So I met all Bob a long long time ago. Lets kind of review history. Up to around Nixon the digital age was coming to 24/7 new cycle but not yet. Information was presented by three News Channels – ABC – NBC – CBS at night. Editorial departments we are assured – were fire walled from any influence by owners. News was raw unbiased just facts and content and you decided as consumers what opinions you made about the raw news.

A culture of respect in disagreement kept personalization of issues and respect for public office at a consistently uniquely high American stature. The general private life and private non public internal day to day issues – a swear word here and gossip by those venting at the office as we all do about the boss were not recorded and those “non news” items became NEWS. President Kennedy had those that hated him but they respected him a rare commodity in 2018 culture.


So The FBI and Hoover the DICTATOR of the FBI with huge enemy list illegally created and maintained on every single law marker, influence power broker and CEO. So when Nixon fires with cause the director of the FBI the Dictator ( Hoover ) assures all agencies ( he has files on ) and then illegally commissions his own FBI salaried agent – DEEP THROAT – to meet WOODWARD in dark corners of parking garages to give the young journalist – exclusive stories – leaks – on the WATERGATE INVESTIGATION. All three letter agencies united to GET NIXON and assure the President of tomorrow appreciated you do not TOUCH THE FBI – they are beyond the President.


So Nixon refused to but John Mitchell his Attorney General under the buss for Watergate and that loyalty sunk President Nixon. The FBI kept grinding the WOODWARD news one deep throat illegal leak at a time violating all sorts of legal agreements public servants sign when taking office and accepting their pay and positions – all to GET THE PRESIDENT at – and it is true – any cost.

No due process to those SET UPS AND FRAMES that Woodward won awards for being Hoover’s patsy. Plus one of our greatest leaders who ended Vietnam, opened China, set our current global economic system in play we use today – left office because of what? He covered up his team error to break the law and break into democratic offices. They spied on one another since Washington. That did not excuse the act of some isolated players ( and Nixon did not know anything about it till much later ) and the break in did nothing. Nixon won in a landslide record no one has broken not even yet.

My mentor Dwight Chappin President Nixon’s appointment secretary who just opened last year the NIXON LIBRARY in LA – is a bit closer to the inside truth of it all than say WOODWARD. SO I believe I possess the truth.

The history.

So now lets move decades forward from Woodward on Clinton Impeachment as the 24/7 news cycle on endless channel changes world wide provides a starving monster NEWS CONSUMPTION with never ending need for FOOD. The Firewall of raw news is broken as you can all see and news is now packaged for liberal – moderate – conservative consumer buyers. All news is tied to packet ratings and revenue to assure news is selling ever record sums of MINDLESS CRAP to You. Mark Amazon hit a TRILLION DOLLAR VALUE for a moment today then fell a bit back as the second firm to do this since Apple in only weeks. NEWS DRIVING THE VALUE with TRUMP driving the ratings and money – hate him or love him.

So now after Trump fires the Director of the FBI the entire machine moves into a bias to GET TRUMP. Is this the America we desire and require?

So the entire justice system is focused now on GETTING DONALD TRUMP. By any and every means.

Coordinating leaks and raw data to Woodward he releases his swan song book as an old man. It is unlikely he’ll have another WATER GATE. So the poison pen of WOODWARD crafts what?

Lets pretend what you can not conceive of – so lets just pretend on it. You do not know the last Presidents since say Reagan – but I do and I know them all – not well but I know them enough. So lets pretend:

  1. Obama was said to not be a citizen and his wife was said to be a tranny and the attacks were endless and personal. Is this the America we want? They didn’t report about Maryland Monroe and Kennedy out of respect for personal life of the leader – but today- well hey.
  2. Trump is a good Husband and loves his wife entirely.
  3. Trump is a GREAT father and is so proud of his family.
  4. Trump is a multi multi multi billionaire a rare club of achievement.
  5. Trump is global with operations all over having more interaction with world leaders cultures and trade than any President before or after ever.
  6. Trump is NOT ( as Woodward seeks to have us believe with a book of FAKE NEWS ) that Trump is an IDIOT and unaware.
  7. The past Presidents have averaged 1.6% GNP growth for 20 years and Trump has elevated the USA to 5% and higher growth in 20 months – Trumps executions are working.

Now lets say your father – say mine – Alan Dohrmann a highly decorated Navy Commander from World War II – and a leading Fortune Corporate systems trainer – and the founder of the human potential industry – was followed around every day away from nine children.

Folks would say his human potential work was whooo whooo and he was apostate and a heretic and going to hell. They would hear sware words here and again he was a sailor folks. They would hear him vent things he never intended in close circles who knew him enough to know it was a vent – say KILL THE BASTARD or some such – like men through ages may vent now and again – like say WOODWARD gets every gossip from the school yard and creates a BOOK STORY for one objective.

