If you scroll the TAIL OF TWO FRAUDS – The Fed – and Oil – are data documented as crimes against humanity. So seeking G 200 development nations now sinking into higher priced oil ( artificially manipulated criminally outside regulatory frame works ) and money cost – artificially rising way too fast by the criminal greedy fed and its thrive of thieving bankers – march into stretching fraud to a point that breaks the entire system.

Oil thinks that may give them more time.

Fed thinks that may give them more time.

I suggest time is running out for both.

Lets look at the cost of everything as energy. Oil has meant energy but no more. Technology has made oil obsolete. You don’t see it but its true. You need new 20/20 reading glasses…and the Doctor ( me ) IS IN !!! NO appointment needed just click here.


Oil fraud firms and OPEC lie to you and tell you the following:

  1. Oil is a scare and limited resource we are running scare of. In fact oil is a renewable resource – 200 year old wells are full – the earth farts and shits oil and gas – just like you folks – its ALIVE go figure. They lie its all fraud. The world is drowning in toxic sumps of oil and killer chemical’s oil brings us all to illness suffering and shorter lives.
  2. Oil will not peak for decades as global GNP rises. Fraud as all nations are moving off oil for transportation and electricity and oil peaked forever in 2017 and is plunging down at paces oil investors need to consider. Consider why did my mentor David Rockerfeller sell 100% of his stock in EXXON the empire his own daddy founded….I know why….I’ve told you why plus he read my blog. Oil demand is crashing at a pace all experts are wrong on with the greatest disintermediation of markets in 100 years – OIL CRASHING. Watch.
  3. Oil price is fair. Oil costs on average – deepest wells to straw in the sand in the Gulf oil to 10.67 cents to market. At 39.50 we cover transportation and a 300% triple keystone margin. At 80 dollars a barrel we reach 1000% margin almost and a crime against humanity. Oil is today in 2018:

Food Security for 8 billion hundred humans over 1 billion will die of starvation this year because of OIL CARTEL GREED AND PRCE MANIPULATIONS – a crime against those one billion.

Health Security – is impossible with 1000% criminal margin oil from OPEC and oil firm unholy unity on price manipulation – due to greed and a broken global regulatory frame work on PRICE GUAGING hearings far more urgent an important that the political theater UNJUST hearings on Russia – a total fraud and waste of a billion that could fund a regulatory upgrade on energy.

Economics – the economics of 200 nations are in the toilet an their folks suffer and die and can’t join the G 20 – or the G 100 because – of OIL crimes and FED money crimes. They are potentially going to risk the failure of the banks and system itself.




Oil demand has fallen in 2018 faster farther than anyone ever saw while OPEC buried in debt must keep 70 to 80 dollar oil or its economics fail. The few against the many of us. The elites fighting the wrong way for the wrong cause in a manipulation of a plentiful commodity ( printed money or oil ) that they set price on as criminals. For their own profit and greed. If you illuminate the truth. Woodward is a child reporting on manipulation of gossip – that if he did so on YOU – you would be toast in public opinion. All fraud. For any one who can read.

  • California the largest energy user on earth – using more than 90% of all nations – passed a law to move to NO CARBON FUEL for energy over the shortest period of time – going off oil as state policy.
  • Tesla as the leading electric car firm using oil not made by oil – usually gas wind or solar – and others – where Tesla remains the # 1 the # 2 the # 3 electric car manufacturer in the world – Musk fiorced 100% of the auto makers to move from their unholy union of co investing – from oil – to electric and the customers are going to never get enough for 30 years..not ever. Oil transportation toxic inefficient and polluting is dying forever in 2018 the coffin had all its nails put in.
  • The carbon free power policies of nations world wide are done with criminal cartel BTU and energy pricing.
  • CEOSPACE is supporting the leading HYRDOGEN FUEL PROJECT with the lowest cost Hydrogen ever invented – water is the fuel – no pollution.
  • CEOSPACE is supporting thermal where low cost drilling for oil left us an ability teach at costs not possible before the earth thermal layer to make electricity from the earth where the power is under the feed of us all in every community on earth at the lowest constant BTU Kilowatt cost for power – thermal as economics may oil look like a bar of gold next to a snickers bar for energy cost.

OPEC Priced oil out of the market and now the market will price OPEC out of the cartel business watch.

The time to SHORT OIL has come.

The time to long the US dollar is 2017 to this minute.

The time to short third world development firms is NOW this side of one trade agreement at a time with a NO NATION LEFT BEHIND Policy the Trump necklace of nations will bring you all next.

