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The last swan song. The leader of OPEC and its inventor, has had a fork in the FAMILY TREE. The Civil War we have suggested is simmering into a boil soon, is unstoppable in Saudi Arabia. Why? One must have offices in the Gulf and local mentor teachers for 50 years to even begin to KNOW the WHY. You have to invest life time to appreciate the culture, the tapestry of tribal histories and prides the majestic contributions to humanity world wide from this region over history of thousands of years that include:

  • Language
  • Writing
  • Math
  • Politics
  • Economics
  • Art
  • Inventions
  • Culture
  • Foods
  • And more so much more

As America must be forgiven as its wealth estate reside within fifty miles of a burger King – super size it all and a BIg shake please. Roll tide and another beer sir. Any sheppard tending bedoin flocks knows more about America by far than America knows about the Gulf ( really ). So it is always complex. Our smarty pant policy makers get it so wrong in the belt way and then for generations we are slammed with inherited layered policy belief’s ( bad software ) of the mind – we can no longer know the WHY of or the WHO? Buggy awful software.

In the ideal America as a nation would have a NASA like Oil institution – which would pay off our national debt. This effort would suck in the engineers of tomorrow and America would immediately embark on:

  1. Oil as national security
  2. Discovery of oil with new safe technologies and improved clean up technologies just in case as SHIFT happens.
  3. New refining that is mirco – low energy in – and much more friendly results for the 1100 products oil provides that there are no substitute for.
  4. The NATIONAL ENERGY AGENCY NEA would foster Hydrogen power and driving us around and electricity would all be from water – non polluting planet self renewing abundant and killowatt lowest cost. Oil could no longer compete on cost alone for transportation as truck and ships would fuel from water. No pollution using motors and engines the NEA as national security would release within 36 months.
  5. Massive new NEA oil reserves would lower monopoly CRIMINAL CARTEL pricing effecting food and health and shelter security for 8 billion humans for a few elites to greed steal in massive tax to energy – the cost of everything – as a crime against humanity.

This ONE HIGHLY PROFITABLE – NATIONAL SECURITY ENHANCING – DEBT REPAYMENT PLAN rips the obscene windfall profits from CRIMINAL PRICE MANIPULATION OF OIL above 80.00 dollars – which is a THREAT to the prosperity of the entire world as OIL today remains the “cost of everything” its packaging and processing with energy – its movement with energy – its entire idea to market with energy cost manipulated to criminal high’s. The PR of the small elite crowd against billion of WE THE PEOPLE presents lies as truth and the public buys the CRIME IS GOOD and pays the cost – one cost 1.5 billion will die of starvation this year because of the elite few in OIL having warm meals in their mansions. It is all a crime and no one in a bought and paid for corrupt den of broken national system models will oppose the MONEY. Now thats the truth folks. There you have it. But hey already knew all that.




So the young Kind in his 30’s but 20’s only as he is elevated to powers is from the family tree fork, where in Saudi one family the founders ruled until now with an iron hand. In five years the family tree forked and the new folks always under the founding family rose to power over that family tree – and those family OWNERS are not entertained with the new branch ruling. So what happens. As we oppose Iran leadership and Syria leadership and we just align up with Saudi …why is that? Lets look at Saudi in five years:

  • Still stone woman to death who marry their love versus the family arranged marriage.
  • Still stone gays to death. Or push them off buildings.
  • Still arrest this year 100’s of woman rights activists never to be seen again – no trail rule of law or life
  • Go to war with Yeah MAN their neighbor – and kill as many civilians as Sadam or King Huesain in Syria
  • Saudi bombs schools hospitals hotels stadiums and slaughters non combatants without apology and thats growing
  • Internally massive lock ups of oppossition to the Throne of any kind – no process trials lots of death and torture though
  • This year the puppy King locked up 1000’s of the wealthy leadership fo the other family tree.
  • He locked up the Bin Laden’s the largest wealthiest builders in the nation.
  • First he asked the boss for 36% of their trillion dollar empire and while they thought about that
  • They locked them all up – some still locked up – no trial no due process – but the Puppy King took their billions – their castles their homes – palaces – jets – yachts and you know kept them for their side of the family tree.
  • The nation is in such debt that they go bankrupt – yes bankrupt – at 39 dollar oil – which is coming without the NEA trust me
  • They have before oil demand globally as we all go off oil – faster than anyone every suspected – crashes utterly a time window
  • In this time window they plan to make a cushion from oil even it it destroys the world system and order as we know it
  • In the end Jordon and UAE are our Friends and the rest we can play with but they are NOT our friends
  • Oh the terror in America from 9/11 forward is SAUDI kids – bought and paid for with Saudi money and we remain their friends why?
  • The Puppy King wants the USA to attack Iran destroy Iran and make Iran economically dependant on Saudi – the kids pipe dream
  • Iran aware of all this and frustrated why America won’t openly deal with it and furious at the Saudi brain washing of America policy makers – can’t seem to get their message right to change the landscape
  • Internal to Saudi the old family tree and its wealth power and HUMILIATION in Saudi – ruling Royals for 70 years of pride in nation – are not bowing down outside force and in power – the Puppy King has some things to learn as this civil war begins to really break out for real. Long memories are in play today.
  • Not in Saudi History has internal dynamic been so massively filled with Hatred one family unto the other and all that is hidden from the world outside but not those of us who have lived inside…not to us.So…it is always follow the money. Today we have the largest wealth transfer in Saudi by criminal theft. We have atrocities in human rights violations – far far from American and EU traditions and values in civilized society. We PR Saudi to be something it is not. Saudi is like Syria and Iran and is not like Jordon as to rule of law and values we can embrace in alliance.

WHY DOES AMERICA AND . THE EU BACK SAUDI in a proxy war with Iran…how is that in OUR Best interest with Saudi organizing 80 dollar oil….it is a SIN.

Oil price should be fixed at a HUMANITARIAN MARKET PRICE not a CARTEL PHONY CRIMINAL PRICE by the New National Energy Agency – where the world drowning in oil supply with crashing demand – has global prosperity assured with NO NATION LEFT BEHIND because – the cost of everything – energy – is no longer under CONTROL AND PRICE FROM CRIMINALS commiting pure crimes against humanity. Rebalancing markets and PR from Opec is all fraud and all lies. Period. The only truth is – Opec is in debt up to their eye balls and borrowing 100’s of billions more – to try in a race against time to crashing oil demand – get diversified economics in thier one wealth governments – PETRO NATIONS – because if oil drops to 39.00 a barrel where they make 300% profit on their product from cost – versus 1000% profit today they need to pay debts – these nations go bankrupt.

