How do you watch political theater today? Between what is in print what is on media television and radio 24/7 what is the brand and flavor you chose for yourself to plug into the weeks now to the election in November when the Congress either remains republican or moves to democrats. Perhaps the most important core election at war between REFORM minded Americans and Deep State NO CHANGE minded American’s.

Who controls agendas? The Democrats have mined the political landscape with a Justice Department biased to GET TRUMP – a Special Prosecutor that might as well get a pay check from Nancy Pelosi – and all of THAT – is high drama and political theater. For the first time since Richard Nixon we are engaged in agenda into an election where the democratic platform of policies is not about forward vision for America. No. It is a splintered and featured party of dissolving special interests more than half now so liberal on the left even past communism as philosophy that large numbers of Democrats are voting their WALLETS outside PARTY and voting FOR PROSPERITY keeping Republicans in charge of Congress. Large other numbers in the SPLINTER are not voting. IT HAS NEVER BEEN LIKE THIS BEFORE. The only agenda glue for democrats is HATRED. HATE TRUMP. Hate Trump’s actions. Hate Trumps personality. Hold no respect for this President of the United States – and work to put him in jail – to destroy him as a person – as a father – as a husband – as a business man – as a leader – as a free citizen – make him a convict an evil – and a scourge – and utterly and completely destroy him – break the laws to use the laws to “set up” and “frame in” legal political theater traps Trump can not get out of. That is the election year platform of the Democrats and all bias news today – HATRED. You can “know’ if news effects your emotions versus your mind.

The republicans feel the democrats in the ideal this close to the election are in an Ice breaker in Greenland – not really needed because all the sea ice melted already. But hey those are big heavy shirts and full to starboard takes 50 miles to begin to turn those bigger heavy ships of state. So the Republicans feel once again the democrats all not united and totally splintering into dysfunction you see every day just pick a channel – and the political theater rolls on within bought and paid for brain washing ( you the voter ). media to take the action THEY DESIRE that you take. After all that IS political theater – seeking to influence your thoughts and thinking – which IS legal brain washing versus what we call RAW NEWS you have to Public Broadcast or go outside the USA to get….just click. Find raw news without bias and opinion – and that is hard today very hard.

Who controls Political theater?

Why Donald Trump. In having two of his own team mates – made out to be criminals and felons by the Justice Department ( biased or not biased folks – come on really and truly? ) – Trump Tweets ran the media into the weekend on Jeff Sessions and the Political Theater that JUSTICE ITSELF IS CORRUPT NOT RELIABLE AND FULL OF BREAKING THE LAW TO ENFORCE THE LAW TO “SET UP” AND “FRAME IN” THE DESTUCTION ( LEGALLY ) OF DONALD TRUMP. A case that will be studied for 500 years forward in time.

How does it all turn out?

Well Justice is now political theater into the election. They have obviously planned ramps – in prime time – layered – to end up with indictment of the President – which goes to the Supreme Courts – and in that process – all actions even pardoning himself from the “frame” of whatever charges – obstructing justice – which is after all whatever that team wants to define that as – their court their rules until there is real justice reform – and all that risks BLOW BACK. Blow Back is where Trump wins anyway inside the Political Theater we are watching of real economic warfare between REFORMER SUPER MONEY – Fortune firms and American’s who want to for the first time in centuries – reform the old deep state systems into modernized upgraded effective politic service – including massive justice reform not upgraded since the 1700’s really.

The pony express no longer delivers the US mail.

Amazon Prime delivers over night – anything.

The telegraph is not longer the messenger of choice.

We have smart phones and text to move our thoughts and ideas round the globe in a click.

Justice needs to REFORM for the first time in CENTURIES in America because 99.7% conviction rates – into the highest incarceration nation locking up more per 100,000 of its FREE CITIZENS for largely minor drug and alcohol crimes with no victim no violence – more than CHINA locked up in the USA more than North Korea – more than Africa – more than IRAN more than Russia – and many many x more – highest on earth is AMERICA.

The land of the FREE should have the lowest incarceration in the world. Studies demonstrate the largest cost to America rising is not health care it is prison costs at all municipal state and federal levels. This growth is so fantastic it is no longer economically sustainable. US Justice has become a Charge & Sentence them economic machine seeking its own growing funding year to year as sole justification. Cruel and Unusual. We critique other nations when we have the highest 99.7% criminal conviction ratio in the world – our machine has no winners. Endless funding to lock em up and keep the machine over crowded – five humans in a cell designed by experts for one human. Humans washing their own clothes in toil bowls and worse and due to violence from over crowding humans are locked down in crowded unfit quarters for record amounts of time – based on those I’m writing inside and sending commissary money too at state levels. Land of the FREE is losing the wars on crime which are lost by building cities to house prisoners – over 5 million and rising as America’s fastest growing city in nation – PRISONS. All economic failed modeling self perpetuating without REFORM.

The Deep State does not wish to reform. It wishes to pay Pharm shareholders the only way left – by decades of annual price raises permitted to the Pharm lobby. Now Trump is stopping those billions in price raises. Those entities are paying into the democrat packs to INDICT/IMPEACH TRUMP and stop Trump at all costs – so our legal theft machinery can deep state continue without upgrading and reforms.

Trump has saved in one year more billions on government contract CLAW BACKS than any sitting President in over 100 years. The companies effected in 18 months are furious at those costs to THEM and they are irrespective of how voters benefited – pushing record dollars into BLOCK/STOP TRUMP at all and any cost – dress him as a crook – as evil – as a bad person human and worse.

The problem is the planners are all united folks around the wrong may pole in my opinion. I won’t tell them what the right maypole may be in fact – because the question are always FREE but the real big boy/girl answers cost money.



Now comes BACKLASH. For you see there are core American’s and we all don’t care about politics – we care about COMMON DAMN SENSE and we care about economic prosperity and well being. We care about America being the hope and promise to the entire world. Obvious. As an idea always re-inventing itself – contagious. Infectious.

So no one not even Trump’s and his team had one brain cell firing on the end given the Polls for Candidate Hillary those last weeks – a sure winner – that – President Trump would win and by such a huge backlash market.

So November will America increasingly not apathetic and dropping out of voting as they have in past decades – in record numbers NOT VOTING – now comes record numbers coming back in. Coming to vote their WALLET in a PROSPERITY VOTE. The non emotional head and mind and rational thinking vote works like this:

  1. Democrats get Congress – taking personalities out of this – emotions out of this – we have Congress Does not work and total grid lock like the past 16 years folks – we have impeachment of Donald Trump probably indictments of family – and himself – and endless investigations into the Presidential Contest that begins Nov 3rd.
  2. Republicans keep Congress or get stronger even a bit – from backlash – and – Congress WORKS – no grid lock – infrastructure the other stimulus leg after tax reforms – assures prosperity in the world to 2030.
  3. Nov 2nd releases the largest stock market year end gain in human history ever with republican win – and a potential for SUPER CRASH and Stock Market worst new year after election markets in 100’s of years if democrats win. No in between.

Economic like certainty and box top rules they can rely on moving forward in risk taking and investing. Uncertainty if things change – like Congress – create enormous moves to position against risk exposure. No one can see a Democrat return to CONGRESSIONAL GRID LOCK AND DYSFUNCTION as a positive item for the markets in 2018 and 2019 can you? Do you? Get into circles and discuss the two issues – GET TRUMP at ANY COST and if thats you emotional capital turn out and cancel my vote and I respect YOU for doing it as my brothers and sisters in my country – because that is your right – use your right in 2018 use your right. Vote.

If you are head spacing it all as I am and your voting for prosperity extending versus government dysfunction – you derail the legal outcomes the Deep State has already “set up” for pre Nov 2nd – and you reset strength to our trade war winning versus losing in fact with is trillions our side or not so much.

THAT. You vote THAT WAY and my vote is a prosperity vote that surprises the poll takers as when TRUMP WON.

