The numbers in America all require 20/20 prescription glasses to read. Reporters if bias can skew data one way or the other. We don’t care. We don’t care who is in charge. We care about data. What is really going on out there and what can we share with our CEOSPACE community of Presidents of all scale of Enterprise globally and professionals in practice some quite large and multi geographic. Our intention is to be one of many sources of information a decision maker in our community might use and apply to remain even keel in planning executing growth.

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Few leaders in modern history have experienced the slam bashing and press that Celebrity Donald Trump enjoys almost daily. His environment is the media. His team understands the opposition seeking the prize of the US Congress – in a MAJOR LEAGUE full on war between interest of conventional deep state institutions – and reformers who wish to reform and upgrade America from top to bottom – is engaged. Super Money pools like the parting of the Red Sea reside on each side of the debate.

Alost nothing ( in my opinion ) that is said in public has any relevance to integrity or truth and resides in the category of spin, although those reporting hour by hour may not know whose hand is on the little top doing the spinning… the election approaches it is like High School Prom build up – with the click and gossip and all the stuff going on at recess in the play ground. It is very much not like real grown ups if you stand back at all. Most important is our take on data and how it is reported running into an election – data is not reported as data it is reported with bias. Headline and copy bias. I could give you examples but hey globally you are all reading it yourself every hour you get it. You have your reading glasses and you can THINK through back to the hard data without the spin and I encourage you to do so. America is by far – not close to China Japan Germany or Russia – the largest economy on earth.

As we have reported to you Russia is an economy about the size of only New York State and is in distress today and down bubble.

China is not close to the US on any matrix and is ten years with GNP falling – which no one tracks – and China would be in serious communist economic pain outside a decade of spending 300 % more than it earns – and even with US unsustainable economically insane imbalances in trade accounts – an item that has to hard stop or the system will crash – if you understand it the core issue – can’t get growth back the GNP keeps falling. Now with Trade War GNP is crashing.

We see the largest trade imbalance over the summer in history. Why? Tarriff’s are not working? NOOOO ! Because of a boom year and the longest expansion globally in any readers lifetime – the all time record in human history on length of a single boom expansion. Further the Holiday final quarter is 72% of all spending and circulations. If you think 2018 was a GOOD YEAR think of 18% of all circulation and now the TSUNAMI of ( say your own opportunity ) is coming. Oct 8th CEOSPACE invites business owners an professionals of the world and 100% of our member graduates to return to the FULL Business Growth Conference we all ( the FORUM ) because – we are devoting this historic program to YOUR FULL HARVEST of this Mount Everest opportunity – the HOLIDAY YEAR END QUARTER.

With my BLOGS adjusted 20/20 reading glasses you now KNOW that – the trade deficit with America where we bought so much more than we were able to sell ( say in China as one nation ) has taken place to BEAT THE TARRIF tax. Thats right. The stores you buy from all ordered weeks early an put those orders onto the high seas early. Now the next quarter will not look so good. But that is a skew as one might average it seeing the PIG IN THE PYTHON was Early Holiday Buying of all resources to effect PRICE PROTECTION from those off shore suppliers – even while buyers are relocating to new markets unaffected by the tax and shifting away – by say 2.7 trillion – from China.

China knowing trade must rebalance is seeking time. Also China wants to make the best deal. They have the following thought matrix:

  1. Do they make a deal now and help Trump win and retain Congress as their own best interest making Trump a fast ally moving forward on world issues far beyond trade?
  2. Do they make a deal later – maximize congress going democratic – and deal with a much more weak Trump and suspect they can in Chinese Style improve the deal for themselves.

The Number 2 plan will make Trump who is a friend of China trying to win/win a new trade deal as he has with South America – and soon the EU – into an enemy. Trump as your enemy a multi multi multi billionaire with enormous circulation resources in his global tribes is not a person who forgets or forgives betrayals. Especially this one. All of which is being weighed by China Debates in power circles while XI and Trump talk all the time. They have a special relationship as leaders in responsibility.

The Data suggests America is doing good. The Data also suggests we are not fully great yet. Why? Well its early – 18 months is not long to move from 1.6% GNP to over 5% GNP – and not all are effected equally “yet”. So we have:

  1. Big employers doing well but a host of major big board stocks are losing money to making a profit and folks are buying their stock like pop corn anyway – Tesla Twitter and so many main stream stocks you’d be surprised. So we find that just odd economically.
  2. Mid size and small entrepreneur development firms are thriving and massively picking up jobs and employment.
  3. There are less ( huge numbers less ) in food insecurity than in the 2013 peak recession period – but –we still have 40 million in flex hour jobs or no jobs without food security in America as we wish it. Since Lyndon Johnsons WAR on poverty like the war on drugs – we have as a nation and leader FAILED. Can we do better? Yet but it requires reforms to go from GOOD to GREAT. Its getting better in 18 months for millions but it is not GREAT YET for 40 million of our citizens inside the wealthiest most powerful nation on earth….and that is not ….in my opinion …lets just keep doing it the way we always have. We can feed everyone by removing waste alone. But it requires reforms.
  4. Wage disparity is not closing gaps to BE GREAT yet its good and trending right but we need more time to go from GOOD to GREAT it is not micro wave reform and you set the timer in the beltway.
  5. The nation is more focused ( entertained if you want to know the truth ) on Trump than on issues and outcomes. Trump is the leader those who oppose simply as no other leader in modern times – LOVE TO HATE. They ADORE hating him and it unites them.