IT IS LIFE AND DEATH THIS STRUGGLE. Economics. And it is brutal over there and not OUR VALUES.

Does the Press report the truth on any of this? No the Bought and paid for Press reports OPEC PR …follow the money – who pays for their advertising – oil firms – their client chemical firms and their circled wagons of PR by the billions to BRAIN WASH ALL OF YOU?

So don’t be surprised when these things occur without America doing the one step that pays off our national debt and drops oil from over 80 dollars rising back to 120 under SAUDI CRIMINAL MASTER MIND PLANNING – to say $ 55.00 in a week – with America stating it is FORMING THE NATIONAL ENERGY AGENCY for NATIONAL SECURITY and dumping half our strategic reserves we no longer need with SOARING SUPPLY and CRASHING DEMAND – over two years – prices crash in ONE HOUR. ONE HOUR. We empower the criminals ( the majority of oil firms and the unholy union of producers ) to 1000% margins in a GREED FEST that is going to kill 1.5 billion this year alone – under the age of 35 mostly – that all could be saved with LOWER PRICED ENERGY THE COST OF EVERYTHING and everyone makes a profit. A fair profit. Not a criminal profit.


  1. Oil will crash utterly and never ever recover – when do you short oil – oh right NOW.
  2. Supply sources will soar beyond anything known
  3. Demand will crash outside all global projections which are pure OPEC lies a giant fraud
  4. The speed and depth of the oil SUPER CRASH in demand will stun experts and projections world wide for decades to come
  5. The largest wealth transfer out of oil to other energy sources with LOWER BTU KILOWATT cost – zero pollution- is NOW

There has not been a market shift of this monumental scale since oll came into energy utility in the late 1800’s of the Industrial revolution.

…..the criminal conspirators of this planet killing toxic energy chemical industrial CABAL is the most damaging to humans and the planet beyond all wars and violence known to man for greed and profit alone clouding all sane decisions…the industry is insane and the principles of the industry are insane with zero investing to self correct or dis-intermediate – and todays leadership of that insane industry will see a ECONOMIC SHIFT to the landscape beyond any earth quake known to man in the history of humanity ….in our generation on our watch…the panic in oil leadership globally ….is apparent and their last card trick is WORLD WAR III to have on last swan song slaughtering us all for the elite profit maximizer war breeds….as it approaches do not be fooled…because now you know….the truth of it all….and bought paid for government is powerless to oppose their planning….in fact……historically…..only way can delay their day of the pending SUPER CRASH OF OIL in our generation….you will live to see these words are prophetic……

Meanwhile we don’t know:

  1. Will the Puppy King win or lose
  2. Will violence in Saudi civil war break out
  3. Will they kill the Puppy King and his father ( their fear )
  4. Will they bring prosperity to stabilize and include waring factions in nation
  5. Will the entire Region break into full on Regional border resetting wars

My opinion? NO one in the WEST can answer any of these questions nor an we influence these questions. I personally think we should withdraw cost and presence in the Gulf entirely. Just let the CIVIL WAR inside the Muslim Faith unfold. Will Lap Top Muhla’s win or will 350 AD Muhla’s win? Only Muslims can decide the outcome and it make take generations – their normal history. We need to stay Out . We need to respect all factions and line up with all factions taking sides with no factions. We celebrate diversity with our values not punish diversity which they do with their values.

The savings of pulling out 100% of our foreign aide military and presence – is so great we could allocate 10% of less to ramp up the NEA to clean low cost oil for centuries – new tek to refine and use oil that is non polluting – new tek lower cost and break through new global low cost energy so NO NATION IS LEFT BEHIND In energy development food security ( energy dependant  ) health security ad shelter security all from low cost energy the NEW develops and makes available FREE to all Oil Firms….keeping them profitable in lower cost for energy – ending crimes against humanity and CRIMINAL PRICING OF OIL BY ELITES the many against the few – 8 billion of us paying that price to the few….sin ? You can see sin.

Can we do better?

You bet.

One idea can and often does change the entire world …..and so many unite to this one idea.


PS: We are not taking sides we are economic and wish the New King success we are on the side of the PEOPLE of the GULF and their prosperity but not at the cost of the rest of the world…..fair just prosperity…we should all share helping them to achieve economically – the present way leads to WORLD WAR and GLOBAL DEPRESSION …we are against THAT ……



What happens during a crash? The banks legally steal all your assets in the “mother of all consolidations”.  As non readers have zero understanding of economics, the ignorance allows a “non informed” or “mis informed” voter – to keep the system as it is – corrupt world wide.

The world operates on 15% equity and 85% Debt. Who controls everyone who owes money? The lender. World lenders and criminal banks as so many world banks and institutions have pled guilty to massive crimes and paid small fines – and continue  lead out front remaining invisible..nice trick if you can make nations bow to it.

Who you think is in charge IF  not the OWNERS.

The OWNERS own the Debt. 85% of all assets are secured for nations and institutions and individuals by debt circulations. Without a GLOBAL REGULATORY REFRAME evolving a more equitable economic system from the two corrupt and totally enslaving systems of today – Competitive Capitalism and Communism, keeping the 8 billion humans in impoverishment, while 1% own more wealth than 99% is a crime against humanity as to systemic design. COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM outlined in my book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION you can get on Amazon – defines:

  1. A best possible blue print to launch Competitive Capitalism and how
  2. A systemic model to preclude unwanted wealth consolidations
  3. A systemic rule based system with no nation left behind
  4. A systemic system that makes wanton speculation a crime and firewalls it
  5. A system that is transparent real time reporting audited and has zero secrets

We can create food – health and shelf security for all humans in a generation within Cooperative Capitalism – the next generation of integrity and honor in economics – the final revolution of systemic reform and upgrades for humanity. No wars. Protect our planet. And remove the core issues of economics that create all human pain and suffering. WE COULD DO IT IMMEDIATELY IF WE JOINED A REVOLUTION FOR REFORM INTO COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM to replace the failed system rule based systems of today with BETTER RULES.