So now with only weeks left you have the following:

  1. You can’t seen nothing yet. It all testing to Labor Day the world is on vacation.
  2. Labor Day the legal machine will heat up and the get Trump machine will become red hot. The most nasty personal mean and cruel political theater of any adults life time is with more millions of dollars thrown into the industry of mid year elections – like noting this generation has ever known. Be prepared for the massive emotional brain washing coming your way on Trump is a core evil that must be cleansed.
  3. To the election close in the best legal SLAMS and ACTIONS ( all prep planned in the political theater by the stage masters ) will unfold. If they do your head will know this is “set up” and you can vote your emotion or your head and join the BACKLASH or not. 

There is only one real issue – REFORM OR NO REFORM.

That is the only issue before the mid year and it is all head not emotion.

So for decades with my public investment banking institution, and with CEOSPACE 30 years the leading CEO entrepreneur owner boss leadership training in the world – the # 1 business conference by the press five years in a row – working in DC with less than 600 law makers and their staff and many Presidents and their staff – up close and personal like most never get to experience. What do I KNOW. What I know is:

  1. Really good men and women work in public service.
  2. Elected officials are never prepared for the box top rules of their new job and must learn them on the job.
  3. 90% of them ( not all but most ) are DOING THE BEST JOB THEY KNOW HOW and are truly doing their best from their mind or their emotions for America as they buy the facts. The best they know how. 
  4. They work long hours without extra pay all of them.
  5. They deserve our respect – all of them.

That is a first reform. To DISAGREE on Policy of Issues and to not go to personalize policy or issues ever. I personally think personal life should be by law a privacy matter for elected officials and a “right” needs to be approved to firewall and preclude a personal life privacy guarantee for public service. 

We are not electing Saints and who thinks we are? If the Press recorded your every sound bite and you made many daily in running and holding office your report card would have F grades for conflicts in accuracy over time. Why ? Because your a crook? No because your human and you get data which is dynamic depending on whose data and from whom and which day you got it. Its always a river of white water for all of us.

So you can be made to be cheating on your partner for having a special friend in life where their was no cheating of any kind. But the Press reporting their videos audios and text messages they stole from you – make you all that and more – and anyone. They can “frame in” any case on any one that they target.

IS the press owned by wealth that is the DEEP STATE protect the system we built from change – or is the press owned by super wealth that wishes reform. Ask yourself as you think through what political theater is all about in fact – follow the freakin money.

Then you’ll know.

So political theater is about to close their first act at Labor Day and we expect the double criminal labeling of two close Trump insiders is the start. The second Act into mid October will raise the drama to its peak ARC we would think. The Third and FINAL ACT ( as we movie producer screen play Execute Produces require ) will reach the cliff hanger – do we indict Trump at Justice or not. Lets face it Justice is now serious reached its own posture as unbiased to enormous numbers of voters – BACKLASH will tell we the people America if Justice self destruction was a majority of voters. I think by October 15th we may have a peak Second Act and close to the election with the REPORT which damns Trump entirely but fails to indict leaving the more powerful – your a crook but your getting away with it – like we let the banks and investment banks and toxic chemical firms making GMO Seeds they have no clue how it will effect health long term.

That Justice.

So without reform we know what we have.

With reform we don’t know but it we believe restores hope and promise to the nation.

The spin to that vote is going to be unlike anything we have ever known in any past election year. Here you have 20/20 reading glasses to digest news and make your own choices with more clear vision.

The ramp of this game plan will we feel make markets globally more volatile with FAANG and related shifts in portfolio’s generating rising up on profits to the final Holiday record buying season with amplification potentials for market real state and asset class wealth across all boards. Long term investors have to ask what is their risk of SUPER CRASH and RECESSION IF DEMOCRATS win and GRID LOCK CONGRESS AND ROLL BACK TRUMP? What do you think the market will do with uncertainty holding record high wealth – take profits and baton down the hatches?

What would you do?

SO PROSPERITY VOTING – as one outcome…a vote for systemic reform for America …a process that IS simply working……

NO CHANGE – Grid Lock – Impeach – GET TRUMP IS THE ONLY ISSUE totally emotionally driven with head vote on Nov 2nd to execute the single emotion GET TRUMP. Reform stops and may unwind next and fast. A process we know from the past 16 years of 1.2% to 1.8% growth numbers over two decades – just a hair outside a break even recession without real healthy growth – Super Crash NO REFORMS and GLOBAL RECESSION INSIDE 300 TRILLION OF GLOBAL DEBT the real risk for such markets.

So we have reported to you on the economics in other blogs with data charts graphs videos third parties and press. Google data. Proof. So you KNOW before you GO into that voting booth WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE.

What is going on OUT THERE is Justice point of spirt for democrats and GET TRUMP who fired our FBI DIRECTOR and sought to REFORM ( US ) – are now united together to GET TRUMP. An unholy alliance …..depreciating how the entire world see’s and values AMERICA today. 5 Million incarcerated and rising in a 99.7% conviction rate. Fair? Impartial? Really?

And Reformers stealing the Justice Agenda and turning the TRUTH of their own bias – back on them. ARE YOU MORE FEARFUL TRULY AFRAID OF YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT – TODAY AS YOU WERE SOME YEARS BACK? If you want to feel safe and no repercussions like no other nation on earth – WHEN YOU ATTACK INTEGRITY BREACH IN YOUR OWN NATION – who is best to vote for – DEEP STATE far from perfect choice – or Trump Reforms not a perfect choice either.


I said your inside POLITICAL THEATER and only YOU can decide whats right for you.

I’m voting for Republican Congress not because I’m republican. No I’m voting Republican Congress for PROSPERITY because I believe it ushers in real American wealth security to 2030 and beyond. Anything less I feel is destructive to American prosperity and leadership in the world. We need to WIN and we ARE WINNING – IF – we don’t rock that ship thats bringing us to safe harbor of PROSPERITY.

So November 2nd you will decide WHICH WAY. Like Alice in Wonderful eating that small little cake outside the garden – with her hand on her head all tall like a Giant Girl having drank the little bottle – where this curious child opened up like a telescope…..she longed to get back with the key from the table to open the lock and get into that gorgeous garden of flowers she could see through the key hole that the WHITE RABBIT ( PROSPERITY ) had run through……

Taping her head as she ate that magic cake not knowing if she would unfold to new heights or shine down to reach her goal of the magic prosperity gardens – Alice said …which way….which way……

And on November 2nd my Readers and loyal followers – we shall know what is REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE – will we not – or we will know who spend their 100 millions more wisely. 

Political theater is ON and that is what is going on out there.



What kills more humans this year – last year – than anything else? You think its cancer or heart attacks? No illness is the leading killer. Mal practice kills over 300,000 of us annually in hospitals and at Pharm use from our own docs and health care workers.

  • Shark Attacks kill six of us. A year.
  • Snake Bites kill 1000 a year
  • Mosquito’s largely with malaria kill 1,000,000 of us a year
  • We kill 500,000 in brutal slaughters punishing our diversity
  • But what kills 3 million a year and we encourage addiction to it?

If you have been scrolling we attempted this week August 25th last weekend of the month in this Summer August – to drive home a bit of PERSPECTIVE about the world’s favorite SIT COM THE TRUMP White House television show. Running up to the November election the press will focus on – with bought and paid media inside an election year – where the # 1 advertising is – and remains – your brain washing to vote.

The entire media is super focused on the issue of getting Trump. Right now that is for “crimes” by “association” and generally a “frame” by the bias Department of Justice – to charge Trump with “crimes” to foster impeachment – which can’t win in fact – grid locking the USA “from” Trump by design. A two step program to win back congress and then the White House in Two years. A billion behind the plan.

We are now to November buried like under a Hawaii Hurricane flash flood that ever ends of FAKE NEWS to swell up a tsunami of wave “issues” to get our vote in November. Watch.

Meanwhile what is killing over 3 million of us EACH YEAR is legal, everywhere, encouraged, advertised, promised, and sold to us all the while this toxic poison of humanity is protected legally, and it works to demonize anything that would lower or reduce its own consumer. What is the KILLER issue in 2018 you will never hear about from any candidate running for office.