Hate Trump…ok for many its unusually ferocious. What you hate most though is style and personality and ego – hey he is the first multi multi multi billionaire – as President. If you think he is an idiot and you buy into WOODWARDS Political cartoon hack – in any prior years Woodward’s work would be a peanut cartoon in the paper not real news – so if you hate Trump know this – Trump is truly smart – and Trump is respected by nations he has had dinner with since they were all in office – and Trump’s policies in the world are working and working better than anyone expected and faster.

Most of us are in the middle – don’t love him or hate him.

Still the vote might be out of any party and on WHAT WORKS. A congress of grid lock and dysfunction for another 20 years like the last 20 years that brought us the crash?

Or VOTE PROSPERITY ( no party involved ) Vote your Wallet for what WORKS. I predict it may well be an over-whelming BACK LASH where those that HATE TRUMP vote for Republicans sending the Congress into EFFECTIVE GOVERNANCE UNKNOWN FOR DECADES IN AMERICA –



Like Oil.

So the chart is oil is plunging at a level known before…..and prices must fall to 30 to 50 buck ranges – as the oil supply is going to begin to back up so much oil wells in producer nations will have to close – and those nations need a NEW GAME PLAN.

I’ve been telling them to BUY REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION in the Gulf for years – many have – they are getting a new plan but its slow. We master planned in for the Puppy King but he got distracted to the hand carried real solution with 50 years of Gulf expertise – and wined and dined with the knights of the round table who told the Puppy King only what he wished to hear. Eventually he’ll invite me to the castle and we’ll set their advisers right finally.




The Fed is risking economic stability world wide by at the time of trade war when TIME is required just a little MORE TIME as an economic asset to adjust accounts – and OIL is way to high priced artificially – the COST OF EVERYTHING – and if you now raise the cost of MONEY by the pace of 100% and 100% of % in only 9 months – well you send 200 nations into the toilet and risk CHINA and A SUPER DEBT BUBBLE CRASH within the impossible pressures of economics of:

Soaring cost of money
Soaring cost of oil

TIME is needed to move from ten years of FREE MONEY to normalization over say the same ten years not ten months.

Ten months is not economic POLICY.

Ten months is CRIMINAL THEFT by real criminals the only criminals whose crimes against humanity brought us Depression 1907 and World War I – Depression 1929 and WORLD WAR II – all other crashes and wars to 2008 – all preventable – all easy to avoid – and today they are bringing us DEPRESSION 2020? and WORLD WAR III.


They are insane. How do I know they are insane criminals?

Well if you do the same thing that burned your finger off your hand and you do it over and over – and don’t save your other fingers – your an insane brain. The FED does the same thing over and over to put the MONEY into their mouth regardless their fingers were burned off to the bone.

THEY NEVER GO TO JAIL the criminal oil and money folks at the FED or the bankers who all admit to crimes that made trillions in legal theft – but hey they paid a penny fine on the dollar profit and off they go with their GET OF JAIL FREE CARD that only they get to play and to use.

Which means US JUSTICE is a total fraud unless reformed.

Vote. GRID LOCK and assure America does not work….do it – hatred will do that.

Vote to make AMERICA WORK.

Who will reform justice? The deep state and its phony political special prosecutor wasting too much money to count. A nation where I take all your friends and indict them and if they testify against you they go free – justice. That is justice for Hitler and say Venezuela today. IS that the AMERICA …you want when you vote?


What works?

Who will do it…really?

You know…hate him or not…you know…we all know. What if every voter shared this blog and it went viral….would I be under a special prosecutor for manipulating an election fro my blog…?

You know.

VOTE FOR PROSPERITY the only issue.


So oil fraud and money fraud – create a risk to system collapse as 200 nations tank right now. For no reason at all.

For greed.

The risk is that with the grid lock comes even higher oil prices and money prices and that will sink the economies of the entire world. Super Crash and depression and wars.

Thats my take.

So how important is the election in 55 days?

Well talking to a candidate in Florida in Washington ( he won the primary ) today with their manager – hooking them up with my connections- for endorsements – we agreed this was the most important election in America since the Great Civil War the voters just do not know it.

All the issues bought and paid for media is brain washing both sides with has no value to you or the nation. The one and only issue is:


Vote – Grid Lock Dysfunction and Super Crash

Vote so the real criminals may yet go to JAIL and we get AMERICA back. So for a few years you hate Trump – then we have a new deck of cards don’t we?

I’m just saying……