Power you perceive is illusion. Real Power is welded by the OWNERS in this broken world the welders of DEBT have the real power. Not Gates not Buffet not heads of Fortune Firms but real power the investment bankers and bankers and their criminal central bank monopoly on DEBT.



The Fed is going to raise interest rates today and again in December. We have reported since 2017 that the pattern of Fed repeating history that was the CORE CAUSE of the 1907 world depression in total melt down and WORLD WAR I – followed such a short time later in 1929 by massive easy money – speculations out of all control of influence in a rising FREE MONEY SUPER DEBT BUBBLE – at CORE CAUSE was the FED for the 1929 SUPER CRASH the world wide Great Depression and World War II which the Fed profited enormously from as the banks failed and the Fed consolidated criminal powers into itself as the CAUSE to consolidate REAL POWER. Being ignorant and believing falsely that the criminal Fed and its criminal bankers are – a) government agencies versus private stock firms owned by their banks is lie # 1 via removing all education on the truth and b) being beyond any nation to audit examine or check and balance or over rule is a crime when Congress in only an 80 page rushed acted secretly written by the bankers – gave control of the USA money system to a private corporation. WAKE UP. To the Truth. Scroll about the FED here for on line proofs and detail and films about the FED FRAUD the biggest criminal fraud against the American people ever conceived – its on film folks. Here I’ll repeat it as the FED you give your blind trust to – is repeating what created two depression and two world wars…who are they really: ( I request all my readers who enjoy the massive work of this blogs outreach always FREE make a reading list and a book mark – both – to your Browser on this URL it is so important for your education. Share this link with the circle who will join your COOPERATION CHAPTER of REDEMPTION into the COOPERATION PARTY WORLD WIDE.

This link will install a software inside YOU that will remain as you read news for the remainder of your life and this information is the truth and the lie is omission to control the masses with modern media and fear of FED independence – there is no independence in the FED owned by its criminal banks – the FED NEEDS TO MERGE BACK INTO THE US TREASURY BY AN EMERGENCY ACT OF CONGRESS WHILE THERE REMAINS TIME FOR THE WORLD. Marching into World War III as Nobel Winner Gorbachev wrote all world leaders last year pleading with them all to STOP THE MARCH TO WORLD WAR III – think I”m making this all up? Education here – is so rare – that we are thanks to you sharing this blog with your circles one of the fastest growing FREE privacy protect BLOG sites on earth today – classified in a growing numbers of nations as a MEDIA OUTLET SITE.

Want more as its all on google with a click if you just take a bit of weekend time to become FED SMART and grow your writing law makers – and electing law makers who stand for MERGING THE CENTRAL BANK OF YOUR NATION INTO THE HOST NATION TREASURY in a fully transparent digital world ….central banks are all frauds …all the same….and any value they have can be executed under TRANSPARENT CHECKS AND BALANCE inside national treasury and rule of law. Here is more for you to click on:

Click and save to your READING LIST and check in on your weekend of WAKING UP:

You think reputation defender and like firms control your page link. You can word FED Fraud so many ways and you get THE FED and their FRAUD REPORT with oceans of their criminals working to keep the real information like you have in this click hidden on back pages so you never take time to see whats really out there. So I did it for you noting to my readers over the pond and around the world this is precisely the same for your nation and your central banks – the DEBT CONTROL. Google and the TRUTH becomes a saved reading link you can share as your REDEMPTION CHAPTER OF THE COOPERATION PARTIES SWEEPING THE WORLD BY US – the real revolution – bloodless – united – we the people of the planet earth coming together using digital chat rooms and chapters on line in social and in your community – IF – you join and lead and become active in a real world revolution. I’m in for 45 years and today the army who are in is rising around the may pole of the TRUTH.

THE OWNERS OF THE WORLD ARE THE BANKS INVESTMENT BANKS AND CENTRAL BANKS in a WORLD where the core asset of wealth is 85% debt. Debt makes the world go round and when it is no longer elastic enough for DEBT GROWTH than the OWNERS slaughter us in WORLD WARS to keep all attention off their crimes and planning and failed systems enslaving humanity – preserving power at all cost – and profiting from rebalancing economics and demographics ( kill old people in world war III ) and rebuild with new ratio’s of humans – rebalanced from the absolute slaughter by the OWNERS while you need know the OWNERS existed let alone made plans for the future of their own powers.

You know the truth when you possess the truth….all lies evaporate with the truth.

You see – THEY – as OWNERS have cut your 2019 seat belts and your air bags are disabled economically. The problem is in self driving cars they can not see the any future outside their own blind spots. There are many futures that REFORM THEM where a system – COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM REFORMS THE CORE CAUSE:

  1. The System of the FEW AGAINST THE MANY

One is insane and self perpetuates POWER Into the hands of the insane.

The other is upgraded and sane and propels POWER Into the hands of the many.

SANITY OR INSANITY – one system or the tried and trued 5000 year elite system of wars slaughter and misery on scales no sane brain would ever allow or permit. Only insane OWNERS would bring us to the brink – which never frankly effects their life styles.

Not at all.


The Fed manipulates monetary policy to maximize earnings for the tallest building in any town – the banks and investment banks – or the Debt clients like SALESFORCE in San Francisco – the inside tribe – with statistics lies and data it alone controls final copy for and is never challenged.

I challenge Fed economics as fraud and their data as deceit any of us would go to prison for.