Today’s report you can look u on google in national news – if you can even find the article amidst the TRUMP White House SIT COM this weekend with HE SAID SHE SAID – in the TRUMP/SESSION bashing – where the man that just loves President Trump – Sessions – attacks his boss through his direction of Justice daily, protects all those doing the attacking of their own boss, and daily he personally attacks the man he loves like no one else on Trump’s team does – and for now – he gets away with it.

JUSTICE REFORM might begin with a DEEP STATE MASSACRE – where on a Friday like TODAY – Trump walks over with say 50 people in tow – including his new folks – and fires Session – and all the management circles – and the Special Prosecutor. And appoints new management on the spot in each firing bam. The Justice Department is now under new management and proceeding with all agenda’s and no one is attacking the boss that they work for. Its the American way.

Then and only then – at some future date line time – if there ever is really Justice Reform – the item we are dealing with below may become a headline or an item as in ten years 30 million of us are destroyed while their top five lobby protects their industry from any harm whatsoever.

Why is just in America ( the rest of the world the math is staggering ) asleep to this issue?

Why when 3 million die of Alcohol each YEAR does no one DO anything? We protect the killer industry from pot that kills less than an prescription med you consume right now – where POT is a Federal Class A drug. All the class A drugs combined together do not kill the 500,000 we ourselves slaughter each year – humans killing humans. Why not have a WAR ON HUMANS much more meaningful than a fake WAR ON DRUGS that zaps nations economically in:

  • A war on drugs nations lose and never win prohibition never works 
  • No war on snakes
  • No war on mosquito’s 
  • No war on human drug deaths and medical Mal practice deaths 400,000 a year 4 million in ten years in just the USA.

Voters are not economically educated and are brain washed to keep money flowing in a Deep State bought and paid for unless reforms continue to roll back the “way we have always done it” into something new.

Legalize drugs and license distribution to state outlets in which drug recovery is offered free – and high quality low cost drugs of purity that will not kill you are open and available – and – no one registers as an addict – no stigma – and jails empty – crime and theft stop – black market which is less pure and higher cost are lifetime sentenced so that black market dries up economically – and we redeploy WAR ON DRUG talent into the WAR ON TERROR.

Death by fire arms is in the 100’s death by Alcohol is over 3 million in 2018.


Given how many of “us” drink Alcohol todays study appeared on the front page of bought and paid for media ( by alcohol doing that pay out ) no where. The article appeared almost not at all in USA Press consumed with the Trump Sit Com and get Trump OUT by November.

SHAME ON YOUR AMERICAN MEDIA for you are killing us – by the million by failing to spotlight and keep the spot light on our:

  1. Leading killer more than all disease combined and then some
  2. Our single largest cause of crime
  3. Our largest cause of illnesss
  4. Our largest destruction of family relationship parenting and marriage
  5. Our most toxic epidemic making pills like zero by comparison

Todays report the LARGEST LONGEST MORE COMPLETE ever on Alcohol concluded for human beings THAT – there is no safe level of alcohol consumption – compared to say healthy non killing pot – ranked by Alcohol KILLER LOBBY – demon weed – to assure healthy pot does not main stream and reduce billions of dollars in daily alcohol consumption so we reach 5 million deaths a year – they don’t care.

So the report details the toxic harm – to organs – brains – thinking – judgement – action and motor function – and the massive premature death caused by toxic consumption. Smoking kills 100,000’s of us – nothing kills millions nothing but ALCOHOL a preventable death in each case.

What can we do. Banning anything creates MORE DEMAND.

So we suggest new alcohol laws:

  • Legalize and license all illegal drugs winning the war on drugs.
  • State licensed stores sell those drugs with free rehab
  • Taxes pay illegal drug enforcement – and rehab costs and profit USA
  • Alcohol is taught in school to be a toxic poison with the study data
  • Alcohol is labeled as toxic and serious health risk # 1 human killer
  • Taxes from Alcohol go up – way up
  • Profits from Alcohol taxes are used for massive public education TV Billboards and ads to reduce demand massively and death

Yesterday is too late for the ONE issue this weekend – you will not find any candidate running for office talking about…..

The Number # killer FIRE ARMS at 118 deaths in 2018 – no way.

Alcohol and its massive lobby and pack contributions – to state THE # 1 human killer MUST BE ADDRESSED IN AMERICA FIRST ? Come on folks no one will talk against all that money no one. Not in a bought and paid for casino capitalism – until it reforms.

The reformers – will THEY win in November – could be most of us on that.

The Deep State and that is the way we like it – as the song goes – do they win – if its most of us – then we live with the old way going forward. Millions more die while profits are made until the earth kills us all if we don’t kill one another first.

Congress is the only ISSUE really.

This weekend I wanted attention – our real ATTENTION to rise up to the math model of what is really killing us – what is our # 1 killer and WHY is that killer not clear to 300 million of us today and how INSANE is the fact lobby money makes the truth impossible.

I expect by year end fake news that alcohol is good for us. The study concluded that any reported health benefit of Alcohol which the report questioned as industry studies lacking MERIT – but concluded IF TAKEN ON THEIR FACE VALUE AND NOT QUESTIONED THE OUTCOMES OF THOSE BENEFITS ARE OVER COME BY 100 TO 1 NEGATIVE HEALTH IMPACTS FOR USING TOXIC ALCOHOL IN A HUMAN BODY WATER CREATURE – DO NOT POLLUTE YOUR “BLUE WATER”.

So keep in mind while we see US Justice – fully biased no question on that item – super focused to November on the one American issue facing our people – GET PRESIDENT TRUMP – worse than GET NIXON and fully engaged as if this was WATERGATE all over again – and issues that kill and pollute over 3 million of us are not discussed as an easy no cost fix to reduce deaths by over 1 million in say 2019 if any reformer took up that issue. Imagine the billions invested in you if you agree to block any of that?

So in bought and paid for America life or death comes down to:

  • System reform in 2019 or not
  • Deep State and thats the way we like it….or not

The voters will decide – America bought and paid for is alive well and fully engaged and working today – or “we are all mad as hell and we all are NOT going to take IT any more….”

We’ll know when we vote – Americans are smarter than all the brain washing – or American’s are still too ignorant to understand their own manipulations by the super money.

Having been born and raised in a Super Money Family in San Francisco – 5th Generation – with legacy to that city that is rich and deep – having run a public GLOBAL mid size investment banking stock broker institution in my younger years, in New York I was inside the Super Money decision making. I saw up close and personal the law firms of the Fortune leadership and the leadership itself.

The systemic influence to protect existing industrial stability is not desired in America or any democracy. Establishing rule of law to preclude election manipulation in digital ages requires upgrades to our check and balance as does justice require reform today.



That is the question for the world not just America. With Reform the Fed can merge back into Treasury breaking its fraud greed causing all wars and boom bust cycles including two world depressions because the FED is your first fake news to over come. Scroll and read the blogs on the FED right here and you will have data that you should have had in high school and the fact that you did not get this information IN HIGH SCHOOL as an educated citizen is why? Why were you presented lies versus the truth in public and private education ? Ask yourself what cabal what power grid keeps that kind of fraud passing generations? Which is why we put it first. 100 million have died from the FED which makes alcohol more like the measles by comparison.

Still the next largest killer to WORLD WARS and death caused by our error in central banking laws – ( merge the FEB back into treasury as a reform agenda # 1 item for economic prosperity into 2050 and beyond ) – and put Alchohol education ( not banning ) and labeling as JOB # 1 for human health – as the NO SAFE LEVEL OF ALCOHOL is now known by science to exist in human consumption – pass REFORM LAWS to win the war here on LIFE and stop the crimes of fraud and death upon us all.

Voters read with 20/20 new vision eye ware and see the eye chart for the first time – the TRUTH versus the LIES – and you vote …thats the way we like it ( not at all ) and ( reform ) for the life of us all.

Till life do us part………on Alcohol….stop putting folks in jail for pot …..



Impeachment economics? What is going on out there? Well first Nancy Pelosi wants to be top dog in the House again if she can pull off a win by November for her tribe. The parties goal is to assure Donald Trump does not win for more years….so those are the party goal posts. At all cost folks. Deep state against reformers. Pure and simple in summary. So hold on to THAT item first.

