fair marketing accounting that applies to everyone ELSE. So in 1929 what was the INTERLINK GLOBALLY? In 2019 what is the INTERLINK GLOBALLY? Say 1000 times higher than 2019. Today we are all INTERLINKED in the NEW ECONOMY. The Fed in the Old Economy rule book looks backward at American Economics. Today the EU and Asia are crashing. We have the US home market crashing for months. Why? Combinations of soaring dollar COSTING as the world reserve currency the debt nations can’t resolve matching to SOARING INTEREST COST to re-finance 7 TRILLION OF FREE MONEY LOANS not over ten years which is what any sane brain understanding the NEW ECONOMY would apply – but in only TEN MONTHS as if America stood alone. As ASIA CRASHES THE EU CRASHES and the Fed hammers and hammers GLOBALIXZED MARKET with COSTING THEY JUST CAN NOT AFFORD IN LOAN REPAYING a gynormous DEBT DEFAULTING CASCADE destroys liquidity and the core system. Banks close. Think it can’t happen? Well think that in the NEW AI ECONOMIC AGE it WILL HAPPEN AT SPEEDS THE FED NEVER EVER CONSIDERED ( CAUSED BY THE FED LOOKING BACKWARD ) AND THE FED HAS ZERO TOOLS TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT THE ECONOMIC LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY INSIDE A GLOBAL DEBT DEFAULTING CASCADE. Cascade is not contagion like in 1929. Cascade is fully global and effects all of us together and is a NEW RISK inside a NEW ECONOMIC MARKET PLACE that has zero resemblance to old Kenysian and waring economist theory’s of the past – they are all right and they are all wrong.

The NEW AI ECONOMIC is rapidly compression the risk for the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE. Twenty years post RE REGULATION is required to “work this debt out of the system without catastrophic” SUPER DEBT BUBBLES BURSTING INTO GLOBAL DEFAULT CASCADE AND LED DAY – LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY. One needs new reading glasses as old rule books do apply to the NEW AI ECONOMIC AGE. National leaders from George Bush to today are being advised by obsolete brains with antique DOS 1 software that has no value or utility today whatsoever .

In the NEW CLICK WORLD ECONOMICS old theories do not accommodate the wealth consolidation levels, the speculation levels and the super digital debt leverage and super debt bubble levels. Old models do not accommodate that once again via technology the 1929 nightmare is again upon all economies where side betting is trillions upon trillions larger than the actual billions in real economic investing. Without a rapid REGULATORY RESET BY THE G 100 the system in my opinion – economically – must fail the only issue is when. With DIGITAL WEAPONS OF ECONOMIC MASS DESTRUCTION being used against the entire world back and forth – us to them they to us – it is very unclear how much TIME we have. Solutions with TIME as the cornerstone asset and RE REGULATION as a global box top rule of all of us in trade tax and trust and confidence reforge a new ECONOMICS that is COOPERATIVE & FEATURES:

  • Integrity missing today

  • Full transparency in real time reporting

  • Global audits and accountability always

  • Zero Secrets in the system reform – no nation left behind

  • Self correction to assure CURRENCY always to the system we all rely upon in a forward looking AGE OF SUPER CHANGE.




Happy Holidays – FROM Berny Dohrmann Thinking out Loud for Leaders




Monsters live among us all. They are one and all damaged brains. Today we have technology to identify them. Tom Cruise’s movie THE MINORITY REPORT is not too far off the mark of the future, To remove these CRAZY BRAINS so ideas like ISIS – sick insane brains are not permitted to reside among the SANE. We can know them by their works yes that is true. But we can also know them by their brain pattern. Perhaps the day of weeding out the crazy brains from a synagogue attack or ruling a nation is about to rise into human consciousness. Why should CRAZY BRAINS “if we can know them by their brain pattern” be ever again allowed to walk among the SANE? Think about that as a new dawn of reality that is possible versus impossible. Would evolving AI read this blog and insist on helping us with a BETTER WAY forward? Would AI reading my soon to be published book DIGITAL MANNERS read the world and speed up the GREAT AWAKENING where in one download from AI fully on line human wetware brains have the impulse for competition removed all in an instant and we only thought cooperatively and collaboratively. The source of all our pain the mental insanity virus – the VIRUS OF COMPETITIVE THOUGHT ITSELF outlined in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION you can buy on Amazon – buy the back ordered hard copy they get the out weekly in fact – but the order volume IS GYNORMOUS. In fact this Holiday REDEMPTION Is a great GIFT for the present that keeps on giving for life. The VIRUS REMOVAL TOOL for the computer above your neck the ultimate whole brain firewall. REDEMPTION = YOURS NEXT.

