1907 – Trade Wars and soaring Fed interest rate – WORLD WAR I following global depression

1929 – Trade wars and soaring Fed interest rates – World War II following global Super Crash and depression.

2018 – Trade Wars and soaring fed interest rates – ??? Super Crash Global System failure and world war III?

In the 1980’s America being the world’s banker sank into unfair plundering of America and our Presidents did not see it coming so focused internally where they. The Globalization policies without two way frame works became an economic conveyor belt of the largest WEALTH TRANSFER from America into the other nations of the world all happy to accept.

So by September 2018 we have soaring record all time high trade imbalances with the world. In Economics such imbalances are NOT SUSTAINABLE and create instability to risk the entire system failing if not caught and corrected soon enough? Why? Like a Child’s musical chair game, when the music stops countries are bankrupt on the wrong side of the imbalance and America is on the wrong side of the imbalance for decades.


Of course National Security IS first and above all else economic policy. A weak or going bankrupt nation can not dictate policy influences world wide or even in the end hold respect. They have lost their economic powers.

America was a debt free nation that paid its debt’s off and lent money to the rest of the world.

Today America has been buying more trade goods from cheap labor markets, lifting them all up versus paying ( keep America prosperous wages to our own workers ) internally as we took trillions of labor our of America into other nations in effect. To pay for the goods we are buying, by HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS more than other nations allow us to sell ( from their super high taxes on anything American )  – we have to borrow ( from those buyers ).

Today we are borrowing 7 Trillion dollars to pay for our trade imbalance. This creates national security super risks. What if those buyers stop buying our paper debt to finance the trade imbalance – how fast would our economy crash? Under threat we can bring it all back home – but how long a time frame – and against what economic recession or depression when internal buying fell off a cliff from a SUPER CRASH.

World Depressions ( system break downs and collapse ) and World War I and World War II where caused – by the combination of trade war spiraling out of control against super fast interest rate rises by the FED ( which are criminal Greed based and insane policy versus sound Policy for American Security.

I suggest that in 2019 it is mandatory NATIONAL AMERICAN SECURITY POLICY that the failed Federal Reserve Board – the cause of all crashes including 2008 – all based on GREED for their own profit and their secret shareholder member profits – should be – by an emergency act of congress I also suggest by precisely 80 pages like the act that initiated the FED – where the new bill – MERGES FED POLICIES PRACTICES AND MONETARY FORWARD NATIONAL POLICY into the United States Treasury now with:

  1. Supervision
  2. Oversight
  3. Audits
  4. Transparency
  5. Real time reporting

The Fed machine uses with its bought and paid for politicians – INDEPENDENCE as a FRAUD to avoid this 2019 common sense emergency act of congress. The Fed is a private stock firm owned by the banks and investment banks it supervises in a pure fraud so conflicted is the Fed today. The FED IS NOT INDEPENDENT which is pure Fraud the media never not ever reports to educate votes. The largest crime in modern history is the FED and the largest co conspirators are media who fail to illuminate that economic disaster marching us into world war III. For sure as national security. Independence for the Federal Reserve Board means:

  1. Independent of the America Government
  2. Zero accountability
  3. Zero over ride check and balance or any offset of any kind
  4. The ultimate power no nation has influence over – their central bankers
  5. A crime against humanity all in secret – illuminated – they simply fall.

The Fed has never been audited or reviewed. All oversight is illusion there is NONE as independence with the Fed is fraud and over sight of the Fed is a fairy tail there is zero oversight of the Fed Bankers. The US Treasury did fine without Depression and world wars for 300 years and as our founders desired control of money for a fee- to the private bankers was constitutionally protected – only we violated our own constitution with an 80 page act of congress.

Why not write your law maker and enclose this for their staff. This is not a radical idea. This is not a fringe economic concept. This is the ONE ESSENTIAL POLICY FIRST. Why?