Nancy the California MegaDon survivor huge with three rows of political teeth – a Deep State survivor expert – and assassin – has stated in nation news this year – in victory in November her FIRST duty will be drafting articles of impeachment.

Today she says impeachment is divisive and is vague about her plans. Why? Political capital is why. Now momentum from the “frame work” and justice department “set up and staging” of their “case” has the most powerful central government on earth – charged to investigate Russian Collusion but as we all can see – they are investigating ( as that line failed utterly ) “everything” and “anything” else and indicting like popcorn in a micro wave all the Kings men and even his horses too.

So as the first “convictions” roll in – a double whammy this week – Nancy awaits in the spider web she politically wove with strands of her very own silk stronger than steel – tariff of no – for her tribe to come from all directions and DEMAND she draft impeachment of the President. Why? Because he associated with Crooks based on indictment crimes having nothing to do with Trump at all in fact.


Lets do a check up on as President Bill Clinton made so popular – the arithmetic – remember it is all math. Impeaching the President is a late of a billion dollars and two years of time. The Gov stops. Congress is grid locked. Nothing gets done. Nothing. America rising out of the Great Recession like some new Star Wars super SUB is about to breach the surface again and see ECONOMIC SUNSHINE AGAIN – right when Nancy pulls that American Sub back into ….dive dive dive dive – prepare for crash hull depth – and the SUB Super Crashes and moves to a recession worse than 2008 – as our enemies take full economic advantage of our USA set back – as they seek to be the SUPER POWERS of choice in the world as America diminishes. This may be our ONE CHANCE TO BREACH into prosperity through 2030 but we may self sabotage that economic blessing as potential. Politics running economics always fails.

China and trade dealing partners are NOT DEALING not really. Clue in on this item. As trillions not billions ARE AT STAKE YEAR in the near term and 100’s of trillions long term – how this is all divided – is worthy of chess versus checkers. While we hope around like idiots saying – ok King me – OK King Me – nations like Russia are playing chess – one up and two over – saying CHECK – and fortunately not “MATE” as of yet. We still can castle our king chess players. And more…..but for how long?

SO everyone is waiting for NOVEMBER FOLKS. Every sound bite you hear is for NOVEMBER FOLKS.

  1. The democrats are weighting up for their tribe of Trump haters the DISGUST FACTOR to just on personality versus outcomes – define Trump should be punished in the election. Their issue for voting is TRUMP DISGUST and PUNISH TRUMP with democrat blue winner wave everywhere and the house slips back to the Democrats. NO holes barred. Largest mid year budget and political warfare on that one issue – PUNISH TRUMP ON THE DISGUST FACTOR and we will lay in the dog shit right up to the November voters booth as strategy. The only issue that keeps on helping us one tweet at a time one press conference at a time just get out there more BIG DADDY WITH THE DOOH and let us help YOU all the way OUT THE DOOR.

2. The Republicans have like switched roles with a splintered more than divided I’d say crumbling Democratic Party as the REFORM PARTY where Kennedy used to lead that March until say Reagan. The Republicans single issue is PROSPERITY. If Democrats win the house we have GRID LOCK – Congress WILL NOT WORK AT ALL – we have impeachment and we have risk of SUPER CRASH serious crash to all markets and a long brutal recession right when the EU and world does not need THAT ! Trade War partners are all waiting to see if Trump is derailed and dis-empowered – or strengthened – they won’t KNOW till November and think they are influencing our elections? As in DUHHHH? The Republicans “may” benefit from BACKLASH. Backlash in political “JUSTICE” – backlash in OVER BASHING – back lash from no agenda other than GET TRUMP as the one and only party glue 2018. Enough not enough? We’ll see in November. The Republicans in the face of a POLITICALLY MOTIVATED JUSTICE = proven to be bias in the extreme – are now in the election year TIMING events for indictments and unfolding PRIME TIME case events – to mount killer cruise missiles to Trump as the Election nears – like a preset pre planned – total abuse of power crying for JUSTICE REFORM FOR AMERICA. If that now obvious plan to MANIPULATE VOTES with jUSTICE EVENTS outside the scope of special prosecution ( limited to Russia Collusion – not tax fraud from years and years ago ) gets worse it becomes clear how political all of it is and American FEROCIOUS BACKLASH is a high possibility – where a RED WAVE sweeps pick up to house and senate for Republicans which derails Nancy’s plans. BACKLASH to REFORM may happen by Nov.

So the Democrat issue – TRUMP HAS TO GO.

Republican issue – Preserve Congress and propel Prosperity with infrastructure in 2019 into 2030 for sure.

Grid Lock and Congress WILL NOT WORK – vote democrat.

Prosperity into 2030 – Vote republican – its economics not party.

Economic voting or political? We’ll find out in November.

Now then, with all that say Nancy wins and impeaches. This creates drama and cost to nation like you can’t imagine. The numbers required to impeach are not present. In any tally. Any outcome. Impeachment is a failed process that eats up time and hopefully will tarnish Trump in the Presidential run in two years. Impeachment we feel is unlikely to get TRUMP OUT. It will be a failed policy.

The outcome will be six years of Congress grid lock, freeze, nothing happening, reforms derailed largely, but impeachment will not succeed and Trump will not GO from that approach. Now knowing that we may have JAW BONE IMPEACHMENT.  A talk it up to the rail but never tip it over. That tries Trump in the PRESS and makes him Guilty in the Press.


So we have a celebrity sit com super star known world wide by billions. More people know Trump than can recall the name of the Pope for the first time in modern media history.

Billions all over the world – thats right BILLIONS not millions – are addicted to watching the # 1 SIT COM of all time……

                           TRUMP’S WHITE HOUSE 

We watch Trump bashing and we watch TRUMP himself. We track and follow his wife from gossip to surgery. We track and follow the children as if they were Royals. The President who makes over 800 million in PERSONAL INCOME not corporate income – is a bit rate in any house let alone the White House and truly he can’t be bought or influenced. He has in his 70’s his legacy and his wealth of billions no one can remove from he or his multi gazillionaire super smart children. So we tune in hating them all or loving them all or not even caring a wit about any of the but hey we have to talk to the neighbors and family and they are all watching.

Summary: Zero chance of winning Impeachment. Also clue to universe – Trumps fan club doesn’t expect him to be other than a bad dude they don’t want anything but the authentic take no prisoners Reformer Trump they voted for – all the rest is to be EXPECTED. It only boasts Trumps RATINGS I the SIT COM – all of it.

The base is not exhausted from the battling and political predictable. They are switched on and tuned in to the ENTERTAINMENT it all brings to their lives. If your honest you have LOVED the last period of entertainment from this WORLD SIT COM.

Inside this HIGH DRAMA with the stake holders being the enormous elite wealth of the DEEP STATE and its many protected elite nobilities against the super wealthy reformers who wish to reform and reconstitute capital flow dynamics.

The 1% that control 99% of the Wealth – of America are at war with those who would seek to REFORM AND REDISTRIBUTE Wealth. You can understand the HIGH DRAMA and INTRIGUE of the Worlds Sit Com and what is at stake. A once in ten generations moment of potential reform.

IT is war. The Justice Department of the United state is fully engaged in the high drama to protect its budget franchise ( follow the money ). If Justice is powered by some good folks and some criminal folks when criminal folks use Justice to frame in labels crimes and conduct of individuals – the target against the frame work kings – are toast. As you are seeing this week in the SIT COM.

The segment of the SIT COM we call IMPEACHING DONALD TRUMP are high Drama that simply does not play out at ALL with a republican controlled congress. SO the war becomes to November:

Democrats manufacturing every possible new weapon system to convey that Donald Trump is a demon from hell itself, pure evil pretending to be a human being, not a good father, not a good husband, not a worthy person, not a good friend, not a person of any character, a loathsome demon a concentrated form of evil itself – and on top of that an obvious criminal who has shamed the office of the President which requires cleansing only the Democratic leadership can producer – scrub the reformers clean – back to the DEEP STATE YOU KNOW AND YOU TRUST AND YOU LOVE….OR AT LEAST ARE USED TO…..

