How do you watch political theater today? Between what is in print what is on media television and radio 24/7 what is the brand and flavor you chose for yourself to plug into the weeks now to the election in November when the Congress either remains republican or moves to democrats. Perhaps the most important core election at war between REFORM minded Americans and Deep State NO CHANGE minded American’s.

Who controls agendas? The Democrats have mined the political landscape with a Justice Department biased to GET TRUMP – a Special Prosecutor that might as well get a pay check from Nancy Pelosi – and all of THAT – is high drama and political theater. For the first time since Richard Nixon we are engaged in agenda into an election where the democratic platform of policies is not about forward vision for America. No. It is a splintered and featured party of dissolving special interests more than half now so liberal on the left even past communism as philosophy that large numbers of Democrats are voting their WALLETS outside PARTY and voting FOR PROSPERITY keeping Republicans in charge of Congress. Large other numbers in the SPLINTER are not voting. IT HAS NEVER BEEN LIKE THIS BEFORE. The only agenda glue for democrats is HATRED. HATE TRUMP. Hate Trump’s actions. Hate Trumps personality. Hold no respect for this President of the United States – and work to put him in jail – to destroy him as a person – as a father – as a husband – as a business man – as a leader – as a free citizen – make him a convict an evil – and a scourge – and utterly and completely destroy him – break the laws to use the laws to “set up” and “frame in” legal political theater traps Trump can not get out of. That is the election year platform of the Democrats and all bias news today – HATRED. You can “know’ if news effects your emotions versus your mind.

The republicans feel the democrats in the ideal this close to the election are in an Ice breaker in Greenland – not really needed because all the sea ice melted already. But hey those are big heavy shirts and full to starboard takes 50 miles to begin to turn those bigger heavy ships of state. So the Republicans feel once again the democrats all not united and totally splintering into dysfunction you see every day just pick a channel – and the political theater rolls on within bought and paid for brain washing ( you the voter ). media to take the action THEY DESIRE that you take. After all that IS political theater – seeking to influence your thoughts and thinking – which IS legal brain washing versus what we call RAW NEWS you have to Public Broadcast or go outside the USA to get….just click. Find raw news without bias and opinion – and that is hard today very hard.

Who controls Political theater?

Why Donald Trump. In having two of his own team mates – made out to be criminals and felons by the Justice Department ( biased or not biased folks – come on really and truly? ) – Trump Tweets ran the media into the weekend on Jeff Sessions and the Political Theater that JUSTICE ITSELF IS CORRUPT NOT RELIABLE AND FULL OF BREAKING THE LAW TO ENFORCE THE LAW TO “SET UP” AND “FRAME IN” THE DESTUCTION ( LEGALLY ) OF DONALD TRUMP. A case that will be studied for 500 years forward in time.

How does it all turn out?

Well Justice is now political theater into the election. They have obviously planned ramps – in prime time – layered – to end up with indictment of the President – which goes to the Supreme Courts – and in that process – all actions even pardoning himself from the “frame” of whatever charges – obstructing justice – which is after all whatever that team wants to define that as – their court their rules until there is real justice reform – and all that risks BLOW BACK. Blow Back is where Trump wins anyway inside the Political Theater we are watching of real economic warfare between REFORMER SUPER MONEY – Fortune firms and American’s who want to for the first time in centuries – reform the old deep state systems into modernized upgraded effective politic service – including massive justice reform not upgraded since the 1700’s really.

The pony express no longer delivers the US mail.

Amazon Prime delivers over night – anything.

The telegraph is not longer the messenger of choice.

We have smart phones and text to move our thoughts and ideas round the globe in a click.

Justice needs to REFORM for the first time in CENTURIES in America because 99.7% conviction rates – into the highest incarceration nation locking up more per 100,000 of its FREE CITIZENS for largely minor drug and alcohol crimes with no victim no violence – more than CHINA locked up in the USA more than North Korea – more than Africa – more than IRAN more than Russia – and many many x more – highest on earth is AMERICA.

The land of the FREE should have the lowest incarceration in the world. Studies demonstrate the largest cost to America rising is not health care it is prison costs at all municipal state and federal levels. This growth is so fantastic it is no longer economically sustainable. US Justice has become a Charge & Sentence them economic machine seeking its own growing funding year to year as sole justification. Cruel and Unusual. We critique other nations when we have the highest 99.7% criminal conviction ratio in the world – our machine has no winners. Endless funding to lock em up and keep the machine over crowded – five humans in a cell designed by experts for one human. Humans washing their own clothes in toil bowls and worse and due to violence from over crowding humans are locked down in crowded unfit quarters for record amounts of time – based on those I’m writing inside and sending commissary money too at state levels. Land of the FREE is losing the wars on crime which are lost by building cities to house prisoners – over 5 million and rising as America’s fastest growing city in nation – PRISONS. All economic failed modeling self perpetuating without REFORM.