Could MBS pass an FBI lie detector test that he did not order the insane and savage killing of a Washington DC Journalist who branded MBS as a dangerous CRAZY CRIMINAL BRAIN? Then the monster showed us after years of brutal arrests torture and killings that are only INCREASING as crazy insane brains do not GET WELL. They are sociopathic and what they do is always self justified. Hitler was right. He was correct in his belief their is a master race – he just got it wrong because he is insane. The master race is US – souls – all together in celebration.

Did a Monster in Syria pass an FBI administered lie detector test on 106 chemical attacks the entire time his troops cloistering those chemical bombs ( type cased with SARIN to his manufactured ID for the government no wiggle room ) was also dropping illegal barrel bombs. Folks nothing breaks the back of populations like Chemical banned horrors. Populations flee and never come back. 106 times the horror rained down from Government planes all on film. Did the monster get away with it?

This weekend the check points in Jordon and Golan Heights on the Israeli side opened for normal traffic. Billions of goods choked off during the multi year war are now flowing again today. Syria is saying WE ARE BACK AND WE ARE SAFE as the Monster was revealed in his victory. Will his victory last? Does evil triumph? As 106 criminal uses of CHEMICAL WEAPONS and 1000’s of Criminal Syria Barrel bombs dropped are real monstrous crimes against all of us …against all humanity. Monsters you see are one and all liars. How could they be anything more?

MBS says I knew nothing about this. The prosecutor says it was all premeditated and planned. Inside a nation where permission to pee is granted by the KING. Everyone who did this crime worked for the King personally. They all reported to the KING and would mentally never even consider doing a ‘mission’ without the Kings orders. The MONSTER ordered the killing. It was never a kidnapping. You do not bring bone saws to a kidnapping. Folks.

Have the monsters gotten away with pure EVIL? Crazy brains?

Has the BOUGHT & PAID FOR International community failed the people of Syria?  I think that they utterly have failed the people of Syria.

Has the international community failed the RULE OF LAW and human decency in the KHASHOGGI Slaughter in Turkey by Crazy Brain the PUPPY KING….I Think Yes in every possible way they have.

That is my conclusion looking horizontal. But I am a man of faith. So I look VERTICAL. I believe – in faith – that an outcome will rise that will resolve the EVIL because the EVIL is only FORCE and the GOOD is ultimate POWER. So the finger of destiny will year unfold and we shall see then how the FATE with FAITH will unfold as the games continue.

I’m just leaving Penn State today having spoken at the KINGDOM  Chamber of Commerce representing all faith for business to come together in spirit not just in commerce. You can open a CHAPTER OF THE KINDOM CHAMBER OF COMMERCE in your city and be first to expand the most rapid unity of all faith’s in BUSINESS. CEO SPACE has supported the Kingdom Chamber for fourteen years now as they celebrate their anniversary and move into their new GLOBAL HOME OFFICE in Philadelphia where I fly to Florida today from.

So I was in state when the Pittsburg Monster went live. I was watching the events unfold until they SHOT the MONSTER in a fire right with the local SWAT TEAM shouting kill all the JEWS. A baby was being brought to GOD in a BRIS and those families were slaughtered like target practice in their holy place of worship. They were slaughtered for their DNA and their Faith in God. Why?