I find the level of sit com to it all another barrier to greatness. The respect AMERICA must reform itself into – for public service – to measure and assess policy and results and outcomes – and to DE-PERSONALIZE public service – is required to bring us to greatness. The AGE OF SIT COM POLITICS is depreciating the America ideals institutions confidence and compelling bonds or the core values that make America Great. These values are simple and uncomplicated:

  1. Mutual respect between Americans’ for each other
  2. The highest values for life and dignity of life itself on earth
  3. The absolute protection of individual rights by rule of law
  4. Personal Privacy as a consequence of freedom
  5. Sovereignty of every citizen protected against the powers of a central government by a constitution if it is working 

Now ask – the voter question – ARE YOU LESS OR MORE AFRAID OF YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT ( in any nation ) today than you were ten years ago. Good to Great is your answer is NO I am NOT more afraid. GOOD to BAD is YES I AM MORE AFRAID – which requires votes to ROLL BACK FREEDOM as the cornerstone issue for the individual sovereign citizen.

Economically  we have some very good things going on in 18 months and it is powerful. However we have infrastructure immigration policy and more tax policy to move from GOOD TO GREAT. These five issues that BIND US and regard us into one another need to become sacred all over again to us as individuals in all nations. In my opinion.

That which is the same and which we treasure must be celebrated always in any disagreement by that which we debate in respect with regard for the former. If we lose the common respect do we not lose what it means in fact to BE American – or to BE British – or to BE SPANISH or to be CHINESE?

The entire world has problems.

The problems fall into priorities we are not addressing with combined resources.

Think of a ship – that is the giant oil tanker – designed by Rube Goldberg ( I know I know I lost two generations here ) but say there are 297 heads of state as COMMANDERS steering the ship in conflicted directions to the rudder with 297 wheels manned by Kings and Dictators and Elected Leaders and Central committee’s. HOW CAN SPACE SHIP EARTH RESOLVE HER PROBLEMS SUCH CONFLICTS CREATED AND ENLARGE BUT CAN NEVER NOT EVER SOLVE?



Let us imagine that common items between nations merged into cooperation versus competition systemically as a way out a way up a way forward. From Gulf Peace to Africa Unity to Outcomes moving us all from GOOD TO GREAT.

Lets imagine a fresh start where 297 nations elected to move forward within two principles – INTEGRITY & TRUST. Nothing would breach either an self correction made sure.

Now lets imagine we replaced the failed United Nation ( merging many of its institutions that are reformed to actually work effectively ) into the UNITED EARTH FEDERATION that provided common management for PLANETARY ISSUES including no nation left behind and common defense. The UEF prioritized:

  1. A system to detect and deflect incoming earth impact events with a 100% data assurance no human will survive over time unless we cooperate to protect our planet. As we reside in the once very 35 million blizzard storm of impact possible strike events NOW why would we delay our own assured survival versus killing one another because we follow one son of Mohammed or another? Celebrate diversity as sane and stop punishing diversity of human expression – as insane.
  2. A system to assure no nation is left behind in prosperity laws – for tax trade and cooperation. All 297 nations create the system reform.
  3. All sovereignty culture and individual BLUE SKY LAWS for China Russia EU America Canada and all nations are respected as the tapestry of what makes us amazing – preserving rule of law over blue sky within the United Earth Federation of nations.
  4. Have one treasury – no central banks – that prints DOLLARS and economics runs circulations so that like Australia the Planet has 30 years of boom without a bust or recession – it can be done.
  5. Assure individual rights – legalize drugs no prohibition as it doesn’t work it makes it all worse all proven with data – and waste too large to explain and assure individual privacy and rights. Technology gives central government all the power advantage but law must elevate a citizen right so that the rule is – let some guilty go before you ever put an innocent away – versus today put any number of not guilty away to assure we get all the guilty possible. Which is your pick for rule of law and justice reform?

So do we all have chips and every breath we take is in data base and we from cradle to grave are educated assigned duties and work and we reside in government complete controls digitally every aspect of our lives recorded into logs as a future ? Or do we want to move from good to GREAT in a future we have little time to reform ad resolve into those RIGHTS.

Data as we engage Third Quarter of 2018:

  1. Longest boom in recorded history 
  2. America up 1.6% GNP to 5% GNP and soaring upwards
  3. Trade for America goods rising in net dollars
  4. Massive return of investment plant and manufacturing to America – takes time – trillions now in pipe lines
  5. Farm numbers – good – few sectors temporarily trade war impacted but nothing major or hurting us over all
  6. Manufacturing most robust in years in America 
  7. Technology leading bleeding and soaring
  8. Innovation health to defense to nano to new sciences to AI we lead the world by big margins 
  9. Entrepreneur Sector all time record new business starts with success % like never before – largest new job sectors
  10. Massive return of millions unemployed to work stopping gov pay out and putting gov pay back – treasury receipts in 2019 will surprise the world.

