WHATS NEXT ? WHATS THE TIMING LOOKING FORWARD? Hell no expert knows THAT all we can do is guess. I’ve always noted – never take action until you gather a number of expert input opinions and sources – then work with your licensed expert to advance real action to final copy. I have suggested you explore moving out of markets at all time peak highs and into diversified insurance investments to maximize profits without principle risks, in a safe haven high return investment a SAFE HARBOR investing model> Just explore THAT option is my suggestions with a licensed professional. Just EXPLORE IT !

I predicted after a Spring Correction ( which took place right after January weird build up really highs to new records – than the losses followed ). I predicted high volatility this summer that would mean nothing – we saw Apple down to 150.00’s – ( I know because I bought it and told you to explore doing the same with your licensed advisers ) – and FaceBook in the dip – good on you if you bought low. Now sell high like I”m doing.

I predicted following record volatility from AI trading the period of year end portfolio readjustments would be made by the grown ups returning from Summer Vacation. While I noted this would keep volatility higher than comfort on given days up and down – the year end numbers were likely to be record high for portfolio wealth.

In 2019 we have:

  1. If republican’s keep their congressional majority – a likely infrastructure – health care and wall – and immigration bill. Congress will work and function and the boom will be extended up and down to 2030 in my opinion on data.
  2. If democrats win the shift is to the Presidency and destroy Trump – so congress will grid lock – we will move to impeachment and worst and we will move forward in dysfunctions we know well from 20 past years having nothing but.

I’ve suggested we all vote outside the brain washing as follows:

A) Elect a President of party x – give that President a congress of party x no matter what

B) Vote – your wallet not your party – no more party anything – vote what works – we control it

No More GRID LOCK and GOV dysfunction. Its like a bloodless revolution. A vote for America Prosperity and what works versus a vote for what has proven to be horrible for America. A congress off setting President in grid lock – dysfunction – endless gov shut down’s – and a lack of vision to move America and Keep America in prosperity – whichever party is in charge.

No more political grid locks because we voters control it all – only if you divide us on issues that are not issues at all -versus unite us into the real issue -these policies work – 1.6% GNP for 20 years is now rising above 5% GNP. This is simple math – give the policies creating the rising wealth effect – security to continue those policies and – prosperity moves ahead. Take their powers away ( in congress ) and you have GRIF LOCK DYSFUNCTION and nothing good but a downward spiral in markets into recession.


The recovery is fragile. We have balanced risks. We have 5 Trillion in the Fed asset block they acquired with our tax payer money in effect . They have stopped buying bond assets in the bond market ( billions upon billions now removed from bond market liquidity way too fast ) and they compound a TEN YEAR NORMALIZATION into TEN “MONTHS” which is a time line that becomes FAILED FED POLICY just like 100% of their past same exact pathology on failed economic policy.


Australia is 27 years without a recession. Japan is 20 years never getting our of recession or deflation after trillions – spent – just like the FED for the USA following 2009 to 2017 of FREE MONEY almost ten years. We need ten years to normalize not ten months as the Fed is tipping world economies into crash – like Argentina and others – due to ignorance of TIME as a core asset to outcome results they desire and require. Over ten years FED current policy works. Over ten months Fed Policy assures we are not going to match Australia. The Recession is coming. Why?

The Election and a billion spent to HATE TRUMP crank up emotions on what a demon from the dark pit of hell Trump is…at ever level….total lies just like Trumps lies about Obama being a US citizen – politics has become dark and mean and cruel – and it is a great shame on US all as a people. Media doesn’t control the news we do. Stop watching stop buying – go on line but don’t click American news go outside the USA and get your ore balanced news…still biased. Filter discern and value. Respect everyone in office who may not be your cup of tea – is a good person doing the best they know how. Men or woman working with three Horus sleep and 100 plus hour weeks in public service – may have an affair and take the stress down a bit – George Washington did Jefferson did – lets not be hypocritical folks – Kennedy did – so what. They are all GOOD MEN and WOMEN doing the best the know how – they should never be penalized in their work for the price “me time” Bill took with Monika because the measure of the work ( leaving office with the USA in the BLACK surplus versus red ink ) is far more his job and A plus grade rating – than 45 minutes of me time – who CARES. It is none of our freakin business. WE control it. Don’t buy Woodwards gossip political MANIPULATE YOUR VOTE BOOK and you read it vote republican as a BACKLASH to stop this sort of thing.