The truth:

  1. The Fed caused the Great Recession while its members made ungodly profits selling pure crap loans and then reselling them again and again into pools – super pools and super duper pools until all the pools went from fraud values the OWNERS had set – to FRAUD ILLUMINATED TRUTH the market uncovered – and the entire world order almost ended.
  2. The Fed assured its criminal banks would survive the massive pain they created for 8 billion souls – by having the 8 billion souls pay from their poverty in the crash depths – the bad bets their banks and investment banks made – so tax payers paid 100 trillion into the criminal banks and investment banks all with FREE MONEY the Fed gave to their members. When Bernake was asked by Congress panels if he could tell Congress where the 11 trillion went precisely and to which of the Fed banks got that unmatched in all history sum – all debt burdens the OWNERS now had more power via debt – looking right into the New Camera – Bernake said NO SIR….just NO SIR – the Fed defied the Congress and confidence as OWNERS said – NO SIR we will not tell you where the tax payer money you gave to us went at all…..NO SIR. There is no power than can audit over rule or do anything to a FED OWNER who tells Congress to go fuck itself in plain speech. The public just does not GET IT as they remain in such ignorance and the bought and paid for DEBT PRESS can’t attack the OWNERS who control their debt.
  3. The Fed in ramping up more Power ( SUPER DEBT BUBBLE SPIRAL ) world wide to all nations – has nation after nation in DEBT CRISES – Greece – Italy – Spain – Argentina – Venezuela – China – ( 300% borrowing over GNP soon to be a Debt IMPLOSION where the criminal bankers legally steal China’s wealth ) is all. Nothing new just business as normal. For the OWNERS.
  4. The Fed stimulated global growth with FREE MONEY via conspiracy to fix money price world wide by all central banks in on it together. UNTIL CENTRAL BANKS ARE MERGED INTO THEIR TREASURY ( their worst fear a blog like this would go viral and millions would learn the truth – the emperor has no clothes the Fed and the banks are criminals until laws reform which they can’t until OWNERSHIP merges into the NATIONAL TREASURY ). So FREE MONEY FOR TEN YEARS. Stability on debt is not real my readers – it is illusion. They have cut you seat belts and disabled your air bags as the economic COLLISION is approaching around a turn or two on the steep mountain pass road in economics. The way out is a long fall….without the OWNERS BEING MERGED INTO TREASURY AS “THE” ITEM OF NATIONAL SECURITY.
  5. Now as in 1907 after formation and again in 1929 and in 2000 and in 2008 – Fed FAILED POLICY due to OWNER GREED is the tipping point – they are raising interest as we educated you WAY TOO SOON WAY TOO FREQUENTLY WAY TO FAST their traditional path to Depression and wars they profit maximally from. We need TEN YEARS not ten months to normalize economics…with much slower less cliff impacting interest rates rising as they are today – so their criminal banks can make more profit faster. Which they all are including massive criminal stock buy backs to manipulate their share price and no one goes to jail without REGULATORY UPGRADING on all this.

So the biggest REGULATORY RETHINK is required to regulate financial markets in the new digital AI age is required and desired by the G 100 all outlined in blue prints for world leaders and decision makers in REDEMPTION. Regulations of the past are obsolete and NO LONGER work to moderate GREED. Time is running out to fix the failed system without world war to rebalance accounts. But we still have time if you step into a revolution …..

You believe the Fed?

You believe facts you can read here  in this blog with data hard truth real information and facts – that can never be erased?

Will you join a real revolution – the best one ever – the COOPERATION REVOLUTION and join a growing army for real upgrading improvement and change world wide? In any nation you join by:

  1. Deciding first you want to know the truth and deal with CAUSE not symptom as you step fully out of the massive brain washing – two billion dollars as an industry to brain wash voters in the mid year US election for the OWNERS. Trump wishes to reform the OWNERS and they are not happy to see a real reformer they can’t influence on tap.
  2. Buy my five star best selling book ( leave your own review ) and buy ten – recruit an inside cooperation circle of revolutionaries from your tribe – meet weekly to digest news – this blog and host COOPERATION PARTY CHAPTERS world wide as a movement of voters with one first mission – MERGE CENTRAL BANKS back to Treasury and vote for leaders who will do it – its not hard and the OWNERS most fear you would WAKE UP know the truth and DO THIS STEP. The blue print is all outlines in Redemption.
  3. Send one book to your head of state.
  4. Send the other book to your Treasurer for the nation – communist – King – or Democracy or other.
  5. Define – outcomes for your circle to be ok in any market and as you can register into CEOSPACE to join a global community of revolutionaries who are all creating safe harbor to get through the storms the central banks are dishing up to us next because frankly they can’t see another way or option forward – but the way up the way out the way forward is in REDEMPTION. The most important read of your souls lifetime.


The Fed is raising interest rates this year and next year. I think 2019 will be a great year with 3% or better growth in America while China is imploding in DEBT and trade war. The Fed is killing China today as the dollar soars and their currency begins to follow Venezuela trust me. You’ll come to see how correct this all is. While so many nations and billions suffer terribly from the FED tipping point without regard to their pain as OWNERS. Having warm meals.

Japan Indonesia and India will rise to second third and fourth largest economic as China sinks to fifth or lower. Why? China listened to its OWNERS and miscalculated on economics. They will become a dim memory of # 2 Economy – say an ant hill next to the US Mount Everest anyway when you do the real math…..and China only is in its temporary slot by stealing IP from the entire world – as a criminal nation of thieves. Until the crises of INTEGRITY is resolved China has no soft landing ahead in economics. The TIPPING POINT is interest and the Fed is killing China deader than a door nail – unless they make a DEAL with Trump soon.

The FED is reshaping the world economically as OWNERS with REAL POWER. The sound bytes you read are entrainment. The real moves are economics by the OWNERS.

So lets look at it all:

  1. The Fed lies about numbers. There is no inflation at all but  there is deflation when you out  take the totally phony math of:  oil manipulating pricing upward by a criminal OWNER cartel – dripping in debt – the Gulf is in a rising Debt spiral to the OWNERS which is not  helping them in any way. The Fed’s criteria for raising interest this fast is GREED and profit to its member banks nothing else and this GREED is bringing us to the tipping point of Super Crash and World War – as we predicted in late 2020 and 2021  – our prediction stands.
  2. China lies – its Debt is over 300 % of GNP – its economy is run by 56% Debt investing in jobs from massive government spending on infrastructure – most nations spend less than half that – in total – a DEBT DRIVEN ECONOMY is a house of cards. The IMF Warned in 2017 – the CHINA model is not sustainable and a global systemic risk to close all banks within system destruction to world order is nearing from CHINA alone.
  3. This blog tells the truth. There is not a crises in world leadership. We have great world leadership. We have a CRISES IN INTEGRITY and without INTEGRITY in Policy making the FED AGAINST THE MANY lead the world into the very abyss of economics a ever repeating policy nuke – we fire again and again – because we lack education to step into a better way. REDEMPTION Is the only blue print we know of – for the better way.