Because there IS GOOD and there IS EVIL. Evil works through monsters – or crazy brains. Some were Roman emperors. Some were Popes in an inquisition. Some ( less than 1% ) were priests. Some were Hitler and a Czar. This man on this weekend is another one. EVIL. A crazy brain. As the midnight vigils from all faith surrounded the place it all happened you saw AMERICA. You saw AMERICANS. You saw sane brains reacting as sane brains do. With compassion and OUTPOURINGS of shared Grief. Being in the State you could feel it all as the news reported nothing else. You felt it from Israel to Moscow from Germany to Cape Town. Today the world was Pittsburg. Because of a CRAZY BRAIN. Now charged with multiple counts of murder. In a hospital himself from multiple gun shot wounds. The brain of a monster will now be studied much like the movie about Hannibal Lechter. I can hear the cry of the lambs now…….

Berny Dohrmann – Sad their are monster walking among us all today




If Fed Chairman Powell took an impartial EYE TEST to Drive the Federal Reserve Board itself a tragedy. Here is High school economics 101 update you should pass on your own eye examination:

That gives you information to know the following:

Which gives you information to understand the real EYE TEST FOR POWELL’s conflict of interest – where a) the FED is to INDEPENDENT as it is OWNED by the banks it regulates and truly has zero over sight or check and balance – the Fed IS POLITICAL and becomes non political when it is finally and properly MERGED BACK INTO THE US TREASURY. The following educates you as to WHY every word from every FED is in fact a LIE. It might help you as we voters can unite – informed – to ignore the lies and to elect candidates who will vote to merge the FED back into US TREASURY to regain the future for unborn generations and to avoid boom bust cycles the FED alone profits from – as the banks legally steal properties in the dip and core assets – its all phony baloney economics – totally fixable just stop believing Fed Lies – keep all their processes inside US TREASURY which is not political and never was.

NOW – Get fully educated as a citizen:

SO 1 – 2 – 3 and YOU pass your economic EYE TEST but Powell NEVER COULD.


Chairman Powell is old school economics. Power has been educated to operate in an economy that no longer exists. 


  1. Counter party agreements between industry institution and nations

  2. Structured assets that did not exist during Powells formal education and experience

  3. Globalization at paces and entwinement that the world has never known before

  4. Digital AI market control over all global circulations

  5. Digital Margin and Debt loading with 440 trillion now circulating outside Fed models

  6. Short and hedge speculations at levels beyond the Great Depression in 1929

  7. Super Bubbles in asset classes from 100 trillion of Free money & a Super Debt Bubble

So a pilot has experience to fly. Then he is put in a jet bell ranger helicopter. Can that pilot fly that gauge panel and be safe pad to pad? No  WAY. Like the fire ball helicopter CRASH TODAY Chairman POWELL is about to FIRE BALL CRASH THE GLOBAL SYSTEM.


1. His assumptions are obsolete and dead wrong in today’s casino capitalism of leveraged side betting.

2. Old data and charts where Powell seeks to normalize no longer apply and only looking forward in the NEW ECONOMY exercise imprudent risk taking to the core system Powell now is testing with no prior history applying.

3. Powell needs to update his EYE EXAMIN ( economic modeling ) for the NEW ECONOMY but Powell looks backward believes his obsolete date and just KNOWS that he is RIGHT. Fatal for piloting the Fed.

4. ALL FED players since Yellin report – this is not working like we though – we are not having wage growth or inflation we always have – in fact we are seeing entirely new variables but hey – lets apply the old glasses we used to wear as the economics get fuzzier and fuzzier in our vision say the same old stuff we said in 1929 – and play it safe and raise interest rates too fast too soon to high where the system will fail catastrophically in a DIGITAL LIQUIDITY CRISES we can’t get out of but our old reading glasses created. Gosh sorry we were wrong…as all the institutions of finance go BK and close up.

5. They are having panic inside because they KNOW their old glasses no longer work – they lack new glasses ( yet ) – and the know the conditions of the Oil Price – the Interest rapid scaling – the soaring dollar value – and the ELECTION to Nov 6th combine to elevate RISK past anything the Fed has felt with…..EVER. Its a new AI 440 trillion circulation market out there whether the Fed can see the new math models or not – their charts and ideas are out of date out of touch and simply WRONG today they are incorrect.


Major economists are in the news – all non political – stating the FED MUST TAKE A BREADTH. Their fear for two years on inflation is wrong and there is none and with oil crashing no inflation at all.