The Federal Reserve Board a gang of central fully criminal bankers stealing from the nation have piled up more DEBT to the United States than all the congresses and Presidents combined together- the FED is the DREAD and because its invisible secret and a fraud of criminals – no one is able to see through their sham. Decades ago I went to prison for the lowest federal violation of crime – criminal contempt related to their frame in of a charge of 87,000 dollars related to a junk bond sale. Every Major Banker member and owner of the FED has signed criminal admissions, paid untold billions in fines for 100 ‘s of billions in criminal banker theft from our poorest citizens – and NO ONE GOES TO JAIL. Not ever. Not the criminal bankers. The Federal Reserve Board bankers have stolen tens of TRILLIONS and none of them will be held accountable for their crimes in my lifetime. How idiotic is a system that is so weak on economic education the voter no longer understands the alphabet the sentence structure or the paragraphs of economics such that a FED can pool wool over your eyes with total absolute fraud. No one goes to JAIL.

So the FED MERGER INTO THE US TREASURY is the one and the only core foundational economic reform to assure the unborn in America prosper. Time is running out and the Fed who profits on wars can’t wait for our own slaughter in demographics so they can lend and profit in the rebuilding. That mind set needs REFORM FIRST.

But I spit into a hurricane trying to educate the voters on this one candidate core issue.

The trade imbalance of 2018 is the most powerful economic force to destroy America as the leading power in the world, undermine our influence and powers globally, and move our nation into a declining standard of living where the PRIME for America has come and gone and can never return…UNLESS:



We have to see as we move forward. I have advocated to add in for America at the US Treasury Department level:

  1. A Super Bond with local attorney Roel Campos former SEC Commissioner
  2. Reschedule 100% of US debt in the Super Bond
  3. Set the forward infrastructure in the SUPER BOND
  4. Now in the black work on new trade deals world wide from STRENGTH
  5. The US becomes the beacon of HOPE & PROMISE to the entire world gain

Our national security is strengthened for 300 years. The world order is secure as well. Everyone wins.

Trade Wars seek to advance UNFAIR economically unsustainable PROTECTIONIST Policies for nations – where America is open to them and they are all closed by tax barriers to us. Their low cost car sells in the USA for 25,000 dollars US to premium Lexus for 70,000 US. Our Chevy and Forbes sell for 250,000 US in their nations – and our dollar cost makes it like $ 300,000 to locals – due to tax burdens their PROTECTIONIST POLICY For their internal industry assures of.

As we evoke ( finally.) reciprocity tax policy – we tax you just like you tax us – the criminal nations stealing from America call us PROTECTIONIST. That is a political sound bite joke and the bought and paid for media reports it AS IF IT WERE TRUE. Today news is reporting fraud versus truth and voters must read with new 20/20 reading classes to get hard data and the real truth. Woodward is one example.

If the Fed thought I was a threat they would kill me. Dollars are the Fed and cents is everything else including Apple and Amazon – chump change compared to the Fed the real first multi TRILLION DOLLAR STOCK FIRM never reporting publicly – all attempts by Congress to audit the Fed have failed.


The truth is:

  1. We have to win this trade war for the stability of the financial system of the world and to avoid World War III.
  2. All World Leaders who are sane should give up distrust and negotiation and embrace outside any competitive impulse – COLLABORATION AND COOPERATION mind sets – while there is still time – to save the future of all our national prosperities as one.
  3. Win Win trade agreements re-write global system stability and security for the entire world.
  4. The present system ramping 7 trillion of annual borrowing to US trade imbalances to wealth transfer to the world on our debt saddle is no longer sustainable in economics – says the IMF – World Bank and oceans of economists and over 10,000 democrats and republicans working on this solution as AMERICANS who have the data.
  5. No greater threat to our core system or to WORLD WAR III anytime now exists outside the failed economic trade system of today – unreformed.