Today we need COOPERATION CHAPTERS to join the revolution in cities everywhere. Form your own. Follow the blue print in Redemption for how to run a cooperative based self correcting chapter and digitally link them all – you do it. Rise up leaders better than “I” and younger than “me” to take over the leadership of the unstoppable human revolution built on only these elements – SANITY & THE TRUTH.

Versus insanity and lies.

Actually you can all feel the TRUTH when you read it.

So today the Fed passing the tipping point of no return evokes policy we economically know the outcome for. The first Fed Agenda is OUT TRUMP THE REFORMER who threatens the OWNERS. This is OWNER ECONOMICS versus Politics. The FED is the POWER and the OWNERS UNION.

The second is to steal world assets and reset population aging via WORLD WAR. Profiting maximally along the path to that destruction as an insane option because a) the owners ARE insane and criminal and b) they insane can’t see the solutions and way up way out way forward that the SANE can always see. You may hate Trump thats ok but don’t hate the 10,000 reformers he has making reforms – as today we have choice – reform or no reforms – prosperity or Super Crash. Voters so not informed and so brain washed into non issues – absolute NON ISSUES – will vote their emotions ( brain washed bought and paid for ) in hatred – or they will vote in backlash for REFORM and show the OWNERS A SURPRISE they can’t conceive of and don’t imagine is even possible – so long have they controlled the voter outcome with their unlimited POWER.

POWER in the end trumps economics and OWNERS view POWER as a commodity for which PLENTY is never enough.

So financial stocks will soar – their profits assured by the FED mother ship.

Developing debtor nations will decline.

China will decline and is in free fall with a full run on CHINA we don’t wish for – as we labor to BRING President XI Super Bond solutions to their own debt trauma.  If we can do so in time.

One nation at a time. One Super Bond Debt RESET AT A TIME ( its all in REDEMPTION as everything I do is transparent in the open an secrets. ) The TRUTH is unstoppable – if not in my remaining life time as I’m old now in the lifetime of my readers for their unborn.

This blog slams the FED for utter horror in failed economic policy they inflict upon the world. If you wish to read how awful it truly is from a global economist whose truth can’t be controverted due to the hard data read NAOMI KLIEN’s SHOCK DOCTRINE and your education on this blog will soar…hard read be warned. The TRUTH WILL SET YOU ALL FREE.

I’ve done my best. Now if your life matters and you wish to change the world:

  1. Lead the Revolution
  2. Buy Ten Redemptions
  4. Use the book to build COOPERATIVE HOME AND WORK SPACE
  5. Elect as a new POWER law makers who will merge central banks back into treasury


Insanity – the 1% are the OWNERS and the 99% are wage slaves or starving to death.

The Fed will not stop even when congress and the President ask them and tell them to slow it down – so time can work the debt pig out of the python of world systems. The tipping point….

Meanwhile the FED Justice System responds to its OWNERS while its deputy in charge Attorney General – planned criminal actions to destroy Donald Trump – will the Reformers finally really SHAKE UP AND REFORM JUSTICE – or will the OWNERS WIN AGAIN? Do you not get that without JUSTICE REFORM there is no integrity in the OWNER SYSTEM where hedge funds and private equity invest in the INDUSTRY of keeping prisons full and building new cities like the fastest growing profit center in America – incarcerate to shrink the labor force to full employment – 5 million incarcerated for minor non violent no victim crimes and employ 5 million to keep them fed and locked up who could never fund jobs anywhere else now ten million going to twenty million on your dime as the OWNERS make profits from contracting to prison firms past Presidents own ( in secret ) to profit most from prison slave labor. THAT IS AMERICA YOU WANT MOVING FORWARD when you vote?

Your racing at full speed on a mountain road in economics curve after curve almost going over the cliff so many times…

Today in the Fed rate increase and again in December – the Fed has as OWNERS cut your seat belt and disabled your air bag – next year they cut your break peddle line….as they peddle to the metal – push the the pedal to the floor to the door …in a failed policy we have all know before……..repeating the hours of history IS insanity …..if there is a better way – a far better way – our own REDEMPTION……..




In July we warned our readers to follow and track EBOLA as a RISK ON item to world markets. Ebola can and may still crash world markets into a SUPER CRASH commercially. I believe we all remember not too many years ago when President Obama declared a world emergency on Ebola. Some nations where quarantined for the first modern history version of this economic isolation and block of all travel in and out of nations. The rest of nations had scanners on arrival and screening for Ebola was occurring in all modern nations. Eventually with thousands dying many hundreds of heroic health care workers dying – the Ebola of a few years ago was “contained” and stamped out. It required a global response – US military – and billions of dollars to contain. The risk to all of us was catastrophic. Why?

Ebola in some strains has no cure or help or control. If you read HOT ZONE the award winning work on Small Box and Ebola you will see in chapter one the abject fear the space suit wearing scientist have of this ancient enemy – this SUPER VIRUS which is constantly mutating and getting smarter.

Ebola breaks out in the South of Congo in a 9th break out since 1976 in the South of nation. 33 die – in the small small village invaded by the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION. Then in July a worse strain breaks out on the North Side of Congo…a larger community more connected to cities and cross nation trading….the community of BENI.

This weekend – following August warnings by The Who of radical islamic threats to the health containment work – attacked took place on The Who facilities.

18 people risking their lives to save CONGO lives from EBOLA where slaughtered in minutes. The ADF the Allied Democratic Forces – which are nothing but a gang of Ugandan extreme muslim radicals – led by crazy brains – engaged in Congo cross border insane attacks – like the one this weekend.  Army and civilians where killed and they are still adding up the wounded.

Now the important global news this catastrophe for humanity leads to. The insane brains have opened EBOLA spread to multiple villages – all of Africa – in which now the 100 who have died since just July as EBOLA is OUT OF CONTROL IN BENI – unlike the early year outbreak in Kinsahasa in the SOUTH – where only 33 in total died…may not rise to 1000 in congo and many 1000’s in the world. Without the fastest G 20 coordinated response – the RISK to spread of Ebola by planes cruise ships and more to the entire world is simply beyond a calculator. It is this human risk to lives and global systemics that must be acted upon. All delay creates too great a wealth count in humanity to pay….but we pay it while the world leaves this to what – CONGO?