REPUBLICANS – The Democrats are frauds having nothing to offer America – a desert of ideas and plans for prosperity – their only single issue is RESIST TRUMP – GET TRUMP – they are morally bankrupt and Trump is despite their frauds to the American people -a good man with long friendships and alliances – a great husband who cherishes his wife a terrific unusually devoted father to his children and grand children – and a leader with REFORM IDEAS that in fact no one can dispute unless they lie – Reform Ideas that are working with 200% GNP gains over where Obama left it and Bush had it – best in decades and decades. And just starting. The Reform is cleaning the swamp while Nancy and other crocodiles wiggles squirm and spit into the wind because other than lashing out at Donald Trump whose policies obviously are working big time they wish to derail what works and grid lock the nation into what – Super Crash and Recession – to get TRUMP? We suggest you vote your wallet vote for prosperity and leave party behind vote prosperity into 2030.

The High Drama with the Impeachment card as another tool for GRID LOCK to Trump Reform arena – depends on the November mid year election. American voters may have unintended pains or joys from their vote this year. The WAR is fully engaged now:


The Deep State wishes to “frame” utter destruction for Donald Trump – Impeaching him – imprisoning him – ( never going to occur ) – and otherwise in the court of public opinion winning – at any cost. That is the impeachment card strategy so now you know – its a Card Nancy talks a lot about to the press and behind closed doors.


For the first time in global economics – the market is not today – oceans of small investors. So banish that from your thinking. The market today is 90% less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS, controlled by smarter and smarter quarterly upgrading AI within a financial AI race for whose AI makes the most profit in the lowest time frames.

Still even with such wealth concentration and leveraged speculation inside a casino capitalism of side betting and manipulations – resides a central vortex spiral of SUPER DEBT BUBBLES in all nations now passing 300 trillion in world debt spirals. The bulk of this debt was created in almost free money globally over the past ten years. Now central banks are tightening – way too soon – way to frequently – way to aggressively – where interest this year is over 500% higher than it was on same loans last year at this time in August. BY year end almost 1000% higher interest. The RISK centers upon the political high drama creating record fear and uncertainty as a market.  The risk of a democratic congress – grid locking America – rolling back Trump everything – Impeachment Government Shut Downs – and worse – leading to SUPER CRASH and a recession worse than 2008 or worse than that. Debt Defaulting CASCADES by misguided failed central bank policy may as risk kill the world order as we know it.

Impeachment as a divisional card to play by Congress leads to outcome of no conviction. Waste of time and billions as Government fails to govern. Urgent problems such as trade – immigration – infrastructure – terror – drugs – social security – medicare – defense – justice reform and more all STOP ON A DIME.

World markets ( in my personal opinion ) faced with Nov 2nd uncertainty from a Democrat win evoke a profit taking SUPER CRASH – a debt protecting defaulting – and a constriction of spending by nations central banks and consumers and business – which create as serious global down turn. Prosperity and growth stop and will be harder than ever to restart given the debt loads of the world.

We feel that condition with trade war pressures tipping China and Japan to down bubble – without new trade agreements – where China faces destabilization as consequence for failed policy – and revolution in nation. An outcome no one wishes for. A fair trade deal helps China and has zero cost to China prosperity or Japan prosperity – they rock into the forward years with solid agreements WITH AMERICA – and delay to that HIGHER PAY is the one cost leaders must think is never worth the cost to pay today. Again in my experience. 

Trump doesn’t care. He has a full house in fact. He is smiling smoking a cigar as the others at the trade war table examine their two two’s and three three’s against Trumps full house as he flecks his ash to a golden ash tray on the table. All chips are center and pushed in by Trump who said this year earlier…..and AMERICA CALLS !

No one wants to show their real cards because it is all a bluff. China after this year’s holiday sales – now done and in full – move to a drop like China has no seen in modern decades. How fast how deep how crushing this drop is going to be …..will be known before the election.

If Trump allies make trade deals before the election there will be long memory from Trump team on those friends being rewarded. Those who delay will pay.

Trump smiling and asking his cigar again – implies in that face…knowing he holds a FULL HOUSE no other nation holds ….as his self talk says…..PAY ME NOW OR PAY ME LATER BOYS AND GIRLS……

The players are talking to a billionaire with operations globally in their space who earns over 800 billion dollars in ordinary income in prior years – and who deals seriously with red lines that are real – no wiggle room on those red lines.

Fair Trade or criminal stealing of America wealth? 

Legal Theft is over.

Stealing our IP is over.

Hacking our world is OVER.

The cost of doing these things has no changed. There is a new Sheriff in Dodge ( see the movies ). 

The democrats this year all sing the song…..WHO SHOT THE SHERIFF.

Trumps team sings Kenny Rodgers – YOU GOT KNOW WHEN TO HOLD EM YOU GOT TO KNOW WHEN TO FOLD EM…….ashing his cigar yet again.

And the Rule of Law in total reform now goes on inside the world’s most watched and highly rated SIT COM – THE TRUMP White House – setting records in history and print media.

HIGH DRAMA has not had this much fun with any President since the Civil War itself.

No tweets back then just imagine if Lincoln could tweet.


PS: Hold your judgement grown ups – from trial by press – no one is guilty in todays unreformed justice department – with 99.7% conviction records – that model of Justice is a global embarrassment of the HIGHEST HUMAN to 100,000 POPULATION TO INCARCERATION ON EARTH. American incarnates way more per 100,000 than China than North Korea than Iran than Sudan we are hey # 1 for locking our own up. And we have the highest crime rape and murder rates on earth. Can we do better? Should we upgrade OURSELVES and REFORM or go back to the deep state that brought us these stats. Hey IMPRACHMENT is fun lets “frame that” into a “set up” get it all ready and BAM – HIGH DRAMA For the SIT COM right? 


When you set up a system to win 99.7% of the time is that fair in say a casino? Who would play at a slot or a table that you KNEW going in was a 03% of a win possibility? Less than 1% chance? Who would proceed?

No the only table with that level of win record is the “set up” created by the US JUSTICE DEPARTMENT that “frames” in its cases. The US Justice Department requires reform since the 1700. It is unfair unjust and simply a “rigged game” today.

In my opinion. First of all lets look at system that:

  1. Has those charged which is simply some paper work – no big deal to charge – but your life is ruined from the very act of charging you – and you are rewarded in your JOB by the numbers of charges you bring. You are measured – number this month to month last year – to year to date – its like a pressure to issue more charges this month than anyone in the job has issued or at least tie to the out put of charges your supervisor is breathing down your neck for.
  2. The Supervisors need to turn in total charges per prosecutor and team and rank their “performance” ( output in charges issued that month ) to measure if they are doing their job properly as reviewed measured assessed and ranked to you on your charges this month.
  3. The Prosecutors are ranked also by the number of convictions the ever rising charges bring, divided into plea margins ( over 90% of your cases ) and the few that go to court – where you move because they made you do all that work into NO MERCY in sentencing when you win 99.7% of the time you go to court.
  4. Because going to court is cost and time – you do every “trick” in your book of “tricks” to stay out of court. You give defendants sweet heart sentences you maximize the sentence if they go to court and you impress on their lawyer the enormity of your evidence and your track record of winning 99.7% of the time. Most of your cases do not go to court.
  5. You are punished if your “CONVICTION WIN STATS” fall in any way from the graph of the prior prosecutor who held your office and our your on stats on any three year average – with a goal to bring the OFFICE NUMBERS even higher or keep them max rate but to never not EVER LOWER the office numbers – from which the office gets its budget and full funding. Its an equation.

A system that rewards the entire teams for NOT BRINGING CASES and for lowering the number of cases in the system – is my JUSTICE REFORM. If you make a system like we have now the system is a CHARGE & SENTENCE FACTORY.


America has corrupted Justice in the USA to a CHARGE AND SENTENCE Factory. The economics ( funding ) of the system works on rewards for the maximum’s:

  1. The maximum number of charges brought annually
  2. The maximum sentences from those charges annually
  3. Sustain or elevate your budget and funding – or not based on stats

Our outcome for such corrupt unfair and broken US Justice is a CHARGE AND SENTENCE FACTORY. The Buarue of Prisons was as an unarmed group one of the smallest government agencies for 300 years.