The Congress and Administration should:

1. Merge the Fed into the US Treasury and revoke the Federal Reserve ACT from the 1900 era as obsolete and a fraud anyway – assuring audits over sight and checks and balances plus we don’t pay interest to print money.

2. Pay off national debt and infrastructure moving forward with a single 100 YEAR SUPER BOND with Hughs and Hubbard – we move from the red ink into surplus and black ink for the nation. DO THE MATH on the new modeling.

3. Punish murder MBS by dumping strategic oil to bring cost to 49 a barrel and keep it at 49.00 a barrel – everyone makes money and oil demand falls off an environmental cliff at speed unknown in history. Thank you Tesla.


1 – 2 – 3  Fed Fraud


I’d book mark this page. I’d share this information. I’d educate your circle ( and I appreciate subscribers tipping us over to 33,000 today ) as we grow back to 100,000 as you read share and subscribe its free – 100,000 of readers book mark and return but don’t subscribe. SHARE THIS CORNERSTONE ISSUE the rest is insignificant against the cost of everything else….controlled by the FED. Now you have new reading glasses Chairman Powell can never ware – he would have to admit being wrong and he would have to Merge the FED into Treasury and stop lying.

Ideally American Voters fail Fed Chairman Powells economic EYE TEST and take away his license to drive OUR NATIONS MONEY. FOREVER.




Lets review looking backward so we can then look forward shall we? What have we told our readers in 2018. Just the facts madame nothing but the facts…..( that’s from Dragnet a black and white film when in the 1950’s Dick Tracy wore and Watch on TV ). I know I know it dates me terribly.


1. The market in January spun to record all time highs for 2018.

2. This blog told you there would be a correction the the SPRING.

3. We told you to explore with licensed professionals we report opinions on trends we do not provide investment advice only licensed experts can provide to you – we told you to check with them and pointed you to questions to ask them. GET OUT and we told you where safest haven was in our opinion – diversified insurance investing.

4. The Spring correction we predicted here in 2015 – 2016 – screaming in 2018 and January 2018 when all experts said it would roar all year long – came just precisely when we told you. If you are keeping score at all.

5. We told you all year that A NEW VOLATILITY MARKET was crashing upon global markets driven by consolidation of wealth into ever comprising SUPER MONEY POOLS where over 60 months AI software now controls markets and humans are witness to economics going where no system has ever gone before. We also told you to get out.

We have told you that if you invest long term who cares hold through the volatility. We told you diversify everyone tells you that. We told you after the election the Market was likely to return to all time high’s given the earnings. The missed earnings are all WAY WAY UP from this time last year and almost made the crazy numbers Wall Street now puts on management of larger firms. TRUMP IS RIGHT and the SEC IS WRONG. To DEFEAT unwanted speculation in the system investors and markets are far more STABLE with a bi annual – every six month reporting for all reporting firms. No top team can truly plan LONG TERM for shareholders in the type of reporting that was set up in law when the mail was delivered by the PONY EXPRESS and the TELEGRAPH was the main way to get something to some one as the world did not have telephones or TV’s in every home and the fax had yet to be invented. CLICK WORLD was not a dream on the white board and they did not even have WHITE BOARDS when these laws were put in place for reporting firms. To cite all the sane reasons to move to 180 day reporting is so compelling economically I am not presenting it here because the frame work today is backward rear view looking to data that is antique and obsolete. Only the IMF is truly beginning to look FORWARD into the new challenges data and constructions economics digitally entwined brings to the scene today.

I predict when I’m dead economist from Universities everywhere and in industry will poor over my work here to define WHAT TO DO to recover from THE EVENT. But I’ll write more about the EVENT soon enough.

I believe barring unforeseen events that once the ELECTION EFFECT on markets – the new way to INFLUENCE ELECTIONS IS MARKET MANIPULATIONS – and institutions and nations are doing just that today – THAT – record all time year end wealth will rise up into the markets by 2019. I think 2019 will be a wild card depending on one Congressional WORD -INFRASTRUCTURE. If Congress passes INFRASTRUCTURE as the ESSENTIAL FOR AMERICA – I believe prosperity can rise up into 2030.


