PLACE YOUR BETS IN THE WORLD CASINO CAPITALISM ! Come one come all the barker says by the click and pay carousel. Round and Round they go and where those horses stop no one knows. The Big Short billionaires have lost fortunes since 2008. The Lehman killers in Super Short selling ( a phony market without an regulatory frame work today ) say Paulson has lost 3/4 of his fund in ten years playing wrong bets since his one big bet. They need to follow the BLOG THAT STARTED IT ALL. You know…telling the truth faster. Those multi billionaire smarty pants don’t know…no one knows folks. How could they know? When?

2018 is AI WORLD with AI WARS electing to Super Self Aware new species – not in defense – not in research – but in ECONOMICS. AI OVER MONEY versus minds over money. Why? Because human minds are just way too slow. That is the why. AI is a war between super money pools and evolving AI is he ultimate profit use of AI not managing your own buying patterns. AI is controlling trades in the market not humans as we go where not economy has ever gone before – digital. The result falls outside all old regulations and frame works and is the wild Wild West – the casino capitalism – everyone greed plays in mindless profit pursuit. No social capital of any kind. Just pure unmitigated casino betting and greed to win…..a broken form of economics so abused it is now dysfunctional world wide as 1.5 billion die of food insecurity in 2018 while sufficient foods reside warehouses to feed them all and save them. What system kills and murders 1.5 billion of so called intelligent life? CASINO CAPITALISM is The Who and your side bets are 10% world betters the house of 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS owns those tables and wins no matter what…until they don’t……..

If in profit making in nano second flash trade volume bets the world has never seen velocity acceleration and momentum for ( VAM ) at any prior age in time if occurring  – something NEW is taking place. Economics moving where no economy has gone in 5000 years ever before – and we can’t stop the accelerations. The insane leverage and consolidations.  These two items help you sort it out:

  1. The market is over leveraged – with some maximum side bets at one dollar leveraged to fifty dollars at risk and betting which works on diversified betting IF there is not a liquidity evaporation day when all bets fail and all margins on debt are fully called. Insurance contracts protecting loss are not regulated and there is no there there – no reserves to pay the loss claims – SEE AIG and 100 others in 2008.
  2. The market is AI controlled with over 90% of 440 trillion trading – only three trillion in stake holder REAL sane and appropriate  economic investing – the rest in side bet speculations like bucket shops in 1929 but by debt margin  ratio – far beyond going where no market has gone before – due to fantastic digital leveraging and AI trading within AI Wars between 10,000 super money pools that constitute 90% of capital flows – one 1.5 million money pools now consolidating to less than 10,000. This market is unstable non economic a virtual casino and due to economic abuse a child can see – a SUPER CRASH and system reform will occur only when is the unknown – only the WHEN.



No one can predict the future not me not a room full of experts not anyone. I can guess. My guess is that the market influenced by sound bytes – the 200 billion in China tariff’s – to an already crashing Chinese economy blind to its own SUPER DEBT RISK – went down on Tuesday. Predictable. We “guess” the market will soar by year end – soar to new record wealth high’s.

We point out to you all that the USA is a 4% to 5% total debt to GNP and our GNP is soaring. Growth heals all debts and wounds. China has a line going down from 25% GNP to 5% if the truth were told in 2019. Down graph. Crashing. China borrows 300% not 5% of its GNP to fuel its growth as illusion – remove their debt stimulation and China is in crash and recession. China currency is like Venezuela – worthless by debt and defaults coming – that end the Communist false economic illusion. Economics are unforgiving for system abuse and all accounts including all debt accounts must rebalance in the end. China’s day is now coming fast because their leaders do not understand economics, at core, their leaders are making bad choices and decisions because they are ignorant of economic cause effect and consequence. China will crash in a sea of explosive red ink, war to distract its own people, and utter total collapse and revolution UNLESS they make a trade deal with the USA – their own way out forward and up. Even then without introduction of SUPER BOND solutions outlined in my work for nations like China – REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – their future is bleak. While there is still time to save China economically, the time clock is rapidly running out of space to do so.

Trump who knows this is golden carrot on one hand and economic nukes on the other. The weapons of China mass destruction against its Super Debt Carrying cost are unseen by news and trade war reports as only a faction of the real situation. America had a window to rebalance economics and took the window before it crashed closed surprising those engaged in asymmetrical warfare in WORLD WAR III which is digital. Read KEVEN FREEMANS “THE SECRET WEAPON” to library data on what is REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE more completely.



Being so bad at guessing and KNOWING a SUPER CRASH is coming unless the world Cooperates into a new world trade rule based no nation left behind globalization of tax and trade rules. Anything less and markets SUPER CRASH inside a SUPER DEBT BUBBLE bursting into global DEFAULT CASCADE and Liquidity Evaporation Day far worse than the Great Depression. Currencies will be worthless. Banks will close. Financial institutions will be bankrupt. Why?


The inability to move Debt Super Bubble spiral into regulatory frame work moderating greed.

The inability to remove and make criminal again as they did after the depression pre digital globalized destruction of all world systems at core – within regulatory frame works shattered by law makers in 2000 when the DOT.BOMB Super Crash followed immediately.


Debt is now used by the 10,000 Super Wealthy money pools and nations like China to enslave nations and or corporations. HE WHO CONTROLS THE DEBT MAKES ALL THE RULES until the debts all go bad at once……

SYSTEM WIPE OUT and bankruptcy occurs thereafter in say – 30 minutes within new casino capitalism all digital and AI.

AI has no – zero parameters – for say – all sell orders and no buy orders. LED Day.

The system has zero parameters for say – Real estate crashing 40% to 60% below cost.

The system has zero digital AI awareness of the potential for a Super debt bubble bursting. China or Italy being the coming tipping points but it could surprise us and be others.