Hey if you all sent 100 bucks to AMERICAN WALLET PARTY – My Name Chairman – I’ll use it for a PACK with Prosperity billboards all over the nation still in time for voters to GET they can stop the party on both side brain washing and VOTE PROSPERITY – drop out of politics and make history – all their billions don’t work – we vote our wallets. We’ll look at it again in two years and give you more guidance. 3030 Starkey Blvd – Trinity 34655 – 100 Bucks or more some of you a lot more – helping a new COMMON DAMN SENCE PARTY dropping out of PARTY and dropping in to our own wallets. Hey I like that idea.

We can do more than PUTIN China and Woodward. From all nations we ARE THE PEOPLE OF THE GLOBAL VILLAGE and if we get this right – we win big time. All of us world wide. Think about joining a real revolution in THOUGHT ITSELF. Read Redemption the Cooperation Revolution on Amazon – – always SOLD OUT my book – – but they get it to you quick after all they are AMAZON and Jeff Bezo’s has read the book they tell me.

As so many leaders at the top of trillion dollar firms or nations have read this global change work and your next in your own human potential development.

The famous sound byte from New York Time best selling authors and my dear buddies – Greg Reid film producer as well with WISH MAN coming to box offices near you soon – and Bob Proctor with 1.5 billion readers from THE SECRET a CEOSPACE launch win – when they came to together ( another CEOSPACE win ) and wrote THOUGHTS ARE THINGS.

Thoughts are Things when YOU read it defines why the SECRET does not work. Why? These human potential faculty members OF CEOSPACE define – that – THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS ONLY WHEN THERE IS ACTION.

  • Consideration does not make thoughts things
  • Never end brain loops without decision to act – does not make your thoughts things
  • Only action on God’s holy capital – endless inspiration – transmutes thoughts into things.
  • Action makes thoughts things.

We have told you what is likely. A brain washed American population – led by special interest press OWNERS where the OWNERS are telling the wage slaves how to vote and why where it maximizes their own agenda’. I’ve always told you to follow the money because bought and paid for news is not news its propaganda to get outcomes the money that opens the outlet brands and the advertisers who have agendas in the final vote come together to assure your brain is washed them what they desire. Don’t see it really?

Lets say one of the largest industries in the US is Wallstreet and the largest lobby of banks and investment banks. More criminal plea guilty’s have taken place with fines totally over 100 billion from the endless frauds of the banks and investment banks bosses – who kept their bonus money and who to a little fine and get out of jail pass and on they go into their next crime pays plan.

Pharms have had billions and billions in price increases taken out of their profits by the current team putting press and ceilings onto their prices rolling back and freezing prices.They hate this legal theft is gone.

Defense has had untold billions on contracts rolled by the largest prime contractors. They hate losing their traditional legal theft price rises they always were “entitled to” now in 18 months they have too many billions to count – serious money – taken from them – as to how they feel.

All these OWNERS ( advertisers ) are united with the Entertainment industry – same story – in investing millions even 100 million in packs – that will stop Trump and Team from taking this money from them – pay back. It is not what the voter brain washing is endless being exposed to as a strategy ( HATE HATE TRUMP AT ALL COSTS ) get that vote – grid lock this bastard and he can’t nor will he – block any more of our ENTITLED PROFIT MAKING and if we invest wisely after stealing his congress with effective VOTER BRAIN WASHING – Putin needs to just study how WE DO IT ALL in voter manipulation – we will get TRUMP totally out in two years if not before as OUR PLAN to return to our LEGAL TEFT ENTITLEMENT FROM THE TAX PAYER.

The Owners include the banks and investment banks that own the Fed controlling shares as the FED is a private stock firm using a gov name when it is private company that its board serves banks profit making not nation profit making.  We know this by their criminal conspiracy in 1907 just after formation that led to way too high interest way to fast and global DEPRESSION and World War I that the Fed GUILD controlling nation money supplies – made fortunes on the slaughter.  Then again in 1929 they caused World War II easy history to check out even on this blog if your interest – you act – and you get smart before you vote.

The the dot.bomb speculation super crash and wipe out of trillions in stolen wealth due to casino speculations.

Nothing like 2008 though and the tens of trillions to bail out bad bets the banks and investment banks made – that is the FED’s PLAN? THAT ? Really? Letting Lehman go down so Morgan’s could pick it clean for assets – 600 billion dollars of them? Legal theft. That almost sunk the nation into bank closure – as they all made speculation bets that lost as they are doing right now and it’s all digital and no one has over sight or regulatory authority in digital space no one – until laws upgrade.