The natural and correct state for any economy is growth. All living things GROW or they ROT. True for a house plant. True for a marriage. True for an economy. THE NATURAL STATE OF AN ECONOMY IS GROWTH.

Economies will grow until something breaks that growth. In nature it may be drought not enough water. It may be insects the worst being the FED for an economy – hard to kill pests. The Fed using Data that is no longer a proper basis for making decisions, and lacking more complete forward looking upgraded modeling in digital markets that are NEW to all their experience from say the OLD DAYS ( five years back and before ) is simply WRONG.

The FED risks a fatality to the economy. Not a wound. Why? Because the new DIGITAL ECONOMY includes a Atlantic Ocean of DIGITAL LEVERAGE AND DEBT. When a market has 440 trillion leveraged to manipulate prices to 3 to 4 trillion stake holder investing you have a market requiring NEW REGULATORY FRAME WORKS. Until that frame work is installed the FED potential for FATAL SYSTEMIC ERROR is well, simply fatal. As the FED is the CAUSE of all global GREAT DEPRESSIONS and WORLD WARS ( its always economic folks ) the conflicted insane body of 12 or so who may destroy prosperity for the world simply fail to understand….this is a new economic and is nothing like their fathers market place. The song the THREE BLIND MICE is the only way to define moving forward toward the BRINK. Trust me as you watch the FED telling you things that are the same as MBS – MORE BULL SHIT the PUPPY KING telling you the Royals knew nothing. The Royals PLANNED IT. Even Saudi Prosecutor today tells the world the BUTCHERING WAS “PREMEDITATED” – ( meaning from the PALACE ). Folks nothing – not my putting on morning slippers occurs INSIDE THE PALACE that control FREAK MBS does not KNOW. What we KNOW is that MBS IS A LIAR and so is the FED. Believe what they say at your great personal peril.

WHAT gives me so much HOPE is today the FED knows that like MBS the lies will no longer save you. Everyone will KNOW TODAY the cause of the economic pain is the FED. The natural state of economic growth will be killed by the FED. The Fed is creating a soaring US dollar with an interest driver that is a policy error. Normalization requires a ten year much more tempered in the NEW ECONOMY installation where in the NEW ECONOMY the missing economic asset IS TIME ITSELF. The Fed is as Crammer says – Lazy ( they don’t do the work for new data versus old data ) and they are CLUE LESS about the NEW ECONOMY and Crammer is right the FED HAS NO CLUE. Also keep in your mind that the FED raising interest rates profits who? Their bank shareholders. Yes the Fed is a private stock firm ( easily confirmed on this blog scrolling or search Fed Stock Firm ) on Google. The shareholder banks get rich with the interest rising. This conflict of their interest versus our interest can not be resolved by FED lies to the contrary. THAT IS just like MBS thinking – this will blow over and my own internal CIVIL WAR has NOT BECOME FATAL to my health and my dad’s health in his 80’s …but Puppy KING it has and your toast. You’re a JOKE. THE FED IS BECOMING A JOKE TODAY. NO ONE BELIEVES their policies are correct. What they are doing to the economy is a great sin against 7 billion humans upon the earth. I’ve reported why enough for any economists to wake up.

Inside this lets look at the double edged failed FED POLICY and what the impacts of:

1. Failure to DUMP strategic OIL to off set MBS insane oil price rising from 39.00 a barrel to over 80 dollars a barrel ( now crashing down ) in such a short TIME to economics.

2. THE FED sky rocketing iNTEREST in a TIME FRAME that is insane economically – 100% increase to over 7 TRILLION in global loan costs in ten months versus ten YEARS.

4. The dollar world reserve currency rising 100% of percent in the same frame work of TIME way to fast for the new economics.

5. SPEED RACER interest rate rises to follow with dollar soaring to follow with no possible way the combination will fail to TRIGGER A GLOBAL DEBT DEFAULT CASCADE fatal to the digital leveraged system – the FED looking backward fails to see the light at the end of their tunnel is a HYPER LOOP TRAIN in terms of the new economics – but the MARKET SEES ALL THIS.