Today the BOP as it is called is one of the largest budget items for the USA and hosts the largest armed group of grown ups in any US Agency outside the branches of the US MILITARY ITSELF – more than the FBI or CIA say.

The outcome of our “JUSTICE SYSTEM” is that we have the fastest growing population in the USA – inmates. We have the fastest growing city in the USA – Prisons. We have the highest incarceration of humans against every 100,000 in population in the world by a wide winning margin. We lock up more of our citizens per 100,000 by more than 100% than say China – North Korea – Russia – Sudan – The Gulf.

Yes. The USA is # 1 in locking people up. In the CHARGE & SENTENCE FACTORY we are paid to have prison cells built for one inmate per cell to now have four to five per cell – inmates in America often wash their clothes in toilet bowls. Cruel and unusual punishment – go visit sjust one federal penitentiary and everything you just “know” to be true about your America is going to revise itself……as it should.

Today the CHARGE & SENTENCE SYSTEM can and does gather in all your circle of close contacts – then threatens them if they won’t testify against you just the way the prosecutor wishes. You may say “surely” to prosecutors will not put words into a witness’s mouth? I say how cute how naive how immature. Of course NAZIS IN SUIT drunk on powers with zero oversight or checks and balances can and will “frame” their case and ‘put words” into witness mouths. Facing untold prison time with less than 1% chance to beat the most powerful nation on earths “framed in charges” the witness – makes a deal to stay out of jail and become party of the necklace of “hard evidence” against YOU.

While your word against their word may have a minor chance, when its multiple witnesses developed like a necklace your word is reduced in value to near zero I a court of law.

A court with miles of marble and huge seals of the US government with judges sitting a mile in the air looking down at you – the defendant. If you believe you are innocent until proven guilty in that “set up and setting” you must think again. The Truth is with a 99.7% conviction win ratio and a system that cements that into institutional “normal” – the jury and everyone concludes in fact – that – you are stoned to death guilty unless your paid attorney can pull a 3% of 1% victory in which you are proven innocent beyond any doubt what so ever. Any doubt you might be guilty – your 99.7% going own as an American.

Justice Reform? Are you more or less afraid of your own government today than you were ten or twenty years back in a park on swing sets?

Only in America are this many citizens locked up for long long sentences where the majority of crimes are minor drug and alcohol related crimes – non violent – and victimless no victim. Repeat violent offenders – really I don’t have much mercy or regard for them – lock them up forever. Excepts judges should be able to weed out.

Judges should issue sentences. Although they “DO” they do it with lap top sentencing guidelines without discretion of the past. This model is also terribly broken and puts folks in long prison sentences who should be on probation with a program in anger management. Really.

US Justice to keep their 99.7% win inside their CHARGE & SENTENCE Massive conveyor belt factory hooked up in all fifty states – enhances sentences where the entire system is paid per inmate head in each institution. An institution built to house and securely and humanely custodian prison sentences for 1200 inmates now houses 5600 inmates in the same facility – which is now cruel and unusual punishment – and increasingly unsafe for staff who are being slaughtered in the USA due to Justice being BROKEN.

No one knows the system is broken or unfair like the majority of inmates and their families. Five million folks in prison – five million staffing and caring for them that would otherwise have great challenge in finding a day job in America – and fifteen million family members effected by those five – in MAJORITY – know how unfair unjust and broken US Justice is.

There are many other factors. The USA before you are convicted of anything is one of the only nations to confiscate your bank account your cash your savings your investments and all your property – your boat your pick em up truck and often your house and your lawn seed is gone. Few nations exercise this GUILTY TO PROVEN INNOCENT confiscation policy in which those charged have ruined lives immediately, the most powerful central government in human history takes UNFAIR ADVANTAGE by assuring the defendant ( YOU now labeled forever soon to be convict and inmate ) can not pay a lawyer to represent you against that nation.

Now when you text – I just tweeted to make sure – and yes sir REE Bobbie – there were numerous tweets from the FBI. These tweets seek to unite the community ( us – we the people ) to rat out on one another – they want us to be extensions of their unlimited powers to spy on us with cams everywhere – hear us – from IPHONE to Computers – from the internet of things – to listen watch and monitor us – and yet they need US to spy on each other FOR THEM. Nazis turned families against one another – communist nations like China have secret police in every tiny village and cultural protocol “officers” of their justice department – encourage families to spy on each other and individuals are rewarded financially in status and acknowledgment for supporting the Justice of such unlimited spying and lying to gain from pain.

Justice REFORM ! It is not 1796 any longer Dorothy and you can NOT click your ruby slippers and return to Kansas honey bunny – you just can NOT. You reside in a trend rising of 54% convictions in the 1800’s to 97.7% conviction averages in the 2018 DIGITAL YEAR where the UNAFIR and IMPOSSIBLE ADVANTAGE of the Government weighs down upon you as an individual. Said another way – if THEY want you – your toast.

Unless and until there IS real Justice reform.

You have to visit a Federal Cafeteria as I’ve done to witness the prosecutors of your in process trial eating with the Judge in the trial and their staff. That is prevented by the rules of the court. We are not present. They are daily over a long trial assuring the 97.3% conviction win ratio applies to ME. It takes some “big ones” to go through the sham show – as it is a true SHAM SHOW – for the principle of what is right about the nation you love in fact. You know your going to lose and its wrong and its a travesty. But your just one of countless float sum on the conveyor belt of CHARGE & SENTENCE and truly no one cares – no one remembers – you just pass through – and your a statistic – one of the 95 million American’s today with a past prior of some kind or other. Almost half the adult population.


In todays world the Press is a 24/7 world wide starving animal seeking never ending CONTENT to retain audience to sell mindless crap. Thats the formula. Right and wrong do not enter into it. Rights? In the press? There is no check or balance no idea of privacy or your rights as a citizen and with JUSTICE REFORM there could be.

The Justice laws were written:

  1. Before the pony express
  2. Before the telegraph
  3. Before the radio
  4. Before the telephone
  5. Before the train linked the nation together

Before all of it.

DO you think the founding fathers would have created their own Justice Reform if they could have seen:

  1. Television and cable
  2. 24/7 news cycles global in scope
  3. The internet and tweets go around the world in a click factor
  4. Facetime
  5. The internet of THINGS

Or the modern press and how it invades the rights protected by the constitution but never considered in the constitution. Does the USA Constitution require a 3 year Pittsburgh 2020 CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS to upgrade the constitution to the modern internet world – a document whose sole purpose is to PROTECT THE SOVEREIGN INDIVIDUAL CITIZENS “FROM” THE MOST POWERFUL CENTRAL GOVERNMENT EVERY KNOWN TO MANKIND?

Justice reform in trial by Press.

Should Press by law be precluded from reporting any government “charge” until conviction?

Or something else?

Or do we magnify the Government win ratio of unfair and unjust 97.7% of all charges brought end in convictions – where those charged have no % hope of any kind of winning in fact. Did you even know that?

So now the PRESS convict you. They don’t this week give Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt – as in mass they are the TRUMP POLITICAL UNITED RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. When Richard Nixon fired the Director of the FBI Edger HOOVER assured that Nixon was going to be brought down BY THE FBI. Do you think it was any different when Trump fired Comey? The entire three letter agency community came together behind any Trump back or authority in charge’s back – to GET THE PRESIDENT OUT OF OFFICE as a guaranteed reply and message to the next President.

DEEP STATE: Protect budgets and power at any and all cost and terminate anyone attempting to REFORM  the process and procedures we have in place – to protect our wealth and power. For our group PLENTY of wealth and plenty of power is simply not near enough for us.

REFORMERS: Upgrade and modernize antique process and traditions – zero consideration for deep state interest in wealth and power as after reform they still have more than enough of both – to create long term structural efficiencies to assure prosperity in America into 2030 and beyond.