Next The Who – the one and only expert team enabled to manage – control and fight back a SOCIETY KILLER worse than any Black Death – where billions could die world wide if the geni gets out of the bottle – billions – consider how fast it can rise from thousands to billions – and we leave The Who isolated and alone …Questions:

  1. Will Trump act like Obama acted?
  2. Will Trump coordinate the G 20 to act in unison and in coordination?
  3. Will massive resources be immediately in October given at once to the WHO?
  4. Will military from the G 20 protect The Who workers in absolute terms?
  5. Will G 20 military go after and destroy Ugandan extreme muslims as they can’t do it?



The 100 deaths translate to unknown infections above that die number and soaring out of control. Because this all rises up as “THE” RISK TO ALL OF US in Beni Congo – it is out of sight and out of mind. Last catastrophe this blog – read well by news outlets around the world – was FIRST ( we are always first with the Liberty Bell size ALARM BELL ) with enough data helped to trigger:

  1. Massive Global media response missing today – and daily not once very 45 days
  2. A Media EBOLA DEATH CLOCK on all channels – daily
  3. A report on which new locations and nations were now Ebola infected

We call on media …to DO IT AGAIN. Why/

The risk to the world economic order is now reset such that:


# 2 – IS Fed interest rates too high too fast – TIME is needed to normalize markets – ten years

# 3 – Congress – Dysfunction or prosperity vote

#  4 – Liquidity – The Fed is drying up market liquidity a huge danger itself and Trade War is drying up critical market liquidity where capital flows into tariff tax versus economic expansion.

# 5 – Regulatory impotency – without reframe to regulate a global “Digital” AI market space


There are enough risks EBOLA can be a tipping point into a DARK SWAN EVENT within a surprising SUPER CRASH and global depression in trade – and world wars. Rather than policies NO NATION LEFT BEHIND in this war on the ancient virus – an every nation for themselves approach or a slow response or a inability to unite as was done by President Obama is a RISK ON to the systemic order – banks could close from America to EU to Russia to China.

If Trump fails to act on this weekend with emergency response – President XI might lead the world state – heavily invested in CONGO mineral pipe – lines to China – and coordinate with Trump and Putin and EU leadership. Who acts first may save the system – President Trump – President XI – EU leadership or President Putin. The world is counting on one of these leaders uniting the others in the WAR ON THIS HUMANITY KILLER.

Folks this is not a drill. We can not survive criminal theft by a trillion dollars of pure waste out of our precious economy – a casino speculation of manipulating stock prices which was a crime one – in criminal price manipulations with almost ONE TRILLION of economic potential squandered in 2007 in STOCK BUY BACKS to make bonus money and fortune for elite insiders – and another TRILLION in criminal stock buy backs in 2008 versus investing in real economic growth. Criminal elites are squandering our future and our economic options.

A fraction of this CRIME MONEY by criminal banks and investment banks most of whom have pled guilty to criminal acts – thefts – from all of us – where no one goes to jail at all – everyone pays their get out of jail free card to bought and paid for justice in America – and proceed to enjoy warm meals in homes you can’t imagine in the Hamptons as they plan their next crimes from San Francisco Wells Fargo Bank to Wall Street East Coast institutions too big to fail and way too big to jail…it would seem. JUSTICE REFORM unresolved – distracts enormous wealth and solution options into the sewer of political justice versus reformed and upgraded justice – as yes the USA that incarcerates more small tiny victimless folks for minor non violent drug and alcohol crimes has institutionalized modern slavery – lock em up and use that labor.

Today UINCOR the exclusive prison slave contractor paying pennies a day for labor in its prison factories and swet shops – is owned for profit – by the billions by prior Presidents law makers and industrial elites. Same for State and County in the land of the FREE that locks more up per 100,000 in population by many 100x% than China – Syria – Russia – Africa – or Congo. The Home of the Brave without Justice REFORM – that Justice knows Trump insists on and therefore seeks to DESTROY TRUMP ILLEGALLY because corrupt Justice is a leadership of Nazi’s in suits.

Woodward he said she said freshman HIGH SCHOOL gossip “whispers in the night” are sand to the mountain of The Head of Justice stating their plan to BREAK THE LAW – SECRETLY TAPE RECORD THE PRESIDENT – ALONG WITH OTHER ACTIONS TO DESTROY HIM AND MOVE HIM OUT OF OFFICE BY FRAMING THE PRESIDENT…that Justice without massive shake up and reform is too broken to fix. Why?


The largest investors in prisons are now hedge fund and private equity. We are building more prisons each year than China builds cities, damns, power stations, highways and water treatment.

The Hedge Fund and Private equity are building the fastest prison growth in America’s largest city in 2008 – NEW PRISONS. As each gets built the Hedge Fund and Private equity private operators – buying old prisons and building new ones – are taking over prisons from state county and nation. These profit making investments by billions require what?

FULL OCCUPANCY. OVER CROWDED PRISONS. The higher the occupancy the greater the profits to their shareholders. This model creates appetite to hyper grow guilty and incarceration from citizens. The more ex convicts – now around 90 million alive in the United States the more control the nation has over its entire citizens. What gets more public money?

  • Tough on Crime
  • Rambo Tough on Crime
  • Super Hero Tough on Crime
  • Terminator Tough on Crime
  • Transformers Tough on Crime
  • NEXT

This mindless MONEY PROFIT MODEL creates a drag on tax payers – investing 100,000 to lock up one inmate per year – versus say 7500 for a program like CEOSPACE to assure minor “crimes that may not be” – do not cost for ONE INMATE 100,000 to hedge fund profit accounts per year…for 5 million locked up going to 25 million which now states and nations can no longer actually afford. The Bureau of Prisons feeds on new appropriation every higher to its on budget – it is a living breathing life form screaming to congress – FEED ME FEED ME. Once the smallest Federal Agency in Ike times of the 1950’s now one of the largest Federal Agencies of them all and climbing.

Ebola gets into Prisons and watch what happens and it will – it is – now that all containment has been suspended – in CONGO as the illness now spreads as those infected flee Beni due to VIOLENCE AND FEAR OF MORE VIOLENCE. The Insane Brains who are not muslims at all – have with intention – sought to assure EBOLA brings down the core system of the WESTERN NATIONS.