We have said the real money is now in stepping out of the casino into safe haven diversified insurance investing and we suggested how to explore this option with likened professionals the only way forward.

We have suggested casino bet makers consider:

  1. THE BIG SHORT NOW IS OIL – make untold billions in the coming oil crash.
  2. The BIG SHORT NOW is financial stocks – SHORT THEM ALL and the SUPER MONEY POOLS – reversing the casino

Or not…I’m just saying……as I did in 2007……….



Want to KEEP your wealth and lose zero? As you can not perfectly time if we have a year from base camp to the avalanche summit – sell high at base camp miss the last treacherous life of death climb to wipe out – and diversify into fully diversified insurance investing:

  1. Fixed income annuities
  2. Growth index high yield principle never at risk products
  3. Liquid assets at highest market returns many times what banks pay – Hybrid Life money management – permanent insurance – asked your licensed INVESTMENT professional at a top ten insurance provider – they paid when banks were closed in the Great Depression….so do THAT.

If you want to play and play into the Am hours – drunk on greed and profit and gambling – do your thing. Your surprise is that stop loss and risk protection disappears on LED day. Your stuck. Your money can’t liquidate while daily the asset value dives to levels you thought impossible say my guess – 6400 DOW level. Do a spread sheet on WHAT IF…given our guess work has been right since the 1980’s.

The charts such as the CRAP CHARTS we think remain gospel define:

  1. Super Debt outside any sane definition of economics and soaring higher
  2. Side bets – control markets – two trillion invested in two years in stock buy backs to manipulate prices and drive the market today as phony casino capitalism.
  3. Side bets manipulating all prices to ranges of riskless risk by theory of the AI planners when in fact the AI is the weapon of system hyper leverage side bet speculations to manipulate prices or greed and profit of the 10,000 Super Money pools all outside regulations designed for paper trading and unable to regulate global digital casino trading.
  4. Digital Leverage – speculation driven by debt and margin trading beyond anything by ratio that caused the Great Depression.
  5. Fed Policy – ten years of FREE MONEY requires ten YEARS of rebalancing to normalization in debt cost – raising interest too high – too fast – too frequently – was the trigger the SILVER BULLET that stopped casino capitalism in 1907 and 1929 and the FED is brain dead and doing it again as if they had no history or score card at all. Why? Greed same as last time – if the Fed is a private stock firm owned by the banks – why not profit all in the casino holiday parties maximally. OK we will at risk the entire system will fail …but hey we are way too crack piped on profits …to care about THAT or even see it…

WE fixed noting after 2008. The need to RE FRAME GLOBAL DIGITAL REGULATORY over sight is greater today than in 1929.

  1. For the first time stock earnings ratio’s are worse than 1929 by enormous ratio’s.
  2. Consolidation of wealth unstable to systems where the small % own more wealth than the larger % and that consolidation is briskly constricting to instability in the casino.
  3. Competitive Capitalism and communism are failed economic systems.
  4. Cooperative Capitalism reforms remove unwanted speculation and wealth consolidation from economic systems assuring long term prosperity within a no nation left behind policy ( all blue print outlined as to HOW step by step in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION available on Amazon ).
  5. Speculation side bets at 440 trillions in full on digital leverage of side bets with borrowed capital always destroys the core system liquidity and economics into a very hard reset – WORLD DEPRESSION AND WAR – to rebalance decades of economic abuse.

Ultimately law makers should be economist not attorney’s. We elect attorneys to law making because they know laws? The laws are all economic and require economic minds to moderate GREED. Otherwise all laws are LOOPHOLES for the greedy.

Can humans do better? Australia has not had a single recession in almost thirty years now. Can the world be like Australia with 30 years of growth and expansion not driven by 300% debt to GNP like China phony economics?

Trade war is ill timed for China – and the world. If they politicize economics and fail to make a great trade deal with their # 1 partner – so the world profits – as do they – as do we all – we move into prediction – a WORLD WIDE SUPER CRASH – A DEPRESSION created by debt defaulting cascades digitally AI expressed to LED DAY all because of the Federal reserve board and interest rates – not XI and Trump.

If you had billions in shopping mall loans struggling at zero interest paying 2% and now your new roll over loan in 2019 is like 500 billion will be – moved up by 200% to almost 6% can you pay that 200% rise in interest cost on your roll over loan ? That one shopping center can not and will turn the keys back to the bank in default as will trillions in industry and nations because the FED is causing WORLD WAR III and the GREATEST DEPRESSION just as the Fed caused the 1907 Depression and World War I and World WAR II and the Great Depression of 2019. Only today the market is far more elastic in debt speculation and casino greed than 1929 and that was the worst system abuse until NOW until 2018.

So if I had to guess I guess the attorney’s running the USA – China – and the Central Banks will want – no change on their watch – GREED IS THE ONLY NEED – singing drunk to all those Holiday parties and then in 2019 some volatility things are not as bad as we all thought post election – its all fine with dips on impeachment grid lock and gov. shut downs – but hey in 2020 with the loss you get in 2019 we move to SUPER CRASH AND DEPRESSION as the system itself fails.


Is there a way out a way up a way forward?

Possible if in time we have SUPER BONDS reset Sovereign Debt ( see Hughs and Hubbard Law Firm senior partner Roel Campos ) and regulatory global REFRAME. Without both I think we are toast.

Meanwhile ..drink up enjoy the party and watch your nest egg self destruct unless you act on what you were advised to explore right here. If you do….your all NEW but if you do NOT your money turns to snot.

Hey I”m just guessing since 1980’s and I will be wrong I”m sure…..just a matter of


That IS what IS going on OUT THERE in the WORLD CASINO TODAY