The Press has convicted every single Justice “TARGET” so that you and I would vote guilty if asked right now based on what we have read. In court the best actors on earth ( Standford Harvard and leading legal brains the best government endless money can buy and grant unlimited powers to ) work against in huge massive % court appointed attorney’s like I had – that as in my case – have never once tried a complex white collar crime. My attorney’s reported at the start of my trail decades ago:

….we are a husband wife team….appointed ty the coach as the third attorney in this complex matter – we have never tried a complex white collar case – primarily pleading drug cases – we have no defense witnesses no defense prepared – we are in the middle of a terrible personal divorce as two recovering alcoholics and we are not prepared to try this matter or put on a defense….the judge ordered the trial to proceed anyway……fair? Just?

I knew it was over before it began but I refused to plead guilty to conduct I never once had a brain cell upon – a crime. I had posted in the company system wide before we sold it – shut the company down before you break one law. In Modern Justice the firm was not charged with anything wrong – nor where its officers President who did all the transactions – he was granted a free boat ride to testify against me with his thumb having this huge enormous white taping from his construction hammer hitting it – facing the jury with that damaged thumb sky high over his prepared testimony – and the jury never appreciated the thumb was damaged for sticking it that far up my ass and pulling it out that fast – they just didn’t get THAT. HE was the President who did selling for 87,000 dollars ( parking meter money ) and I’m the one charged – only me. Just me. No company no board member no conspirators just me. Sound unusual? Now if the prosecutor was your best friend growing up – more unusual? 

Now consider the broken Justice lies to the Jury and tells them I own the company – when I did not. The jury never knew they were lied to by their own government. The trail was not about fraud or security law breach it was a charge of “contempt of court” lowest Federal violation that does not require INTENTION and is a virtual 100% conviction when applied. The trail was about “sending a higher standard to the owners of public brokerage firms in the future. Since my conviction and the higher standard 100% of my tribe – the larger brokerage firms have either resigned to derail a CHARGE BY JUSTICE or they paid 100 million dollar fines – billions total for all of them – for crimes ( not 87,000 alleged totals but billions and billions – they pay chump change to never go to trail – never go to jail – because justice in America is and I’m here as living evidence living proof – Justice is FOR SALE in AMERICA.

This makes every single one of 8 billion across the world think America is no longer the light house it once was of HOPE & OF PROMISE. America is becoming a digital police state – giving up personal freedom like rain – to some how be more free – which never works. My view:

…there is not one American freedom protected for a three year little girl that a long long time ago a gang of crazy brains bought and paid for by Gulf nations got lucky once and took our Twin towers down….that should be given up by that little girl who should still be in the home of the FREE go to the gate and meet her grandma flying in……but no she will have to wait as monitoring us all of us all the time is not enough to the controls they wish to place on us till we are all chipped up entirely……which is coming without justice reform…..

So the Press has no balance of justice. You are truly tried and convicted from the often unfair charge “framed in” and “set up” by the most powerful band of legal minds to ever assemble all working for the United States of America and City and Municipal and State departments of JUSTICE.

Now then are violent actions repulsive and require concerted law enforcement to preserve a rule of law nation all the while protecting the sovereign rights of each citizen to maximum level?

Do you wish any person charged by the CHARGE & CONVICT FACTORY of 2018 and 2019 to be immediately found guilty by PRESS COURT? Once you are charged the bought and paid for press goes to work to make you a celebrity in your walking down a grocery isle – GUILTY as charged which you’ll see as your home tribe try and avoid you — keep their children from even looking at you buying cheese and hazelnut cream. YOUR A FELON YOUR A CONVICT YOUR GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY and thats the day after the “THEY”S charged you which always follows with THEIR Press Conference elevating their statistics to get funding. That front page news with your attorney saying “no comment” which in press terms means….guilty see we told you so….and that press goes on the prosecutor or assistant prosecutor who has your case – office wall so everyone can see their latest WIN when it is hours after the “SET UP” and “FAME IN” Of that CHARGE……97.7% conviction ratings to keep full budget and funding…..don’t let that drop now…..ya hear me…..everyone toasts at the party to the PRESS CLIP going on your wall and the journalist from the press are their toasting and getting recognition for their job well done….and extension of US JUSTICE:

  1. Tweets and wholesale whistle blow on one another as a national culture and help us close the entire loop here on POLICE STATE AMERICA – FORTRESS AMERICA – keeps others out and keeps you all IN.
  2. Monitor you all the time 
  3. Charge your circle or threaten them in extortion your legally immune from at Justice and trick threat black mail and scare the pants off them until they testify as you require and desire to get your next TARGET.
  4. Enhance sentence time to maximum and mean it to deal down to high high time sentences to get YOU to plead versus go to court where you don’t get sentence x. You get sentence x by pleading guilty or you get 97.7% of the time – maximum time possible. I took trial and maximum time versus deal with Nazis in Suits.
  5. Press Justice Power Extension – produces absolute guilty perception in the court of PUBLIC OPINION and in a Justice taking UNAFIR ADVANTAGE to a solo defendant in resources – legal set up and frame work – unlimited resources with investigation agencies of state and top attorneys prosecuting – and press slam dunks for prosecutors doing the ballet of organizing NO MERCY PROSECUTIONS to assure RATES of CONVICTION remain as per office average – to secure full office budget and funding for all.

The humans in the system are good and they are NOT BROKEN.

Which is why it was easy for me. I respected the humans doing their traditional work to slam me to the curb. It was not personal only in my case it was entirely personal. That happens too in Justice that lacks REFORM and UPGRADING from the 1700’s.




On Jury Duty I tell them if called the truth. That I’ve been falsely charged and convicted and I believe the prosecution is far more corrupt than the defendant who I could never vote anything but acquittal for.

I’m disqualified by one side – JUSTICE.

So ask yourself again America….are you less or more afraid of your own government today than you were some years ago…….?

My position right now: I work for Justice Reform in mid year election with candidates – defining our support for candidates that prioritize JUSTICE REFORM as what restores American greatness – protecting our citizen right maximally as in no other nation from the central government – reforming the system so rewards are for how few cases you bring now how many – it is such a better model.

In that model have zero fear violent crime will be dealt with but all violent crimes are not equal – some are true accidents some are pure evil – some have enormous complex moderating issues – Judges not computers are best at figuring out. Moderating bias of judges – can be done by sentence review panels versus lap top sentencing – where an upgraded Justice System operates with JUDGES review of standards set by law in the JUSTICE REFORM ACTS.

I stand for Justice reform.

I find what we are watching this week – unfair – unjust – and no where near what this nation should wish for – both from charge and “frame work” in the “set up” of the cases designed to politically terminate the President of the United States as the singular present GOAL OF US JUSTICE and its community.

The Reformers attacked us and illuminated the need for justice reform taking away our cloak of being INVULNERABLE now the we the people are in fact questions us – we thought we had them hypnotized. To feed us. To know that we require unlimited budget growth – for wealth and powers where plenty in our world is never not ever enough.

You watch endless binge watching on Justice gone bad – on police who are bought and paid for – of Justice influenced and paid for – and you see criminals at the top pay 100 million dollar to multi billion dollar fines ( to who – to Justice bank accounts ) and no one pleading to criminal activity of billions goes to jail because today broken justice has the golden rule on wealth and power – TOO BIG TO JAIL – means more of what we feed on from them. They are now in OUR POCKET.

IS this the JUSTICE you want or have YOU HAD ENOUGH Finally?

This week I’m so sad for those who were “turned” by a CHARGE & SENTENCE FACTORY that has become without any intention for it – unfair – immoral – weighted – systemic to 97.7%  conviction ratio being maintained for full funding – convict at any cost don’t damage our win statistic ratio ever – and in fact NOT JUST AT ALL TODAY NOT JUSTICE no way. 

Without USA JUSTICE REFORM America becomes the KGP Police state we once most feared – as we lead the free world in the highest % of jailed and incarcerated “criminals” upon the earth.