Think of this. Where they smart enough dying for their crazy ideals – to infect themselves. To put lap top muslims on planes all over the world to buffer lines at the peak of ebola infection? That is a deal killer – takes say six to twelve and does more harm than ISIS or Taliban in history – did they also do that while they shot them all up this weekend? It was so easy. Kiss an infected. Touch one is so easy – takes two seconds to be an EBOLA WARRIOR FOR YOUR CRAZY BRAIN ideals. Insanity has no reason – ask Hitler.

Don’t ask WHY they do it…..folks….they do it because they ARE NUTS. The press continues to use their own labels instead of uniquely labeling all radicals as CRAZY BRAIN RADICAL MUSLIMS – because in fact they are crazy brains a gang of crips and bloods with less values. No religion and no Allah behind crazy.

So did this weekend open the largest risk to wealth and markets crashing since the last SUPER EBOLA GLOBAL CATASTROPHE just a few short years back that cost the world two trillion in lost commercial outputs ? I think the answer is yes.

How huge is this story in perspective to say Stormy Daniels making a fortune in her chat rooms as a rapidly aging failing very poorly ranked sex worker highly qualified in self promotion and marketing her own business outcomes? It is the nothing versus Mount Everest but look at what the Press is focusing on today.

The SUPER STORY and we are FIRST AGAIN folks – as you find this SUPER STORY outside the United States and you have to search EBOLA on Financial Times of London or BBC to get the story I’m providing to you on this blog – FIRST. It is so hard to find this SUPER STORY in many nations – in the USA – in South America and yet it is the RISK TO US ALL STORY.

So today the summary:

  1. Ebola in Congo is OUT OF CONTROL.
  2. 100 have died since August in a rapid insane climb of deaths out of all controls
  3. Unknown infections are rising as we read – huge numbers – while you sip coffee
  4. Those infected do not know it and they are fleeing across Africa and the world now
  5. The Crazies killed WHO Workers who stopped all tracking and containment Sept 24th

Containment shields rising are now by violence and strategy – down on the ground. There is no effort no coordination. The Who workers are being removed from the area of death threats. Congo can’t assure safety. The UN is not massively responding. No one is massively responding to the # 1 THREAT TO THE WORLD ORDER and BILLIONS WHO COULD DIE.

First again – on this blog – with members of the state department reading – and more – I call upon those who DO to circulate this blog. Ideally to the President. If the pathology President OBAMA laid down – and we wrote him ourselves and had folks hand carry alarms into the White House – which we will do again – but folks – TIME is NOT on our side.

Today in election years around the globe – the agency to DO ANYTHING is slow – not taking root and today we had a HUMANITY EMERGENCY when crazy brains attacked the one containment process – to fire wall EBOLA from its potential …

The Who leadership – expressed today on Monday September 23rd just after the blood bath and attacks on WHO that stopped all treatment – tracking – track mapping – such that the SHEILD being raised has now fallen to the ground and been abandoned – EBOLA is now free to spread like the plague that it is and media reports on Woodward high school political theater when the threat to the world order is upon us today…history suggests The Who words on Sunday as the blood was flowing into the soil…is right…

At the time, the WHO’s Peter Salama described it as a “most dreaded” scenario….of all….

As they said in the movie poltergeist ….THEIR HERE……….

CEOSPACE will be on Oct 9th at our conference for leaders who wish to have options for risk and forward growth themselves – to remain bleeding edge ahead – to have priceless safe harbor constructed as these storm clouds gather …from Ebola today I encourage leaders to save a bit of tax and come into community of AWAKE LEADERSHIP to forge COMMUNITY the priceless COMMUNITY that is required to prosper in any market place – because we lead out front with information others lack – the basic premise of the Napoleon Hill I grew up on his knee…to both THINK AND GROW RICH and THINK AND STAY RICH…another job entirely.

Press – you have the com…as they say in Star Trek – you have the SUPER STORY of this generation – RIDE IT. if you want sound bites from me – ask as I have credits on all cables and networks and see Erin Saxton my PR Agent since the 1990’s – as you all know her to book me for a regular PROSPERITY MINUTE or an EBOLA tracker report.

GET THE STORY OUT……you heard it all first here years ago and again to the minute today.





This blog reported in the SERIAL CRIMINAL pleas that Wells Fargo Bank kept having discovered – like a daisy chain – one crime after another. The depth of these financial crimes in WHICH “NO” ONE WAS ARRESTED AND PUT INTO PRISON – boggles the mind. I was put in prison for taking zero money – based on a prosecution presentation on only $ 87,000 dollars of investor loss ( in a global public investment banking firm ) – that suggested – as owner even having resigned from the firm during the crime allegation period – that as owner – I was held responsible not for what I KNEW but I went to jail for WHAT I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN….now that means if they want you in jail – your going to jail folks. THINK ABOUT THAT In the land of the free and home of the brave. Of course I didn’t have 100 billion from my crimes to pay for attorney’s to assure no one went to jail – I had court appointed attorneys when the multi year multi million dollar prosecution – they spend over $ 5,000,000 over the $ 87,000 assuring the jury even though I never benefited or took any money – a higher standard had to be sent to owners of public institutions – all years after the firm was sold. If the Justice wants to frame a crime that never happened – your toast. I US Justice wants to take a billion here and there to let you not go to jail – when no frame is needed you DID THE CRIME BUT YOU HAVE NO FEAR OF DOING THE TIME….you have BOUGHT AND PAID FOR JUSTICE.

…bought and paid for justice in America…..OJ to Wells Fargo Bank……

Now Wells Fargo has pled guilty to frauds, criminal theft, setting up phony accounts, lying to their clients by the millions including phony syphon of profits to their account – all planned and with large numbers of criminal bankers in on the crimes. Record earnings came about and shareholders bought stock based on fraud. Ungodly bonus money was paid to the criminal master minds…they got away with it all too. Then shareholders  lost by too much to even count. And those loses are about to be like nothing in banking since 1929. We told you all this.  First right there. Over and over . Why?