The Deep State does not wish to reform. It wishes to pay Pharm shareholders the only way left – by decades of annual price raises permitted to the Pharm lobby. Now Trump is stopping those billions in price raises. Those entities are paying into the democrat packs to INDICT/IMPEACH TRUMP and stop Trump at all costs – so our legal theft machinery can deep state continue without upgrading and reforms.

Trump has saved in one year more billions on government contract CLAW BACKS than any sitting President in over 100 years. The companies effected in 18 months are furious at those costs to THEM and they are irrespective of how voters benefited – pushing record dollars into BLOCK/STOP TRUMP at all and any cost – dress him as a crook – as evil – as a bad person human and worse.

The problem is the planners are all united folks around the wrong may pole in my opinion. I won’t tell them what the right maypole may be in fact – because the question are always FREE but the real big boy/girl answers cost money.



Now comes BACKLASH. For you see there are core American’s and we all don’t care about politics – we care about COMMON DAMN SENSE and we care about economic prosperity and well being. We care about America being the hope and promise to the entire world. Obvious. As an idea always re-inventing itself – contagious. Infectious.

So no one not even Trump’s and his team had one brain cell firing on the end given the Polls for Candidate Hillary those last weeks – a sure winner – that – President Trump would win and by such a huge backlash market.

So November will America increasingly not apathetic and dropping out of voting as they have in past decades – in record numbers NOT VOTING – now comes record numbers coming back in. Coming to vote their WALLET in a PROSPERITY VOTE. The non emotional head and mind and rational thinking vote works like this:

  1. Democrats get Congress – taking personalities out of this – emotions out of this – we have Congress Does not work and total grid lock like the past 16 years folks – we have impeachment of Donald Trump probably indictments of family – and himself – and endless investigations into the Presidential Contest that begins Nov 3rd.
  2. Republicans keep Congress or get stronger even a bit – from backlash – and – Congress WORKS – no grid lock – infrastructure the other stimulus leg after tax reforms – assures prosperity in the world to 2030.
  3. Nov 2nd releases the largest stock market year end gain in human history ever with republican win – and a potential for SUPER CRASH and Stock Market worst new year after election markets in 100’s of years if democrats win. No in between.

Economic like certainty and box top rules they can rely on moving forward in risk taking and investing. Uncertainty if things change – like Congress – create enormous moves to position against risk exposure. No one can see a Democrat return to CONGRESSIONAL GRID LOCK AND DYSFUNCTION as a positive item for the markets in 2018 and 2019 can you? Do you? Get into circles and discuss the two issues – GET TRUMP at ANY COST and if thats you emotional capital turn out and cancel my vote and I respect YOU for doing it as my brothers and sisters in my country – because that is your right – use your right in 2018 use your right. Vote.

If you are head spacing it all as I am and your voting for prosperity extending versus government dysfunction – you derail the legal outcomes the Deep State has already “set up” for pre Nov 2nd – and you reset strength to our trade war winning versus losing in fact with is trillions our side or not so much.

THAT. You vote THAT WAY and my vote is a prosperity vote that surprises the poll takers as when TRUMP WON.

So now with only weeks left you have the following:

  1. You can’t seen nothing yet. It all testing to Labor Day the world is on vacation.
  2. Labor Day the legal machine will heat up and the get Trump machine will become red hot. The most nasty personal mean and cruel political theater of any adults life time is with more millions of dollars thrown into the industry of mid year elections – like noting this generation has ever known. Be prepared for the massive emotional brain washing coming your way on Trump is a core evil that must be cleansed.
  3. To the election close in the best legal SLAMS and ACTIONS ( all prep planned in the political theater by the stage masters ) will unfold. If they do your head will know this is “set up” and you can vote your emotion or your head and join the BACKLASH or not. 

There is only one real issue – REFORM OR NO REFORM.

That is the only issue before the mid year and it is all head not emotion.

So for decades with my public investment banking institution, and with CEOSPACE 30 years the leading CEO entrepreneur owner boss leadership training in the world – the # 1 business conference by the press five years in a row – working in DC with less than 600 law makers and their staff and many Presidents and their staff – up close and personal like most never get to experience. What do I KNOW. What I know is:

  1. Really good men and women work in public service.
  2. Elected officials are never prepared for the box top rules of their new job and must learn them on the job.
  3. 90% of them ( not all but most ) are DOING THE BEST JOB THEY KNOW HOW and are truly doing their best from their mind or their emotions for America as they buy the facts. The best they know how. 
  4. They work long hours without extra pay all of them.
  5. They deserve our respect – all of them.

That is a first reform. To DISAGREE on Policy of Issues and to not go to personalize policy or issues ever. I personally think personal life should be by law a privacy matter for elected officials and a “right” needs to be approved to firewall and preclude a personal life privacy guarantee for public service. 

