So oil is manipulated by criminal cartels as a tax on 8 billion humans who because of the cost of everything else – energy – oil – 8 billion lack:

  • Home security
  • Food security
  • Health Security

1.5 billion die of starvation that would be alive if a few elites did not profit maximally in oil speculations to manipulate price for the elite account and greed.

So lets look at hard data:

  • The largest decline in oil is taking place as we read
  • The speed of the shift is beyond any market in history
  • The speed is like the horse shoe to the wheel and car
  • The decline in demand is ten years out only its ten months out now not ten years
  • 1,000 Institutions have removed 6 trillion dollars of capital from oil in 2018
  • The trend of zipping capital out of oil is soaring
  • Oil must invest in massive alternative energy for years and years
  • Oil’s monopoly and toxic polluting business model is torn to shreds in 2018
  • The tipping point blew past the market in 2017 – you didn’t see my blog on it?
  • The return to shareholders in oil is over its peak as investment to new business modeling must now consume resources across the industry
  • Some will die out
  • Some will just make it
  • A SUPER CRASH in oil is going to occur
  • Trillions will be made by SUPER SHORTING OIL
  • Oil price will fall from 80 dollars to 35 dollars and say in the 50 and under if that
  • Demand will continue to plunge as too many producers fight for fleeing customer base – shrinking markets for 50 years – as a toxic polluting crime against us

Oil as an industry has been a criminal monopoly disregarding the needs of humanity for low cost non polluting energy for decades – only maximizing profits – supporting criminal cartels to manipulate a HIDDEN TAX UPON THE PEOPLES OF THE WORLD while they advance say China into a pollution non sustainable geographic killing its own people as oil prices soar.

American Oil now the largest oil producer on earth has discounted pries China once paid to pick up all the business China cut off – so that China now pays much higher oil prices than the cleaner oil from America – a sign of non sustainable economics – paying billions to avoid making a integrity based trade deal that would become the example for the world – that is real leadership – failure in leadership is punishing human diversity versus celebrating it – I win you lose is insane – we both win is sane – which is China doing as they try and manipulate the US election before their huge crash hits later this year not 2019.

Super Shorting OIL and China as my last blog reported is going to attack the global super money pools to rebalance accounts, destabilize markets – shifting – and reward energy at lower kilowatt hours like Hydrogen we are bringing out at the lowest kilowatt hour many times lower than oil energy – along with thermal power almost a tie – and oil dies as the economics of the non polluting shift are irreversible.

The SUPER CRASH in OIL is near …as is the SUPER CRASH IN CHINA …due to SUPER SHORT PROFIT MAKING – without an immediate trade deal with the US – as economics is unforgiving for error and we fear a significant error in policy has taken root in China that the consequences for their people and leadership are just not clear to them.

As my blog and the truth on all this is blocked in China as a media outlet they control block and ban how does the TRUTH get into CHINA decision makers?

The longer BIG OIL and China favor their current account ( this month ) over their long term reality ( Holiday 2018 not far away ) their head buried in a hole in the sand will blow their asses off.

With AI and SUPER MONEY POOLS it is not like 2008. No.

Today trillions can move in minutes and the SUPER SHORT can occur in less than 60 seconds globally and recovery from those profits as the old model dies – the business model yet reformed is not born – leaves options to planners that are limited to their own survival from the mistakes they made.

In our opinion:

BIG OIL needs to announce soft earnings for years while they re-invest in new energy business modeling and elevate cleaner utility of fossil fuel from massive investment in upgrading technology for those DIRTY FUELS…..lead with integrity or SUPER SHORT into integrity…those who wait are way too late to the SUPER SHORT gate .

CHINA needs to make a trade deal with the USA and become the example to the world and if not – China is snot – as trillions run out of China and recovery only occurs on the other side of SUPER CRASH and a revolution no one desires or requires.

Remember I reported all this to you first – and now I”m ringing the bell on the watch tower.

The time has come….