National Security is threatened by – Lack of Trade Reform Agreements – Lack of IP protection within every criminal nation hacking one another for IP theft – and arms and AI races where the AI winner will rule the world and right now there is no security that will be America.

Only Donald Trump and his team have stepped into the fires to tackle the fraud lies and deceit – and those stealing trillions ( now thats serious money ) the FED – Bankers and Wallstreet ( collectively they own the Federal Reserve Board shares of stock and are the actual FED in real policy and greed caring nothing about America first ) – are attacking TRUMP making him the fraud which keeps the press and truth away from them…a tired old political success model from Greece Rome to Today in America.

Throw sand in the Giants eyes ( the voters and the press ) and distract them from any focus on the CRIME OF THE CENTURY – CENTRAL BANKING – some one should write a book – I already did – which readers can buy with apologies the book has been steadily back ordered since release globally always. Its popular REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – with blue prints for leaders on how to fix the economic Grand Canyon – it is not hard.

It does not cost money to fix the problem – it makes money to fix the problem.

It does not hurt national security to fix the problem it resolves national security to fix the problem.

What is lacking is not data what is lacking is communication of the data so decision makers can get rapidly smart to create the solutions in Trade War support for our teams as this is a LIFE OR DEATH of nation – pre World War III effort in economics the cause of wars. We either fix it or we go to war and fix it. There is no other option.

NATIONAL SECURITY the Press who would and should protect us all is reporting on what they know is election year spin like on a meth pipe to voters – WOODWARDS gossip book – distracting voters from the core issue to save their own way of life. A failure of centuries for FREE PRESS now a bought and paid for extension of political ownership – the OWNERS control the NEWS which is no longer news as we once knew it. Not by a long shot.

National Security needs the team leading trade wars to be universally supported and to win. The financial folks who win when America loses should be defined reported upon and the truth will set the voter free. No one is taking a look at the billions Trump saved America and the 100’s of millions flowing into political packs to spin NEWS that is NOT NEWS to win the election against Trump to return LEGAL THEFT to those firms. Theft from you and from nation.

So America is decades in a pure economic cyclone listing to the starboard and taking on water at her full pump maximum output level. We either last outside the storm of TRADE WARS one agreement at a time and RIGHT THE SHIP OF STATE economically or we fail and move into World War III. The Outcome of which will slather billions of humans – which demographically driven central bankers see as an “acceptable solution”. I wish you could be in invitation only smokey rooms and hear their Ivy League discussions of how sloughing folks around the world is sound economics.


So if 600 bought and paid law makers or a White House – can’t issue an 80 page energecy act to preserve all Fed Function now opaque economics – into the US TREASURY with transparent economics – and no forward interest cost to print money paid to criminal central bankers who as master mind criminals invented the legal theft. of nations we fell for like suckers – remains an impossibility – the Giant sucking sinking sound Ross Perot warned us all about so many years ago as a Presidential Hopeful – including Merge the Fed into the Treasury ( until his family and daughters were subtly threatened with death and he dropped out poof ) – well – America dies like the chevy to the level the day the music died…like the song said because – the debt will kill us all.

So repeat history precisely within Fed step by step blue prints to global depression and WORLD WAR II. As all leaders and advisers have conflicted information historically on what is the danger what causes the absolute result – and the FED of Course always is throwing sand away from its own compass pointing to itself as CAUSE – blinded – world leaders make mistakes and repeat history.

The press keeps Voters far far far from being informed on the economic truth – all super crashes and wars are caused by central banker greed theft and crimes against humanity including slaughtering 100’s of millions of us.

The truth is well displayed on my blogs for you all to scroll and read from third party sources – but the mass media will not pick this up as ESSENTIAL ISSUE – and bring the truth home to masses of voters globally. Why?

Who pays their bills …is why….who pays their bills…….

So you have it …..

What you DO with it – is the key.

Trade War is the ONE SOURCE national security issue that if we lose this trade war we will move to real war and a real shooting WORLD WAR III.

Get it now?