Because the bonus money top management was paid on CRIMINAL ACTIVITY and the enormous billions of the theft level – make the small fines like nothing – just a get out of jail free card. AMERICA 2019:


…..If you are a serious criminal gang in charge of the money in investment banking or banking ( all the same and merged now ) and you plan and executer 100’s of billions in theft – the only outcome is a fine – as CRIME DOES PAY TODAY – you just buy your own get of of jail free card like in Russia or Iran or any nation where laws become LOOP HOLES for the rich and famous….too big to fail….too big to jail……

The consequence of all this – WE REPORTED FIRST HERE – is that behind the scenes companies from Fortune companies to grandma are moving their accounts to BANK OF AMERICA and other less criminal banks or even smaller banks who are not criminal at all.

WE THE PEOPLE just as we reported here first – are going to punish Wells Fargo BANK. The folks who will get hurt the most are shareholders and those who stay with the bank until the last person turns the LIGHTS OFF on the way out the door.

We told you the same thing for CRIMINAL Deutsch Banks the Wells Fargo copy cat in Germany. Their head came out after our blog and said OH NO – OH POOH – THINGS ARE GREAT HERE AT THE BANK. Then came the first firings and the next and branch closings and more. Millions are running on these banks – taking all their business OUT.

Wells Fargo’s first lay off’s at almost 30,000 smashed to the floor, devastated in their jobs and futures, occurs inside the largest boom and expansion in history where financial sector is booming. Wells Fargo is in the first of many to follow DOWN SIZING. Wells Fargo folks need to GIVE NOTICE and move inside the boom to SAVE THEMSELVES. Your bank is on fire and there are not fire escapes. Runs on banks are fatal. Depositors can get caught in a bank failure or bankruptcy – move before the run becomes front page news.

During all this time the PRESS reports nothing on this blog information. They like give a CRIMINAL PASS to Wells Fargo. If a reformed Justice stopped investigating collusion and phony get Trump FRAUD wasting a billion dollars and climbing – and ARRESTED 500 at Wells Fargo including the CEO’s who resigned – and if they had done real Justice – a) we would have some restored faith in the system – and b) we would not run on the bank as much.

Today moral depositors are not going to keep money trust in CRIMINAL BANKING AND INVESTMENT BANKING. Wells Fargo stands for ORGANIZED CRIME at a level and scale the MAFIA never imagined. Really bad bad brains stealing money and getting fully away with it. When Wells Fargo sinks into a merger – and is gone – which we predict as the RUN on the BANK MATURES – will occur – the brand damage by the criminals is an event. However the criminals on their mega yachts and warm meals with bikini tribe on board take no notice as they plan their next crimes. These are MASTER MIND CRIMINALS.

Years in prison for taking no money – for 87,000 dollars in a junk bond loss – for what a person SHOULD HAVE KNOWN about forward risks ( no one could know ) in a legal bond offering – the prosecution said – it was all legal …or untold billions still being uncovered in real criminal theft where no one goes to jail but the justice department gets their share of the crime money to go away – no one goes to jail.


We see Justice this week where the HAD OF GET TRUMP wanted to entrap him – tape record him illegally and secretly like say the KGB – disregarding any rule of law – the HEAD OF JUSTICE – beyond bias totally not impartial and fair – a criminal head of justice – running a fully criminal police state tribe of broken IN NEED OF MASSIVE REFORM to preclude such abuse of powers – yes the head of justice was prepared to commit crimes to frame TRUMP and REMOVE THE PRESIDENT OF THE United States FROM OFFICE – because he used his constitutional powers to terminate Comey and install some one new – who recused himself from the criminal tribe and this SESSION stands on the side lines – we have no attorney general we have a UNICH in charge.

JUSTICE REFORM won’t matter to Wells Fargo Bank. While the press never reports the run on the bank the real revenue crash inside the boom market will come out and everyone will know 30,000 the first of many to follow – like our German bankers lying on how strong they are – can’t not over come WE THE PEOPLE. “US”>

WE are mad as hell and we ARE NOT going to take it ANY MORE.

We are running on Wells Fargo and if you stay in – your going to be sorry eventually in my opinion.

So we reported the future first here. No press on it then now or ever.

Now the future is here and 30,000 who are not criminals, the little people – us – have their lives torn to shreds while those who enriched themselves off these crimes and we have yet to uncover all of them they keep on coming one fine after another….at

Wells Fargo the lead criminal bank in the world today

A RUN on Wells Fargo like the world has not seen since World War II is under way as folks are simply moving …to more moral high ground. Revenues at Wells were revised to hide the pain as far as possible but now the truth will come out – Wells Fargo HAS A REVENUE problem. Their criminal lie that they are downsizing 30,000 people due to efficiency and technology is pure CRIMINAL TALK. Fraud.

If they said – we are sorry 30,000 lives are destroyed by criminal leaders in our bank we apologize won’t happen again – one might ask WHAT NEW CONTROLS SPECIFICALLY ASSURE CRIMINALS IN CHARGE OF THE BANK – 100’s of them – ARE IN HAND CUFF’S FROM DOING IT AGAIN.

Without folks going to jail Wells Fargo is in a long multi year decline – and will merge where the brand will disappear altogether. WHY?



They just arrested a lady who saved untold animals from the hurricane in the Carolina’s. Why? Because she gave wounded animals antibiotics from Dollar Store – charged with practicing as a vet with out a license. ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

REFORM JUSTICE the PROBLEM is at core JUSTICE NOT WORKING and criminal bankers and investment bankers robbing us all blind….well KNOW THAT.

What America needs and if more evidence is required it is JUSTICE REFORM. Why they press is not all over this is that criminal press join criminals in justice to GET TRUMP. NO President from any party should experience this dysfunction of system.

America no longer respects its institutions and with very good reason this side of reform.


PS: Depositors small mid and large turn the lights off as you move away from Wells Fargo Bank….they so deserve your choice to DO IT NOW in my opinion…….hey my years in prison years on probation fines of 1,000,000 for 87,000 indictment on contempt of court – I ask you – how much hard jail time by ratio and comparison – as they took the money and I never did nor was I charged that I did – jail hard  time do you get when you steal over 100 billion versus 87,000? IS IT ME or does seem imbalanced to you a bit…as to JUSTICE IN AMERICA? I love our Justice men and woman and want them proud again – within reform they help create – join the movement for JUSTICE REFORM to restore FAITH HOPE AND PROMISE IN AMERICA……hey President Trump why not start with a pardon for me ( I’m a little old decades after all that at 71 to need a pardon ..but hey  …for my children…..that would be just.