First at the 90 day mark to the MID YEAR ELECTION to influence voters to vote Trump and republicans out. Why ? Because of WOODWARD crafting a book to make himself millions at the election moment supported by those that absolutely HATE TRUMP like those that hated NIXON and the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT un-ending effort to GET TRUMP OUT. Impeach indict get TRUMP OUT. Make it so mean so awful for him – his children – his team and circle – he has to step down like NIXON. Thats the plan. Their plan.


Is this the America we want – TABLOID AMERICA?

National Enquirer America?

Whats true? Now that requires some thought folks.

So this bias political self enriching work timed for politics and money and nothing else will spin into the news cycles. Brick by Brick events are being released to WIN THE ELECTION.

But will it work?

Will America see through all to the spin and lies?

I think they will.

The democrats are on top of the world with double digit poll numbers saying they win congress.

I am telling you – do not under estimate the TRUMP TEAM.

Fair is fair.

I think America may vote massively to keep prosperity going and not vote party at all. I think America cares less about Trump as a person and desires for security stability and prosperity to go forward.

I don’t think America wants grid lock – zero government – and an entire nation working only on GETTING TRUMP OUT. 

As that is harmful to all American’s in economic terms.

GIVE YOUR HEAD A SHAKE and consider the source.

Today everyone is worried about China. You think Russia influenced our election? Some aspects of Russia may have done some face book postings but the idea Putin ordered FACE BOOK POSTINGS is insane – he had no clue an is stopping that stuff to forge a relationship to secure the future with the USA and the peace and prosperity for Russia.

THINK outside the spin. Whats true. There is no evidence Putin had anything to do with election meddling. 

Now China KNOWS if they use trade war to influence the election it can go both ways. If they make a deal – will it be their best deal? If they make a deal before the vote it helps Trump possibly the tipping point. If they don’t and heat it up into fear storms and make the deal later and Trump loses congress he is weakened – and China feels they will may get a better deal. But they won’t. They will get a far worse deal.

So election influence is on – its trade war and China using the issue as a trillion dollar chip in deal play.

THINK – give your head a shake and follow the money.

Who is paying Woodward now there is a story.

What illegal leaks from the FBI Deep throat of 2018 did the Justice make sure Woodward had?

There is another story.

So from the school yard – the private things we all say to our spouse and inner circle in frustration venting and in the moment that mean nothing become a book – YOUR BOOK – how would you do saint everyone? Thats the WOODWARD BOOK. Consider every quote is:

  1. Spin
  2. Chopped and taken out of context to make a case for the election vote 
  3. Most of it is he said she said with no way to think of this gossipy little tabloid as worthy of anything it is just tripe.

The mayor that brought New York City through the 9/11 catastrophie and got our stock market up and running in 72 hours – said today – WOODWARD YOU NEED TO GET ANOTHER DAY JOB OLD MAN…..

He truly should……so in tabloid America the monster will be Fed now internally – feeding and feeding to bone marrow on the Woodward Book. That should peak by the weekend and taper off by Mid September. The moment of last fame and I think infamy for WOODWARD.

I have never seen a more self enrichment political timed obvious ploy in politics to influence a vote out turn.

I feel a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR should be appointed by Congress to investigate ELECTION MEDDLING BY WOODWARD as a criminal conspiracy and everyone inside it including FBI and Justice should go to jail – including the current special prosecutor – which of their teams fed WOODWARD breaking the law – lets investigate the corrupt special prosecutor in the Nixon repeat to get a President who legally terminated employment of an FBI DIRECTOR a bad one and gave us a truly GREAT ONE that we have now.

Sessions you should give your own head a shake – your supposition Justice is being served on your watch will historically become a great SHAME on your life work sire. Decisions. Making none is a decision sir and a bad one.

So American Justice and election process needs:

  1. Justice Reform
  2. Election reform
  3. Both are BROKEN

And we all could not see that more clearly than with WOODWARDS not a book really – more a political CARTOON like Peanuts and Pigpen.

It is all so obvious … buy into the care put into the election influence or not but that is what it is a pure sham and a part of the massive brain washing taking place by bought and paid for media where news is no longer news and information is not what we all deserve YET.

I believe we will fix all this and I state if it were Clinton – Obamba or Trump or their families who all experienced this reduction of the American respect and honor – President Trump as an America economist – non politically expressed – sir as holder of the office of President I know you know it goes with the territory – but as one father – business owner and thought leader – I’m as an American sorry sir to you and to your family.