There is record stock wealth record real estate wealth record bond wealth and asset wealth across the majority of asset classes of wealth. Financial sector is rising out of its 2008 soup. The world is growing and the NEW DEALS to RESET TRADE BALANCES GLOBALLY ends up where NO NATION IS LEFT BEHIND that moves all to GREAT. Leaders across the world despite popular press for sit com election effects – are COOPERATING AS NEVER BEFORE. Competition is finally being seen as insane and cooperation is being seen as human sanity driven by the core human quality OPTION of INTEGRITY. I cooperate with you if WE are in integrity and self correct any breaches. I withdraw if you compete and breach integrity trying to “beat me” and I put up my shields and spiral into photon torpedo’s. No way for the sane nations to reside. Zero sum gain with so much poverty and death as consequence. 

So the problems of the earth are prioritized by the sane into:

  1. Protect our plane or we all die – it is insane we don’t.
  2. Protect our environment or we all die – its is insane we don’t.
  3. Steer with a union of nations for no nation left behind rule of law – it is a shame we don’t or won’t.
  4. Stop killing each other over diversity being punished and celebrate diversity as human sanity versus insanity.
  5. Resolve a global with AI developing RULE OF LAW for individual rights that applies to all 297 captains steering today because HUMANITY “is” The Priority and reform resources to human longevity and removal of all illness.

Five to Thrive. 

Now the most powerful nation upon this earth is not working on those five issues as priority. We are working on factions hating each other toward inciting and impeaching TRUMP – some wishing we would burn him at the stake – others wishing he was in jail – others wishing he was made KING for some years. So the sit come prevents America from moving from good to great.

My guy ( and I do not wish to fail to honor all faiths at all levels ) suggested – that – 2000 years ago when he stated it – a HOUSE DIVIDED CAN NOT STAND. I think that still applies in a family – in a brand – in a White House or in Anywhere.

Today the FIVE – GOOD TO GREAT agendas are not priorities of 297 captains largely self interested in every nation for itself versus no nation left behind. Sanity versus insanity in THINKING.

Thinking errors create human waste and slaughter for no reasons of importance much like husbands and wife’s who love one another fighting and not recalling why……

Nations do the same dance…..historically…..

If there is competitive insane extreme thought error:

  • THE MASTER RACE – the maximum punishment for human diversity a form of insanity 
  • THE MASTER FAITH – the maximum punishment of human diversity a form of insanity 

The sane must delete the insane to keep the sane protected and safe from insane actions which are predictably savage – never ask why they are so cruel and vicious – they DO IT BECAUSE THEY ARE NUTS.

If 297 nations had common uniform education – and all diversity was celebrated culturally – and cooperation was rewarded culturally and competition resulted in banishment without ability to organize insane tribes in the future – we would remove the virus of competition from human thought process at core. We would move from good to truly GREAT.

Can a vision of our evolving sanity occur really before we extinct ourselves or in our thinking errors the Universe extinct Humanity and starts over with self aware consciousness from the learning of the sad lessons of human insanity – over a snapchat of geological earth time?


If we are divine and made in the image of a breathing orb of illuminated consciousness as all works tell us – then is not our ATTENTION how we focus and free will chose to focus attention – our divine alive moment. Are you not fully alive with me now? Alive this instant fully. Not in rain storms of fleshing electric firings of past experience that is not real – as the only REALITY is right NOW you and I – US – together – right this minute right here – you and your child you and your life partner – you and your community – you and your choice to ATTENTION ?

You can focus on the past and make it endless looping – they are doing that in the election in America.

You can focus on the future and what you wish to create.

Then it must be data and fact and true…

….what you focus your attention upon will create your own reality as  a divine illumination of creative power – focus upon the problems and you WILL CREATE EVER MORE PROBLEMS…..past dwelling ….in worry and fears ….focus upon your SOLUTIONS and future focus ATTENTION and you will create your DREAMS…..

Good to GREAT.

Perhaps THAT then is the lesson. I don’t say this often but I’ll share it with you today. I created CEOSPACE 30 years ago as a leading global thought leader – an investment banking economist with some expertise in WHAT IS GONG ON OUT THERE ( is always follow the attention and the money ) – to united and create a GATHERING PLACE FOR THE ANGELS. Those who are sane and awake to move from good to great in their earth walk. A community of sanity inside an ocean of buggy god awful brain software creating insanity fully institutionalized – itself insane.

CEOSPACE has become an oasis of the leaders who wish to play in greater integrity contribution and sanity together.

Work is PLAY and life is unfolding adventure – when we as a community focus attention collectively on the better way for tomorrow.

The average Double Post Graduate from the worlds IVY League highest education states…when attending their first CEOSPACE…..I’ve come HOME….I’ve found my community my tribe for life……