Impeachment economics? What is going on out there? Well first Nancy Pelosi wants to be top dog in the House again if she can pull off a win by November for her tribe. The parties goal is to assure Donald Trump does not win for more years….so those are the party goal posts. At all cost folks. Deep state against reformers. Pure and simple in summary. So hold on to THAT item first.

Nancy the California MegaDon survivor huge with three rows of political teeth – a Deep State survivor expert – and assassin – has stated in nation news this year – in victory in November her FIRST duty will be drafting articles of impeachment.

Today she says impeachment is divisive and is vague about her plans. Why? Political capital is why. Now momentum from the “frame work” and justice department “set up and staging” of their “case” has the most powerful central government on earth – charged to investigate Russian Collusion but as we all can see – they are investigating ( as that line failed utterly ) “everything” and “anything” else and indicting like popcorn in a micro wave all the Kings men and even his horses too.

So as the first “convictions” roll in – a double whammy this week – Nancy awaits in the spider web she politically wove with strands of her very own silk stronger than steel – tariff of no – for her tribe to come from all directions and DEMAND she draft impeachment of the President. Why? Because he associated with Crooks based on indictment crimes having nothing to do with Trump at all in fact.


Lets do a check up on as President Bill Clinton made so popular – the arithmetic – remember it is all math. Impeaching the President is a late of a billion dollars and two years of time. The Gov stops. Congress is grid locked. Nothing gets done. Nothing. America rising out of the Great Recession like some new Star Wars super SUB is about to breach the surface again and see ECONOMIC SUNSHINE AGAIN – right when Nancy pulls that American Sub back into ….dive dive dive dive – prepare for crash hull depth – and the SUB Super Crashes and moves to a recession worse than 2008 – as our enemies take full economic advantage of our USA set back – as they seek to be the SUPER POWERS of choice in the world as America diminishes. This may be our ONE CHANCE TO BREACH into prosperity through 2030 but we may self sabotage that economic blessing as potential. Politics running economics always fails.

China and trade dealing partners are NOT DEALING not really. Clue in on this item. As trillions not billions ARE AT STAKE YEAR in the near term and 100’s of trillions long term – how this is all divided – is worthy of chess versus checkers. While we hope around like idiots saying – ok King me – OK King Me – nations like Russia are playing chess – one up and two over – saying CHECK – and fortunately not “MATE” as of yet. We still can castle our king chess players. And more…..but for how long?

SO everyone is waiting for NOVEMBER FOLKS. Every sound bite you hear is for NOVEMBER FOLKS.

  1. The democrats are weighting up for their tribe of Trump haters the DISGUST FACTOR to just on personality versus outcomes – define Trump should be punished in the election. Their issue for voting is TRUMP DISGUST and PUNISH TRUMP with democrat blue winner wave everywhere and the house slips back to the Democrats. NO holes barred. Largest mid year budget and political warfare on that one issue – PUNISH TRUMP ON THE DISGUST FACTOR and we will lay in the dog shit right up to the November voters booth as strategy. The only issue that keeps on helping us one tweet at a time one press conference at a time just get out there more BIG DADDY WITH THE DOOH and let us help YOU all the way OUT THE DOOR.

2. The Republicans have like switched roles with a splintered more than divided I’d say crumbling Democratic Party as the REFORM PARTY where Kennedy used to lead that March until say Reagan. The Republicans single issue is PROSPERITY. If Democrats win the house we have GRID LOCK – Congress WILL NOT WORK AT ALL – we have impeachment and we have risk of SUPER CRASH serious crash to all markets and a long brutal recession right when the EU and world does not need THAT ! Trade War partners are all waiting to see if Trump is derailed and dis-empowered – or strengthened – they won’t KNOW till November and think they are influencing our elections? As in DUHHHH? The Republicans “may” benefit from BACKLASH. Backlash in political “JUSTICE” – backlash in OVER BASHING – back lash from no agenda other than GET TRUMP as the one and only party glue 2018. Enough not enough? We’ll see in November. The Republicans in the face of a POLITICALLY MOTIVATED JUSTICE = proven to be bias in the extreme – are now in the election year TIMING events for indictments and unfolding PRIME TIME case events – to mount killer cruise missiles to Trump as the Election nears – like a preset pre planned – total abuse of power crying for JUSTICE REFORM FOR AMERICA. If that now obvious plan to MANIPULATE VOTES with jUSTICE EVENTS outside the scope of special prosecution ( limited to Russia Collusion – not tax fraud from years and years ago ) gets worse it becomes clear how political all of it is and American FEROCIOUS BACKLASH is a high possibility – where a RED WAVE sweeps pick up to house and senate for Republicans which derails Nancy’s plans. BACKLASH to REFORM may happen by Nov.

So the Democrat issue – TRUMP HAS TO GO.

