Thursday the 20th of September we process the Bank of America report released on Weds. The Bank of America stated the GREAT BULL MARKET the longest richest boom in recorded history or your entire lifetime is OVER. Why?

Well for our blog readers it is precisely what you have seen reported here all year as WARNING – BELL RINGING and – MORE EXACTLY THAN B of A in our opinion – what action you might explore as financial storm clouds gather to protect YOUR WEALTH and savings and frankly business. Our OCT 8th Critical Timed BUSINESS GROWTH CONFERENCE ranked # 1 in 2018 by Forbes and so many other third party press – commands business owners professionals and investors come TOGETHER Oct 8th in Tampa Floria at CEOSPACE INTERNATIONAL to gather the data to forge SAFE HARBOR moving forward. Failing to do that step may leave you very vulnerable.



Investment banker economists try to dumb down jargon to get facts into your computer – the one above your neck – so you can keep your circle and tribe SAFER than if you lacked that data and information. Still we may talk shop too deeply to make the point. Follow this:

  1. The crash occurs as “unlimited” trillions of dollars flows into pure crap investing in a casino capitalism with side bets that failed to secure profit results. The mortgage backed security market crashed all markets.
  2. In ;the crises that almost brought all banks world wide to close their doors just like the Great Depression the central bank did a new thing – never done before – they printed even yet unlimited more money. Say 20 trillion in the USA and 100 Trillion world wide.
  3. They poured all this money into say the BATH TUB of the MARKET – FREE MONEY – NO INTEREST in effect for over seven years.
  4. They lowered interest over 700 times world wide.
  5. While they ushered in unlimited free money – they poured all this money in the world markets THE BATH TUB holding all that circulation rising and rising.
  6. They also in the USA bought some 5 trillion of bad bets banks made in the casino to save the banks and hold the craps until their banks could be forced to buy it back.
  7. The 2018 game plan has been to raise interest rates more than 2017 and stop buying bad bets and begin selling bad bets out of the now full bath tub of money circulating world wide.



So for TEN YEARS the world has only known central banks pouring money into the global bath tub where all money circulates. The level of money in circulation rose and rose and rose. Yet the cost of everything fell and fell and fell. The Fed said they had no clue what was going on or why – BUT – the Fed kept raising interest rates.

So the Fed is now WHAT?

  1. No more water is flowing into the bath tub world wide
  2. The drain has been opened by selling bad bets by the trillions
  3. Liquidity in the system is being driven up way to rapidly for the system leverage levels
  4. The debt super bubble facing the whirl pool is a liquidity system risk
  5. The market is soaring into year end Holiday numbers – then whirlpool lowers bath tub levels

The Whirl Pool sucking liquidity down the global drain – WILL – as bath tub level money circulations drop, influence asset prices brought high by free money pouring into the tub, falling rapidly as more costly money and much less of that money due to the whirl pool of FED failed policy – is having on all world markets. The cause is now to year end with forward Fed interest rate raises way way too rapidly. The effects of the cause we won’t see until next year.

Everyone will say how could THIS HAPPEN?



Americans are NOT stupid. They KNOW that the Nation is CRUSHING IT in economics – we are leading the world – booming – and that boom has legs. Now IF and its a BIG IF the Republicans retain control of congress – the nation avoids waste – grid lock – a dysfunctional congress just like the past 20 years – which produced an average 1.6% GNP growth – a hair over a recession for 16 years and two Presidents. Now America is upwards of 5%  GNP Growth and rising – many 100% over past 20 years of policy.

SO if AMERICA votes PROSPERITY Congress will pass infrastructure legislation. If they pass that legislation prosperity into 2030 is highly likely. We have noted the WILD CARD is Congress. If we go into:

  • Recession Vote – Super Crash to Markets 2019
  • Grid Lock
  • Dysfunction
  • Impeachment
  • More and worse
  • As the REFORM or DEEP STATE wars continue

WILD CARD will congress actually pick up votes for the President to create regardless of party a CONGRESS THAT WORKS…voting for THAT versus voting for PARTY. Party’s don’t matter any more nor do they represent the tapestry of the people. The only party that matters is the AMERICAN WALLET PARTY and that PARTY – well – it is all of us and cares not about politics. It cares about prosperity.



….Any democracy will flourish upon the bed rock foundation of an informed voter…and every democracy will fail and fall within a mis-informed voter electorate……which is every citizen’s responsibility and may never be delegated……to agency state or bought and paid for press…..

Berny Dohrmann


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