* FANG has lost over 15% since ONLY JULY FOLKS.

* The S&P has shed 6.3% moving into full on correction territory.

All while Alphabet ( GOOGLE ) reported 13 .06 of revenue per share – with 33.7 BILLION in revenue with Amazon up at 5.75 per share and 56.6 BILLION in Revenue up over year – all before CHRISTMAS revenues coming in next and the stocks sink. You know why.

Amazon has lost almost 10% of its stock value within terrific performance due to the FED.

Amazon doing great really in just hours went down almost 7% last week – where Jezz Bezo’s as only one shareholder in the FED induced BLOOD BATH by raising interest far to fast far too frequently far too high each time – is failing to USE TIME – sinking say one shareholder JEFF on Friday by 11 BILLION DOLLARS now the others lost the big bucks. Google share holders lost 15 BILLION ON FRIDAY due to the Fed policy and to say otherwise is MBS lies documented on this blog.

The FED wants you to believe their actions are responsible. Their actions are GREED DRIVEN as money they control before they are merged back into US TREASURY where we make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN – is all lies and you know that how. When they are so panicked that they send their peeps out into sound bites to tell us all how great they are – and that you can Read all weekend everyone. When you see the FED FLOOD ITS PR MACHINE WITH DECEPTION IN AN ELECTION RAMP you know how POLITICAL THE FED IS fearing voter wake up calls to merge the FED back into Treasury. The only forward looking sane outcome. Ask the one question – who profits from all the interest rate rising and who loses?

NOW LOOK at the FED flooding press with sound bites how great they are and how they DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE TRILLIONS OF LOSES AND THE MARKET INSTABLITY GLOBALLY their horrible failed GREED DRIVEN conflict of interest policies slam bam and hammer into the global economic – which natural state is growth unless the pesty INSECT the FED destroys the harvest and all the hard work in productivity. The FED IS THE INSECT IN THE WHEAT FIELD folks and the natural state of the economy is fatally being attack by the insect of the FED. You know when all the chemical companies dumping toxic fertilizers are out all at once telling us how the pollution is not HARMFUL TO OUR HEALTH eat away- as the FED IS DOING IN THE PRESS pre election. The FED ALSO MANIPULATES ELECTIONS far more than a crazy one off bomber insane brain – the FED knows well what it is doing to slam TRUMP for spot lighting it as a CLUE LESS out of touch obsolete system.

I hope TRUMP post election will:

1. Dump oil from strategic reserves all full to the brim and we don’t need it say 30% so oil is dropped to 50 dollars a barrel, punishing MBS and SAUDI and offsetting FED interest with lower energy.

2. Prepare forward economic  legislation to merge the FED system into US treasury and pay off our national debt with a 100 year ( time again  SUPER BOND with Roel Campos ) and the USA is in the black versus red ink.

3. Pass INFRASTRUCTURE and insure prosperity into 2030 with a merged Fed normalizing interest rates over TEN YEARS allowing TIME to work 7 TRILLION in “free money debt bombs” the FED created in the first place out of the economic global system where TIME is the misising ECONOMIC THEORY that mathematically resolves all the issues. Bill Clinton was RIGHT – folks it is just arithmetic but Fed folks need an IWATCH Calculator to do their own math.

THIS ONE TWO THREE resolves the debt pig in the global economic python. Are you all SEEING THE SMART in keeping all FED PROCESS but having FORWARD THINKING TREASURY FOLKS with zero greed conflict of interest assuring the FED is now accountable and stopping money printing as DEBT TO US ALL where money printing now has Zero cost And debt – an insane model the Fed in 1900 thought up to a) control the money supply and b) to profit from doing it. ARE YOU ALL GETTING THIS? I think you are. Make sure you book mark this:


Meanwhile expect in the new market – not your fathers market – looking forward to more volatility driven by AI smart forward data review in a NEW ECONOMICS the WORLD HAS NEVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE.

That is the truth of it all and every ONE of my readers knows the truth and secures the truth as precious to their lives.

Berny Dohrmann – looking for the one ring of power ….to bind them ……