Republican issue – Preserve Congress and propel Prosperity with infrastructure in 2019 into 2030 for sure.

Grid Lock and Congress WILL NOT WORK – vote democrat.

Prosperity into 2030 – Vote republican – its economics not party.

Economic voting or political? We’ll find out in November.

Now then, with all that say Nancy wins and impeaches. This creates drama and cost to nation like you can’t imagine. The numbers required to impeach are not present. In any tally. Any outcome. Impeachment is a failed process that eats up time and hopefully will tarnish Trump in the Presidential run in two years. Impeachment we feel is unlikely to get TRUMP OUT. It will be a failed policy.

The outcome will be six years of Congress grid lock, freeze, nothing happening, reforms derailed largely, but impeachment will not succeed and Trump will not GO from that approach. Now knowing that we may have JAW BONE IMPEACHMENT.  A talk it up to the rail but never tip it over. That tries Trump in the PRESS and makes him Guilty in the Press.


So we have a celebrity sit com super star known world wide by billions. More people know Trump than can recall the name of the Pope for the first time in modern media history.

Billions all over the world – thats right BILLIONS not millions – are addicted to watching the # 1 SIT COM of all time……

                           TRUMP’S WHITE HOUSE 

We watch Trump bashing and we watch TRUMP himself. We track and follow his wife from gossip to surgery. We track and follow the children as if they were Royals. The President who makes over 800 million in PERSONAL INCOME not corporate income – is a bit rate in any house let alone the White House and truly he can’t be bought or influenced. He has in his 70’s his legacy and his wealth of billions no one can remove from he or his multi gazillionaire super smart children. So we tune in hating them all or loving them all or not even caring a wit about any of the but hey we have to talk to the neighbors and family and they are all watching.

Summary: Zero chance of winning Impeachment. Also clue to universe – Trumps fan club doesn’t expect him to be other than a bad dude they don’t want anything but the authentic take no prisoners Reformer Trump they voted for – all the rest is to be EXPECTED. It only boasts Trumps RATINGS I the SIT COM – all of it.

The base is not exhausted from the battling and political predictable. They are switched on and tuned in to the ENTERTAINMENT it all brings to their lives. If your honest you have LOVED the last period of entertainment from this WORLD SIT COM.

Inside this HIGH DRAMA with the stake holders being the enormous elite wealth of the DEEP STATE and its many protected elite nobilities against the super wealthy reformers who wish to reform and reconstitute capital flow dynamics.

The 1% that control 99% of the Wealth – of America are at war with those who would seek to REFORM AND REDISTRIBUTE Wealth. You can understand the HIGH DRAMA and INTRIGUE of the Worlds Sit Com and what is at stake. A once in ten generations moment of potential reform.

IT is war. The Justice Department of the United state is fully engaged in the high drama to protect its budget franchise ( follow the money ). If Justice is powered by some good folks and some criminal folks when criminal folks use Justice to frame in labels crimes and conduct of individuals – the target against the frame work kings – are toast. As you are seeing this week in the SIT COM.

The segment of the SIT COM we call IMPEACHING DONALD TRUMP are high Drama that simply does not play out at ALL with a republican controlled congress. SO the war becomes to November:

Democrats manufacturing every possible new weapon system to convey that Donald Trump is a demon from hell itself, pure evil pretending to be a human being, not a good father, not a good husband, not a worthy person, not a good friend, not a person of any character, a loathsome demon a concentrated form of evil itself – and on top of that an obvious criminal who has shamed the office of the President which requires cleansing only the Democratic leadership can producer – scrub the reformers clean – back to the DEEP STATE YOU KNOW AND YOU TRUST AND YOU LOVE….OR AT LEAST ARE USED TO…..

REPUBLICANS – The Democrats are frauds having nothing to offer America – a desert of ideas and plans for prosperity – their only single issue is RESIST TRUMP – GET TRUMP – they are morally bankrupt and Trump is despite their frauds to the American people -a good man with long friendships and alliances – a great husband who cherishes his wife a terrific unusually devoted father to his children and grand children – and a leader with REFORM IDEAS that in fact no one can dispute unless they lie – Reform Ideas that are working with 200% GNP gains over where Obama left it and Bush had it – best in decades and decades. And just starting. The Reform is cleaning the swamp while Nancy and other crocodiles wiggles squirm and spit into the wind because other than lashing out at Donald Trump whose policies obviously are working big time they wish to derail what works and grid lock the nation into what – Super Crash and Recession – to get TRUMP? We suggest you vote your wallet vote for prosperity and leave party behind vote prosperity into 2030.