Today the Fed is creating WORLD WAR III – economic risk of systemic failure – banks closing and a shooting war they profit from maximally – keeping in mind the truth is not good for these criminal bankers because if you illuminate the elephant in the room – the FED is the CAUSE of our economic disasters and never fixes them hopeless greed conflicted for. its own shareholder members -we need – to merge the FED into US Treasury – so simply but assuring prosperity for generations.

So the FED and all OWNERS are united to return LEGAL THEFT to casino capitalism globally. Nations are united to help. GO IT ALONE TRUMP is pushing the noodle up the PRESS MOUNTAIN of avalanches and ice grand canyons breaking away into midnight – with winds and storms to blow you off the mountain – trying to plant a flag – like Gandlaff I the Trilogy to the Demon……sending his golf club to the bridge line – until it breaks into that grand canyon of flame and fires…as the Trump screams to the deep state OWNERS…..



See the movie.

Hate Trump and only read brain washing – easy to do.

Hate Trump Team policies and you lack data as these policies work and are working like nothing in 70 years – so the policies are worth a vote – firewall how you feel about the person – who cares about that entertainment – lets look at hard economic outcomes. The Trump Team is working for our prosperity – and deserves to have a congress that WORKS.

That is our vote – our choice – our thoughts are things …or not. Vote no emotion – vote prosperity or kill prosperity – vote that – because that is not brain washing and you know the difference.

VOTE YOUR WALLET – OR VOTE PARTY …..the choice is our private decision in that voting booth. Vote smart folks …vote for our collective common good – grid lock or no grid lock?

THAT IS THE QUESTION ……Nov 2nd. And yes you may share my blog always.

So with 45 days to Vote – which is years in election time – the billions are invested on dice rolling – to brain wash voters on both sides – and win the election – one for reform one for status quo and voters are all brain washed frothier agenda’s – mostly magnifying various destain we all have for Trump as an individual as to style – versus the data output of his 10,000 person WIN TEAM that has reset GNP and prosperity to 5% growth and climbing and trade war is helping – to reset the legal theft of nations ripping off the USA for 50 decades. Finally a red line that is a real red line. You can not brain was head space. You brain wash emotions – Nazi emotions or any emotions from Napoleon to now – as the way to get population support.

Today we have digital level fields. OWNERS do.not know nor can they predict today that YOU will not BACK LASH and if you VOTE YOUR WALLET it is not about party – it is about policy and we reward policy working and do not create grid lock and recession and super crash when we vote any longer. Brain washing is billions wasted if we VOTE our Wallets and take our power back.

The middle party of the mass majority is about prosperity and our wallet. Agenda’s are the same that can pass anyway – not much difference – and the party fringes that do not matter – far right – far left – have to be thought about. Why/ The smallest % of the population was communist that took over Russia in its revolution.


Voters are brain washed or not. Same for Hitler.

WE voters prevent a Hitler no one else. US.

This year will we take responsibility.

If you think congress is lost to brain washing – you will have grid lock dysfunction – impeachment and more – waste beyond waste – years of time – a likely Trump victory and four more years – with such limited consequence. The boom stops – the SUPER CRASH Hits and the recession worse than 2008 due to global debt loads – creates – unknown risks for wars.

This vote economically – is all of that risk.

Risk winning – vote prosperity back lash for our wallet and stop legal theft…by criminals.

Risk Super Crash and global depression and world war – vote brain washing and emotions and congress will no longer WORK at all – sinking into dysfunction and grid lock – an insane choice really – for voters if only more fully informed versus brain washed by untold dollars paid out over 45 days by the OWNERS to control versus win your vote….there is THAT.

BACKLASH record year end wealth and prosperity globally and into 2019 and 2020 for sure in my opinion.

Brainwashed vote – Super Crash recession into depression risk and possible world war – as a for sure in my opinion on economics.

The sliver dollar thrown I the air by a Kansas voter is spinning in the Nov 2nd air sparkling in Dawn early sunshine…..heads BACKLASH and PROSPERITY TAILS Brainwashed Super Crash and grid lock with GNP crashing

Which way….which way…..the cowboy from Kansas will tell us all on that famous ranch when the silver dollar slams into his glove and he shares like on Groundhog Day – the result.