  1. Remove the largest cost – the war on drugs. Make all illegal drugs legal and distributed at high quality low cost government licensed outlets that offer ( from taxes paid ) free recovery programs to all users to gain sobriety. This in all nations trying it – reduces both drug use and violent crime by % that you can not image – it is massive cost saving to the treasury of that nation. WE win. Users stop dying “and” society wins retiring a “war on drugs” we actually lost in the 1970’s. World wide. It is a crime to pour money down this lost cause rabbit hole.
  2. ReDeploy law enforcement from DRUGS to Illegal Drugs and throw the book at them now – as its legal hey – and most to the WAR ON TERROR and local and national security better use of our funds. There are enough bad guys out there.
  3. Reform Grand Jury Process – fair just and the best on earth.
  4. Roll Back Freedom – where Prosecutors and staff get pay raises for reducing office budgets and reducing cases brought into the system. 1 to 4 with clemency “time served” for 2 million of the five incarcerated most for minor non violent offenses – are released in a processs – prisons empty – and they become ground zero for programs and processes to help folks return to successful lives.
  5. Retooling justice at core – reclaims billions back to treasury from waste to surplus that can advance the digital and human intel on terror and fund the growing costs to destroy those that would hack and attack the USA – made possible from budgets retooled from JUSTICE REFORM of common sense use of NEW FOUND PROCEEDS.

Justice Reform is a complex process and my simplistic suggestion here is only agenda discussion items. Always economically considered when I’m involved. I feel if economic systems are right the over system is right. If the system is wrong – as with competitive capitalism driving into its final form before it self destructs – casino capitalism in wild market speculations gambling in fact and leveraged risk taking – or communism failing in every nation it has been tried – not one success you can look at – for when you look at success it was not communism by capitalism in private sector grants by communist central planners that brought on any fleeting success – but as in China the DEBT LOAD of Russia China and others destroys the system at core without a SUPER BOND solutions ( outlined in this Blog ) – into chaos and revolution. Always. Like Justice that is 110% historic take it to the bank – why would anyone who has data chose a social communist system to reside under? If they could chose better – a better way.

The ruler of the UAE suggests his one guy runs it all is the best system? We believe democracy can self correct its own abuses over time if the voters wake up and become active to real issues with real information versus bought and paid for brain washing we see in nations today.

Which we all know. Just having access to the internet like communist Cuba did for ONE DAY ONLY creating a weekend of FET PARTIES in celebration and appreciation by all the Cuban people. Freedom is the future and lack of freedom is not going to favor government forms that are not inclusive of the PEOPLE they serve.

This week the PRESS Is magnifying one of the most unfair unjust trail “by press’ set ups in Justice Department history. While Justice is celebrating a victory many in this nation are attending a WAKE for a JUSTICE DEPARTMENT fatally ( now obvious to us all ) damaged by systems that require REFORM and upgrading into the digital future we reside within.

As all human systems always ( our Bain really ):

  1. Resist all improvement or change of any kind
  2. Resist anything that does not preserve – thats the way we have always done IT whatever the IT is
  3. Resist any change to system mechanics as to how we get full budget and paid annually year to year 

Human are afraid that as they dance down the YELLOW BRICK ROAD in OZ long before they reach the Emerald City “change” will create their demise by the lions tigers and bears along the yellow brick road.

Upgrading SYSTEMS and REFORMING nations requires where humans are involved……one drop of courage greater than your fears….

Which is all I have to say about THAT………

My goal this sad apex week for justice reform screaming to American’s is to suggest my readers think how important asking candidates you wish to vote for are as I do….what is your position on justice reform and where is that a priority for you…..as a politican now in the cross hairs  of Justice yourself…..?



Are you MORE or are you LESS Afraid of your own government than you were say just ten years ago? Do you feel less safe? Less protected? Or a LOT ? Do you personally feel less free?

Say a Federal Prosecutor with no checks and real balances lines up a dozen of those you do business with and are close friends with. Then they threaten each of them with hard prison time, lining up those cases one at a time – spying on them – taping them – building files from their lap tops and cell phone records – and turning each of those 12 around you into witnesses for the prosecution. Witnesses that will say what the prosecution wishes to assure you go to jail not at all or not much.

Versus defying the justice and then NO MERCY of any kind for YOU.

Trials cost enormous money and defendants win about 3 tenths of 1% of the time. That means JUSTICE IN AMERICA is 99.7% win on any charge they TRUMP UP or FRAME IN.

Do you believe we need Justice Reform?

Do you believe you will GET JUSTICE REFORM if you vote for grid lock in congress?

Do you believe you might get Justice reform from one pissed off Trump watching Nazis in suits try him for 18 months in the PRESS with no rights protected or courtesy to a duly elected sitting President ? 

Do you think the line up and criminal charges to Trumps circle all designed by the NAZIS IN SUITS like the KGB or police states secret police say like in IRAN – kill off your friends and associates to turn them to “testify” to save their own ass the way the Nazis wishes. IS THAT THE JUSTICE YOU WISH FOR IN AMERICA MOVING FORWARD?

So today Trumps attorney made a deal with prosecutors. To plea deal his jail time for crimes he did or crimes he did not commit? He is an attorney. He can read SET UP. He can read FRAMES. He can see TRUMPED UP CHARGES. He knows there is a 99.7% conviction win rate in todays UNREFORMED JUSTICE DEPARTMENT.

Myself knowing I would lose I chose TRIAL and would never plead guilty to a set up where the prosecutor was my best friend from age 4. That is NOT JUSTICE I DESIRE for my children and grand children. I took it like a man but I feel for those framed trumped and trampled in an unfair justice department. 

I see the Bias press favor conviction in media elevating the POLICE STATE to HERO STATUS when in fact Justice today world wide – is thought of as the DECLINE OF AMERICA – the loss of our values of hope and promise – the utter injustice the world see’s everywhere and never though would be STATE LED PERSECUTION AGAINST ITS OWN PEOPLE.

I suggest as opinion:

  1. Its is 50 years late to REFORM JUSTICE.
  2. In a digital age we need to REFORM JUSTICE NOW and NEXT.
  3. We need to improve the indictment process to protect the innocent and allow their input to each grand jury in opposition.
  4. We need to reform due process and protect our citizens from the most powerful central government ever known to man from abuse.
  5. We need checks and balances from BLACK LIVES MATTER to the endless deaths we see in our news for no reason in our culture today.

Will congress GRID LOCK and cease to work?

Will Congress WORK and move into JUSTICE REFORM?

If we vote prosperity and our wallet we win….if we don’t we won’t.

Voters may be brain washed and unable to think it through.

We understand as billions are being invested for that outcome.

We trust the absolute core intelligence of the AMERICAN PEOPLE. We think they got this. We believe in the outcome.

The dice are rolling.

Justice today seeks to manipulate this election more than President Putin could ever imagine….from within and totally corrupt and biased.

Now influencing an election.

We’ll see if THEY are smarter


In the vote – then we’ll KNOW and I’ll report back to August and this blog as to outcome.



We’ll l have to wait and see….

My big risk is the shear sum of economic ignorance out there and the tendency to knee jerk to vote on last sound bite emotion and brain washing your way – versus data facts and thinking the truth from the lies all the way through yourself. As a impartially informed voter and thats hard today.

Ask yourself ….are you more afraid of being safe in your home and community and your more afraid of your own government – I’d vote on that item.

Justice Reform is urgent and important to make America truly GREAT all over again – can you think of something else that comes first for our future when you vote?

The constitution sought to protect you and I FROM the most powerful central government known to mankind. Forever. Perhaps we should get back under its frame work all over again in Justice Upgrading and reform – from 1700 to 2019 – its time for an upgrade don’t you think so?


To protect our unborn and everyone who trusts coming here for the HOPE AND PROMISE that AMERICA MUST ALWAYS SHINE AND RENEW upon the world.

That thinking beats the S&P all time record today and makes Donald Trumps attorney doing his PLEA DEAL TODAY – well – in fact – a cry for Justice Reform if you just read between the lines on one core item here:

…..it could just as easily and still may be so soon – you and your loved ones effected – it could be YOU……unless we reform justice…

Then and only THEN will you be secure IT COULD NEVER BE YOU not EVER.

That America I wish for my nine children and grandchildren next.

Think about it all globally for us …today.