The High Drama with the Impeachment card as another tool for GRID LOCK to Trump Reform arena – depends on the November mid year election. American voters may have unintended pains or joys from their vote this year. The WAR is fully engaged now:


The Deep State wishes to “frame” utter destruction for Donald Trump – Impeaching him – imprisoning him – ( never going to occur ) – and otherwise in the court of public opinion winning – at any cost. That is the impeachment card strategy so now you know – its a Card Nancy talks a lot about to the press and behind closed doors.


For the first time in global economics – the market is not today – oceans of small investors. So banish that from your thinking. The market today is 90% less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS, controlled by smarter and smarter quarterly upgrading AI within a financial AI race for whose AI makes the most profit in the lowest time frames.

Still even with such wealth concentration and leveraged speculation inside a casino capitalism of side betting and manipulations – resides a central vortex spiral of SUPER DEBT BUBBLES in all nations now passing 300 trillion in world debt spirals. The bulk of this debt was created in almost free money globally over the past ten years. Now central banks are tightening – way too soon – way to frequently – way to aggressively – where interest this year is over 500% higher than it was on same loans last year at this time in August. BY year end almost 1000% higher interest. The RISK centers upon the political high drama creating record fear and uncertainty as a market.  The risk of a democratic congress – grid locking America – rolling back Trump everything – Impeachment Government Shut Downs – and worse – leading to SUPER CRASH and a recession worse than 2008 or worse than that. Debt Defaulting CASCADES by misguided failed central bank policy may as risk kill the world order as we know it.

Impeachment as a divisional card to play by Congress leads to outcome of no conviction. Waste of time and billions as Government fails to govern. Urgent problems such as trade – immigration – infrastructure – terror – drugs – social security – medicare – defense – justice reform and more all STOP ON A DIME.

World markets ( in my personal opinion ) faced with Nov 2nd uncertainty from a Democrat win evoke a profit taking SUPER CRASH – a debt protecting defaulting – and a constriction of spending by nations central banks and consumers and business – which create as serious global down turn. Prosperity and growth stop and will be harder than ever to restart given the debt loads of the world.

We feel that condition with trade war pressures tipping China and Japan to down bubble – without new trade agreements – where China faces destabilization as consequence for failed policy – and revolution in nation. An outcome no one wishes for. A fair trade deal helps China and has zero cost to China prosperity or Japan prosperity – they rock into the forward years with solid agreements WITH AMERICA – and delay to that HIGHER PAY is the one cost leaders must think is never worth the cost to pay today. Again in my experience. 

Trump doesn’t care. He has a full house in fact. He is smiling smoking a cigar as the others at the trade war table examine their two two’s and three three’s against Trumps full house as he flecks his ash to a golden ash tray on the table. All chips are center and pushed in by Trump who said this year earlier…..and AMERICA CALLS !

No one wants to show their real cards because it is all a bluff. China after this year’s holiday sales – now done and in full – move to a drop like China has no seen in modern decades. How fast how deep how crushing this drop is going to be …..will be known before the election.

If Trump allies make trade deals before the election there will be long memory from Trump team on those friends being rewarded. Those who delay will pay.

Trump smiling and asking his cigar again – implies in that face…knowing he holds a FULL HOUSE no other nation holds ….as his self talk says…..PAY ME NOW OR PAY ME LATER BOYS AND GIRLS……

The players are talking to a billionaire with operations globally in their space who earns over 800 billion dollars in ordinary income in prior years – and who deals seriously with red lines that are real – no wiggle room on those red lines.

Fair Trade or criminal stealing of America wealth? 

Legal Theft is over.

Stealing our IP is over.

Hacking our world is OVER.

The cost of doing these things has no changed. There is a new Sheriff in Dodge ( see the movies ). 

The democrats this year all sing the song…..WHO SHOT THE SHERIFF.

Trumps team sings Kenny Rodgers – YOU GOT KNOW WHEN TO HOLD EM YOU GOT TO KNOW WHEN TO FOLD EM…….ashing his cigar yet again.

And the Rule of Law in total reform now goes on inside the world’s most watched and highly rated SIT COM – THE TRUMP White House – setting records in history and print media.

HIGH DRAMA has not had this much fun with any President since the Civil War itself.

No tweets back then just imagine if Lincoln could tweet.


PS: Hold your judgement grown ups – from trial by press – no one is guilty in todays unreformed justice department – with 99.7% conviction records – that model of Justice is a global embarrassment of the HIGHEST HUMAN to 100,000 POPULATION TO INCARCERATION ON EARTH. American incarnates way more per 100,000 than China than North Korea than Iran than Sudan we are hey # 1 for locking our own up. And we have the highest crime rape and murder rates on earth. Can we do better? Should we upgrade OURSELVES and REFORM or go back to the deep state that brought us these stats. Hey IMPRACHMENT is fun lets “frame that” into a “set up” get it all ready and BAM – HIGH DRAMA For the SIT COM right?