We are not electing Saints and who thinks we are? If the Press recorded your every sound bite and you made many daily in running and holding office your report card would have F grades for conflicts in accuracy over time. Why ? Because your a crook? No because your human and you get data which is dynamic depending on whose data and from whom and which day you got it. Its always a river of white water for all of us.

So you can be made to be cheating on your partner for having a special friend in life where their was no cheating of any kind. But the Press reporting their videos audios and text messages they stole from you – make you all that and more – and anyone. They can “frame in” any case on any one that they target.

IS the press owned by wealth that is the DEEP STATE protect the system we built from change – or is the press owned by super wealth that wishes reform. Ask yourself as you think through what political theater is all about in fact – follow the freakin money.

Then you’ll know.

So political theater is about to close their first act at Labor Day and we expect the double criminal labeling of two close Trump insiders is the start. The second Act into mid October will raise the drama to its peak ARC we would think. The Third and FINAL ACT ( as we movie producer screen play Execute Produces require ) will reach the cliff hanger – do we indict Trump at Justice or not. Lets face it Justice is now serious reached its own posture as unbiased to enormous numbers of voters – BACKLASH will tell we the people America if Justice self destruction was a majority of voters. I think by October 15th we may have a peak Second Act and close to the election with the REPORT which damns Trump entirely but fails to indict leaving the more powerful – your a crook but your getting away with it – like we let the banks and investment banks and toxic chemical firms making GMO Seeds they have no clue how it will effect health long term.

That Justice.

So without reform we know what we have.

With reform we don’t know but it we believe restores hope and promise to the nation.

The spin to that vote is going to be unlike anything we have ever known in any past election year. Here you have 20/20 reading glasses to digest news and make your own choices with more clear vision.

The ramp of this game plan will we feel make markets globally more volatile with FAANG and related shifts in portfolio’s generating rising up on profits to the final Holiday record buying season with amplification potentials for market real state and asset class wealth across all boards. Long term investors have to ask what is their risk of SUPER CRASH and RECESSION IF DEMOCRATS win and GRID LOCK CONGRESS AND ROLL BACK TRUMP? What do you think the market will do with uncertainty holding record high wealth – take profits and baton down the hatches?

What would you do?

SO PROSPERITY VOTING – as one outcome…a vote for systemic reform for America …a process that IS simply working……

NO CHANGE – Grid Lock – Impeach – GET TRUMP IS THE ONLY ISSUE totally emotionally driven with head vote on Nov 2nd to execute the single emotion GET TRUMP. Reform stops and may unwind next and fast. A process we know from the past 16 years of 1.2% to 1.8% growth numbers over two decades – just a hair outside a break even recession without real healthy growth – Super Crash NO REFORMS and GLOBAL RECESSION INSIDE 300 TRILLION OF GLOBAL DEBT the real risk for such markets.

So we have reported to you on the economics in other blogs with data charts graphs videos third parties and press. Google data. Proof. So you KNOW before you GO into that voting booth WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE.

What is going on OUT THERE is Justice point of spirt for democrats and GET TRUMP who fired our FBI DIRECTOR and sought to REFORM ( US ) – are now united together to GET TRUMP. An unholy alliance …..depreciating how the entire world see’s and values AMERICA today. 5 Million incarcerated and rising in a 99.7% conviction rate. Fair? Impartial? Really?

And Reformers stealing the Justice Agenda and turning the TRUTH of their own bias – back on them. ARE YOU MORE FEARFUL TRULY AFRAID OF YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT – TODAY AS YOU WERE SOME YEARS BACK? If you want to feel safe and no repercussions like no other nation on earth – WHEN YOU ATTACK INTEGRITY BREACH IN YOUR OWN NATION – who is best to vote for – DEEP STATE far from perfect choice – or Trump Reforms not a perfect choice either.


I said your inside POLITICAL THEATER and only YOU can decide whats right for you.

I’m voting for Republican Congress not because I’m republican. No I’m voting Republican Congress for PROSPERITY because I believe it ushers in real American wealth security to 2030 and beyond. Anything less I feel is destructive to American prosperity and leadership in the world. We need to WIN and we ARE WINNING – IF – we don’t rock that ship thats bringing us to safe harbor of PROSPERITY.

So November 2nd you will decide WHICH WAY. Like Alice in Wonderful eating that small little cake outside the garden – with her hand on her head all tall like a Giant Girl having drank the little bottle – where this curious child opened up like a telescope…..she longed to get back with the key from the table to open the lock and get into that gorgeous garden of flowers she could see through the key hole that the WHITE RABBIT ( PROSPERITY ) had run through……

Taping her head as she ate that magic cake not knowing if she would unfold to new heights or shine down to reach her goal of the magic prosperity gardens – Alice said …which way….which way……

And on November 2nd my Readers and loyal followers – we shall know what is REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE – will we not – or we will know who spend their 100 millions more wisely. 

Political theater is ON and that is what is going on out there.